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Discipline & Complaints - Disciplinary Action

Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin – 10/2012

Disciplinary Board orders are public information and the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) requires that the Board inform the public about the disciplinary actions it takes. The Board is a public entity, and as such is subject to open record laws. Cases in which formal charges have been filed also become public information at the time of the filing and continue to be public information throughout the remainder of the disciplinary process. See Section 301.158 and 301.463 (c).

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurse's license number or by sending a request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abshire, Brenda Lee RN 577801Revoked8-May-12
Adams, Jennifer Lynn RN 717018Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Akintoye, Ekwutosi O. Davis LVN 176524Remedial Education with Fine1-Jun-12
Allen, Bryan Thomas RN 789731 &
LVN 198633
Remedial Education with Fine25-Jul-12
Allen, Erin Rachelle RN 731030 &
LVN 198563
Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Anderson, Cathy Ann PNP & RN 243478Voluntary Surrender23-May-12
Andrade, Mildred M. RN 581316 &
LVN 70114
Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Armstrong, Malissa Marie LVN 177601Remedial Education with Fine27-Jun-12
Asbury, Sherry Katrina LVN 158964Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Atkison, Hydie Marie LVN 186599Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Atomre, Jadesola O. RN 777013Revoked19-Jul-12
Baker, David Kim RN 546809Revoked12-Jun-12
Baker, James Daniel RN 671174 &
LVN 130581
Ball, Angela Michelle RN 703378 &
LVN 178025
Barber, Natalie L. LVN 210523Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Barker, Adelia Anne RN 778615 &
LVN 195734
Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Beavers, Monica Lynne LVN 190225Voluntary Surrender4-May-12
Becerra, Christina D. LVN 84264Revoked8-May-12
Beck, Terry Lynn RN 694779Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Bemister, Selma S. RN 667484 Voluntary Surrender2-May-12
Benavides, Elvira RN 553790Suspend/Probate7-May-12
Bergeron, Gary Wayne LVN 154263Remedial Education27-Jun-12
Betts, Sandra Denice RN 456754Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Bland, Della Marlene LVN 132538Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Bodie, Felicia Nicole LVN 190356Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Boggs, Deborah Dommert RN 762899Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Bolding, Kimberley Ann RN 766183 Voluntary Surrender12-Jun-12
Bolen, Briana LVN 154745Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Bolling, Zita Marie RN 528202 Remedial Education with Fine29-Jun-12
Bonneville, Angela Lee RN 642069 Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Botello, Richard RN 721380 &
LVN 95875
Remedial Education1-May-12
Bourgeois, Melissa RN 663031Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Bowers, Amy F. FNP & RN 624884Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-12
Bratcher, Gretchen Brown RN 689688Remedial Education31-Jul-12
Brazell, Carol Anna LVN 103100Remedial Education with Fine29-Jun-12
Brierton, Jon Lee RN 520887 Revoked8-May-12
Brock, Dale Wayne FNP & RN 603165 Remedial Education with Fine2-Jul-12
Brooks, Tanisha Alene LVN 168311Enforced Suspension7-May-12
Broussard, Malita Emily PTP KY RN 1130024Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Browder, Crystal Lloyd LVN 165125Voluntary Surrender27-Jun-12
