The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Accomazzo, Emma Marie RN 891245Enforced Suspension5/13/2020
Adamo, Aubrie Ann RN 882830Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Adikaibe, Victor Chikezie RN 749195 & LVN 193027Remedial Education6/15/2020
Agolue, Ijeoma Chinyere RN 860413Remedial Education with Fine7/14/2020
Agwata, Geoffrey Nyanaro RN 808206Remedial Education with Fine5/7/2020
Allen, Kristy Ruth LVN 193962Warning with Fine7/23/2020
Anderson, Laurynne Martinez RN 777767Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Anderson, Mandy  RN 642332Revoked6/9/2020
Andrade, Maria Isabel LVN 198423Revoked6/9/2020
Andrus, Janet Tetlow RN 760474Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Anumbor, Justina Uzonwanne LVN 206775Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Aponte, Khaing Zarchi Nwe RN 937709Voluntary Surrender5/11/2020
Arika, Caleb Nyaanga RN 941419Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/12/2020
Austin, Eletha Lashone LVN 198828Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine5/12/2020
Authement, Lisa Michelle RN 837774Probated Suspension6/9/2020
Avalos, Juan Angel RN 734370Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Barnes, Kia Walker RN 979227Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Barnett, Twyla Danielle LVN 221513Voluntary Surrender7/9/2020
Bartlett, Doug  LVN 204322Probated Suspension5/12/2020
Bartolo, Michelle LVN 304887Revoked4/25/2019
Basa, Erlinda Masiglat RN 551577Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Bent, Sybil Marcea RN 575243Reprimand with Stipulations5/12/2020
Berg, Tamara Lauren LVN 331302Remedial Education6/4/2020
Berglund, Christi  RN 631302Remedial Education7/6/2020
Bignell, Janean Ann RN 940861Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Bior, Ajang Deng RN 943443Voluntary Surrender6/23/2020
Boren, Nancy Ione LVN 69009Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Briseno, Jennifer Jo RN 678834Remedial Education5/7/2020
Brooks, Charlotte Faye LVN 179672Voluntary Surrender5/5/2020
Brooks, Colleen Rae LVN 346936Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Brooks, Mariah Crystal RN 913575Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Brown, Shanda Nicole LVN 322695Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Buentello, Alexandra Renee LVN 334515Revoked5/12/2020
Burkart, Amy Leann RN 764448Remedial Education with Fine5/21/2020
Busby, Shambriah Rachelle LVN 333278Reprimand with Stipulations5/12/2020
Cameron, Sheena Denelle LVN 178973Probated Suspension7/23/2020
Carter, Analissa  PTP MS PN 335553Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/9/2020
Carter, Jennifer Ann LVN 215570Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Carutis, Susan Jennifer LVN 175978Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Castillo, Katia D. AP125148, RX 15358 & RN 783798Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Celestino, Dianna  LVN 170436Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Clark, Reba Joyce RN 701261Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Claybourn, Tera Nicole RN 696826Enforced Suspension7/30/2020
Cleveland, Adolphis  RN 818451Warning5/12/2020
Coker, Trudy Aberewah RN 459697Probated Suspension7/23/2020
Colbert, Mariah Beeson LVN 209702Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Cornett, Velma Lee LVN 179373Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Cozadd, Angela Nicole RN 709735Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Cunningham, Alyssa Marie RN 951287Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Daniels, Kristina Michele LVN 315663Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Davis, Carlos Rhashaun LVN 308776Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Davis, Melanie Louise RN 979735Remedial Education7/20/2020
Dearmon, Cheronda Denise LVN 222553Voluntary Surrender5/12/2020
Diaz, Jose Orlando LVN 330947Probated Suspension7/23/2020
Diaz, Sergio  RN 833154Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/9/2020
Dickson, Jami Mayorga AP119548 & RN 642611Remedial Education with Fine7/23/2020
Dooley, Patricia Marie LVN 160132Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/12/2020
