Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 10/15/2014

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. If you would like to receive additional information regarding the disciplinary action which has been imposed, please send your request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurses license number.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Aaly, Maria G.RN 529639 & LVN 85163Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Adams, Liane R.LVN 176732Warning10-Jun-14
Addison, Bonnita LynnLVN 173832Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Afa, Pearl Pui ShanRN 717582 & LVN 167539Reprimand with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Agbeye, Brenda Lee (Lopez)LVN 194869Remedial Education with Fine19-May-14
Alaniz, Martin RuizRN 676510Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Alatorre, Adrianna GallerminaRN 799092Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Allen, Daniel LouisLVN 162482Revoked13-May-14
Allen, Kenneth R.RN 521467Revoked13-May-14
Allen, Maxzine A.LVN 48414Warning with Stipulations, Deferred13-May-14
Alvarado, Pamela LVN 212417Remedial Education with Fine9-May-14
Ancy, Carolyn CollinsRN 253367Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-14
Andrews, Larea JamezRN 806756 & LVN 188752Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Anthony, Kendra LynnRN 757290Enforced Suspension25-Jul-14
Aragon, Angel VelasquezLVN 127687Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Arellano, Maria Luisa (Gomes) (Del Castillo)RN 690967 & LVN 167530Remedial Education with Fine19-May-14
Armstrong, Kimberly DeniseLVN 190340Remedial Education with Fine16-Jul-14
Ashley, Chantel LatresaAP114308, RN 626367 & LVN 153215Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Astran, Catherine BernadetteRN 692851Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Atuma, Angel MichelleLVN 192510Enforced Suspension13-May-14
Austin, Melissa SueLVN 191377Limited License17-Jul-14
Badgett, Latasha LynetteLVN 195298Remedial Education with Fine24-Jun-14
Baker, Tonya LynnLVN 82388Revoked10-Jun-14
Balde, Myrna N.RN 710986Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Banks, Lela D.RN 529720Remedial Education with Fine6-May-14
Barajas, Cheryl A.RN 517659Voluntary Surrender10-May-14
Barber, Victoria (Gonzales)RN 681893Remedial Education with Fine3-Jun-14
Barnes, Chase C.RN 758054Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Bartlett, Line ColetteRN 735592Revoked10-Jun-14
Bartley Jr, Warren DouglasAP109225 & RN 605979Revoked13-May-14
Beard, Carrie AnnLVN 205944Revoked17-Jul-14
Beasley, Amy R.RN 608886Revoked10-Jun-14
Bedair, Erin RN 741839Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Bennefield, Rebekkah JaneLVN 175960Revoked13-May-14
Bern, Tami LeeLVN 226589Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Bickham, Robin RN 647537 & LVN 156147Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Blum, Irwin JayLVN 215659Revoked10-Jun-14
Bogan, Evelyn S.LVN 68021Revoked17-Jul-14
Boring, Penni DeniseLVN 105510Suspend/Probate10-Jun-14
Bowen, Cynthia MichelleRN 700832 & LVN 138369Voluntary Surrender23-Jul-14
Boyd, Tammie RuthLVN 177574Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Brantley, Tameka CherionLVN 185385Enforced Suspension13-May-14
Briley, Jessica AnneRN 827743 & LVN 195187Revoked17-Jul-14
Brinegar, Wanda JeanLVN 194102Suspend/Probate10-Jun-14
Brown, Angela LouiseLVN 179080Revoked17-Jul-14
Brown, Kasie L.RN 638955Enforced Suspension20-Jun-14
