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Discipline & Complaints - Disciplinary Action 10/1/2013

Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 10/1/2013

Disciplinary Board orders are public information and the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) requires that the Board inform the public about the disciplinary actions it takes. The Board is a public entity, and as such is subject to open record laws. Cases in which formal charges have been filed also become public information at the time of the filing and continue to be public information throughout the remainder of the disciplinary process. See Section 301.158 and 301.463 (c).

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurse's license number or by sending a request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Ables, Audra Claire RN 664926 Warning with Stipulations 14-May-13
Acuna, Jesse LVN 175670 Suspend/Probate 18-Jul-13
Adame, Monica Torres RN 784008 & LVN 206405 Revoked 11-Jun-13
Adams, Katherine Adele LVN 230430 Remedial Education with Fine 20-May-13
Adewale, Grace Titilayo RN 666807 & LVN 156949 Warning with Stipulations 18-Jul-13
Alambar, Barbara Jo LVN 122580 Remedial Education with Fine 2-Jul-13
Alexander, Sandra Ann LVN 77749 Revoked 14-May-13
Alonzo, Graciela LVN 196751 Warning with Stipulations 11-Jun-13
Alviano, Philip James RN 620750 Revoked 14-May-13
Amadi, Edith Nkemakolam LVN 147963 Revoked 14-May-13
Anderson, Heron LVN 108425 Remedial Education with Fine 23-May-13
Anderson, Latisa Ann Elise (Williams) LVN 189158 Suspend/Probate 18-Jul-13
Anderson, Shondra Renee LVN 178624 Remedial Education with Fine 20-May-13
Anthony, Emmer JeanRN 251392 Revoked 14-May-13
Ard, Doris F. RN 249162 Remedial Education with Fine 30-Jul-13
Arias, Danny Joe LVN 86098 Suspend/Probate 11-Jun-13
Atkins, Shinikee Lee LVN 172440 Remedial Education with Fine 29-May-13
Baggett, Tina Dawn Hudson RN 577672 Suspend/Probate 14-May-13
Baker, Andrea Sue LVN 166374 Voluntary Surrender 13-Jun-13
Baker, Cheri Elisabeth LVN 156908 Revoked 11-Jun-13
Baker, Kathleen C. LVN 87795 Remedial Education with Fine 14-Jun-13
Banda, Amy Jeannette RN 772621 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Jul-13
Banks, Florence Jeannette LVN 136933 Warning with Stipulations 14-May-13
Barber, Sandra Irene LVN 47821 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Jul-13
Barganier, Debra Lynn RN 567267 Remedial Education with Fine 23-Jul-13
Barr, Melinda SueRN 732589Remedial Education15-Jul-13
Barrera, Debra JoyRN 630490Voluntary Surrender9-Jul-13
Barrera, Leslie MariaLVN 196102Revoked11-Jun-13
Barton, Terria LeighRN 590840 & LVN 60702Suspend/Probate14-May-13
Bauer, Laurie AnnRN 806300Enforced Suspension11-Jun-13
Beam, Fred JasonRN 734011Revoked11-Jun-13
Beaver, Erna JeanneRN 553326Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Beck, Renee YvonneRN 570564Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Beckworth, Susan JeanLVN 131965Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Bell, Tracy A.RN 615390Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Benavides, TerriRN 647867Voluntary Surrender17-May-13
Benjamin, Evelyn JeanLVN 132584Remedial Education, Deferred2-May-13
Benson, Tracy LeeLVN 194591Revoked11-Jun-13
Bergman, Angela DianeRN 680525 & LVN 169073Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Bertran, Christopher LinnRN 675803 & LVN 155508Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Blackmon, Delilah DianeLVN 166969Remedial Education with Fine14-Jun-13
Blakesley, Debbora RN 772581Revoked14-May-13
Bland, Britney ShemeseLVN 227573Revoked14-May-13
Blocker, Mark DwightRN 593661Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Bohannon, Shawn KimberlyRN 459494Remedial Education with Fine11-Jun-13
Booker, Jr., AltonLVN 217030Voluntary Surrender5-May-13
Booth, Vanna RaeLVN 205949Remedial Education10-Jul-13
Bowers, Donna HicksLVN 148319Remedial Education13-May-13
Bradshaw, Michelle DeniseLVN 139217Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Braly, Amy E.LVN 197872Remedial Education with Fine12-Jul-13
Broadbear, Kristina Raeanne LVN 300220Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Brooks, Linda AnneLVN 81780Suspend/Probate14-May-13
Brown, Donna A.LVN 122501Remedial Education with Fine12-Jun-13
Browning, Brittney RN 779504Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Bucey, Michelle LeeRN 604694Suspend/Probate14-May-13
Buchanan, Darren PatrickRN 578907Voluntary Surrender14-Jun-13
Burer, Michelle LynnLVN 170283 & PTP NM RN R47437Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Burke-Garrett, Meredith LeighLVN 195307Revoked11-Jun-13
Burton, Daisy B.LVN 80573Revoked14-May-13