Doucet, Paul Christopher RN 970793Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Durugo, Cynthia O. RN 921580Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Ejiogu, Benice Chinenyenwa RN 809016Remedial Education, Deferred6/22/2020
Ekanem, Unyime Aseyen LVN 209334Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Escue, Carolyn Beth RN 739633Remedial Education with Fine6/16/2020
Falor, Michelle Renee RN 825906 & LVN 234186Remedial Education with Fine5/29/2020
Fast, Deborah Eileen RN 520429Remedial Education7/14/2020
Fawaz, Khadija Mohammad RN 728838Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Feldschau, Justin Ryan AP131554, RX 20973 & RN 730605Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Ferguson, Jordan Amanda RN 944277Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Ferguson, Susan Dawn RN 789084Revoked6/9/2020
Flaming, Christine Angela LVN 217196Revoked5/12/2020
Fleeks, Deundre Omarcia RN 927891Revoked10/14/2019
Folsom, Kathy Ann LVN 145642Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/12/2020
Franklin, Kelly Suzanne RN 769718 & LVN 148500Remedial Education5/29/2020
Franks, Amy Rachelle RN 832775Voluntary Surrender7/29/2020
Freeman, Ifeoma Justina LVN 341994Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Garcia Bernal, Zulema  LVN 213897Reprimand with Stipulations5/12/2020
Geimer, Jeannine Marie RN 905272Reprimand with Stipulations5/12/2020
Grisson, Charlie  LVN 183118Probated Suspension7/23/2020
Gruetzner, Rachel Leigh RN 958804Remedial Education6/9/2020
Gurecki, Mallory Justine AP130464, RX 19989 & RN 820164Enforced Suspension5/13/2020
Gutierrez, Christina  LVN 213571Revoked6/9/2020
Hamilton, Christine Marie RN 854719 & LVN 300567Enforced Suspension5/13/2020
Hammons, Melynda Pearl LVN 336615Remedial Education, Deferred6/24/2020
Hanlon, II, James William RN 717716Revoked5/12/2020
Hardy, Shelly Denise LVN 206125Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Harger, John Edward RN 744733Voluntary Surrender6/8/2020
Harley, Lisa Ladonna RN 655403 & LVN 126936Voluntary Surrender6/2/2020
Harrison-Riley, Consuela Leonell RN 787313Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Harshbarger, Lisa Marie LVN 184844Remedial Education7/9/2020
Hart-Shields, Cynthia Ann LVN 203988Revoked5/12/2020
Hayley, Jamie  LVN 226925Revoked6/9/2020
Hernandez, Leslie Anne LVN 337398Revoked7/23/2020
Hoffman, Christine Marie RN 797144Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Hogans, Shanika Necole RN 822115Revoked6/9/2020
Hughes, Adrianne Sims RX 26309Limited: No Controlled Substances7/23/2020
Hughes, Adrianne Sims AP137422 & RN 829915Probated Suspension7/23/2020
Ingram, Dion  AP122721 & RN 826307Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Jefferson, Julianne Venise LVN 140192Revoked5/12/2020
Jeffrey, Donna  LVN 220163Voluntary Surrender5/1/2020
Johnson, Allison Lyn RN 540922Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine5/12/2020
Johnson, Jennifer Kay LVN 207621Revoked7/23/2020
Johnson, Toni Celestine RN 888530Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Jones, Stephanie Ann RN 789436Revoked5/12/2020
Jones, Suzanne L. RN 976524 & PTP MO RN 2010035962Remedial Education5/18/2020
Joseph, Manju  RN 875358Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/9/2020
Kadavil, Tessy Thomas AP112620, RX 5143 & RN 614956Remedial Education, Deferred5/8/2020
Karpowicz, Waldemar  RN 921621Voluntary Surrender6/1/2020
KC, Bipin  RN 781662 & LVN 206673Reprimand with Fine7/23/2020
Kee, Suzanne Porth RN 541261Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Kelley, Arlene V. LVN 175891Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Kelly, Sarah Wallace RN 644454 & LVN 150953Revoked4/19/2017
Kennedy, Stephanie Dawn RN 901557Remedial Education6/23/2020
Kerr, Marcia Madeline RN 833205 & LVN 214186Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Kimani, Charity Mwihaki LVN 225687Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Kimball, Meleah Elizabeth RN 979754Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Kimbrel, Lindsey Nicole RN 822529Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Kirschbaum, Sherri Ann RN 775881 & LVN 202243Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
