The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Akpunku, Livina Chika AP128478, RX 18251, RN 667998 & LVN 170128Remedial Education with Fine7/22/2021
Almeda, Liliana  RN 758047 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Anderson, Kaylee Nichole LVN 346580Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/8/2021
Anderson, Michael Jesse RN 633555 Revoked5/11/2021
Arrington, David R. AP111100 & RN 613601 Voluntary Surrender6/10/2021
Asonibe, Jude  RN 649152 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred7/22/2021
Autry, Dakota  RN 980702 Warning6/8/2021
Avalos, Juan Angel RN 734370 Enforced Suspension6/1/2021
Ballard, Heather Annlouise LVN 343131Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Barrett, Sharon Elaine RN 658004 Remedial Education, Deferred5/3/2021
Barron, Ashley Ryan LVN 329670Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Barton, Morgan Kaylynn RN 924930 Remedial Education6/10/2021
Bass, Carrie Lee RN 774482 Enforced Suspension7/9/2021
Bautista, Taylor Nicole RN 841592 Remedial Education6/30/2021
Bell, Herbert Levence RN 854753 Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Bernal, Jr., Jose Angel RN 866676 Limited License7/22/2021
Bernstein, Brittany Allyse RN 900000 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Berry, Janice G. RN 630506 & LVN 120734Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Biggers, Lawton Daley RN 879149 & LVN 322087Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Blundell, Zachary Thomas RN 926455 Enforced Suspension5/11/2021
Boyd, Kaelyn Huneycutt RN 855582 Warning with Fine7/22/2021
Bradley, Nicole Susan RN 764025 Enforced Suspension6/8/2021
Brandt, Stephanie Ann RN 667118 Voluntary Surrender6/25/2021
Bravo, Oliver Daleno RN 874193 Probated Suspension6/8/2021
Brazzell, Melanie Elaine RN 686948 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Briere, Jose Hernandez LVN 166848Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Briscoe, Alicia Marie LVN 338066Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/8/2021
Bryant, Willie Mae LVN 227032Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Buley, Rachelle Rae RN 607309 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Burns, Valencia Von LVN 171018Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Burton, Elizabeth Delois LVN 333531Probated Suspension7/22/2021
Burton, Tosha Herron LVN 186861Remedial Education with Fine4/23/2021
Byrd, Joann Violet RN 745586 & LVN 205550Enforced Suspension5/26/2021
Cabrera, Ami Jo RN 703193 Remedial Education with Fine6/7/2021
Camacho, Blanca Zulema RN 739118 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Cannon, Katrina Marie LVN 147167Revoked6/8/2021
Castille, Bryan Andrew RN 669155 Voluntary Surrender7/29/2021
Cervantes, Brenda  LVN 344532Voluntary Surrender6/21/2021
Cisneros, Jimmy Paul RN 695196 Revoked5/11/2021
Cogswell, Wilma  RN 719839 Remedial Education7/9/2021
Collier, Sharon D. RN 532971 & LVN 73668Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Conerly, Noshia Tiki RN 723278 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Cooper-Nurse, Krista  RN 957371 Remedial Education7/7/2021
Copeland, Alisha Tanae RN 886774 & LVN 300158Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Cortez, Yolanda Isabel RN 885551 & LVN 312648Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Counts, Kacie Marie LVN 308992Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Cunningham, Sheila Susan RN 745468 & LVN 168924Warning with Stipulations, Deferred6/8/2021
Daigle, Angela Marie RN 770413 & LVN 153042Voluntary Surrender6/28/2021
Davis, Laura Ann LVN 126722Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Day, John H. AP112297 & RN 693304 Remedial Education, Deferred5/12/2021
Deal, Leslie Carol LVN 315371Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Delatorre, Adriana  RN 972690 Probated Suspension7/22/2021
Doss, Nora Jean LVN 138392Probated Suspension6/8/2021