Brown, Joan Marie RN 665227Remedial Education with Fine11-May-12
Brown, Raylon Troy RN 764883 Suspend/Probate19-Jul-12
Brumsey, Gierra Denise LVN 214326Stipulations7-May-12
Bryant, Keele Rae RN 709368 &
LVN 181018
Voluntary Surrender24-Jul-12
Burd, Rhonda Jo WHNP & RN 456297 Suspend/Probate7-May-12
Burkett, Kelly Wooderson LVN 165941Remedial Education with Fine31-Jul-12
Burton, Karen Sue LVN 113199Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Bushey, Cynthia Leigh RN 760476 Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Butler, Elanda RN 776946 Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Butler, Shelly Ann RN 522981 Enforced Suspension7-May-12
Butterworth, Elizabeth Ann RN 719459 Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Butuyan, Brian Navarro RN 637842 Enforced Suspension7-May-12
Butuyan, Brian Navarro RN 637842 Suspend/Probate19-Jul-12
Buxo, Sylvia Adeline RN 462429 Revoked12-Jun-12
Cabreros, Ronald Belmonte RN 755433 Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Cagle, Gerald Thomas RN 593892 Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Caldwell, Lori RN 636717 &
LVN 112596
Campione, Sharla A. RN 645419 Revoked12-Jun-12
Cantrell, Anthony Howard LVN 200992Voluntary Surrender25-Jul-12
Cantu, Martha Ann LVN 178529Voluntary Surrender26-Jul-12
Cao, Xiaohong RN 767585 Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Carlson, Tapestri Denise RN 662573Remedial Education5-Jul-12
Carpenter, Constance Louise RN 683911Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-12
Carrier, Dedra Vaughn RN 768413 Remedial Education with Fine2-May-12
Carrington, Kim D. RN 619558 Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Carter, Levita Levi LVN 194274Remedial Education with Fine8-Jun-12
Carter, III, Calvin Baxter RN 712320 Revoked8-May-12
Cashaw, Rhonda Darnell LVN 109832Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Castillo, Kris LVN 154301Remedial Education with Fine11-Jun-12
Cates, Ashley Adrienne RN 738266 Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Chacko, John Mohan RN 784777 Revoked8-May-12
Chapa, Amy Dawn LVN 182379Remedial Education with Fine25-May-12
Chaparro, Sergio LVN 191396Revoked19-Jul-12
Chapman, Deonna Michelle RN 766930 Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Charger, Phyllis Ann RN 700653 Voluntary Surrender5-Jun-12
Cheek, Terry Lynn LVN 134902Remedial Education26-Jul-12
Chesire, Susan Chebet ANP & RN 707057Remedial Education with Fine5-Jul-12
Childers, Rachael Diane RN 588681 Enforced Suspension19-Jul-12
Choi, In-Young RN 641104 Voluntary Surrender3-May-12
Chueca, April Amanda Maria RN 776515 Enforced Suspension19-Jul-12
Claflin, Derinda A. RN 753317 Revoked8-May-12
Clark, Judy RN 612344 Remedial Education23-May-12
Clements, Jessica Dawn LVN 211951Revoked8-May-12
Cline, Corey Rachel RN 705874 &
LVN 158848
Cole, David Delee RN 450852Warning with Fine19-Jul-12
Connally, Guadalupe Ann LVN 153039Reprimand with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Conyers, Amy Leshay LVN 228588Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Cordoba, Iris RN 734096 Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Cox, Jeremy Todd RN 757332Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Crater, Kathryn Ann LVN 194740Remedial Education with Fine22-Jun-12
Cratty, Teresa Lynn RN 752462Reprimand with Fine19-Jul-12
Crawford, Sherry Hall LVN 210937Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Crow, Julie LVN 191749Suspend/Probate19-Jul-12
Cryer, Kathy Jo RN 673093Limited License12-Jun-12