Brumfield, Petrina AnnetteLVN 231756Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Brydon, Krystle MarieRN 819902Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Burrows, Emily A.RN 501644Reprimand with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Bushing, Tracie ElaineLVN 129943Revoked13-May-14
Buxton, Lance JosephAP111372 & RN 681333Remedial Education25-Jun-14
Cain, Deja RaeRN 696306Revoked17-Jul-14
Camat, Orlando AniesRN 569529Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Cantu, Rosemary LVN 313219Revoked10-Jun-14
Carmack, Joyce AnnLVN 77930Revoked13-May-14
Carmony, Brenda GailRN 562047Revoked13-May-14
Carreon, Gloria EugeniaLVN 219327Reprimand with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Carter, Kalie ElaineLVN 305885Revoked13-May-14
Carter, Linda KayRN 567435 & LVN 38399Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Castaneda, Jonna SueLVN 181601Enforced Suspension29-Jul-14
Castaneda, Laura (Gonzales)LVN 182373Enforced Suspension17-Jul-14
Castro, Cynthia L.RN 512732Remedial Education2-Jul-14
Cavazos, Arlene D.LVN 89131Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Clark, Connie AnnRN 602650Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Clary, Stephanie ReneeRN 701848Suspend/Probate10-Jun-14
Cline, Kathy Jo (Cryer)RN 673093Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Cohen, Kenneth AlanRN 512417Revoked10-Jun-14
Collins, Tammy ChristineRN 731490Revoked13-May-14
Connolly, Dana MarieAP112630 & RN 690839Voluntary Surrender20-Jun-14
Corral, Daniel RN 759165Suspend/Probate10-Jun-14
Cosme, Tomas I.RN 613011Revoked17-Jul-14
Cox, Janie DeelynnRN 765632Enforced Suspension31-Jul-14
Cox, Wendie NicoleLVN 210490Voluntary Surrender8-May-14
Cratty, Teresa LynnRN 752462Suspend/Probate7-May-14
Crawford, Wendy S.RN 543029Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Creecy, Karen NoelleRN 774413Revoked17-Jul-14
Cunningham, Maurie MichelleRN 599840Reprimand with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Cunningham, Tabatha LynnLVN 188917Remedial Education with Fine13-May-14
Daniels, Anthony LamonteLVN 180879Remedial Education with Fine14-Jul-14
Davis, Philma NoreenRN 525149Limited License17-Jul-14
Davis, Vicki SueLVN 163176Reprimand with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Dean, Nancy AnnRN 571573Voluntary Surrender9-Jul-14
Dean, Richard WayneRN 600757Remedial Education with Fine23-Jul-14
Debose, Sonia PatriceRN 733012Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Deffendall, Dana BethRN 659379Revoked10-Jun-14
Delacruz, Daniel RN 706317Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Delarosa, Zoraya DelacruzRN 562314Remedial Education27-May-14
Dellinger-Gomez, Keri DedraRN 766771Voluntary Surrender2-May-14
Denham, Jennifer LillianRN 588796Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Denney, Carolyn HuckabyLVN 227442Revoked17-Jul-14
Desa, Eva LynnRN 577333Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Dials, Lee AnnRN 546609Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Diamante, Denise MarieLVN 130093Voluntary Surrender16-Jun-14
Dixon, Madelaine GladysLVN 169144Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Dokter, Deborah ElizabethRN 684140 & LVN 143937Revoked10-Jun-14
Douglas, Denise LorraineLVN 307451Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Draper, Ruth J.LVN 48968Revoked17-Jul-14
Duncan, Sheila DawnLVN 193278Revoked10-Jun-14
Early, Jeanette RN 241927 & LVN 54130Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Easterling, Vicky LynnLVN 219737Enforced Suspension10-Jun-14
Egbochue, Christopher EmekaRN 686254Remedial Education20-Jun-14