Dykeman, Barbara Ann RN 709968 Voluntary Surrender5/25/2021
Dzisah, Seth Kodjoe RN 918079 & LVN 217317Probated Suspension5/11/2021
Eakes Jr, William Alfred RN 717079 Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Eckles, Nathan Ryan RN 942228 Probated Suspension7/22/2021
Eddie, Mistie L. LVN 219531Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Edwards, Valerie Ann LVN 175940Revoked6/8/2021
Ejiofor, Amala  RN 932487 & LVN 314022Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/22/2021
Ellis, Jeanie Nichole LVN 338013Voluntary Surrender5/3/2021
Epperson, Sharon Carlene RN 745965 Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Evans, Donna Defoor LVN 112677Voluntary Surrender7/16/2021
Everett, Leslie L. AP140379, RX 29218 & RN 509488 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Fallahi, Daniel Ashkan LVN 307035Revoked5/11/2021
Farmer, Shannon Desiree Marie LVN 348887Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Farrell, Angela Kay LVN 210107Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Fay, Melinda Lynn RN 794653 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Field, Paula Mckinnon RN 856889 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred6/8/2021
Fischer, Morgan Whitney RN 858836 Enforced Suspension6/30/2021
Fleitz, Christine Marie RN 968215 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Flores, Susan  RN 554386 & LVN 101957Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Forrest, Iris Kathleen LVN 133088Revoked5/11/2021
Foster, Terri Glynda LVN 339996Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Franco, Elia Elsa LVN 319559Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Franklin, Adrian  RN 910197 & LVN 329493Probated Suspension5/11/2021
Franklin, Tracy N. RN 624428 Probated Suspension7/22/2021
Freeman, Tonia Davis LVN 327012Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine7/22/2021
Fudge, Twanna Janay LVN 230846Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Garcia, Alejandro David LVN 219535Warning with Fine6/8/2021
Garcia, Crystal Izzy LVN 346450Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Garner, Linda Gail RN 820951 & LVN 156078Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Garth, Cynthia  RN 653205 & LVN 140059Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/22/2021
Gauthier, Faith Rebekkah RN 814871 Remedial Education5/25/2021
Geimer, Jeannine Marie RN 905272 Probated Suspension6/8/2021
Gerber, Lula Carol LVN 307760Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/8/2021
Gibbon, Jennifer Nichole RN 674734 Voluntary Surrender7/5/2021
Gipson, Kezia Marie AP127355, RX 17262 & RN 920223 Remedial Education, Deferred5/25/2021
Golden, Anna Marie RN 874426 & LVN 229918Remedial Education6/16/2021
Gollner, Danielle Elise RN 862483 Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Gonder, Dana Lynnette LVN 228100Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Gonzalez, Mario Sainz LVN 178551Enforced Suspension7/19/2021
Grady, Taquisha Lavette LVN 332742Probated Suspension7/22/2021
Gray, James Howard RN 986263 Enforced Suspension6/17/2021
Gregory, Julie Rae RN 956306 Remedial Education5/7/2021
Guerra, Jannie Sanchez RN 670610 & LVN 63311Voluntary Surrender6/9/2021
Guerrero, Debra E. LVN 175337Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Gyasi, Stephen Debrah LVN 324252Remedial Education, Deferred7/26/2021
Hamd, Fereshteh  RN 926413 Remedial Education5/26/2021
Hamilton, Christine Marie RN 854719 & LVN 300567Revoked6/8/2021
Hamilton, Monica Antwinette LVN 207845Remedial Education6/23/2021
Harbin, Brandi Lynn LVN 211146Enforced Suspension6/8/2021
Hardman, Jonathan David LVN 333994Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Harrison, Jr., Warren  RN 807397 Voluntary Surrender7/6/2021
