Welcome to the Texas Board of Nursing

Did you know?

As a newly licensed RN or LVN in the state of Texas, you:
  • Don’t have the same license expiration date as your colleagues.

    Your initial Texas license is valid for a period of 6-29 months, depending on your birth month and year. After your first renewal, your license will expire on the last day of your birth month, typically every 2 years. Licensees born in odd-numbered years will renew in odd-numbered years. Licensees born in even-numbered years renew in even-numbered years.

    To verify and check your license expiration date: http://app.bon.texas.gov/verify

    To view and print your wall certificate: https://app.bon.texas.gov/certprint/

    For more information on the Renewal process: http://www.bon.texas.gov/licensure_renewal.asp
  • Are eligible for compact privileges only if you meet all eleven (11) requirements of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact. For more information: Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC)
  • Are exempt from most continuing competency requirements for the first renewal following initial licensure, as long as the renewal is timely*
  • Will need to complete 20 contact hours of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) in your area of practice OR a Board approved national nursing certification in your area of practice after your first renewal*
  • Are invited to provide data which is used to make policy decisions with regards to Health Manpower. To participate fill out the following form: Statistical Code Sheet

* It is essential to remain familiar with the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) and Board Rules and Regulations related to your practice. As changes occur, notices are published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin as well as the BON website.

*For more information regarding CNE, Continuing Competency, and National Nursing Certification: http://www.bon.texas.gov/education_continuing_education.asp