Bushnell, Richard AlanRN 824627Voluntary Surrender20-May-13
Butler, Sharon JaneRN 586108Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Byandagara, Quantas QualettaLVN 192888Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Caballero, Devon DeniseLVN 156600Revoked14-May-13
Campos, Veronica E.LVN 152801Remedial Education with Fine24-May-13
Cantu, Tabitha LVN 177227Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Carey, Keisha DeonLVN 169553Enforced Suspension11-Jun-13
Carlisle, Gerri DellRN 534365 & LVN 88574Remedial Education with Fine7-Jun-13
Carroll, Constance JaneRN 438199Revoked14-May-13
Catindig-Membrere, LuzRN 636656Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Celusta, Nancy RN 629953Voluntary Surrender8-May-13
Chambers, Alyssa GailRN 670467Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Chance, Lori MicheleLVN 177874Remedial Education with Fine9-Jul-13
Chapman, Mari SherinRN 721671 & LVN 96328Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Chavez, Gonzalo ChavezRN 608621Remedial Education with Fine14-Jun-13
Chilaka, Frances EgoRN 728821Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Childers, Sindy LouRN 686719Remedial Education with Fine23-May-13
Clark, Janis J.RN 612724Voluntary Surrender5-Jul-13
Cloyd, Kathleen F.RN 525324Remedial Education3-Jul-13
Coats, Brandy NicoleLVN 230422Revoked14-May-13
Collins, AngelaLVN 105558Voluntary Surrender13-Jun-13
Collins, Kati RebeccaLVN 219798Remedial Education26-Jun-13
Connally, Jenny SueLVN 158637Remedial Education with Fine18-Jun-13
Conring, Rona KayLVN 164170Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Conry, Steven AllenRN 635651Remedial Education22-Jul-13
Cook, Christine MarieRN 679926Revoked11-Jun-13
Cooper, Lori AnneRN 755731Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Cooper, Verna Lou GraceRN 243153Limited License18-Jul-13
Cooper, Wanda SueLVN 123780Reprimand14-May-13
Cooper, Jr., Charles GregoryRN 645242 & LVN 139932Remedial Education with Fine3-Jun-13
Copeland, Angela RN 641203 & LVN 139814Voluntary Surrender10-Jun-13
Cortez, Jennifer AnnLVN 305937Voluntary Surrender14-May-13
Craven, Christie DeniseLVN 171656Revoked18-Jul-13
Crenwelge, Laurie AnnLVN 118404Remedial Education20-May-13
Crosby, Melinda MarieRN 736647Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Crowley, Gregory PaulRN 675829Voluntary Surrender1-Jul-13
Crump, III, James AlvinLVN 162835Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Cruz, Pamela J.LVN 141425Voluntary Surrender4-Jun-13
Culberson, Jo AnnRN 244219Remedial Education with Fine3-May-13
Cumberland, Linda NorlineRN 730349Voluntary Surrender25-Jul-13
Curb, Torie A.RN 685179Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Curtis, Jerry GlenLVN 170145Remedial Education with Fine18-Jun-13
Dasso, David C.RN 629977Revoked14-May-13
Davidson, Keith A.RN 619964Remedial Education with Fine3-Jun-13
Day, Gwendolene KayRN 728520Revoked11-Jun-13
Debose, Sonia PatriceRN 733012Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Dennis, Colandra LynnRN 769683Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Desart, Lauren IozzoLVN 227306Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Deshazer, Jana Elise BryantLVN 126733Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Diggs, Kimberly RochelleRN 581105Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Dimanochie, Ejike ChibuikeLVN 214664Remedial Education9-Jul-13
Dominguez, Elizabeth RN 718874Remedial Education with Fine20-May-13
Domio, Tina RenaeLVN 178541Remedial Education with Fine20-May-13
Drake, Donna KinnonRN 600801 & LVN 130252Remedial Education with Fine31-Jul-13
Draper, Ruth J.LVN 48968Enforced Suspension15-May-13
Dreadin, KellyRN 643395Revoked18-Jul-13
Dreiling, Betty J.RN 636219Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Drinnon, Shenista AnnLVN 162143Remedial Education with Fine10-Jul-13
Eaton, Joshua JeremiahLVN 221560Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Eggins, Cheryl AnnetteLVN 171174Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Eixman, Vanessa LeighLVN 212911Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Elizondo, Maria LuisaLVN 154358Revoked18-Jul-13
Elliott, Netha LVN 212212Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Escobedo, RosarioLVN 105399Voluntary Surrender16-Jul-13
Esqueda, Tonie DillinghamRN 631977 & LVN 92539Remedial Education with Fine4-Jun-13
Esquivel, Lupe T.RN 501746Remedial Education with Fine18-Jun-13
Evans, Nancy NicoleLVN 198159Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Evans, Rekisha RochelleLVN 220959Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Fabunan, Rebecca NavajaRN 455498Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Farah, Brooke AshleyRN 713049Revoked18-Jul-13