Ejiofor, Obiamaka SandraLVN 225438Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Elmore, Marilyn ElaineLVN 210302Revoked10-Jun-14
Emenaha, Theodora I.RN 462636Warning13-May-14
England, Dean RayRN 765125Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Escamilla, Diana CondonLVN 101203Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Essien, Inyang LVN 233222Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Evans, Shannon MarieLVN 203656Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Eyer, Mary MarguritaLVN 302866Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Fain, Dezra AnnAP115331, RN 689726 & LVN 180540Revoked13-May-14Fernandez, Lisa MichelleRN 660423 & LVN 168700Revoked13-May-14
Ferrier, Melissa SuzanneLVN 230806Remedial Education8-Jul-14
Fields, Joshua LeeRN 791414Enforced Suspension12-Jun-14
Filidei, Barbara LynnLVN 157348Voluntary Surrender21-Jul-14
Fillman, Matthew CraigRN 789241Remedial Education with Fine19-May-14
Flores, Jessie GilbertRN 606299Suspend/Probate17-Jul-14
Florez, Lisa ReneLVN 211750Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Flowers, Misty BrianneLVN 218903Revoked17-Jul-14
Fowler, Mardene JanaeRN 816103Voluntary Surrender1-May-14
Fox, Elizabeth AnnRN 582396Revoked10-Jun-14
Fox, Martha J.RN 238814Revoked13-May-14
Francis, Lauretta LVN 309525Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Franklin, Rhonda F.RN 540261Remedial Education3-Jul-14
Gabel, Kathleen TheresaRN 607520 & LVN 49175Enforced Suspension10-Jun-14
Garcia, David SaulLVN 117359Revoked13-May-14
Garcia, Paul DutchoverLVN 137848Voluntary Surrender10-Jun-14
Garcia, Vanessa MarieLVN 214460Revoked17-Jul-14
Gardenhire, Trey ChristopherLVN 181513Revoked13-May-14
Garland, Gabrielle JourdenLVN 221689Revoked13-May-14
Garner, Amanda LeeRN 789422 & LVN 173232Limited License13-May-14
Garza-Wilson, Jessie AnnLVN 127881Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Gatica, Mia MarieRN 791468Revoked17-Jul-14
Gaudette, David EdwardRN 716016Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Gibbons, Sarah LydiahAP115374 & RN 578107Remedial Education3-Jun-14
Gillilan, Kathleen FayLVN 215743Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Gomez, Amy B.RN 615208Voluntary Surrender30-May-14
Gomez, Leslie N.RN 702775Enforced Suspension13-May-14
Gomez, Vickie GarleneLVN 132039Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Gonzalez, Marissa A.LVN 120391Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Gordon, Robert BernardLVN 186847Revoked13-May-14
Grant, Iesha IsheaAP116188 & RN 688501Revoked18-Jul-14
Grantom, Julia LVN 202099Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Green, Shauna L.RN 660025Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Gregori, Heather BrianneLVN 227329Revoked13-May-14
Griffith, David RayRN 707618Revoked13-May-14
Guerra, Sandra JeanRN 715259 & LVN 129792Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Guilbeau, Myra YvetteLVN 141552Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Guillen, Ericka LorenaRN 798806Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Gundaya, Amor Maria Z.LVN 165879Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Guynes, Nan RN 642500Remedial Education18-Jun-14
Hackler, Sherry LeaLVN 222566Revoked13-May-14
Hall, Jennifer NicoleRN 730652Revoked10-Jun-14
Hall, Joseph D.RN 696131Revoked13-May-14
Hamilton, Carolyn VictoriaRN 547524Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Hamilton-Holder, Miquela LeeLVN 191906Remedial Education with Fine5-May-14
Han, Joyce K DavisRN 242056Limited License17-Jul-14
