The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Aaron, Stephanie Marie RN 856729 & LVN 314359Limited License05/08/2018
Acosta, Amanda  LVN 332280Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Adeoye, Foluke  RN 826836 & LVN 170564Voluntary Surrender07/23/2018
Alakeabiodun, Oluwa Jimisola Fisayo LVN 325346Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Allen, Nicole Roberta RN 722750 & LVN 193555Remedial Education with Fine06/21/2018
Alonzo, Joanna Margarita LVN 318429Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Andrews, Gina Cavender RN 702697Voluntary Surrender07/27/2018
Aniceto, Lynne Marie RN 587325Remedial Education06/07/2018
Aven, Kay Lecel RN 726579Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Avery, Mark Andrew RN 838534Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Awolaru, Mojisola Tawa RN 905696 & LVN 171044Suspend/Probate06/12/2018
Azufra, Kathleen Ganzon RN 735437Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Baethge, Deborah Lynn RN 670122 & LVN 154254Suspend/Probate07/19/2018
Bailey, Anthony  RN 745792 & LVN 202016Remedial Education05/24/2018
Balderson, Brenda Jean RN 738511Voluntary Surrender05/07/2018
Barron, Elizabeth Aline LVN 231847Suspend/Probate05/08/2018
Belt, June  RN 516075 & LVN 103083, AP107452Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Bergeron, Kathryn Marie RN 804425Revoked05/08/2018
Biberman, Zhanna  RN 842670Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Bivens, Peteria N. RN 841869Reprimand with Stipulations05/08/2018
Black, Mikaela Lacey RN 907900 & LVN 234061Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Blaize, Virginia  RN 449630Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Bolen, Michele Alaine LVN 300293Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Bollinger, Teresa Jo LVN 74574Voluntary Surrender07/02/2018
Borja, Winep Balingit RN 808519Remedial Education05/30/2018
Bowers, Harry  RN 754831Revoked07/19/2018
Bradford, Dora Ellen LVN 120251Reprimand with Stipulations05/08/2018
Brantley, Cislyn Blake RN 835762 & AP123971Suspend/Probate07/19/2018
Breaux, Shawn David LVN 223232Voluntary Surrender05/04/2018
Brown, Shara Michelle RN 805686Reprimand with Stipulations06/12/2018
Brown, Zoe Ann LVN 122023Voluntary Surrender02/10/2018
Broyles, Robin Lynn LVN 176658Suspend/Probate07/19/2018
Buenrostro, Crystal Taniele LVN 179657Reprimand with Fine07/19/2018
Burleson, Leisha Gail RN 593846Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Byrd, Sharon Kaye RN 662481Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Capers, Nikki Breanna LVN 225909Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Carruthers, Donna Lee LVN 76227Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Cary, Holly Lou LVN 331571Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Champion, Candi  RN 668812Remedial Education05/31/2018
Chroback, Scott Davis RN 872847Voluntary Surrender05/29/2018
Cipriano, Vianca E. LVN 315154Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Clark, Barbara Jean LVN 166329Voluntary Surrender06/25/2018
Claycomb, Sheila Kay LVN 193772Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Coffelt, Kimberly Ann LVN 150237Remedial Education05/15/2018
Cole, Charlene Sue RN 691866Revoked06/12/2018
Collins, Heather Lucille LVN 151834Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Contreras, Susan H. RN 677084Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Cox, David Lee RN 824711 & LVN 130069Revoked06/12/2018
Cross, William Matthew RN 872609Reprimand with Stipulations07/19/2018
Cruz, Ramon  RN 929304Revoked07/19/2018
Culclager, Gwenith Nynell LVN 150610Revoked07/19/2018
Delumpa, Emily Castillo LVN 331720Reprimand with Stipulations05/08/2018
Deramus, Diane  RN 651820Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Diai, Nkechidinma Yvonne LVN 315474Suspend/Probate06/12/2018
Dickson, Amanda Marie RN 743863Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Dickson, Kimbelry Ann RN 717877Revoked05/08/2018
Dietrich, Drake Alan RN 846770Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Dillon, John Joseph RN 814552Voluntary Surrender06/15/2018
Dornelly, Murray Lloyd RN 703749Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Drew, Charity Dawn RN 911609Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Dricks, Alexis Chantrail LVN 306904Revoked05/08/2018
Drinnon, Shenista Ann LVN 162143Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Droogleever, Elpa Lagora RN 523362Voluntary Surrender06/08/2018
Dunn, Jack Edward LVN 326705Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Duplantier, Carhonda Fair LVN 211529Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Dutilly, Carol Alene LVN 149543Revoked05/08/2018