LaChance, Dana Patrice RN 518601Remedial Education with Fine7/9/2020
Lambert, Jennifer Lynette RN 716137Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine5/12/2020
Leal, Raymundo  RN 789292Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Leatherman, Shanna Lea LVN 300648Voluntary Surrender5/19/2020
Lembvem, Bongtin Agnes RN 822703Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Lezu, Patricia Elizabeth RN 863719Remedial Education7/16/2020
Lombardo, Whitney  RN 770194Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/12/2020
Lopez, Courtne Heather RN 787733Revoked5/12/2020
Lopez, Zella Melinda LVN 189883Remedial Education7/16/2020
Lozano, Laura Lynn LVN 180191Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Lundegreen, Kathy Ann RN 572684Remedial Education5/19/2020
Mangano, Jordan Daniel RN 767646Probated Suspension5/12/2020
Manley, Matthew Benjamin LVN 303240Voluntary Surrender7/17/2020
Marasigan, Kerwin  RN 866719Remedial Education, Deferred6/11/2020
Marceaux, Darian Ann RN 936219Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Marquez, Rhonda Joann RN 908373Voluntary Surrender5/14/2020
Marteney, Sarah Abigail RN 746111 & LVN 191745Probated Suspension5/12/2020
Martinez, Lillie Gail RN 781726 & LVN 215217Remedial Education with Fine6/25/2020
McDade, Latisha Nicole RN 884154Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
McGrady, Lillian Frances LVN 227809Revoked5/12/2020
Medina, Daniel E. RN 763002Revoked5/12/2020
Mejia, Mario Alberto RN 729339Voluntary Surrender6/2/2020
Mendones, Maridol Cruz RN 689859Revoked6/9/2020
Merritt, Marissa Leigh RN 813002Enforced Suspension5/12/2020
Meunier, Matthew A. RN 723361Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Miller, Russell Allen RN 659585Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Mitchell, Alison Joy AP111215, RX 4494 & RN 568201Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Money, Kim Maria RN 760140 & LVN 158917Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Montalvo, Sandra Luz LVN 303913Reprimand with Stipulations5/12/2020
Moran, Lori Jo LVN 211324Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Morataya, Rut Jenniffer LVN 316518Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Morgan, Linda Mc Clendon RN 575937Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Motherway, Joseph Clifford RN 708859Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Moyer, Rubye Ramona RN 609658 & LVN 97712Reprimand with Stipulations5/12/2020
Mwaura, Grace  LVN 313054Probated Suspension5/12/2020
Nienaber, Pamela Lynn RN 696481 & LVN 172358Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Nnani, Kenneth Chinyere LVN 232870Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Nunezgonzalez, Pedro  LVN 329786Revoked6/9/2020
Nwankwo, Gloria Udokaku RN 752664Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Nwaro, Victor Okezie LVN 316103Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Obare, Anna Patricia LVN 232974Voluntary Surrender6/15/2020
Obioma, Chinyere Adaeze RN 823563Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
O'Brien, Jennifer  AP110838, RX 3907 & RN 606375Probated Suspension5/12/2020
Ogbeide, Peter Omoiyobe LVN 323498Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Onsarigo, Jackline Nyarangi LVN 220755Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Openshaw, Matthew Scott RN 660480Voluntary Surrender6/1/2020
Owusu-Ansah, Andrew  AP143948, RX 32413 & RN 856655Remedial Education with Fine7/17/2020
Padron, Idalia  RN 554473Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Parish, Randall Keith RN 717509Revoked6/9/2020
Passaro, Diana Nicole RN 905617Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Patel, Jinali  RN 893953Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Perez, Alfred Christopher RN 667399Warning with Fine6/9/2020
Pinkerton, Melanie Erika RN 912095Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Polk, Katie Lynn RN 791908Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Pollock, Leighann Rene RN 907725Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Post, Elizabeth Susan LVN 199092Voluntary Surrender5/1/2020
Pruett, Kathy Jean RN 598699Revoked5/12/2020