Cuellar, Angelica Maria LVN 167794Remedial Education with Fine29-Jun-12
Cuellar, Rebecca RN 715384 &
LVN 177092
Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Cutler, Suzanne Elaine RN 789818Revoked8-May-12
Davis, Wendy Kay RN 731500 &
LVN 171671
Remedial Education6-Jun-12
Deeth, Debra Kay LVN 142596Remedial Education15-Jun-12
Dehoyos, Roger RN 600755Remedial Education with Fine27-Jul-12
Delacruz, Ermelo Zabala RN 567553Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Deleon, Eric Esquivel LVN 207757Enforced Suspension12-Jun-12
Derby, Judith Ellen RN 440679Revoked8-May-12
Diaz, Gizella LVN 178058Revoked12-Jun-12
Dillashaw, Stacie Paulette LVN 190381Revoked12-Jun-12
Dokter, Deborah Elizabeth RN 684140 &
LVN 143937
Reprimand with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Domine, Ma Corazon Sabado RN 683665Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Dominy, Melvia J. F. RN 229908 Revoked12-Jun-12
Dones, Tonya La Gail LVN 165311Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Doolittle, Heather Dawn LVN 229399Voluntary Surrender26-Jun-12
Doss, Cynthia Ann LVN 165456Revoked19-Jul-12
Dugan, Regina Diane LVN 201389Revoked12-Jun-12
Dyer, Jason Austin LVN 176624Revoked12-Jun-12
Earl, Jennifer Lynn LVN 190605Revoked8-May-12
Earnest, Dameian Denise LVN 219474Voluntary Surrender22-Jun-12
Ebhamen, Bose Omoyemen RN 569301 &
LVN 127845
Edwards, Icilda Grace LVN 213230Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Elahi, Johnnie Mae LVN 89012Revoked12-Jun-12
Ellerd, Tully Kim LVN 140008Voluntary Surrender3-Jul-12
Elrod, Stacey Lynne RN 632961Suspend/Probate4-May-12
Eneji, Basil Idowu LVN 221993Reprimand with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Esquivel, April RN 707929Remedial Education with Fine7-Jun-12
Estes, Susan Edwards RN 781812 Remedial Education26-Jun-12
Estioco, Maria Glynis RN 723758Remedial Education20-Jun-12
Estrada, Samuel RN 622021Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Etheridge, Regina Rena LVN 190051Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Ezzell, Tammy Jean RN 654571Reprimand with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Farrer, Angela Jenice RN 712048Warning19-Jul-12
Farris, Felicia Cassandra RN 775306 Remedial Education3-May-12
Fenimore, Nancy L. RN 241056Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Fernandez, Yvonne Hoyos RN 235217Reprimand with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Feuge, Jennifer Blake RN 637180Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Fields, Cynthia RN 582353 &
LVN 75188
Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Flowers, Katrena Borders RN 786215 &
LVN 201374
Voluntary Surrender5-Jun-12
Fortner, Misty Dawn LVN 148707Remedial Education with Fine31-May-12
Forward, Gracie Lee LVN 112424Remedial Education17-Jul-12
Foster, Michael Lee RN 705425Remedial Education24-May-12
Franklin, Cornelia Ann LVN 116628Remedial Education with Fine9-May-12
Freeman, Jane Susan LVN 118940Revoked12-Jun-12
Freeman, Kellie Kay LVN 107638Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Freeman, Sheila Elaine LVN 186635Revoked12-Jun-12
Froberg, David RN 647936Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Gallon, Sonya Yvette RN 696445 &
LVN 186231
Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Garcia, Julie E. CNS-PED & RN 516365 Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Garcia, Mary Jane LVN 173989Voluntary Surrender23-Jul-12
Garcia, Yvonne RN 500246Remedial Education with Fine5-Jul-12
Garney, Patricia Anne LVN 194966Remedial Education with Fine14-May-12
Gay, Teresia Diane LVN 143677Voluntary Surrender19-Jul-12