Farnsworth, Shelly GayleRN 699114 & LVN 177210Remedial Education with Fine29-May-13
Faust, Brandy MaeRN 726037Revoked14-May-13
Felder, DonaldRN 644090Remedial Education with Fine1-Jul-13
Felix, Jennifer CarrollLVN 180816Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Ferguson, Thomas J.RN 719956Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Fielder, Melanie DawnRN 582352Limited License14-May-13
Fincher, Jack LeeLVN 146797Voluntary Surrender3-Jul-13
Fisher, Joanne RN 784118Remedial Education25-Jul-13
Fisher, Scott DavidLVN 199649Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Fletcher, Donna JeanRN 639268Revoked14-May-13
Ford, Cheryl AnnRN 606305Remedial Education with Fine4-Jun-13
Foulds, Lissa D.LVN 171094Remedial Education with Fine22-May-13
Franco, Jose EarnestoLVN 166824Remedial Education with Fine21-May-13
Franklin, Mindy BethRN 747157Voluntary Surrender26-Jul-13
Freed, Tonya LynnLVN 136921Voluntary Surrender10-May-13
Freeman, Kelly EliseRN 704071Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Frisbie, Pegi JoyceLVN 193945Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Fudge, Kay LongLVN 41869Remedial Education with Fine22-May-13
Fulbright, Jerri LoveRN 739289Revoked14-May-13
Gaddy, Lila LouiseLVN 98842Remedial Education with Fine12-Jun-13
Galuszka, Heather HeathRN 676879 & FNP w RX 3949Voluntary Surrender26-Jul-13
Galvan, Edward RN 686749Remedial Education with Fine4-Jun-13
Galvan, Maria TeresaLVN 105627Remedial Education with Fine11-Jun-13
Garcia, Dolores LunaLVN 57073Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Garcia, Eliana MilagrosRN 759469Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Garrard, Melissa DianaLVN 154892Voluntary Surrender15-Jul-13
Garrett, Linda KayeLVN 212455Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Gomez, Barbara AnnLVN 138487Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Gomez, Luis LVN 178549Remedial Education with Fine23-May-13
Gonzales, Elizabeth ReneaLVN 191267Revoked11-Jun-13
Gonzalez, Dulce TaliaLVN 302082Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Gonzalez, Jeanette MichelleLVN 223617Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Gonzalez, Maria MagdalenaLVN 218405Suspend/Probate14-May-13
Gonzalez, Robert EscamillaRN 567760 & LVN 74014Remedial Education with Fine1-Jul-13
Gore, Charlotte AnnLVN 93182Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Goree, Batrina RN 664307Voluntary Surrender5-Jun-13
Graves, Lisa JennisonRN 629484Voluntary Surrender4-Jun-13
Gray, Lashandra DamtriceRN 706884 & LVN 176278Remedial Education23-Jul-13
Grayson, Mollie JeffersonRN 665791Voluntary Surrender21-May-13
Greenlee, Mitchell E.RN 629486 & LVN 152714Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Griego, Miguel AngelRN 732624 & LVN 203701Enforced Suspension18-Jul-13
Grisham, Roger VanRN 246253 & CRNAEnforced Suspension14-May-13
Gunlock, Paula JaneLVN 92766Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Gutierrez, Juan RamonLVN 138521Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Haag, Yzette YvonneRN 787194 & LVN 189350Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Hale, Danna RN 641857 & LVN 152596Remedial Education with Fine27-Jun-13
Handley-Riley, Joan CorleyRN 418329Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Hansen, Elizabeth Carole AnnLVN 144498Remedial Education with Fine5-Jun-13
Harbert, Alicia ScherriseLVN 161952Remedial Education11-Jul-13
Harris, Diann RN 513726Remedial Education with Fine1-May-13
Harris, Jacquelynn CarylRN 769081Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Harris, Kizzie TakekaRN 787079 & PTP AR RN R068046Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Harris, Mary CathrynLVN 85256Voluntary Surrender28-Jun-13
Harris, Vernlinciea RenaeLVN 223090Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Harrison, Donna LynnRN 643492 & LVN 162651Voluntary Surrender13-Jun-13
Harrison, Fawne CoraLVN 178085Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Hartnett, Regina KayLVN 307393Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Harvey, Gina MarieRN 615709Revoked11-Jun-13
Harvey, Scarlet A.RN 586957 & LVN 98995Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Hatter, Karissa LizetteRN 803402Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Haycraft, Jane H.RN 518350Enforced Suspension11-Jun-13
Haynes, Susan CamilleRN 570847 & FNP w RX 1756Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Haywood, Chara BlytheRN 689016Revoked14-May-13
Heartfield, Cleta JoLVN 92832Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Heath, Roseanna M.RN 628771Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Hebert, Amy MaureenRN 741629 & LVN 191922Revoked11-Jun-13
