Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 10/01/2015

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. If you would like to receive additional information regarding the disciplinary action which has been imposed, please send your request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurses license number.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Adams, Diana ReneeLVN 174075Remedial Education with Fine12-May-15
Adams, Lucinda NicoleLVN 192257Revoked12-May-15
Adams, Michael ScottRN 685238 & LVN 138155Revoked16-Jun-15Adragna, Angela PatriciaLVN 188644Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Aggrey, Emelia KwagyirLVN 207892Revoked16-Jun-15
Aguila, Andrea RN 809635Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Aguilar, Krystal RaeRN 796051Remedial Education15-May-15
Alamham, Wha JaRN 694751Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Allen, Jennifer AP121748 & RN 731031Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Allen, Kelli DawnLVN 195665Voluntary Surrender9-Jun-15
Allmon, Jean E.RN 643553Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Almon, Elizabeth MarieRN 709562Suspend/Probate12-May-15
Alvayero, Jessica JanetteRN 756854Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Amir Abadi, Anna MariaRN 814860Remedial Education28-May-15
Amonett, Ronald BrentRN 720298Suspend/Probate16-Jun-15
Anderson, Alicia A.RN 501543 & LVN 82865Limited License23-Jul-15
Anderson, Tanisha AnnLVN 315681Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Angeles, Jr., Felix LVN 220435Revoked16-Jun-15
Ash, Vanessa AnnRN 706840Revoked16-Jun-15
Baker, Robert MatthewLVN 159153Revoked16-Jun-15
Bales, Mary AdaLVN 112522Revoked12-May-15
Barber, Sandra IreneLVN 47821Voluntary Surrender8-Jul-15
Barlow, Pamela AliciaRN 758358Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Barnett, Cody DaneLVN 321355Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Barnett, Lindsay RachelleRN 821623Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Barrett, Barbara M.RN 615124Limited License12-May-15
Barriere, Irene AntoinetteRN 671182 & LVN 169538Suspend/Probate12-May-15
Barron, Elisia NicoleLVN 318322Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Bartholomee, Helen BainRN 629141Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Barton, Lorraine RuthAP112639 & RN 675197Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Beaird, Brandi LeeRN 688376Voluntary Surrender12-May-15
Beard, Marie EmilyLVN 157632Revoked12-May-15
Beard, Rodney DaleRN 774085Enforced Suspension27-Jul-15
Bearden, Amber DawnRN 736971 & LVN 192815Enforced Suspension1-May-15
Beetem, Daniel AaronLVN 203692Remedial Education5-May-15
Bell, Michelle AnneLVN 315082Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Bell, Tracy M.RN 504757Remedial Education with Fine10-Jun-15
Benavides, Robert A.LVN 217769Revoked12-May-15
Bennett, Heather RN 838140Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Benson, Shirly RN 799028Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Bergeron, Mary BinghamRN 743178 & LVN 179721Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Bermea, Raquel VasquezLVN 173381Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Bernal, Lucy AnnLVN 189324Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Berryhill, Sherry MarieRN 722897 & LVN 164647Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Beshirs, Eva NellRN 668866Voluntary Surrender26-May-15
Betterton, Elizabeth E.RN 616157Voluntary Surrender27-May-15
Bettis, Deborah MarieLVN 221101Revoked12-May-15
Black, Barbara LynneLVN 132489Revoked16-Jun-15
Blackmar, Adrian MarieRN 802290 & LVN 192530Remedial Education20-Jul-15
Bojang, Maria PatriciaLVN 223837Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Boone, Stephen BrianRN 822794Warning with Stipulations, Deferred23-Jul-15
Bornman, William HowardRN 691785Voluntary Surrender16-Jul-15
Bott, Kelley LouiseRN 714766Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Bradford, Angela (Mackey)LVN 222579Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Brantley, Eljie EdwardRN 227233Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Brantley, Tameka CherionLVN 185385Voluntary Surrender29-Jun-15
