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Texas Nursing Jurisprudence Exam


Steps to Completion

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  2. Account: during the registration process we will identify your existing account or allow you to create a new account.
  3. Complete: after you register for the exam, login and begin your exam.
  4. Results: once you pass the exam your results are automatically reported to the Board of Nursing.

Test Information

There are 50 items on the nursing jurisprudence examination (NJE). You must correctly answer 75% of the questions to pass the NJE. You will have two (2) hours to complete the NJE. Displayed in the upper right hand corner of the computer screen will be a digital clock and the question number so you can monitor your progress throughout the NJE. The NJE must be completed in one sitting.

You are permitted to access the Board of Nursing (BON) website and other resource material throughout the exam to locate the answers to questions. The NJE will run in another window, thereby leaving this window open to access reference materials on the BON website.

A Passing Result will be posted and recorded to the BON system when all 50 questions are answered and a minimum of 38 questions are answered correctly. A certificate will be available for printing at the end of the examination process. Once a passing result is recorded, Board Staff will be notified and the jurisprudence exam requirement will be updated as completed in your BON file. Keep the certificate for your records. Do not mail the certificate to the BON.

A Failing Result will be posted and recorded to the BON system if 13 or more of the 50 questions are answered incorrectly, or the exam is not completed in the allotted amount of time, or the connection to the exam is closed, terminated or lost. You may NOT reconnect to the test to return to the last question answered. You may, however, retake the exam after 24 hours have elapsed.

Read each question carefully. There is only one correct answer for each question. You are not allowed to use the back-button to check/change a previously answered question.


Resource List: The resource lists provides topics, testing subject areas and BON Rules/Regulations, NPA sections or other locations where the topic is defined. This information may be printed and used during the testing process.

Nursing Jurisprudence Prep Course - The Texas Board of Nursing has developed a Jurisprudence Exam Prep-Course that offers an overview and interactive instructions on the subject areas covered in the exam. The course is delivered online with the ability to bookmark "Hot Topics" for a quick review. The course, complete with training on how to locate information for further review, printable resources that will aid study and practice questions, will be useful not only for exam preparation but for future nursing practice.

Abbreviations - You may consult the following list of abbreviations as needed.

ADN - Associate Degree in Nursing

APN - Advanced Practice Nurse

BON - (Texas) Board of Nursing

CNA - Certified Nurse Assistant

CE - Continuing Education

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

CNE - Continuing Nursing Education

CNO - Chief Nursing Officer

CPR - Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

DON - Director of Nursing

DPS - (Texas) Department of Public Safety

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

GN - Graduate Nurse

GVN - Graduate Vocational Nurse

IBPR - Incident-Based Peer Review

LVN - Licensed Vocational Nurse

MSN - Master of Science in Nursing

MSR - Multi-State Recognition

NPA - Nursing Practice Act

NCLEX - National Council Licensure Examination

RN - Registered Nurse

TMB - Texas Medical Board

TOC - Texas Occupation Code

TPAPN - Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses

UAP - Unlicensed Assistive Person