Hecker, Michael TraceRN 619074 & LVN 147747Voluntary Surrender19-Jun-13
Heflin, Donna JeanRN 257625Remedial Education with Fine22-May-13
Henry, Tami LaineLVN 153374Voluntary Surrender17-Jun-13
Henslee, Linda L.LVN 73113Revoked14-May-13
Hernandez, Andrea ReneeRN 711137Voluntary Surrender14-May-13
Hernandez, Misty DawnLVN 211272Enforced Suspension25-Jun-13
Herrera, Melissa (Armstrong)RN 682466Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Hester, Kathy RenaeRN 672539Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Hewett, Robert ChadRN 711615Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Hidalgo, Domenic DiegoLVN 198428Voluntary Surrender20-May-13
Hilliard, D. Dewe RN 670648 & LVN 165052Revoked14-May-13
Hillier, Robert NormanRN 608672Voluntary Surrender8-Jul-13
Hogan, Lacey KristenLVN 310759Enforced Suspension18-Jul-13
Holdridge, James LeeRN 601180Limited License11-Jun-13
Hubner, Carol JeanRN 671705Revoked14-May-13
Hudson, Julie KayLVN 165056Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Hughes, Christiana MichelleRN 736722Voluntary Surrender24-Jun-13
Hughes, Juana LVN 224985Remedial Education13-Jun-13
Hutchison, Amy KyleLVN 132700Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Hutton, Fran LVN 106929Voluntary Surrender13-Jun-13
Ignash, Lamont JamesLVN 227508Revoked14-May-13
Ikhile, Ferguson RN 666582Voluntary Surrender26-Jul-13
Imaku, Mary E.LVN 223002Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Isban, Ryan EdwardRN 777483Remedial Education8-May-13
Jalloh, Shondria ShaneyLVN 207772Remedial Education with Fine25-Jun-13
James, Devon GeorgeRN 610558Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Jennings, Jana LeighLVN 192309Remedial Education with Fine22-Jul-13
Jimerson, Patricia LynetteLVN 193428Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-13
Johnson, Chatelly ChevaughnLVN 184120Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Johnson, Katrina DeneseLVN 162078Remedial Education with Fine22-Jul-13
Johnson, Kent R.RN 618256Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Johnson, Lisa MargaretRN 696849Revoked18-Jul-13
Johnson, Myra A.RN 533711Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Johnson, Ruby JeanRN 511190 & LVN 41900Revoked18-Jul-13
Johnson-Ridens, Kathy SuzanneRN 572383Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Johnston, Kristin MarieRN 731132Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Jones, Felix LVN 181025Remedial Education with Fine1-Jul-13
Jones, Rhonda JeanRN 657474Remedial Education with Fine1-Jul-13
Jones, Tommie AnnLVN 146550Revoked14-May-13
Kalinda, SichimoLVN 310873Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Kidd, Sheryle LynnetteRN 566607Remedial Education with Fine16-May-13
King, Ozella LongLVN 20200Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
King, Sheryl LynnRN 701043Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Kirkland, Carol RN 648212Voluntary Surrender22-Jul-13
Klecka, Kittena MichelleLVN 155555Remedial Education3-Jun-13
Knelson, Anna NeufeldRN 821373Enforced Suspension18-Jul-13
Koller, Kevin EarlRN 812941Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Koser, Robin L.RN 680920Voluntary Surrender7-Jul-13
Krause, Cindy BanksRN 705532Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Kuehn, Rhonda LoukLVN 130223Remedial Education20-May-13
Kunz, Linda Ann S.RN 233186Remedial Education19-Jun-13
Lanier, Suzanne StocktonRN 608213Remedial Education with Fine7-Jun-13
Large, Lisa AnnRN 729313Voluntary Surrender7-Jun-13
Larson-Smith, Larissa RoseRN 670205Suspend/Probate14-May-13
Latham, Tina MarieLVN 177673Remedial Education with Fine24-May-13
Lawrence, KimRN 653294Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Lawrence, Lisa AnnRN 666606Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Lazerus, Jerry WayneRN 511195Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-13
Leamer, Jodie MarieRN 736293Suspend/Probate14-May-13
Leday-Williams, LindaLVN 117749Voluntary Surrender12-Jul-13
Lee, Amy ChristineRN 771508Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Lehman, Mallory MelissaLVN 212560Voluntary Surrender3-Jun-13
Leslie, Justin LVN 221449Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Levinsky, Dacia Dorothea (Voss)RN 670393Limited License14-May-13
Lewis-Young, Kristen BrandyceRN 693212 & LVN 166725Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Lockhart, Krista JeneeRN 715446Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Lockhart, Melissa C.RN 225518 & GNPRemedial Education17-Jul-13
Long, April MichelleLVN 305606Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Longbine, Donna GayleneRN 718947 & LVN 108557Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Lopez, Maria RosarioRN 647346Remedial Education26-Jun-13