George, Belinda Renee LVN 158891Suspend/Probate19-Jul-12
Getman, Kimberly Matocha RN 775057Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Gibson, Antoinette Lynne RN 684633 &
LVN 166271
Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Gilbreath, William Randall RN 666259Voluntary Surrender11-Jun-12
Gonzalez, Blanca Estela (Martinez) RN 694158 &
LVN 165472
Remedial Education with Fine13-Jul-12
Gorman, Cindy Jane RN 606366Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-12
Griffin, Harry Wayne RN 604100Revoked12-Jun-12
Griffin, Tonya Dee LVN 177446Voluntary Surrender8-May-12
Guajardo, Maria Elena RN 793313Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Guerrero, Lilia RN 236081Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-12
Guillory, Janice Marie RN 679293 &
LVN 149526
Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Gullage, James Gordon RN 589023Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Hackley, Robert James RN 711136 Voluntary Surrender29-May-12
Hafner-Burton, Tana M. RN 459680Remedial Education with Fine10-May-12
Haith, Birdie Ross LVN 122330Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Hall, Felicia Margarita LVN 220043Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Hamilton, Terri RN 644116 &
LVN 158109
Remedial Education with Fine12-Jun-12
Hamlin, Reginald S. LVN 131551Reprimand with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Hanke, Jacquelynn Kay LVN 172254Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Hanly, Charlotte A. RN 753615Revoked8-May-12
Hardy, Judy Ann RN 606421Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Harmes, Misty Dawn RN 713263 &
LVN 150035
Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Harp, Charlotte Ann RN 754921 &
LVN 211766
Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Harris, Demetria Mechelle LVN 176997Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Harris, Susan A. RN 534982 &
LVN 103636
Enforced Suspension19-Jul-12
Harris, Jr., William Merrill CRNA & RN 225675Voluntary Surrender27-Jul-12
Harrison, Renee L. RN 525863Suspend/Probate7-May-12
Hartland, Sarah R. RN 723330 Voluntary Surrender26-Jul-12
Hawthorne, Christina Lynn LVN 200630Voluntary Surrender29-May-12
Hawthorne, Lewis Erwin LVN 179585Remedial Education with Fine28-Jun-12
Haywood, Rolanda Lanisha RN 799805 &
LVN 171554
Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Hebert, Drucilla Ann RN 229715Voluntary Surrender26-Jul-12
Hebert, Mary Lee LVN 167918Revoked12-Jun-12
Herrin, Amelie S. RN 456943Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Hickman, Teddy Glynn RN 660440Voluntary Surrender9-Jul-12
Hicks, Bobby RN 651644 Remedial Education21-Jun-12
Hicks, Rodney Wayne FNP & RN 514318Warning with Stipulations20-Jul-12
Hill, Nancy M. LVN 104349Voluntary Surrender14-May-12
Hilliard, Ever Lorene LVN 169199Warning12-Jun-12
Hoefer, Margaret Faye LVN 88164Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-12
Horn, Belinda Sue RN 696400 &
LVN 154002
Remedial Education with Fine29-Jun-12
Hudson, Howard R. LVN 216659Revoked19-Jul-12
Hudson, Latisha Marie RN 777898Voluntary Surrender25-Jul-12
Hudson, Rebecca RN 759614Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Hulin, Paul Reginald RN 714270Revoked12-Jun-12
Hummel, Kimberly Ann LVN 198620Remedial Education with Fine29-May-12
Hunt, Lorena Leigh RN 776511Revoked12-Jun-12
Hunter, Aaron Andreas LVN 187807Revoked8-May-12
Hutto, Tonya Renee LVN 194855Reprimand with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Jackson, Ida Mae LVN 166113Remedial Education with Fine24-May-12