Haney, Amber NicoleRN 742527Revoked17-Jul-14
Hannon, Elicia JoyceLVN 190435Remedial Education with Fine21-Jul-14
Harden, Cheryl ManningRN 563402Remedial Education with Fine17-Jun-14
Harlin, Brandy NicoleLVN 176924Remedial Education with Fine16-Jul-14
Harn, William MarshallRN 765173Remedial Education9-Jul-14
Harvey, Erin AP111041 & RN 659385Revoked13-May-14
Hasselbach, Jackie LorraineRN 628494Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Hassenfelt, Deborah KayRN 689892Remedial Education23-May-14
Hawkins, Nevada (Burks)RN 575633 & LVN 85505Remedial Education with Fine15-Jul-14
Hawley, Grace Ann (Meads)LVN 145366Remedial Education with Fine29-May-14
Haynes, Shacondra AlleneLVN 184827Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Hayth, Carolyn AnnRN 560508Remedial Education with Fine21-Jul-14
Heartfield, Cleta JoLVN 92832Voluntary Surrender4-Jun-14
Helm, Cindy GailLVN 123952Remedial Education, Deferred28-May-14
Hendrick, Christina RN 804421 & LVN 224312Enforced Suspension30-Jul-14
Herman, Burney RN 648906Voluntary Surrender23-Jul-14
Hernandez, Ramiro EscalanteLVN 109962Voluntary Surrender6-May-14
Herold, Jane MarieRN 841818Voluntary Surrender5-May-14
Heyman, Yasmin ReneeRN 504333Voluntary Surrender10-Jun-14
Hiatt, Rebecca LynnRN 813415Voluntary Surrender21-Jul-14
Hicks, Johnnie DemetriceLVN 214778Voluntary Surrender12-May-14
Hicks, Tori JaneAP117407 & RN 597617Suspend/Probate17-Jul-14
Hill, Leslie NelsonRN 522301Voluntary Surrender2-Jul-14
Hill, Patricia Renae (Wyrick)RN 686512Remedial Education21-Jul-14
Hoffman, Lynette LouiseRN 775496Limited License13-May-14
Hogue, Jami McguireRN 715399 & LVN 159831Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Holley, Wesley W.RN 533599Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Hollingsworth, Linda JuneRN 524812Enforced Suspension17-Jul-14
Holmes, Ima DeneRN 682467 & LVN 130066Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Hood, Leonila R.RN 663771Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Horinek, Misty LynnRN 706034Voluntary Surrender15-Jul-14
Houston, Melissa L.RN 761741Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Hubbard, Judith AnnRN 551442 & LVN 69760Revoked13-May-14
Huddleston, Carole T.RN 595219Revoked13-May-14
Hughes, Dana Lynn (Parker) (Crosslin)LVN 198374Remedial Education with Fine14-Jul-14
Hughes, Lisa MichelleRN 571671Suspend/Probate17-Jul-14
Huntley, Emily CaraRN 745487Suspend/Probate11-Jul-14
Jackson, Cheryl AnnRN 607601 & LVN 116493Reprimand with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Jackson, Mishaun ShiniqueRN 731007Limited License10-Jun-14
Jackson, Tona SueLVN 90358Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
James-Osondu, Lawrence ChukwumaRN 760366Remedial Education24-Jun-14
Jeanis, Jennifer MarieRN 781884Remedial Education13-Jun-14
Jefferson, Regina M.RN 787334Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Jerideau, Samuel AP112733 & RN 651668Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Jing, Peter TanueLVN 217358Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Johnson, Cherri LynneLVN 212729Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Johnson, Timothy DarnelleRN 662000Remedial Education with Fine22-Jul-14
Jones, Jacquelyn (Mbepo)RN 681447Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Jones, Lisa RN 641915 & LVN 159767Voluntary Surrender13-May-14
Jordan, Shairon LeeRN 793724Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Joseph-Agnant, Duhamelle LVN 222609Revoked17-Jul-14
Karanja, Michelle NjeriLVN 306101Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Keith, Kristin ElaineLVN 302088Remedial Education11-Jun-14