Purcell, Kimberly Dawn LVN 165558Voluntary Surrender7/16/2020
Rayman, Miranda Sue LVN 303886Revoked5/12/2020
Reddic, Toyetta Howard RN 960598Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Reeves, Tracy Lynn RN 565351Voluntary Surrender6/2/2020
Repique, Richard Camacho RN 623003Probated Suspension5/12/2020
Robinson, Jr., Franklin Delano RN 717858Remedial Education7/22/2020
Rockman, Bryce Leon AP109135 & RN 656292Revoked5/12/2020
Romero, Natalie Nicole RN 906614Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Rubio, Miriam Ivone RN 755039Remedial Education7/30/2020
Salinas, Cecil  RN 830477Revoked6/9/2020
Salinas, Jennifer Delia RN 904097Warning with Stipulations and Fine5/12/2020
Salvador, Happyjane V. RN 922043 & LVN 329356Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Sanborn, David  RN 872123Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Sanchez, Ireneo  LVN 198582Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Sandoval, Katie Marie LVN 326525Probated Suspension5/12/2020
Sauke, Kimberly A. RN 522639Warning with Stipulations, Deferred7/23/2020
Scaffa, Justin Matthew AP128328, RX 18124 & RN 831625Remedial Education, Deferred5/22/2020
Seekins, Geraldine Helen RN 872058 & LVN 184406Revoked6/9/2020
Sellers, Andrea Dawn PTP AR PN L052761Revoked6/9/2020
Shaw, Amy Lynn RN 900274Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Shearer, Kristye  LVN 306316Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Sims, Rhonda S. LVN 141656Voluntary Surrender5/22/2020
Smith, Christina Yvette AP137286, RX 26181 & RN 765894Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Smith, Ezekiel Ty RN 924728Enforced Suspension7/29/2020
Sona, Esoka Edwin RN 843685Revoked7/23/2020
Sowder, Brandy Michelle RN 769760Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Steptore, Shajuandra Ketrice LVN 341577Remedial Education with Fine6/18/2020
StJulien, Trennessa  RN 814373Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine5/12/2020
Suarez, Melissa A. RN 618614Voluntary Surrender6/22/2020
Sullivan, Wade Allan RN 956359Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Tezeno, Benjamin Oval LVN 203661Revoked6/9/2020
Thomas, Patrick Norman RN 721055 & LVN 102251Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020
Throckmorton, Deborah  RN 755572 & LVN 168670Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Tomlin, Andrea Elaine RN 717908Enforced Suspension7/23/2020
Tripp, Booker T. LVN 321351Warning with Stipulations7/23/2020
Turner, Charlene Michelle RN 576436Probated Suspension6/9/2020
Turner, Robin Michelle RN 568096Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Ugar, Dominic Igbaji RN 934576Warning with Stipulations and Fine6/9/2020
Uzquiano, Matthew Alexander RN 806940 & PTP NM RN RN-83867Enforced Suspension7/15/2020
Vandusen, Cristina  AP138195, RX 27014 & RN 717555Remedial Education5/26/2020
Vossah, Kimberly Rachel RN 911570Remedial Education with Fine7/22/2020
Walker, Jenna C. RN 939715Revoked5/12/2020
Wallace, Ava Goodner RN 734408Limited License7/23/2020
Wallace, Dawna  PTP UT RN 360636-3102 & PTP UT VN 360636-3101Voluntary Surrender5/21/2020
Washington, Karen Denise LVN 213413Probated Suspension5/12/2020
Wells, Selena Mae LVN 199039Reprimand with Stipulations7/23/2020
Welsh, Debra Lynn RN 929804Remedial Education with Fine6/25/2020
White, Eric Alan RN 559566Probated Suspension6/9/2020
Whitfield, Tyisha Nicole RN 886206Remedial Education with Fine7/16/2020
Whyte, Melanie  RN 830000Reprimand with Stipulations6/9/2020
Williams, Roshanda Sheire RN 673663Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Winbush, Tawayna Diane RN 907136Remedial Education with Fine7/24/2020
Window, Dayna Lynn RN 781770Limited License6/9/2020
Wood, Kari Dawn LVN 300289Warning with Stipulations5/12/2020
Yockey, Alexandra Kate AP120951 & RX 11836Voluntary Surrender6/9/2020
Yockey, Alexandra Kate RN 737242Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Young, Hong Shu RN 851343Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Young, Lillie Mae RN 961908Warning with Stipulations6/9/2020
Younger, Ryan Mark  LVN 195167Revoked12/2/2016
Zinski, Hayley Kolb RN 776565Warning with Stipulations and Fine7/23/2020