Bready, Kevin StuartRN 790085Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Broadus, Sandra RN 769641 & LVN 168295Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Broherd, James RN 783419Remedial Education with Fine3-Jun-15
Brooks, Amber GeneLVN 229848Remedial Education30-Jun-15
Brown, Kasie L.RN 638955Voluntary Surrender8-Jun-15
Brown, Khristina MichelleLVN 199791Revoked12-May-15
Brown, Michael WayneRN 664719 & LVN 137591Remedial Education5-May-15
Bryant, Margaret JeanRN 852106Remedial Education with Fine30-Jun-15
Buckley, Sheila PattersonRN 606070Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Buford, Carlos EdwanRX 7107Limited - No Controlled Substances23-Jul-15
Buford, Carlos EdwanAP115212 & RN 753580Suspend/Probate23-Jul-15
Bullock, Nicole DaneanRN 821968Revoked16-Jun-15
Burlingame, Cynthia MicheleRN 762090Remedial Education10-Jun-15
Burns, Becca BreeanneRN 817116Voluntary Surrender19-Jun-15
Burtram, Cassi LouiseRN 774215Enforced Suspension14-May-15
Butcher, Sharon MaeRN 600575Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Butler, Stanley LawrenceRN 771552 & LVN 183417Remedial Education10-Jun-15
Byrd, Patricia KayLVN 78231Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Caballero, Catherine MollyRN 755980Revoked12-May-15
Cabla, Krystal LynnRN 801883Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Cagle, Stephen HaroldAP108070 & RN 641062Voluntary Surrender10-Jun-15
Cailing, Gerardo PaladRN 750903Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Calandrillo Campbell, Sandra RN 806453Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Calderon, Sylvia AnnLVN 300707Suspend/Probate16-Jun-15
Cameron, Cara E.RN 669042Remedial Education7-May-15
Camp, Cheryl ElizabethRN 668704Revoked16-Jun-15
Campbell, Latayna SchelleRN 810546Remedial Education5-May-15
Cantu, Stacie JeannetteRN 819479Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Carlos, Nora M.RN 440162Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Carpenter, Megan IreneLVN 231116Limited License16-Jun-15
Carrier, Valenda DeniseRN 693975Suspend/Probate23-Jul-15
Castleberry, Stacy ReneeRN 710907Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Cavazos, Ernesto LVN 197022Revoked12-May-15
Chaffee, Christine AnaRN 827708Revoked12-May-15
Che, Marina MatieuRN 846196Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Clark, Johnnie ReneeRN 547710Revoked16-Jun-15
Clark, Melissa RN 648490Remedial Education with Fine7-Jul-15
Cole, Chanda LinnetRN 775483Revoked16-Jun-15
Coloton, Jasmine RaeRN 689703Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Cordoway, Vanessa AnnRN 833495Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Coronado, Louis ArmandoLVN 184176Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Cortinas, Mark AnthonyRN 571450Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Costanza, Sherry LynnLVN 160381Revoked12-May-15
Cowan, Peggy LucilleLVN 134504Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Crater, Amber MarieRN 810003Remedial Education17-Jun-15
Cross, Roberta W.LVN 79646Revoked16-Jun-15
Culp, Shannon HeleneLVN 314133Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Cummings, Linda Dy AnnLVN 201864Voluntary Surrender3-Jun-15
Cummins, Kristin MicheleRN 805295Enforced Suspension15-Jul-15
Curry, Jamie AnnRN 688974 & LVN 182658Suspend/Probate12-May-15
Dabney, Kimberly DianeLVN 148716Revoked16-Jun-15
Dauphinee, Nicolle RN 571534Voluntary Surrender6-May-15
Davis, Danielle ElaineLVN 318046Remedial Education8-May-15
Davis, Juanita HelenaLVN 195844Revoked12-May-15
Deeth, Debra KayLVN 142596Revoked12-May-15
Demarinis, Rebecca SueRN 790229 & LVN 189214Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Denham, Ronald WayneLVN 141458Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Derby, Katrina KayeRN 659295Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Desens, Debra A.RN 522481Enforced Suspension12-May-15
Diaz, Michael LVN 202680Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Dickman, Aleta NewberryRN 657946Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Difu, Fekade GebreyesusRN 633050Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Doerr, Regina RuthRN 572222Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Dowell, Megan LVN 220729Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Duckless, Judy A.RN 240953Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Duitch, Karen IrbyLVN 184587Revoked12-May-15