Harvill, Cheryl Lynn RN 645798 Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Hayden, Kim Marie RN 866424 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Heathman, Jennen Lee AP118718, RX 9979 & RN 646173 Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Hedtke, Carol Jean AP114867, RX 6672 & RN 675701 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Helmick, Maryna Oleksandrivna RN 864647 & LVN 227256Remedial Education, Deferred7/28/2021
Herman, Burney  RN 648906 Fine5/5/2021
Hernandez, Courtney RN 802420 & LVN 191064Revoked7/22/2021
Herring, Rachel Blair RN 769755 Revoked6/8/2021
Hill Odewumi, Andrel Lynette LVN 314088Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Holub, Ramona Gaytan RN 663909 & LVN 159251Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Homayounkhah, Amir Ali RN 868098 Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Horton, Matthew Gene LVN 223910Reprimand with Fine6/8/2021
Howard, Jennifer Marie RN 943846 Remedial Education5/21/2021
Hudson, Laura Diane LVN 122622Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Huff, Theresa L. RN 788931 Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/22/2021
Hughes, Amanda Leann LVN 343524Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
January, Phyllis N. RN 622798 Revoked6/8/2021
Jenkins, Felisa Ann LVN 197141Probated Suspension6/8/2021
Johnson, Miakka Shanelle RN 846620 Enforced Suspension6/30/2021
Jones, Ada Obignuju RN 975318 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Jones, Ladonna Renee AP137427, RX 26314 & RN 847220 Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Jones, Lisa Michelle RN 804444 Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Jones, Tami A. RN 533734 Remedial Education, Deferred6/17/2021
Kaczmarek, Samuel Alexander LVN 228288Revoked6/8/2021
King, Dena E. LVN 318741Voluntary Surrender7/14/2021
Kirorei, Seleina  AP123133, RX 13661, RN 738858 & LVN 200145Remedial Education, Deferred5/17/2021
Kline, Jennifer Anne RN 829594 Revoked6/8/2021
Knighton, Kala Elizabeth LVN 210028Enforced Suspension6/14/2021
Langley, Rebecca Lynne RN 595505 Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine6/8/2021
Lassiter, Whitney  LVN 304379Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/22/2021
Lefang, Antonina Sergiivna RN 984418 & LVN 304165Probated Suspension6/8/2021
Leggett, Karen Ann LVN 148151Enforced Suspension7/22/2021
Lejeune, Salena Kaye LVN 314640Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/8/2021
Lemoine, Leslie R. RN 881329 & LVN 320239Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Leonard, John David RN 665143 Voluntary Surrender5/12/2021
Lichtenberger, Elizabeth Ashley LVN 323917Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Lopez, Amberlie Skye RN 960486 Revoked6/8/2021
Lopez, Tarifa Rel LVN 310766Probated Suspension7/22/2021
Lott, Lorrie Ann LVN 346943Revoked5/11/2021
Louisjeune, Jacquesblondel  RN 777762 Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Lowe, Janice  RN 648275 & LVN 62717Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Ludig, Melanie Joan RN 769407 Enforced Suspension7/22/2021
Mahlamvana, Sithandiwe  RN 873302 & LVN 209027Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Maples, Jessica Colleen RN 689766 Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/22/2021
Maropis, Anne Maggie RN 921528 Remedial Education6/29/2021
Marquez, Katy  RN 737948 & LVN 176119Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Martin, Marsha Lynn RN 863159 & LVN 209805Remedial Education6/9/2021
Martinez, Jennifer Robin RN 681770 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Martiny, Eugene Michael LVN 224878Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Mata, Joshua M. LVN 350136Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Mayon, Renell  LVN 318409Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Mcbride, Jennifer Anne RN 849867 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
McCoy, Melissa Carolyn RN 802081 & LVN 187693Probated Suspension6/8/2021
McKee, Amanda Gail LVN 171093Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
McNeely, Jenny Lynn RN 762760 Voluntary Surrender6/28/2021