Jackson, Linda Barnes LVN 155910Voluntary Surrender14-Jun-12
James, Rosetta F. LVN 100189Voluntary Surrender17-May-12
Jaresh, Ashley Summers LVN 217957Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Jarrett, Damoh M. LVN 205844Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Jaynes, Terry Ann RN 716712Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Jenkins, Monica RN 718674Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Jester, Jennifer Renee LVN 205298Revoked8-May-12
Johnson, Gaye Preston RN 601282 Voluntary Surrender2-Jul-12
Johnson, Myra A. RN 533711 Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Johnson, Sherry L. LVN 223022Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Johnson, Timothy Axel CRNA & RN 515507 Revoked8-May-12
Jokel, Oneta Kay RN 606550Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Jones, Charlotte Y. Reece LVN 98915Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Jordan, Tanisha Camille RN 774870Voluntary Surrender16-Jul-12
Joy, Susan Christina RN 583097Remedial Education with Fine19-Jun-12
Judd, James Calvin LVN 137378Revoked8-May-12
Kalu, Patrick LVN 185125Remedial Education with Fine18-Jul-12
Kangrga, Stephen LVN 174640Revoked12-Jun-12
Kappel, Carrie Lynn LVN 123451Revoked8-May-12
Kay, Debra R. RN 622590Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Kearns, Gregory James LVN 89424Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Keating, Gregory Allan RN 673652Remedial Education31-May-12
Kennedy, Jeanine Marie LVN 92997Remedial Education with Fine22-May-12
Kenney, Katrina Marie RN 572452Remedial Education with Fine24-May-12
Kieser, Shelia Diane RN 789581Revoked12-Jun-12
Klinkman, Nancy Jane RN 767834Remedial Education18-Jul-12
Kocurek, Brandon D. RN 705688 Voluntary Surrender1-May-12
Kopecky, Joanne Santillo RN 697353Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Laijas, Kimberly J. RN 621488 &
LVN 147384
Land, Sally Elizabeth RN 608436Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Landau, Wayne Harris RN 673303Limited License19-Jul-12
Landin, Ysabel RN 616990 &
LVN 131163
Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Lara, Robert Gomez LVN 64844Voluntary Surrender22-May-12
Lawrence, Gayla Renea LVN 157205Remedial Education with Fine10-Jul-12
Lee, Wayne Anthony RN 768406 Revoked12-Jun-12
Leflore, Trechelle Tranese LVN 214588Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Legalley, Corena Mae RN 583286 &
LVN 65142
Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Lehmann, Frances Elizabeth LVN 123784Revoked8-May-12
Lepine, Lisha Dianne RN 688859 Revoked19-Jul-12
Leslie, Sonya Elizabeth RN 662564Remedial Education with Fine17-Jul-12
Levisay, Kelly Cole LVN 194725Revoked8-May-12
Lewis, Marianne RN 531225Revoked12-Jun-12
Lindsey, Kristan Elane LVN 218239Voluntary Surrender1-Jun-12
Litunya, James RN 737682 &
LVN 191591
Lopez, Joely Danielle LVN 189384Voluntary Surrender16-May-12
Lortz, Janet RN 636729 &
LVN 126507
Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Loup, Karen Marie RN 247704Voluntary Surrender22-Jun-12
Love, Sarah Jane LVN 218612Remedial Education with Fine10-Jul-12
Loving, Ruby Annette RN 251433 &
LVN 84169
Voluntary Surrender26-Jun-12
Lowery, Jana Dale RN 595720 &
LVN 139508
Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Lucas, Patti M. RN 665308 &
LVN 106757
Maas, Elizabeth Ann RN 801515Voluntary Surrender14-May-12
MacInnes, Joanne Marie RN 686011Remedial Education with Fine19-Jul-12
Magel, Vanessa June RN 242028Remedial Education with Fine24-Jul-12
Maldonado, James Nicolas LVN 219410Revoked12-Jun-12