Kelly, Glenda NLVN 106241Revoked13-May-14
Kilander, Debra JeanRN 563164 & LVN 62099Remedial Education with Fine14-May-14
Kincaid, Michelle LeaLVN 233205Revoked13-May-14
King, Brittany NicoleRN 815235Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Kissinger, Kyle BenjaminRN 788626Revoked10-Jun-14
Knight, Lea AnnLVN 145262Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Knowles, Eric RyanRN 671393Enforced Suspension19-Jun-14
Koonce, Wendy LeannLVN 149724Enforced Suspension20-May-14
Kraft, Angela KirstenRN 779415Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Kuykendall, Rhonda LynnLVN 166115Revoked17-Jul-14
Lacy, Robert LVN 317235Stipulations25-Jul-14
Lambert, Theresa RicksRN 618302Remedial Education with Fine5-May-14
Lancaster, Rita JoRN 612820Revoked13-May-14
Lanier, Deborah RuthAP103446 & RN 236933Remedial Education with Fine2-Jul-14
Larsen, Jodie LynnLVN 199237Revoked10-Jun-14
Legalley, Corena MaeRN 583286 & LVN 65142Voluntary Surrender21-May-14
Letourneau, Ralph RN 654361Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Lewis, Kenneth DonnellLVN 189174Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Lopez, Cynthia LeeLVN 182069Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Lopez, Marlen GarciaLVN 216778Enforced Suspension10-Jun-14
Lunderman, Sarah LynnRN 773731Voluntary Surrender21-Jul-14
Luther, Joy NellLVN 200900Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Lynch, Karen DeniseRN 765623Revoked13-May-14
Macneil, Rita FayeRN 652388 & LVN 136895Revoked10-Jun-14
Malone, Robin ReneeLVN 184361Revoked13-May-14
Manganice, Sarah LeeRN 663353Enforced Suspension13-May-14
Manners, Ann ReaganAP115375 & RN 607630Remedial Education with Fine3-Jun-14
Markowitz, Dawn M.RN 631517Remedial Education with Fine21-Jul-14
Martin, Karen E.LVN 44247Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Matlock, Dianna LVN 161151Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Matthews, David CharlesRN 597758Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-14
Mayer, Aimee LVN 300936Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Mayer, Flora DianeLVN 221750Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
McCurry, Barbara AnnLVN 161427Remedial Education with Fine15-Jul-14
McDowell, Audrey J.RN 502471 & LVN 53336Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
McDuff, Carol R.RN 518234Voluntary Surrender27-May-14
McFarland, Kenneth TodRN 733429Voluntary Surrender20-May-14
McGraw, David LamarRN 624881Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
McInnis, Rebecca AnnRN 618396Revoked10-Jun-14
McKelvain, Kay AnnRN 254147Enforced Suspension29-Jul-14
McNeely, Erin RN 630203Warning13-May-14
McNenney, Cynthia MarieLVN 178502Warning10-Jun-14
McQueen, Michelle ReneeRN 794362Enforced Suspension20-Jun-14
Medrano, Luz AnnLVN 188770Revoked13-May-14
Mendoza, Lana JillLVN 126558Revoked10-Jun-14
Merkle, Charis ArykRN 737694Enforced Suspension13-May-14
Messa, Lisa RN 778567Revoked13-May-14
Michael, Michelle R.RN 620082Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Miksch, Sarah WhitneyLVN 230138Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Miles, Jacqueline AnnLVN 103678Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Mills, Lacey ReneeLVN 307164Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Minshew, Joshua WayneLVN 223180Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Mitchell, Lakeisha DeniseLVN 193131Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Mitchell, Tiffany AnnRN 736771 & LVN 198298Revoked13-May-14