Lopez, Roland ReuelLVN 234010Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Loughmiller, Brandyn LeslieRN 637705Remedial Education with Fine22-May-13
Lowrey, Barbara HillLVN 207608Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Lozano, Fernando NoelRN 807931 & LVN 203708Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Ludlow, Nessie FortoRN 569714Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Luevano, Elsa IldaRN 612962Remedial Education with Fine13-May-13
Lunderman, Sarah LynnRN 773731Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Lynch, Eric NelsonRN 664636Voluntary Surrender15-Jul-13
MacNeil, Rita FayeRN 652388 & LVN 136895Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Maddux, Mackenzie LynnRN 804003Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Maher, Theodore MauricePTP RI RN 45635Revoked14-May-13
Mahmalji, Shayla RuthLVN 194871Voluntary Surrender3-Jul-13
Mananquil, Joann AllegondaRN 760161Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Marchant, Bridget ElanneLVN 111781Remedial Education with Fine3-May-13
Markowski, Jill RN 619915Enforced Suspension2-Jul-13
Marshall, Page RN 688059Enforced Suspension14-May-13
Martin, Mildred KayRN 547766 & LVN 100222Remedial Education20-Jun-13
Martin, Nancy LynnRN 774693 & LVN 136205Revoked11-Jun-13
Martinez, Yvonne ReyesLVN 189391Revoked11-Jun-13
Mason, Debora JeanRN 595814 & LVN 134006Remedial Education with Fine3-May-13
Mason, Donna RaeRN 634512 & LVN 143934Remedial Education with Fine23-Jul-13
Matos, Amber RN 782510 & LVN 192462Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Matta, Sylvia J.RN 690563Revoked14-May-13
Maughmer, Cheryl LRN 537568Revoked18-Jul-13
Maxwell, Martha SimonRN 242283Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
May, Stephanie AnnLVN 206209Revoked11-Jun-13
Maynard, Michael JosephRN 730982Remedial Education, Deferred7-May-13
McBride, Michael HighamsLVN 165419Remedial Education with Fine3-May-13
McCain-Walker, Doris LouiseRN 682511 & LVN 163098Remedial Education23-Jul-13
McCarthy, Catherine AnneLVN 175654Voluntary Surrender23-Jul-13
McCleskey, Peggy LouLVN 203005Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
McCown, Patricia RN 637714 & LVN 145348Remedial Education with Fine7-May-13
McCoy, Rebecca LynnLVN 107904Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
McDonald, Suzanne ReneeLVN 162970Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
McElmurry, Lawetta PostonLVN 56432Revoked14-May-13
McGowan, Jennifer LynnRN 582324Revoked14-May-13
McGuire, Eva JanRN 547122 & LVN 100724Voluntary Surrender24-May-13
McLemore, Ashley NicoleLVN 309046Enforced Suspension14-May-13
McRaven, MarcylanaLVN 107256Remedial Education with Fine31-Jul-13
McWilliams-Beisner, Rebekah NaomiLVN 305540Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Meadows, Marsha LynneRN 626320 & LVN 140356Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Medina, Tania L.RN 762651Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Medrano, Luz AnnLVN 188770Enforced Suspension18-Jul-13
Melton, Darrell W.RN 634206Remedial Education with Fine3-May-13
Mendez, Delia NinoLVN 56065Voluntary Surrender22-May-13
Mhlanga, LazarusRN 673341Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Mhlanga, MargaretRN 810567 & LVN 177050Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Mike, Natalie DianeRN 676850Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Miles, Echo SuzetteRN 630842Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Miller, Jillian MargaretRN 786964Enforced Suspension11-Jun-13
Miller, Tanya MichelleRN 696892Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Mitchum, Shannon MarieRN 745230Remedial Education3-Jul-13
Modisett, Rebecca LouiseLVN 191463Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Mokracek, Marilyn SmithRN 537835Remedial Education17-Jul-13
Molina, Elena PatriciaLVN 182509Revoked18-Jul-13
Monasterio, Lilia OfeliaRN 687057 & LVN 145390Voluntary Surrender10-Jul-13
Montez, Berta LVN 132317Revoked14-May-13
Montgomery, Tiffany JoLVN 173226Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Moon, Kesha NicoleRN 663461Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Moore, Cristy DawnRN 795847 & LVN 186248Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Moore, Kaydra ShaneseLVN 200679Remedial Education with Fine23-Jul-13
Moore, Michelle Ariana SchmoserLVN 186045Revoked11-Jun-13
Moore, Shyoki TakamaraRN 777680Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Morrell, Jr., William JulianRN 574469Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Morris, Eva JoyceRN 578029 & LVN 113280Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Morris, Richard LeeLVN 188421Voluntary Surrender6-May-13