Duncan, Mellyssa WatsonLVN 121939Revoked23-Jul-15
Dunn, Gary M.RN 621164Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Dunn, Tabatha AnnRN 710220Revoked16-Jun-15
Eastus, Nancy NolleyLVN 307436Revoked12-May-15
Edwards, Michelle D.RN 612708Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Ehiorobo, Thomas OgbeiwiLVN 304512Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Ekong, Nko I.LVN 180310Remedial Education13-Jul-15
Elliott, Netha LVN 212212Revoked16-Jun-15
Ervin, Rebecca MurrayAP109293, RX 2853 &RN 571738Enforced Suspension23-Jul-15
Estrellado, Maria Victoria D.RN 642970Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Evans, Terry RayLVN 167298Revoked12-May-15
Falcon, Victor ManuelRN 867675 & LVN 185568Enforced Suspension14-Jul-15
Ferguson, Jennifer LynnLVN 181292Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Finch, Kimberly D.RN 770437 & LVN 208200Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Fischer, Kathleen MaryRN 244060Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Flores, Elizabeth LVN 220960Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Flores, Kimberly TovarLVN 192109Revoked23-Jul-15
Flores, Lupita (Banda)LVN 133536Suspend/Probate16-Jun-15
Flores, Sandra ReaLVN 203251Enforced Suspension9-Jul-15
Flores, Tara CelesteRN 805843Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Foster, Sara JasmineRN 803363 & LVN 217450Suspend/Probate16-Jun-15
Fowler, Vicki RaeRN 244914 & LVN 66370Remedial Education18-May-15
Fox, Barbara N.RN 617412Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Fox, Karen SueLVN 179572Revoked12-May-15
Franco, Charles RN 665537Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Franco, Marlinda LVN 304900Revoked16-Jun-15
Franklin, Melissa AnnLVN 226147Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Fregoso-Rodriguez, Monica GeanLVN 198854Enforced Suspension12-May-15
Frugia, Christy NicholsRN 640928 & LVN 150100Voluntary Surrender9-Jun-15
Fuentes, Brenda RN 795728Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Fuentes, Estefana LVN 47526Revoked12-May-15
Fuentes, Jaime RN 658700Revoked12-May-15
Fuentes, Valerie AnnLVN 305331Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Furr, Tina RN 656577Suspend/Probate16-Jun-15
Gakui, Penina WangariLVN 230918Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Garcia, Kristin NicoleLVN 234153Revoked23-Jul-15
Garland, Shanika RenaLVN 221769Revoked16-Jun-15
Garner, Debbie KayLVN 111652Remedial Education with Fine20-May-15
Garner, Linda GailRN 820951 & LVN 156078Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Gary, Gay LynnRN 840595Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Gaspard, Viola McdanielLVN 123470Revoked16-Jun-15
Gilliam, Jr., Benjamin CarltonRN 805283 & LVN 191266Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Gillilan, Kathleen FayLVN 215743Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Golden, Sarah ElizabethLVN 317572Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Gomez, Michael CharlesLVN 177223Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Gonzales, Lydia LVN 163595Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Gonzalez, Erica LVN 166711Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Gonzalez, Marissa A.LVN 120391Revoked12-May-15
Good, Candy LeeRN 833963Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Grantham, Johnnie PriceRN 714028Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Gray, Carol WrightRN 568602 & LVN 95965Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Grindstaff, Jennifer K.LVN 164573Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Guidi, Rosa SeguraRN 719393 & LVN 173901Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Hall, Rhonda JeanRN 727357Voluntary Surrender7-Jul-15
Halsell, Shirley E.RN 512074Revoked12-May-15
Halverson, Julie FinckeRN 825458 & LVN 186441Remedial Education8-Jun-15
Ham, Sandra KayRN 237405Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Hamilton, Pamela SueRN 764210Remedial Education with Fine15-May-15