Moore, Amy RebeccaLVN 232970Voluntary Surrender9-May-14
Moore, Andrea EileenRN 720015Revoked10-Jun-14
Moore, Angela MarieRN 828039Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Morales, Lorri CarolRN 734594Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Morgan, Jadon AllenRN 804486 &PTP NC RN 265349 Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Morin, Hilda LVN 134052Warning10-Jun-14
Munoz, Maria ElenaRN 759218Voluntary Surrender30-May-14
Murry, Frances ElaineRN 245398Revoked10-Jun-14
Neba, Eric SuhLVN 300768Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Neesvig, Keri LynneRN 601688Remedial Education with Fine3-Jun-14
Nelson, Janet CarolRN 712200 & LVN 140093Revoked13-May-14
Nguyen, Lanie ThanhLVN 233802Remedial Education16-Jun-14
Nichols, Crystal NichollRN 793715Revoked13-May-14
Norton, Jami DawnLVN 213066Revoked13-May-14
Nugent, Melissa AnnRN 780707Voluntary Surrender5-May-14
Nyander, Tammy ReneeLVN 233352Reprimand with Stipulations10-Jun-14
O'Bryan, Nicholas VincentLVN 229265Voluntary Surrender2-Jul-14
Ochoa, Pamela MillerRN 756635Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Olisaeke, Callistus E.RN 690631Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Oliver, Melissa AnnLVN 300924Revoked13-May-14
O'Neal, Kaci J.RN 738190Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Onwumbiko, Adeline OgechukwuRN 715599Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Ortiz, Alicia M.RN 761755 & LVN 204648Remedial Education, Deferred2-Jun-14
Ortolon, Jeffery HaroldLVN 181371Remedial Education with Fine12-May-14
Ostermann, Floyetta KayLVN 103587Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Pappas, Rebecca JoyPTP NC RN 211515Revoked10-Jun-14
Parker, Ii, Harry TrumanRN 715755Revoked13-May-14
Parker, Rynda LynnLVN 83593Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Paulo, Corazon SoteloLVN 226398Remedial Education16-May-14
Peck, Terry RoseLVN 132366Revoked10-Jun-14
Pedregon, Karen YvonneRN 599908Revoked10-Jun-14
Perez, Richard BradleyLVN 165118Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Perkins, Casey L.RN 808157 & LVN 173935Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Perkins, Joan CarolRN 503907Voluntary Surrender10-Jun-14
Peterson, Sylvia MarieRN 532258Voluntary Surrender8-May-14
Petty, Joshua AdamLVN 225365Remedial Education25-Jul-14
Pipps, Mary PaulineRN 619172Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Polston, Hilary PaigeRN 760962Revoked10-Jun-14
Portray, Alexandreia AetioleLVN 183258Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Posey, Letitia BoydRN 770937Remedial Education with Fine15-Jul-14
Price, Candice LeeannLVN 315334Enforced Suspension13-May-14
Price, Gary WayneRN 745931Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Procaccini, Laurene B.RN 612484Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Quietson, Mario LumucsoRN 613351Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Quintero, Joseph AndrewLVN 159869Voluntary Surrender28-Jul-14
Rabindranath, Benhur RN 747104Voluntary Surrender24-Jul-14
Rademacher, Chelsie Ann (Cinclair)PTP CO RN 186652Voluntary Surrender19-May-14
Ramirez, Alfred G.AP110187 & RN 530639Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Ramos, Claudia PatriciaLVN 180201Remedial Education13-May-14
Ratcliff, Terry LeonLVN 122996Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Reyna, Leticia LVN 83496Voluntary Surrender22-Jul-14
Reynolds, Amy NanetteRN 596550 & LVN 139605Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Rice, Monica RoxanneRN 794133 & LVN 215227Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Rice, Tonya YvetteRN 673658Voluntary Surrender23-Jun-14