Earnest, Jana Lynn LVN 192556Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Edwards, Rosanna Lea LVN 130803Enforced Suspension06/19/2018
Ellis, Karita Cansas LVN 312049Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Ellis, Walteshia Lorrain LVN 194052Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Enriquez, Mark Lastimoso RN 822041Voluntary Surrender06/05/2018
Evans, Nancy Nicole LVN 198159Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Ezike, Chuks Samuel RN 799377Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Farley-Fisher, Linda G. RN 255668Enforced Suspension05/18/2018
Fisher, Jonette Michele RN 699212 & LVN 135269Enforced Suspension05/07/2018
Flander, Pramod Masih RN 449731Revoked05/08/2018
Flores, Elizabeth  RN 790621 & LVN 215113Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Flores, Jose Luis RN 753414 & LVN 184346Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Flores, Nellie Ann LVN 112894Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Ford, Teresa Lynn RN 738153 & LVN 170601Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Forester, Daniel Ellis RN 824951Revoked05/08/2018
Frost, Elizabeth Ann RN 912778Remedial Education with Fine05/17/2018
Fulbright, Evelyn Eugene LVN 126539Fine06/12/2018
Fuller, Melissa Sharene RN 678539Enforced Suspension05/08/2018
Funck Free, Ericka Jean LVN 302245Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Gaddy, Kathleen Ann RN 743582 & LVN 193689Reprimand with Stipulations07/19/2018
Garcia, Jennifer Ilene LVN 300268Voluntary Surrender06/11/2018
Gloria, Dazael  LVN 301974Enforced Suspension07/09/2018
Glyenn, Chelsea  RN 915705Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Goad, Elizabeth Anne RN 880579Remedial Education07/11/2018
Golden, Elizabeth  LVN 326470Revoked05/08/2018
Gonzales, Andy Rodriquez LVN 154877Revoked06/12/2018
Gonzales, Dianna  RN 819999Reprimand with Stipulations07/19/2018
Grayson, Donna  RN 500488Voluntary Surrender06/29/2018
Groce, Anna Lee LVN 97917Reprimand with Stipulations06/12/2018
Harmon, Danielette  LVN 335315Remedial Education with Fine06/27/2018
Hayley, Jamie  LVN 226925Suspend/Probate06/12/2018
Hecox, Amanda Rae LVN 231478Revoked06/12/2018
Heimlich, Bonnie Sue B. RN 435308Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Henderson, Melanie Ann RN 775586Voluntary Surrender06/25/2018
Henson, Lisa Kay LVN 133398Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Hernandez, Martha Alicia RN 903513 & LVN 309537Remedial Education with Fine07/16/2018
Herrera, Maria Magdalena RN 582827 & LVN 92846Voluntary Surrender07/16/2018
Holdren, Stephanie Delight Thompson LVN 190611Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Howard, Leah Rae RN 779069 & LVN 157002Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Hunley, Christy  RN 804198 & LVN 226710Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Hurr, Jennifer Woodson RN 662547Reprimand with Stipulations06/12/2018
Ibarra, Sandra Ann LVN 221797Revoked07/19/2018
Ibe, Leticia O. RN 811842Suspend/Probate06/12/2018
Iroegbu, Josephine Kechi RN 718599 & LVN 178559, AP126534Suspend/Probate07/19/2018
Isaacson, Julie K. RN 695892Suspend/Probate06/12/2018
Iwegbu, Tina Rosemarie RN 779534Remedial Education with Fine07/30/2018
Jackson, Misty Ann RN 891600Revoked05/08/2018
Jacobson, Debra Marie LVN 302196Voluntary Surrender05/04/2018
Jaiteh, Cassey Oden RN 768320 & LVN 209030Revoked06/12/2018
James, Brooke Holland LVN 185635Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Jamison, Glendora Bolar RN 911572Voluntary Surrender06/25/2018
Johnson, Debrisha  RN 905331, AP131816Remedial Education with Fine05/16/2018
Johnson, Gina L. LVN 202741Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Johnson, Lana Kay RN 501897 & LVN 78310Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Jones, Benajeane  LVN 97531Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Jones, Verna Mae RN 554838, AP118169, RX 8390Voluntary Surrender05/08/2018
Jones, Verna Mae RN 554838 & LVN 26756Suspend/Probate05/08/2018
Jowojori, Omolara Oluwabukola RN 876035Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Kanu, Laura N. RX 9321Limited: No Contolled Substances05/08/2018
Kanu, Laura N. RN 595403, AP117925Suspend/Probate05/08/2018
Kendall, Shelly Anne RN 786922Fine06/12/2018
Khaled, Noor  RN 858947 & LVN 317653Reprimand with Stipulations06/12/2018
King, Sally Ann RN 558840 & LVN 88886Voluntary Surrender07/17/2018
Kline, Jennifer Anne RN 829594Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Kosatka, Kimberly Kay RN 679390,. AP114007Remedial Education with Fine06/06/2018