Mekika, Ntosengeh Simon RN 927827 Remedial Education6/30/2021
Mendoza, Katrina Amanda RN 788370 Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/8/2021
Meyer, Luann B. AP103543, RX 3271 & RN 525538 Remedial Education6/21/2021
Miller, Lacora Shaunte LVN 301031Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine7/22/2021
Miller, Yun-He Jin LVN 330217Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Montanez, Heather Renee Molliemae LVN 322515Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Moore, Karrianne Lyn AP1044876 & PTP NC RN 318397Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Moore, Quincy Bernard LVN 209568Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Moreno, Ricardo  LVN 121722Enforced Suspension6/8/2021
Morris, Cynthia Ann RN 825780 Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Moss, Destiny Sarai LVN 333458Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Munn, Elaine Nicola RN 769840 & LVN 200165Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Myers, Paul  AP112978 & RN 652399 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Nacianseno, Nallely  RN 882649 Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Ndah, Akwi Noela RN 964986 Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Ngombo, Lenah Eva RN 878967 Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Nguyen, Nick Cong AP120371, RX 1131 & RN 777198 Remedial Education5/17/2021
Nkwelle, Beatrice Ngonde AP119969, RX 11027 & RN 729636 Probated Suspension5/11/2021
Norwood, Keia  LVN 349108Revoked5/11/2021
O'Brien, Christina Elise LVN 222722Revoked5/11/2021
Odunayo, Cordelia Moyinoluwa AP138725, RX 27534 & RN 797731 Remedial Education, Deferred5/3/2021
Ogenche, Geoffrey Oriango LVN 331522Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Olaide, Mojisola H. LVN 319704Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Olvera, Esther Ruth LVN 1019710Voluntary Surrender6/16/2021
Otalor, Patricia Onyema RN 610785 Probated Suspension7/22/2021
Otieno, Beatrice Akoth RN 806406 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Papanikolaou, Caroline  RN 965189 Remedial Education5/25/2021
Pardue, Wayne Monroe LVN 314680Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/22/2021
Paulose, Salomy E. RN 853355 Remedial Education6/28/2021
Pennell, Tiffany Janea RN 714538 Revoked7/22/2021
Peteete, Tiffany Anne RN 814693 Remedial Education6/25/2021
Petty, Rhiannon M. RN 689242 & LVN 163676Revoked5/20/2021
Phillips, Britton Travis RN 820676 & LVN 224081Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Porceng, Alyson  RN 1046453 & LVN 334779Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/8/2021
Punzalan, Merrydaile Pagulayan RN 809534 Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Rambert-Hairston, Devon  AP137735Revoked10/14/2020
Ramey, Becky Lynn LVN 226826Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Ramirez, Jacqueline  LVN 343766Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Ramon, Sandy J. RN 757962 Probated Suspension7/22/2021
Reddy, Trivikram  RN 782034 Revoked6/10/2021
Ridgway, Blake Randall AP133876, RX 23042 & RN 826001 Enforced Suspension7/22/2021
Roberts, Tammy S. RN 626013 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Robin, Martha De Nell LVN 222599Limited License5/11/2021
Rodgers, Samuel Allen RN 798296 Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Rodriguez, Jesus  LVN 328407Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Romans, Wesley  RN 954266 & LVN 322661Reprimand with Stipulations5/11/2021
Rosales, Leslie Marie RN 911047 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Rose, Tracey Jo RN 955030 Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Ross, Crystal Martin RN 706947 Limited License5/11/2021
Ruscitti, Elizabeth Ann RN 654624 Remedial Education with Fine, Deferred6/21/2021
Russwurm, Elizabeth Marie LVN 338245Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/8/2021
Salazar, Nadia  LVN 324643Remedial Education6/2/2021