Hamilton, Shellie AnnetteRN 766493Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Hammond, David B.RN 792242Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Hargrove, Midori AnnRN 758167Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Harris, Gerald LeonRN 684167Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Harris, Vickie LeeLVN 161806Revoked12-May-15
Harrison, Catherine LeggRN 530363Remedial Education with Fine10-Jul-15
Harrison, Renee L.RN 525863Enforced Suspension23-Jul-15
Harrison, Rodrick C.LVN 225931Remedial Education with Fine16-Jun-15
Hartman, Holly JaneRN 774613Enforced Suspension15-May-15
Haskell, David DouglasRN 650035 & LVN 159276Revoked12-May-15
Hayashi, Keiji RN 750945Voluntary Surrender28-May-15
Head, Jessica LeannRN 832221Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Healy, Catherine ClaireLVN 228530Revoked16-Jun-15
Heath, Tedra RN 811711Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Hehr, Jason KennethRN 735237Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Heil, Grant AdamRN 740976Revoked12-May-15
Henson, Joyce RN 640865 & LVN 158375Enforced Suspension16-Jun-15
Hernandez, Cynthia AnnLVN 157503Enforced Suspension23-Jul-15
Hernandez, Sonia AngelicaLVN 229080Enforced Suspension16-Jun-15
Herrera, Tabatha AnnLVN 185979Enforced Suspension29-May-15
Herrington, Tommy LeeRN 683683Revoked16-Jun-15
Hicks, Mary JaneLVN 188974Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Hightower, Kimberly KayRN 699148Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Hilliard, Brandy SuzaneRN 699465 & LVN 185182Revoked16-Jun-15
Hobbs, Kaunta LashunRN 805675Revoked23-Jul-15
Hodge, Carla RN 656209Remedial Education23-Jul-15
Hoffman, Dina JoLVN 190152Remedial Education with Fine25-Jun-15
Holbrook, Alice FayeRN 774837Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Holder, Shawna MarieRN 828820Revoked16-Jun-15
Holland, Tamara MarieLVN 182804Revoked12-May-15
Holley, Megan ElizabethLVN 203532Voluntary Surrender7-May-15
Holloway, Leah LynnRN 689805Revoked12-May-15
Holmes, Sue EllenRN 536415Remedial Education30-Jun-15
Holzman, Diane RN 816473Voluntary Surrender23-Jun-15
Hotchkiss, Lori SuzanneRN 766497Revoked12-May-15
Houghton, Haley KirstenRN 824195Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Houghton, Susan L.RN 645808Remedial Education28-May-15
Howington, Robert MichaelAP113422 & RN 609536Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Hughes, Candace LeighLVN 125613Revoked16-Jun-15
Huston, D�Havelyn SharnetLVN 164764Enforced Suspension14-Jul-15
Jackson, Kevin TyroneRN 862974Remedial Education22-May-15
Jackson, Lillian MarieLVN 166716Revoked12-May-15
Jackson, Tonda ReneeRN 563052Revoked12-May-15
Jarvis, Linda JeanRN 712552Enforced Suspension22-Jun-15
Jenkins-Tutt, Sabrina MarieLVN 195291Revoked12-May-15
Jeter, Lainie ReneeLVN 305166Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Johnson, Barbara AnnLVN 200547Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Johnson, Charles MichaelRN 716248Voluntary Surrender19-Jun-15
Johnson, Deborah AnneLVN 88223Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Johnson, Theresa ReneeRN 637096Revoked12-May-15
Johnson, Tracy DeanRN 606547 & LVN 143834Voluntary Surrender20-Apr-15
Jones, Christy AnnRN 727847Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Jones, Kathleen RN 250014Remedial Education with Fine31-Jul-15
Jones, Laurie MachelleRN 639742 & LVN 149464Voluntary Surrender5-Jun-15
Kalejaiye, Rotimi O.LVN 216038Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Kellander, Emilie RuthRN 578896Revoked12-May-15
Kenjarski, Teresa AlemanRN 654913Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Kimbrell, Linda JoanneLVN 170317Voluntary Surrender21-May-15
Kinderknecht, Randy ScottRN 525871Voluntary Surrender27-May-15
King, Cathy DianeRN 740338Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
King, James RN 647986Revoked16-Jun-15
Knapp, Lauren RochelleAP115152 & RN 574085Remedial Education with Fine9-Jul-15
Knox, Teresa KayRN 765566Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Kotara, Gloria Ann VickRN 224003Voluntary Surrender26-Jun-15
Kouns, Allen ClaytonRN 782886Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Kovar, Patricia HollowayLVN 130384Voluntary Surrender16-Jun-15
Kumi, Janet K.LVN 196068Revoked16-Jun-15