Morris, Roger RayLVN 102213Enforced Suspension14-May-13
Morton, Lesa J.LVN 125414Remedial Education with Fine21-May-13
Moser, Sharla RaeRN 584692Suspend/Probate2-Jul-13
Moution-Donald, Johnna JulietteRN 657370Remedial Education with Fine29-Jul-13
Murphy, Erica LVN 231792Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Murphy, Kristina LeeRN 505445 & PNPSuspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Murphy, Mark AllenRN 770231 & LVN 211636Voluntary Surrender24-Jun-13
Naegelin, Sara MarieLVN 193251Remedial Education with Fine26-Jul-13
Ndimfor, Mary AssumptaLVN 210590Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Ndofor, Linda NgowoRN 769433 & LVN 184357Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Neal, Mercy DavidRN 662728Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Nesselroad, Michelle O.RN 748086Suspend/Probate14-May-13
Nguyen, Ha RN 759585Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Nichols-Purcell, Mary AnitaRN 534274 & LVN 41985Voluntary Surrender26-Jun-13
Niel, Allison NicoleRN 679171Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Nipp, Willa M.RN 575504Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Noel, Shane M.RN 748522Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Norcross, Christopher AlanRN 755661Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Norikus, Sandra L.RN 617629Remedial Education with Fine30-May-13
Obannon, Angela SueLVN 195007Voluntary Surrender2-Jul-13
Offor, Nkemjika ObiRN 699503Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Oko, Chinyere GloriaRN 774337 & LVN 175349Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Oller, Cubbon RaeRN 641869Remedial Education with Fine13-Jun-13
Onyekwe, Christopher IfeanyiRN 781115Voluntary Surrender10-Jun-13
Opurum, Agatha UgochiRN 684076Voluntary Surrender3-May-13
Ortega, Ramona LynnRN 616043Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Ortiz, Laura MicheleRN 728695Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Osuji, MartinsLVN 226490Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Oyler, Denise ParksRN 592683Revoked11-Jun-13
Page, Debra LouiseLVN 140451Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Page, Jr., Douglas LamarRN 776244Voluntary Surrender1-Jul-13
Palmentera, Michael RN 652407 & LVN 146223Remedial Education with Fine4-Jun-13
Panaccione, Alicia FaithRN 604206Enforced Suspension11-Jun-13
Paragas, Julius NonoRN 774726Remedial Education with Fine10-May-13
Parker, Amanda LynnRN 698351Revoked14-May-13
Parker, Elana RagasLVN 198174Enforced Suspension14-May-13
Parker, Heather DawnLVN 196228Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Parker, Joshua MaxRN 796001Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Parks, Angela JanineLVN 201430Voluntary Surrender9-May-13
Paul, Jeri LeeLVN 167962Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Payne, Billie SherreRN 596310Revoked11-Jun-13
Pekar, Cassandra (Bedmarczyk)LVN 223590Voluntary Surrender17-Jun-13
Pelayo, Maria JuliaRN 794466Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Pena, Graciella DavinaRN 708661 & LVN 175569Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Pennington, Kenneth MarshallRN 608504Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Pennon, Mary LeeLVN 121266Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Perez, Robbye ReneeLVN 309575Voluntary Surrender23-May-13
Perez, Sharita SincereLVN 225118Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Perez, Tiffany AmberLVN 177798Revoked11-Jun-13
Perez, Victor HugoRN 685670Enforced Suspension18-Jul-13
Phillips, Nickie LynnRN 541131 & LVN 112333Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Pierre, Donnica Laverne BrownRN 588588Remedial Education with Fine10-Jun-13
Pietsch, Eleanor GraceRN 563898Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Pintor, Jr., Teotimo LagareRN 610015Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Plunk, Zelphia AnnLVN 123885Voluntary Surrender3-Jul-13
Pollard, Dani RN 800132Revoked14-May-13
Pollard, Jr., James LeonardRN 790049Enforced Suspension11-Jun-13
Ponnaiya, Juno ArubajothiRN 726231Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Powell, Rochelle DeloresRN 620577Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Powers, Matthew JamesRN 712586Revoked18-Jul-13
Prado, Rene AlfredoRN 712952Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Price, Brea AnneRN 728345Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Provence, Suzanne M.RN 453182Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Pruett, Laura LynnLVN 147349Remedial Education5-Jun-13
Pullen, Kevin MillerRN 573293Voluntary Surrender9-May-13