Kurtz, Kolbee Rhae LVN 196361Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Lanford, Deirdre Roxanne RN 554927 & LVN 90402Enforced Suspension06/21/2018
Lawless, Jessica Lynn LVN 328067Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Ledbetter, Sauti Johari RN 803454Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Lee, Nicole Dawn LVN 300065Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Lee, Wendy A. LVN 107762Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Lemons, Khila M. RN 630777Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Lewis, April Monique RN 775109Revoked06/12/2018
Lowe, Kimberly Denise LVN 206156Suspend/Probate07/19/2018
Lozano, Brandy Lynn LVN 154027Voluntary Surrender06/25/2018
Lyseight-Pennon, Cynthia Anna Maria RN 238000Reprimand with Stipulations07/19/2018
Madrigal, Kenneth Wayne LVN 216214Revoked06/12/2018
Manley, Kristin Alexandra LVN 329926Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Mann, Carol Jane LVN 79482Voluntary Surrender06/06/2018
Marquez, Elena Louise RN 812978 & LVN 224218Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Martinez, Mona Lisa LVN 169659Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Masih, Shashi  RN 626212 & LVN 156261Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Mason, Summer Dawn LVN 191089Suspend/Probate05/08/2018
McClelland, Brett Kindell RN 895902Revoked06/12/2018
McCoy, Haley Danielle (Taylor) RN 891526Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
McCreery, Rebecca Leeann LVN 231552Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
McGrew, Nathanael Shay RN 795830, AP126769, RX 16796 Revoked07/19/2018
McLemore, Cristina Marie RN 885765Revoked06/12/2018
Meadows, Molly Dawn LVN 229475Suspend/Probate07/19/2018
Medina, San Juanita  LVN 331517Remedial Education05/22/2018
Miller, Samantha Wells RN 828423Remedial Education06/08/2018
Miller, Vivian Kaye RN 583646Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Mireles, Kathy  RN 905181Revoked05/08/2018
Moreau, Christie Dedon RN 814551, AP121534Voluntary Surrender05/31/2018
Moreno, Jessica Danielle RN 893224Reprimand with Stipulations07/19/2018
Moril, Bernadette  LVN 328805Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Morris, Penny Renee RN 749050Revoked05/08/2018
Mortensen, Kacey Shaun LVN 225334Revoked06/12/2018
Muhle, Cindy  RN 657371 & LVN 128114Revoked06/12/2018
Mvoyi, Chinyavu Valda RN 685818Voluntary Surrender07/16/2018
Mynatt, Adrienne Lynette RN 720296, AP114345Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Natividad, Nicolas Adrian RN 834096Voluntary Surrender07/16/2018
Neal, Virginia Ann RX 1887Limited: No Contolled Substances07/19/2018
Neal, Virginia Ann RN 507763, AP105365Suspend/Probate07/19/2018
Neville, Ashley Noel LVN 330462Remedial Education with Fine06/22/2018
Newby, Tammy Gay LVN 134782Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Nnaji, Catherine  RN 658218Suspend/Probate06/12/2018
Nolen, Myriam Paule LVN 129728Voluntary Surrender05/25/2018
Nsobundu, Chudy Joe RN 728959Voluntary Surrender05/25/2018
Nwachukwu, Adline Nwakaego RN 854162Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Nwokorie, Timothy Okechukwu LVN 198685Revoked07/20/2018
Nyasende, Joel Oirere LVN 306308Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Obasi, Chichetam Evan LVN 214001Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
O'Bryan, Linda M. Gelvin RN 231401Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Ogbonnaya, Hannah Uzoma RN 553714Enforced Suspension07/19/2018
O'Grady, Katrina Marie RN 733108Voluntary Surrender07/20/2018
Olivas, Andrea Jahn RN 607603Voluntary Surrender05/18/2018
Olson, James Lee LVN 336086Revoked06/12/2018
Onu, Zita Chioma RN 672825Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Ortiz, Imelda  LVN 189440Suspend/Probate05/08/2018
Ortiz, Norma T. LVN 155202Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Owen, Crystal Lynn LVN 166916Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Packard, Zara Devon LVN 335422Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Parayno, John Lacambra RN 904172Reprimand with Stipulations05/08/2018
Pasquale, Thomas Edward RN 761097 & LVN 157837Remedial Education07/16/2018
Payuyo, Gracita Manuel RN 867012Remedial Education06/06/2018
Peckinpaugh, Brian Keith RN 613336Revoked05/08/2018
Perez, Melissa Marie RN 563864 & LVN 118903Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Peurifoy, Derek Lane LVN 304456Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Powers, James Edward LVN 207868Voluntary Surrender07/20/2018
Pruiett, Misty Leeanne RN 692963Revoked05/08/2018
Pruitt, Joni Nichole RN 823337Voluntary Surrender07/06/2018