Lamury, Linda LavonLVN 140258Revoked12-May-15
Landin, Ysabel RN 616990 & LVN 131163Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Lantz, Anne ThereseRN 784027Revoked12-May-15
Lappe, Ronald EugeneRN 866373 & LVN 308078Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Larson-Smith, Larissa RoseRN 670205Voluntary Surrender17-Jun-15
Lathon, Kristen MaloneRN 706155 & LVN 148339Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Latifi, Keisha MichelleRN 766665Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Lawal, Lukman SunkanmiLVN 213742Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Lay, Jenifer RebeccaRN 771244Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Leblanc, Jon EttaLVN 65092Revoked16-Jun-15
Lecroy, Sandra KayRN 257698Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Lee, Linda JoyceRN 846105Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Lemchi, Rachel C.LVN 217272Enforced Suspension12-May-15
Lemley, Jennifer CarolLVN 196233Revoked12-May-15
Lenting, Amber LynnRN 660158Revoked12-May-15
Leonard, Man LuRN 829150Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Leumalieu, Laurence CarlieLVN 303237Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Lewis, Vertie ReginaRN 542286Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Leyva, Louie AP112679 & RN 614032Suspend/Probate16-Jun-15
Linley, Michelle PageRN 704808Remedial Education with Fine30-Jul-15
Livingston, Stephanie LynnLVN 204562Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Logan, Delaine LVN 132261Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Lopez, Crystal GayleRN 720322Enforced Suspension10-Jun-15
Lopez, Cynthia LeeLVN 182069Voluntary Surrender8-May-15
Lowthorp, Florence MiekoRN 722887Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Luke, Preston VowellRN 801295Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Madrid, Josephine LVN 138716Revoked16-Jun-15
Marcia, Narcisa Dolores CominRN 723030Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Maria, Alla RN 851988Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Martin, Misty MichelleLVN 154779Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Martinez, Esther UriegasRN 764978 & LVN 184301Enforced Suspension12-May-15
Martinez, Veronica LVN 173216Revoked16-Jun-15
Martinez, Yvonne ReyesLVN 189391Remedial Education with Fine8-May-15
Marzo, Betty C.RN 646265Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Masters, Suzy MichelleLVN 171635Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Matherly, Alice SandraRN 726086Voluntary Surrender9-Jul-15
Maxwell, Lashaundra MarieRN 868349Enforced Suspension4-Jun-15
McBride, Buddy WayneRN 694159 & LVN 150305Remedial Education with Fine7-Jul-15
McBride, Jimmie JoeRN 576015Revoked12-May-15
McCarver, Betty CatherineRN 710626 & LVN 191691Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
McClanahan, Holly KelleneLVN 122885Enforced Suspension16-Jun-15
McCoy, Mary JaneAP123389 & RN 580119Remedial Education with Fine2-Jun-15
McCrary, Kristi ShaneRN 791165Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
McLean, Hennie RN 620741Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
McNeil, Shannon MichelleLVN 140460Voluntary Surrender1-May-15
Mendoza, Steffanie MarieLVN 197059Revoked16-Jun-15
Merritt, Donald PaulRN 759699Revoked16-Jun-15
Meshell, Amanda EbarbRN 679460Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Middleton, Ricky LeeRN 557078Voluntary Surrender15-May-15
Miles, Kristi LeeLVN 172943Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Miller, Keri SusanneLVN 202125Remedial Education with Fine27-May-15
Milton, Gregory LeeRN 809717Enforced Suspension29-Jul-15
Monick, Sandra LeighRN 658341Voluntary Surrender25-Jun-15
Monroe, Vivian DeneseLVN 122922Revoked12-May-15
Morgan, Jacilyn NicholeLVN 197552Revoked16-Jun-15
Morgan, Marilyn RN 601652 & LVN 65542Voluntary Surrender11-May-15
Morris, Gayle A.LVN 119607Voluntary Surrender8-Jun-15
Morris, Scott SterlingLVN 227899Suspend/Probate12-May-15
Muncrief, Kerrie JoRN 680584Enforced Suspension16-Jun-15
Ndaka, Aline RN 837050Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Nelson, Lea LynnLVN 306667Voluntary Surrender16-Jun-15