Maloney-Hardee, Florence Joann LVN 186225Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Maloy, Dena Marie LVN 233839Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-12
Maristela, Alfon C. RN 621019Revoked12-Jun-12
Martin, Sally Jo LVN 145498Suspend/Probate7-May-12
Martin, Sue RN 225679Voluntary Surrender27-Jul-12
Martinez, Mark Anthony LVN 134002Suspend/Probate19-Jul-12
Masterson, Barbara Jean RN 465229Voluntary Surrender5-Jun-12
Mathes, Michelle Diane RN 628979 Enforced Suspension7-May-12
McAfee, Edgar RN 647440Voluntary Surrender29-Jun-12
McBride, Julie Ann RN 762967Revoked8-May-12
McCarthy, Jennifer Kay LVN 207621Remedial Education with Fine26-Jun-12
McClain, Verna Deann LVN 231365Revoked12-Jun-12
McDonald, Winona W. RN 649281Revoked8-May-12
McFarland, Brenda RN 656792Voluntary Surrender31-Jul-12
McIntosh, Ann Marie RN 786221Voluntary Surrender12-Jul-12
McKelvey, Martha Louise RN 228953Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
McKinnon, Kathleen R. LVN 114494Remedial Education with Fine22-May-12
McKusker, Susan Lynn RN 559052Revoked12-Jun-12
McMullen, Lou Ellen RN 244754Voluntary Surrender29-Jun-12
Mellieon, Janell Haywood LVN 36223Voluntary Surrender27-Jun-12
Messick, Gary L. RN 252897Enforced Suspension19-Jul-12
Mikles, Kyle Jacob RN 725605Revoked19-Jul-12
Miller, Alissa Ann RN 769828Remedial Education26-Jun-12
Miller, Christi Jeannine LVN 167062Remedial Education with Fine14-Jun-12
Miller, Pamela Rae RN 779550Revoked12-Jun-12
Million, Amber Marie LVN 181712Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Mills, Donna G. LVN 206729Revoked8-May-12
Moman, Judy Ann LVN 98474Revoked19-Jul-12
Monroe, Debbie Ann LVN 135715Voluntary Surrender21-Jun-12
Montemayor, Michele Marie LVN 179844Remedial Education with Fine23-Jul-12
Montemayor, Jr., Vicente LVN 221569Voluntary Surrender21-Jun-12
Moore, Christie Brook RN 702828Reprimand with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Mordecai, Karmel A. WHNP & RN 512970Remedial Education24-May-12
Morgan, Rebecca Kay LVN 46911Voluntary Surrender29-May-12
Morris, Brooke Lea LVN 216971Suspend/Probate19-Jul-12
Morris, Rita Fay LVN 128112Voluntary Surrender31-May-12
Mossman-Bonnette, Amanda Jain RN 682403Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Motley, Ryan Brent LVN 207329Voluntary Surrender8-May-12
Mumah, Derrick LVN 225830Remedial Education25-Jul-12
Munday, Aimee Michele LVN 215004Revoked19-Jul-12
Munoz, Luis Esteban RN 666083Reprimand with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Musgrave, Kristopher J. RN 757684 Remedial Education12-Jul-12
Musoke, Grace Nandawula RN 620551Remedial Education with Fine22-May-12
Myers, Barbara Ann LVN 144041Voluntary Surrender25-May-12
Myzell, Joan Marie LVN 84430Remedial Education27-Jun-12
Navarro, Dolores LVN 130238Voluntary Surrender7-May-12
Nesloney, Susan K. LVN 168521Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
New, Tana Lynn LVN 183712Remedial Education with Fine2-Jul-12
Nicholson, Roni Jane LVN 133328Revoked8-May-12
Nino, Rico RN 691992 &
LVN 161143
Remedial Education with Fine29-Jun-12
Nivens, Janice Louise LVN 176348Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Njoroge, Penninah Murugi LVN 193513Remedial Education with Fine10-Jul-12
Nusz, Herman Henry RN 603070Warning with Stipulations, Deferred19-Jul-12
Oakley, Windel RN 648969Revoked12-Jun-12
Ofor, Lilian Chinwe RN 568297Remedial Education with Fine8-Jun-12
O'Grady, Katrina Marie RN 733108Enforced Suspension12-Jun-12
Olmeda, Maria Guadalupe RN 601739Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Olveda, Olga Patricia RN 555643Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Ontiveros, Crystal Angelina RN 729379 &