Purpura, Lisa Ann RN 678873 & LVN 176553Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Ramos, Daniel Rene LVN 308842Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Ramos-Green, Elizabeth B. RN 517923Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Rape, Randi Lachelle LVN 208104Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Reeves, Matthew Clinton RN 858104Revoked05/08/2018
Reyna, Javier Gabriel RN 665900, AP118964Reprimand with Stipulations06/12/2018
Richard, Charline Sheena Ladon RN 902306Reprimand with Stipulations06/12/2018
Ripley, Janice Carlene RN 234633Voluntary Surrender05/17/2018
Robertson, Crisinda Michelle LVN 174621Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Robertson, Donna Jean RN 813520Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Robinson, Tokina Roshell LVN 323369Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Rodas, Marilyn Jasmine RN 780588Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Rodriguez, David Herrera RN 879487 & LVN 173272Revoked07/19/2018
Rodriguez, Ricardo Adrian RN 755035Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Romero, Evelyn Susana LVN 320871Remedial Education with Fine05/22/2018
Rosato, Barbara Freeman RN 663522 & LVN 67896Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Roseman, Kari Jo LVN 310546Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Rowe, Kelli Ann LVN 98848Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Roy, Marsha Coritha LVN 210467Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Russell, Kimberly Ann RN 668849, AP110407Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Salazar, Michelle Marie (Mungia) LVN 202759Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Sands, Jennifer Lynette RN 739477Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Santos-Martinez, Nydia  RN 738752Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Sheng, Joseph  RN 826242Reprimand with Stipulations05/08/2018
Shepherd, Brian Scott RN 721851Revoked05/08/2018
Sherrod, Nicholas Mcintire RN 809859Enforced Suspension07/19/2018
Shortnacy, Leslie Deanne RN 710563Voluntary Surrender04/23/2018
Siegfried, Shelly Jonelle LVN 146273Revoked05/08/2018
Sifuentes, Damaris  RN 821867Warning with Stipulations, Deferred06/12/2018
Sims, Brittany Le RN 834014Suspend/Probate07/19/2018
Skinner, Joyce Ann RN 596905Reprimand with Stipulations05/08/2018
Slaughter, Tanya Elizabeth LVN 308618Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Smith, Kimberly Lea LVN 326377Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018
Smullen, Kristen N. LVN 223744Revoked07/19/2018
Solano, Roxanna Monique LVN 313732Remedial Education05/15/2018
Solis, Soila Linda RN 741216 & LVN 194786Remedial Education06/08/2018
Sone, Martin Njume RN 842285Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Starr, Laura Ann RN 745015Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Stephens, Nickesha Tamara RN 799055Suspend/Probate07/19/2018
Stephens, Santita Ladawn RN 761004Reprimand with Stipulations07/19/2018
Stephenson, Melissa Cassandra RN 793349Reprimand with Stipulations07/19/2018
Strban, Christina Renee LVN 194603Suspend/Probate05/08/2018
Swanson, Stephanie Lee RN 929625, AP135304Warning with Stipulations and Fine07/19/2018
Taylor, Jeffrey James RN 873768 & LVN 203593Revoked06/12/2018
Teeters, Kimberly Dawn RN 837249 & LVN 307740Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Torres, Victor  LVN 311605Voluntary Surrender06/29/2018
Trevino-Adams, Pauline Ana LVN 327001Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Turner, Angelia M. RN 643827Voluntary Surrender06/21/2018
Turner, Jonathan Edward RN 819367Remedial Education with Fine07/12/2018
Turner, Yvette Okala LVN 325159Revoked06/12/2018
Vega, Laura Olivia RN 791259Warning with Stipulations05/08/2018
Vela, Cristina Clarissa RN 720051Voluntary Surrender07/19/2018
Villalobos, Ashley Annette LVN 231012Warning with Stipulations and Fine05/08/2018
Vine, Daniel Patrick LVN 209157Voluntary Surrender05/08/2018
Walker, Timothy William RN 883755 & LVN 308999Warning with Stipulations and Fine06/12/2018
Walton, Donna A. RN 501733Limited License07/19/2018
Warntjes, Melissa Sue RN 750843Voluntary Surrender05/10/2018
Watts, Sonya  RN 629765Reprimand with Stipulations05/08/2018
Wenger, Kelly Burrows RN 709977 & LVN 172989, AP118431 Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Whatley, Lacey Dawn LVN 232403Revoked05/08/2018
Williams, Casey Annette RN 776715Voluntary Surrender06/05/2018
Williams, Yvonne  RN 696571 & LVN 186347Warning with Stipulations07/19/2018
Willoughby, Melodie Paige RN 924799Suspend/Probate06/12/2018
Wilson, Mahogany Antwanett LVN 304590Revoked07/19/2018
Yager, Jennifer Lauren RN 880236 & LVN 223371Warning with Stipulations06/12/2018