Ngo, Heidi HaiduongRN 759584 & LVN 199482Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Nguyen, Hanh MyRN 789772Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Nix, Angela SueLVN 154345Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Nunn, Rosemary LVN 171604Remedial Education with Fine29-Jun-15
O�Connell, Elaine MarieRN 741064Revoked16-Jun-15
O�Donnell, Kelly VictoriaRN 771662Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Ogembo, Samuel O.LVN 165880Revoked12-May-15
Oguejiofor, Godson RN 816377 & LVN 220660Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Ojih, Florence NkechiRX 8476Limited - No Controlled Substances16-Jun-15
Ojih, Florence NkechiAP116833 & RN 601731Suspend/Probate16-Jun-15
Oparaji, Golder LVN 180288Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Ordonez, Flor I.RN 700830 & LVN 183126Remedial Education13-May-15
Orieukwu, Geraldine O.RN 534314Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Orr, Wendy JeanRN 623073Voluntary Surrender5-May-15
Ortiz, Miriam LVN 188967Revoked16-Jun-15
Osteen, Caroline Sue (Craddock)RX 7948Limited - No Controlled Substances23-Jul-15
Osteen, Caroline Sue (Craddock)AP116158, RN 251885 & LVN 58711Suspend/Probate23-Jul-15
Overby, Angela KayLVN 149779Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Owens, Bobbie JeanLVN 174029Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Owens, Desha AmyRN 632464Limited License12-May-15
Pace, Diane MichelleLVN 187146Limited License16-Jun-15
Painter, Misty S.RN 850588 & LVN 186356Voluntary Surrender20-Jul-15
Palmer, Shannon HetueLVN 177298Revoked16-Jun-15
Pannone, Walter A.RN 828871Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Partin, Maristella RN 801345Remedial Education9-Jun-15
Patel, Chhaya RN 638051Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Patman, Kelly RenaLVN 150976Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Payer, Eva CsekoRN 701846Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Peoples, Julie AnnLVN 136979Enforced Suspension16-Jun-15
Perez, Andrea WynetteLVN 150394Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Perez, Robert MendozaRN 708663Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Phillips, Lori JeanRN 778129Voluntary Surrender27-Jul-15
Piering, Christina ReneRN 749704Voluntary Surrender16-Jun-15
Pope, Tammy JaneRN 755541Enforced Suspension12-May-15
Porter, Tava A.RN 522405 & LVN 100965Voluntary Surrender26-Jun-15
Powell-Gaydon, Stephanie LynnRN 578208Revoked12-May-15
Pratt, Michelle LVN 154538Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Priolo, Leah DeannRN 589756Voluntary Surrender3-Jun-15
Pruiett, Deni DionneLVN 212036Revoked16-Jun-15
Quinterro, Hilda MarieLVN 141816Revoked16-Jun-15
Ramirez, Toni LeeRN 791187Voluntary Surrender8-Jun-15
Ramos, Rhonda LVN 230042Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Reece, Emily AdrienneAP113721, RX 5907 & RN 673503Suspend/Probate23-Jul-15
Reed, Jobeth LVN 225121Voluntary Surrender3-Jun-15
Register, Peggy MelissaRN 864491Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Reyes, Carol AnnRN 519194 & LVN 77589Suspend/Probate12-May-15
Reyes, Carol AnnAP110749 & RX 3811Voluntary Surrender12-May-15
Reyna, Ramon OtilioRN 868622Voluntary Surrender20-May-15
Reynolds, Elizabeth AnnLVN 156599Revoked16-Jun-15
Reynolds, Leslie FayeRN 774807Remedial Education with Fine16-Jul-15
Rhodes, Chris KevinRN 589803 & LVN 138911Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Rhone, Amber LVN 314251Remedial Education29-Jun-15
Richardson, Carol A. FrepponRN 420083Voluntary Surrender27-Jul-15
Richnow, Lynne ReneeRN 680086Revoked23-Jul-15
Riley, Nicole DeniseLVN 187917Voluntary Surrender29-Jun-15
Ritchley, Betty RN 425373Remedial Education1-Jul-15
Rivas, Sergio EnriqueAP126067 & RN 810747Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Roberson, Candace LeighLVN 307017Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Robertson, Jo Anne LouiseLVN 301615Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Robinson, Paul R.RN 742674Revoked16-Jun-15
Robinson, Shannetta ScharonRN 731636Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Rodriguez, Elias SergioLVN 173273Remedial Education with Fine23-Jun-15
Rodriguez, Elizabeth LVN 223567Enforced Suspension23-Jul-15
Rogers, Christi LavonneLVN 183904Revoked12-May-15