Richey, Kathie RN 642703Voluntary Surrender29-Jul-14
Riddle, Anthony JohnRN 793331Remedial Education with Fine11-Jun-14
Rodriguez-Sandoval, Esmeralda RN 726881Remedial Education with Fine18-Jun-14
Roensch, Peggy M.LVN 54339Voluntary Surrender13-May-14
Rome, Keon JosephLVN 234039Remedial Education with Fine16-Jul-14
Roos, Tracy LynnRN 582949Revoked13-May-14
Ross, Darlene AnnRN 789125Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Rush, Terresa RN 648685 & LVN 145545Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Russell, Irma JeanLVN 186022Revoked17-Jul-14
Russell, Linnie C.RN 518049Voluntary Surrender9-May-14
Rysavy-Smith, Lynn FrancisLVN 122314Remedial Education with Fine14-May-14
Salazar, Aron LinnLVN 174655Voluntary Surrender10-Jun-14
Salazar, Christine DawnLVN 194359Revoked13-May-14
Salazar, Maria HerminiaRN 584347 & LVN 93993Remedial Education26-Jun-14
Sanchez, Rosa M.LVN 153395Remedial Education8-Jul-14
Sanders, Natalie LynnRN 819845Revoked13-May-14
Sanders, Pamela RN 615191Revoked13-May-14
Sanders, Patricia AnnLVN 225372Suspend/Probate10-Jun-14
Santos, Ernestina G.RN 577754Remedial Education with Fine16-Jul-14
Sarmiento, Rubi RN 717871Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Saul, Patricia AnnLVN 145556Remedial Education with Fine17-Jun-14
Schmidt, Sheila GayleRN 626029Limited License25-Jul-14
Scofield, Juliette RN 596790Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Scorsolini, Christopher RobertRN 825991Revoked10-Jun-14
Sears, Larry RobertRN 596815Limited License13-May-14
Shain, Brandon RN 809523Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Shepherd, Kathleen E.RN 514867Revoked13-May-14
Shin, Mee KyungRN 705091Reprimand with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Shumate, Gayle DeniseRN 452584Revoked13-May-14
Sickler, Tonya DianeLVN 129727Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Silhan, Mandi R.RN 626699 & LVN 147955Revoked13-May-14
Silva, Rebecca JuarezRN 638082 & LVN 158133Enforced Suspension24-Jul-14
Simm Jr, William CarlRN 799522Voluntary Surrender22-May-14
Simpson-Kazi, Mahudeen LVN 59859Revoked13-May-14
Skoruppa, Rhonda L.RN 619374Remedial Education with Fine25-Jul-14
Smith, Jennifer Key/RuthRN 703975Remedial Education, Deferred16-May-14
Smith, Misty LeneaLVN 199652Revoked18-Jul-14
Sneed, Michael ShaneRN 722401Revoked10-Jun-14
Spikes, Donna B.RN 625720 & LVN 73574Voluntary Surrender27-Jun-14
Spillman, Amanda KayLVN 131356Remedial Education with Fine21-May-14
Springer, Karen AngelaRN 597016Reprimand with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Steiger, Helen MarieRN 537042Voluntary Surrender1-Jul-14
Sterling, Cynthia MaeRN 642149Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Sterling, Helen MargaretRN 450440Revoked13-May-14
Stokes, Susan RN 459544Remedial Education with Fine23-May-14
Sutton, Carolyn RN 645904Voluntary Surrender16-Jun-14
Sweeney, Michael AnthonyLVN 161374Revoked13-May-14
Swiney, Jennifer JuneLVN 164057Remedial Education with Fine25-Jul-14
Tamariz, Frank AnthonyRN 703599Revoked17-Jul-14
Tamburri, Valerie AnnRN 737542Enforced Suspension13-May-14
Tankeng, Sophie ArokeRN 650010 & LVN 156658Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Tatum, Bradley AndrewLVN 206764Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Tavarez, Jenette ContrerasLVN 137278Warning10-Jun-14
Taylor, Eddie McgilbraRN 608737 & LVN 45927Remedial Education with Fine29-May-14
Taylor, Eunice EniediRN 447774Revoked13-May-14