Salmi, Bayrem  RN 951347 Voluntary Surrender6/22/2021
Schwarz, Tamara Joy AP134034 & RN 916512 Voluntary Surrender7/22/2021
Scott, Alexis Wendie LVN 310145Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Scruggs, Jessica  LVN 351095Remedial Education6/2/2021
Segarra, Jennifer  RN 875861 & LVN 190249Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Shipp, Tiffany R. RN 579955 Remedial Education with Fine7/12/2021
Smith, Erin Kathleen RN 923989 Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Smith, Loraine Evangelynn RN 704201 Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Smith, Ronald J. RN 617730 & LVN 142982Enforced Suspension6/8/2021
Strain, Donielle Quiniece RN 895845 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Stull, Brandi  AP137896, RX 26735 & RN 751566 Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Tafolla, America  RN 654492 Remedial Education with Fine5/25/2021
Tanner, Debra  RN 657690 Remedial Education7/12/2021
Teke, Acha Clifford RN 1020121 Warning with Fine7/22/2021
Thibodaux, Laura P. RN 641140 Remedial Education with Fine5/25/2021
Thompson, Jonathan Earl RN 946542 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Thompson, Shaniqua Tennille LVN 187419Voluntary Surrender7/2/2021
Thompson, William David RN 762151 Enforced Suspension6/30/2021
Throckmorton, Deborah  RN 755572 & LVN 168670Probated Suspension5/11/2021
Thurman, Sherri Renee LVN 226806Voluntary Surrender6/21/2021
Tiemeyer, Patrick  RN 810219 Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine5/11/2021
Tomeldan, Lydia Esguerra RN 455643 Voluntary Surrender7/2/2021
Tran, Tiffany  RN 893186 Remedial Education6/16/2021
Tucker, Angela Kay RN 679696 Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/22/2021
Ukpong, Roseline Archibong RN 874781 & LVN 161079Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Valdez, Rosaiselda  RN 666733 & LVN 150367Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Valdez, Victor Manuel RN 602259 Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Vermillion, Dorothy Sloan LVN 130973Voluntary Surrender6/7/2021
Wagstaff, Tammy Sue RN 606681 Voluntary Surrender6/28/2021
Walker, Evelyn Marie RN 693690 & LVN 108957Voluntary Surrender5/28/2021
Walker, Troydrick Lashane LVN 350113Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Walton, Donna Kay LVN 166274Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Warford, Erica  LVN 300444Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Warren, Valangsta Nola LVN 109023Revoked5/11/2021
Webb, Abigal Rose LVN 223970Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Webb, Cassi Louise RN 774215 Limited License6/8/2021
Wendt, Peggy Jeanne RN 233698 Voluntary Surrender6/1/2021
Weyel, Tiffany L. LVN 201949Voluntary Surrender5/18/2021
Wikina, Susan Mumbi RN 933571 Reprimand with Stipulations6/8/2021
Wilcox, Roberta Joyce RN 564716 & LVN 110509Warning with Stipulations5/11/2021
Wilkins, Carrie Elaine RN 858233 Limited License5/11/2021
Williams, Stacy Ann LVN 203273Revoked5/11/2021
Willingham, Weldon James Lewis RN 849375 Remedial Education6/15/2021
Wilson, Lisa Ann RN 742094 Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Winston, Brandy Lynn LVN 189264Warning with Stipulations7/22/2021
Wohlers, Debra Slack AP122433, RX 13064 & RN 824378 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred6/8/2021
Woodbury, Julie Ann AP115181, RX 7069 & RN 663926 Reprimand with Stipulations7/22/2021
Wright, Susan A. RN 620688 & LVN 148628Warning with Stipulations6/8/2021
Young, Ricky Don RN 765065 Enforced Suspension7/26/2021
Zolfaghari, Joseph Seyed RN 812147 & LVN 229549Probated Suspension7/22/2021

Abbreviations in the Notice of Disciplinary Action Section

PTP Privilege to Practice in Texas, also known as Nurse Licensure Compact Privilege, associated with the indicated state and license. States are abbreviated using the official two letter state abbreviations of the United States Postal System.

RX -- Prescription Authorization