Rollins, Tiaishia TarqueleRN 799523Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Romero, Anne EileenLVN 306650Remedial Education6-Jul-15
Rosales, Teresa RN 649328 & LVN 165530Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Rose, Anitra NellRN 724885Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Ross, Kandace LeiRN 664905Voluntary Surrender18-May-15
Rotholz, Judith AnnRN 453156Voluntary Surrender22-Jul-15
Roundtree, Meta GrayLVN 133154Revoked12-May-15
Rush, Delvin MichellePTP MO RN 2012026957Voluntary Surrender13-Jul-15
Rutledge, Kathleen ElizabethLVN 165235Revoked12-May-15
Rzanca, Jason AlanRN 769898Revoked12-May-15
Saenz, Josephine H.LVN 44271Revoked12-May-15
Saenz, Michelle Lynn (Burer)LVN 170283Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Salem, Brandyn MoyaRN 619428Voluntary Surrender29-Jul-15
Sanchez, Andrea GailLVN 207138Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Sanchez, Dolores RN 646207Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Sandefur, Terri PatriciaLVN 324406Voluntary Surrender16-Jun-15
Sandlin, Cole SpencerRN 829313Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Sandoval, Melissa AnnRN 584374Remedial Education17-Jul-15
Santarina, Luther VillanuevaRN 762738Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Schmitz, Marion LeeRN 687655Enforced Suspension5-Jun-15
Schneider, Walker DeeRN 738593 & LVN 196991Voluntary Surrender20-Jul-15
Schnettler, Kristy RN 785092Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Schwartz, Eva RN 645655 & LVN 156533Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Searcy, Stacy LynnRN 816825Enforced Suspension16-Jun-15
Searle, Amber NicoleRN 752290Revoked16-Jun-15
Selph, Amy KathleenRN 807725Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Seymore, Jessica JeanLVN 220883Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Shaw, Vanessa D.LVN 76642Revoked12-May-15
Shelton, Ashley ReneeLVN 206584Revoked12-May-15
Shipman, Marcia LouiseLVN 132444Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Shoumaker, Jada RachellLVN 196428Revoked12-May-15
Sidney, Meagan RejunLVN 233369Remedial Education with Fine29-Jun-15
Sigdel, Sunita RN 831317Remedial Education with Fine1-May-15
Silva, Armando RoelRN 774575Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Silva, Kay Lisa DaRN 627265Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Silverio, Gregorio GalangRN 766141Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Simmons, Deidra MaeLVN 46666Voluntary Surrender18-May-15
Sims, Gabrielle DeneanLVN 201348Revoked12-May-15
Smiley, Leeann RuthLVN 302308Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Smith, Amy NicoleRN 784138Voluntary Surrender21-May-15
Snyder, Kristie LynetteLVN 214424Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Sokolova, Marina NikolayevnaRN 831323Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Sparks, Kevin MichaelLVN 212284Revoked16-Jun-15
Spikes, Marlys RochelleAP108406 & RN 589993Revoked12-May-15
Springer, Stephen BarryLVN 182254Revoked16-Jun-15
Starks, Nancy SusanRN 845173Remedial Education17-Jul-15
Staromana, Evelynda MedinaRN 453362Remedial Education13-May-15
Steen, Jodi AnnettePTP SC RN 109783Voluntary Surrender19-Jun-15
Sterling, Janice ElaineRN 682776Revoked16-Jun-15
Stokes, Shelia MohkamiRN 749720Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Stubblefield, Peggy G.LVN 53942Enforced Suspension16-Jun-15
Sullivan, Anna MaeLVN 52302Voluntary Surrender7-May-15
Sum, Veasna LVN 307310Revoked16-Jun-15
Swafford, Sunshine RN 642164Voluntary Surrender16-Jun-15
Taylor, Josie MillerRN 781172Voluntary Surrender20-May-15
Taylor, Julie LoraineRN 752010Voluntary Surrender17-Jun-15
Taylor, Tammy ReneeLVN 139697Revoked12-May-15
Tchonang, Christelle E.RN 845695 & LVN 302006Remedial Education7-Jul-15
Teer, Chantal IdenaRN 773698Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Theriault, Lori AnnRN 639097Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Thomas, Gina Gabriella (Orozco)RN 821074Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Thomas, Patricia RN 693950Voluntary Surrender19-May-15
Thorn, Angelia Y.LVN 81335Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Tidwell, Brian DanielRN 736871 & LVN 156355Limited License16-Jun-15