Purnell, Bell JanetLVN 126901Remedial Education17-Jun-13
Quinterro, Hilda MarieLVN 141816Enforced Suspension18-Jul-13
Race, Stephen FrederickRN 619767 & LVN 100398Enforced Suspension17-Jun-13
Ramirez, Cherise RN 644228Remedial Education3-Jun-13
Ramsey, Dewanna JoyceRN 744043Revoked14-May-13
Rao, Jason WayneLVN 188219Enforced Suspension14-May-13
Reado, Linda D. RobinsonRN 522476Remedial Education with Fine30-May-13
Rebector-Njoku, Tinesha La ShaeLVN 208769Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Reed, Jobeth LVN 225121Enforced Suspension14-May-13
Richardson, Anne RN 796646Revoked11-Jun-13
Richardson, Lillian J.RN 622167 & LVN 52377Remedial Education with Fine30-May-13
Rickli, Sarita MarieLVN 304126Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Riddlebarger, Stephen BurtonRN 584212Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Rivera, Laura GabrielaLVN 193912Remedial Education with Fine23-May-13
Rivette, Wendy GayRN 618382 & LVN 147870Remedial Education with Fine9-Jul-13
Robleto, Daniel LVN 51354Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Roches, Raymond MarianoRN 676777Voluntary Surrender13-May-13
Rodgers, Kayla SueLVN 232464Revoked11-Jun-13
Rodgers, Wendy ReneRN 749696Remedial Education6-Jun-13
Rosales, Teodora T.LVN 161278Remedial Education23-May-13
Rosas, Michelle LVN 139387Suspend/Probate14-May-13
Rose, Gwendolyn SueRN 798892Revoked11-Jun-13
Ross, Passion KadijaLVN 218549Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Roye, Erma RebeccaLVN 186048Revoked14-May-13
Rushford, Robert CarlRN 672708Voluntary Surrender22-Jul-13
Sala, Jose FaustinoRN 762431Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Salazar, Myra DeniseRN 696484 & LVN 169289Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Sales, Vickie S.RN 628911Revoked11-Jun-13
Salicco, Robert E.RN 522503Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Sanchez, Yvette YvonneRN 697687Voluntary Surrender27-Jun-13
Sandoval, CassandraRN 693510Remedial Education with Fine3-Jun-13
Sanford, Lisa LorraineLVN 182125Revoked14-May-13
Sarmiento, Emmanuel H.RN 456304 & CRNALimited License14-May-13
Scott, James DarrylLVN 188423Revoked14-May-13
Scott, Karen FrancesRN 696193 & LVN 184973Enforced Suspension18-Jul-13
Scott, Lakyia KeonaLVN 193321Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Self, Cheryl LynnRN 550612Revoked14-May-13
Senn, Toni WynelleLVN 126800Revoked18-Jul-13
Seward, Jessica L.LVN 190498Revoked18-Jul-13
Shackelford, Marilyn SueRN 618568Revoked11-Jun-13
Sheppard, Mary InezLVN 192333Reprimand with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Showalter, Shari LynnRN 694216 & LVN 168420Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Sikes, Suzanne HopeRN 745693Voluntary Surrender18-Jun-13
Sillivan, Lisa MarieLVN 150146Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Simmons, Deidra MaeLVN 46666Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Simmons, Lula MarieRN 640122Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Skipper, Ruth AnnaRN 613158Remedial Education with Fine17-Jun-13
Slaughter, Amy Sue AnnLVN 154632Remedial Education with Fine20-May-13
Sliter, Donald RN 614078Voluntary Surrender12-Jul-13
Smith, Gemma GraceRN 530770 & LVN 83883Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Smith, Gina L.RN 736282Revoked14-May-13
Smith, Sandra MelissaRN 632658 & LVN 100687Remedial Education with Fine30-Jul-13
Sneed, Shana MichelleLVN 187866Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Soofi, Sharon ReneeLVN 173679Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Soto, Karla MarieLVN 175294Revoked14-May-13
Spicer, Sarah JoRN 725639Revoked14-May-13
Sterling, Cynthia MaeRN 642149Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Stevens, Doreen LeighRN 568599Revoked11-Jun-13
Stone, Billie JeanLVN 226328Enforced Suspension18-Jul-13
Stone, Stephanie MicheleLVN 219069Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Streetman, Patricia JeanLVN 91180Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Strickland, Rachel SaraLVN 211342Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Sweatt, Linda SueRN 255033 & LVN 85742Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Sweet, Jessie Marie SmithLVN 61002Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Taft, Amber LynnRN 740289Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Tate, Jondesica AlexisLVN 201473Enforced Suspension14-May-13
Taveras, Nilda RN 784669 & LVN 222086Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Taylor, Elizabeth BlairRN 774683Voluntary Surrender17-Jun-13
Taylor, Pamela DeneLVN 203544Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Tenorio, Sara AliciaRN 558699 & LVN 116290Remedial Education with Fine8-May-13