Taylor, Nicoda WebbRN 848980Suspend/Probate13-Jun-14
Tennery, Brenda KayRN 570188Revoked13-May-14
Teriba, Segun AdenreleRN 816857Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Thomas, Lori L.RN 687954Remedial Education26-Jun-14
Thomas, Sandy KayLVN 175744Revoked13-May-14
Thornton, Don BartonRN 548657Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Tippens, Rolanda MichelleLVN 198096Enforced Suspension10-Jun-14
Tolleson, Marion T.RN 565086Reprimand with Stipulations13-May-14
Tootle, Rachael Aline & LVN 150596Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Toran, Shukia P.LVN 197485Remedial Education with Fine2-May-14
Torres, Cynthia MarieRN 678394 & LVN 172436Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Torres, Yolanda LizbethLVN 191876Remedial Education with Fine16-Jul-14
Trujillo, Sarah AnnLVN 311166Voluntary Surrender2-May-14
Tubbleville, Vicky LynLVN 151363Remedial Education with Fine31-Jul-14
Tucker, Chevette LisaRN 573946Revoked17-Jul-14
Turner, Diana ElenaRN 775106Revoked13-May-14
Turner, Kranston CornellLVN 223791Revoked13-May-14
Turney, Brandi Jean (Bruce)LVN 181276Revoked17-Jul-14
Turney, John TimothyAP101390 & RN 232995Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Ukpong, Iniobong NnamdieRN 798325Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Vanausdall, Michelle DeniseLVN 195714Remedial Education28-May-14
Vigue-Dry, Tanna NicoleRN 777102Revoked17-Jul-14
Voorhes, Cynthia LoreeRN 668174Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14
Wade, Gladys MarieRN 597365Remedial Education with Fine28-May-14
Walden, Roxanne CelesteRN 735361Revoked13-May-14
Walters, Sandra LynnRN 721161Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Walterscheid, Robert PaulRN 714915Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Watts, Martha R.LVN 59382Remedial Education7-Jul-14
Watts, Robert BruceRN 602323 & LVN 130501Enforced Suspension1-May-14
Way, Dorothy J.RN 509324Suspend/Probate13-May-14
Weaver, Melissa DeeLVN 162428Revoked13-May-14
Welch, James EarlLVN 187264Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Wellborn, Callie IreneRN 585019Remedial Education with Fine10-Jul-14
Wells, Jason GlynnRN 724924Revoked17-Jul-14
Wheeless, Sharon CauthenRN 721549Voluntary Surrender9-Jun-14
White, Deyondra LafayeRN 761117Voluntary Surrender12-May-14
Whitworth, Sandra L.RN 717325Voluntary Surrender27-May-14
Williams, Shelly SuzetteLVN 183621Remedial Education13-May-14
Williamson, Elizabeth JoannLVN 132537Voluntary Surrender23-Jun-14
Williamson, Julie CrawfordLVN 199209Remedial Education18-Jun-14
Wilson, Mahogany AntwanettLVN 304590Enforced Suspension3-Jun-14
Windham, Patricia EveLVN 133233Voluntary Surrender9-May-14
Windon, Kizzy AnnLVN 183527Voluntary Surrender2-May-14
Wittmayer, Robert E.RN 510466 & LVN 63561Revoked17-Jul-14
Wood, Kathy ReneeRN 664185 & LVN 132710Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Woods, Monica AntionetteLVN 201792Suspend/Probate17-Jul-14
Yim, Sang HyonRN 787581Warning with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Yoes, Stacy RN 787067Reprimand with Stipulations17-Jul-14
Young, Judith RN 793986Voluntary Surrender2-Jun-14
Zajic, Karen LynLVN 149940Revoked13-May-14
Zavala, Ricardo A.LVN 170190Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Zeller, Heather AnnRN 756411 & LVN 213631Voluntary Surrender22-May-14
Zoha, Shah NewazRN 698502Remedial Education with Fine23-Jul-14
Zollo, Veronica LeeRN 766820Remedial Education15-Jul-14
Zuniga, Ramon LVN 230416Warning with Stipulations13-May-14
Zunker, Jennifer KayRN 761692Warning with Stipulations10-Jun-14