Tolbert, Maria EstherLVN 232294Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Tolbert, Sheila YvetteRN 815833 & LVN 303695Reprimand with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Torres, Moises RN 644724 & LVN 142989Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Toscano, Roxanna ElizabethLVN 139077Enforced Suspension1-Jul-15
Traylor, Katherine L.LVN 65475Revoked12-May-15
Trotter, Katherine J.LVN 96010Revoked16-Jun-15
Truby, Donald PaulLVN 313107Enforced Suspension23-Jul-15
Truesdale, Sharon G.RN 593087Voluntary Surrender3-Jun-15
Truett, Kathy IreneLVN 158391Revoked12-May-15
Trumpfheller, Mary PatriciaLVN 216911Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Tuggle, Toni LeighRN 714102Revoked12-May-15
Tupper, Stephen JamesLVN 156238Revoked16-Jun-15
Turner, Shauna JoyLVN 159940Revoked12-May-15
Valdespino, Robert JoelAP111863 & RN 687150Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Vanarsdale, Kanji LemauraLVN 169758Revoked16-Jun-15
Venegas, Manuel FernandoRN 745835 & LVN 200966Suspend/Probate1-Jul-15
Vermillion, Linda VayRN 629779Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Vigeon, Jennifer LynnRN 820222 & LVN 232845Remedial Education25-Jun-15
Villadsen, Christen MauriceRN 737123Enforced Suspension23-Jul-15
Vint-Rene, Laurie DianeRN 587372Voluntary Surrender20-Mar-15
Wages, Jeff AllenRN 626944 & LVN 150593Enforced Suspension16-Jun-15
Walker, Claudia Olivia (Vine)RN 725652Voluntary Surrender29-Jul-15
Walker, Heidi AP120652 & RX 11577Voluntary Surrender23-Jul-15
Walker, Heidi RN 668809Suspend/Probate23-Jul-15
Walker, Susan AlaneRN 799665Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Walters, Sandra LynnRN 721161Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Wandell, Patricia CharlotteRN 669323Enforced Suspension22-Jul-15
Ward, Crystal JoleneRN 584972Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Ward, Tanya D.RN 541832Remedial Education with Fine5-Jun-15
Warren, Jeanette ReneeLVN 311303Remedial Education28-Jul-15
Washington, Tonya Marie (Brown)LVN 199038Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Weigelt, Gay LynRN 501324Enforced Suspension12-May-15
Weimer, Dalynn Lou-CilleLVN 309770Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Wesley, Patrice VinyetteLVN 225143Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Wesson, Sheila ReneeLVN 108787Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Westbrook, Gary LVN 141103Revoked12-May-15
Wheeler, Karen Joan GribbleRN 255003Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
White, Esther RuthLVN 186341Suspend/Probate12-May-15
White, Jonathan RN 651870Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
White, Karen LynnLVN 311442Suspend/Probate23-Jul-15
White, Margaret AnnLVN 183837Revoked12-May-15
Whitfield, Jeffery TyroneRN 678314Warning with Stipulations23-Jul-15
Whittle, April BrewsterLVN 213881Enforced Suspension12-May-15
Wiederhold, Erich ThomasLVN 183619Revoked16-Jun-15
Wiese, Jessica JoyRN 642996Revoked16-Jun-15
Williams, Jennifer LynnRN 723226Limited License16-Jun-15
Williams, Kristi LeaLVN 178467Suspend/Probate12-May-15
Williams, Leenan RN 583876Revoked12-May-15
Williams, Racheal Marie (France)LVN 120367Reprimand with Stipulations12-May-15
Williams, Susan KoehlerRN 736365Limited License23-Jul-15
Williamson, Lacy AnnetteLVN 208151Revoked12-May-15
Willis, Bobbie JeanneRN 666750 & LVN 160738Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Wilson, Dorothy JeanetteLVN 138123Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Wilson, Haynes RN 652493Reprimand with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Winegardner, Holly CrystalRN 819391 & LVN 178012Warning with Stipulations12-May-15
Woodruff, Barry DanialLVN 232393Revoked12-May-15
Woolverton, Nita GeorgeneRN 525711 & LVN 67985Revoked12-May-15
Wooten, Melissa LynnRN 866172Warning with Stipulations16-Jun-15
Wright, Gwendolyn HayesLVN 213509Remedial Education7-Jul-15
Wyatt, Cathy AnnLVN 203470Enforced Suspension12-May-15
Wynn, Amanda KarolLVN 192716Revoked12-May-15
Yarbrough, Blyndia AnneLVN 116081Revoked12-May-15
Youngers, Donna ThereseRN 453035Enforced Suspension31-Jul-15
Zielinski, Brian KeithRN 730962Suspend/Probate16-Jun-15
Zolfaghari, Joseph SeyedRN 812147 & LVN 229549Enforced Suspension30-Jul-15