Thaggard, Joe BradleyRN 584749Voluntary Surrender8-May-13
Thomas, Catherine HurtLVN 171421Remedial Education with Fine4-Jun-13
Thomas, OrallezettieRN 548643Remedial Education with Fine30-May-13
Thompson, Annie P.RN 537905 & LVN 67534Voluntary Surrender24-Jun-13
Thrasher, Kimberly AnnRN 773935Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Threet, Katherine PaigeLVN 116624Revoked14-May-13
Tittle, Janice LynnLVN 126971Suspend/Probate18-Jul-13
Trapp, Loren HenryRN 680833 & LVN 148959Remedial Education with Fine3-Jun-13
Tryon, Randolph RN 640995Voluntary Surrender20-Jun-13
Tullos, Patty LVN 47986Remedial Education with Fine6-Jun-13
Ugorji, Chinyere MatildaRN 722159Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Uradzionek, Deborah L.RN 544958Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Ureste, Ivette LVN 214731Voluntary Surrender21-Jun-13
Vaduva, LeontinaRN 782738Remedial Education31-Jul-13
Van Eyk, Kimberlee AnnLVN 305270Enforced Suspension14-May-13
Vandagriff, Tamara A.LVN 115960Remedial Education with Fine22-May-13
Vanfleet, Peggy RN 645663Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Vaughan, Christy McGheeLVN 140340Remedial Education with Fine7-Jun-13
Vega, Christina AnneLVN 191833Revoked11-Jun-13
Vela, Adolph RN 559513Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Velasquez, Andrew PadillaLVN 199564Voluntary Surrender28-May-13
Venable, Kodi ShawnLVN 172983Remedial Education with Fine4-Jun-13
Venverloh, JamesRN 636545Suspend/Probate14-May-13
Villarreal, Alexis LVN 191516Voluntary Surrender11-Jul-13
Villarreal, Maria De JesusRN 693957 & LVN 174453Remedial Education5-Jun-13
Villarreal, Maria RuizLVN 198961Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Villarreal, Natalie RaeRN 782843Warning with Stipulations14-May-13
Vincent, Sheema T.RN 784741Revoked14-May-13
Wahome, RosalineRN 776020 & LVN 197817Reprimand with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Walker, Sharon GreeneRN 679717 & LVN 159948Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Wallace, Chiquita MarieRN 629182Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Wallace, Margaret SusanRN 662993Revoked11-Jun-13
Walters, Michele DeniseLVN 230180Suspend/Probate11-Jun-13
Ward, Tammy DarleneLVN 159513Remedial Education, Deferred24-Jun-13
Washington, Karen DeniseLVN 213413Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Watkins, Aimee AnnLVN 199170Enforced Suspension14-May-13
Watlington, Susan RN 643848Voluntary Surrender10-Jun-13
Watson, Janet ArlineRN 694636Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Watson, Misty MichelleRN 769866Voluntary Surrender24-May-13
Weber, Kristy MarieLVN 225593Remedial Education17-Jul-13
Webster, Tanya LynneRN 578616 & LVN 131365Remedial Education with Fine15-Jul-13
Wegmann, Deborrah JaneRN 598721Remedial Education with Fine30-May-13
Weinstein, Jerrie LynnRN 654171Revoked14-May-13
Welch, Amanda DawnLVN 223413Reprimand with Stipulations14-May-13
Wertenberger, SusanRN 253140Voluntary Surrender21-Jun-13
West, Jill RN 607221Remedial Education with Fine24-May-13
Westbrooks, Taiwa E.RN 719038 & LVN 193636Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Wheeler, Sharon ElaineLVN 162473Remedial Education2-Jul-13
White, Virginia RoseLVN 193870Remedial Education with Fine12-Jun-13
Whitley, Kelli RenaeRN 733356Enforced Suspension11-Jun-13
Wigington, Melissa AnnRN 687394 & LVN 177591Remedial Education with Fine23-May-13
Williams, Craig WallaceLVN 150489Revoked18-Jul-13
Williams, Cynthia L.RN 701496Remedial Education with Fine24-Jun-13
Williams, Gwendolyn (Thomas)RN 695981 & LVN 172926Remedial Education with Fine29-May-13
Williams, Steven ChadRN 747279Enforced Suspension3-Jul-13
Williamson, Cary RN 651358Enforced Suspension11-Jun-13
Williamson, Deborah LynnLVN 197970Revoked14-May-13
Wilmot, Robert ArnoldRN 564754 & LVN 117752Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Wilson, Veitus D.RN 629814 & LVN 103632Remedial Education30-May-13
Wisdom, Ruth G.LVN 116922Revoked11-Jun-13
Wojciechowskimahnke, Stephen CharlesLVN 307899Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Wong, BarbaraRN 827565Voluntary Surrender11-Jun-13
Woodard, Dewey LeeLVN 198732Revoked14-May-13
Woodruff, Barry DanialLVN 232393Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Woodruff, Patricia JeanRN 556102Warning with Stipulations11-Jun-13
Woods, Jackie LeeLVN 149040Voluntary Surrender4-Jun-13
Woods, Monica AntionetteLVN 201792Revoked11-Jun-13
Wooldridge, Thomas WrightRN 237023Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13
Yerger, Michelle BrookeRN 789389Revoked11-Jun-13
Young, Kasi LeighLVN 207799Revoked14-May-13
Zuniga, Soluna SofiaRN 778999Warning with Stipulations18-Jul-13