LVN 193698
Remedial Education20-Jun-12
Osborne, Patricia K. LVN 195469Remedial Education with Fine8-Jun-12
O'Sullivan, Merita Gay CNM & RN 559161Remedial Education with Fine11-Jun-12
Outland, Shannon Dawn RN 666309 &
LVN 157839
Remedial Education with Fine16-Jul-12
Owen, Kimberly Ann LVN 204507Remedial Education11-Jul-12
Padilla, Kelly Marie LVN 184258Revoked12-Jun-12
Palacios, Hamid Kuri LVN 157007Suspend/Probate7-May-12
Palmer, Bethany Lynn RN 558524 &
LVN 125445
Voluntary Surrender8-May-12
Palmer, Kristen Lanell RN 617644Revoked8-May-12
Parker, Barry David RN 568856Revoked8-May-12
Partin, Christine M. LVN 220406Voluntary Surrender18-Jul-12
Patrick, Mickie Michelle LVN 179788Suspend/Probate19-Jul-12
Pavlik, Rimma RN 668736Remedial Education29-Jun-12
Peehl, Tracy Helen RN 775894Voluntary Surrender20-Jul-12
Pennington, Cheryl J. RN 509752Remedial Education with Fine24-Jul-12
Pereira, James Bernard RN 749200 &
LVN 202043
Limited License19-Jul-12
Perez, Dusti Lynne LVN 201900Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Phillippi, Lacresha Denise RN 679829Voluntary Surrender8-Jun-12
Pittman, Brittani Micole LVN 218631Reprimand with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Plack, Gay Ellen RN 524332Voluntary Surrender25-May-12
Pollreisz, Kendra Marae LVN 151849Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Polston, Hilary Paige RN 760962Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Ponse, Lucy Rebecca LVN 60631Voluntary Surrender17-May-12
Pryor, Tonya Suzanne LVN 181561Revoked12-Jun-12
Ramirez, Richard G. LVN 70332Enforced Suspension16-Jul-12
Ravichandran, Grace N. RN 591295Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Regan, Heather Shawn LVN 143330Voluntary Surrender14-May-12
Renfro, Jennifer Leah LVN 160518Revoked8-May-12
Reyna, Roberto RN 795894Revoked8-May-12
Reynolds, Penny Lynn LVN 94305Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Richards, Dana Rae LVN 214896Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Richey, Nicole Marie RN 759140Remedial Education with Fine3-May-12
Riendfliesch, Sharon Moore LVN 138785Revoked8-May-12
Rios, Melissa Ann RN 786629Voluntary Surrender5-Jun-12
Robbins, Cathy Colleen RN 553581Revoked8-May-12
Roberts, Amber RN 648991 Remedial Education with Fine31-Jul-12
Roberts, Marjorie Mary RN 536395 Enforced Suspension12-Jun-12
Robinson, Gina Derr LVN 73781Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Robinson, Gina Derr LVN 73781Voluntary Surrender31-May-12
Robinson, Marsha E. Ramsay RN 433498 Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Rogers, Faye Elois RN 806086Remedial Education17-Jul-12
Rohloff, Daresa Dee Ann LVN 137428Revoked8-May-12
Romosz, Nicole Josette LVN 206058Voluntary Surrender5-Jun-12
Rosendahl, Diane Marie RN 550846Remedial Education12-Jul-12
Rude, Diane Sue RN 591341Revoked8-May-12
Russell, Angela Marie LVN 188690Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Rust, James M. RN 506000 Voluntary Surrender20-Jul-12
Ruyle, Christopher Thomas RN 711188Revoked8-May-12
Rynkewitz, Tracie LVN 141870Remedial Education with Fine3-May-12
Saiz, Leighana Celeste LVN 214901Revoked12-Jun-12
Salazar, Patricia Anne RN 533245Revoked19-Jul-12
Saleh, Ayoub Mirghani RN 575195Voluntary Surrender3-Jul-12
Salinas, Rachel LVN 131229Revoked8-May-12
Sandolph, Iris LVN 194665Remedial Education, Deferred29-May-12
Santarina, Luther Villanueva RN 762738Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Scarberry, Christopher Warren LVN 200764Revoked12-Jun-12
Schexnider, Rhonda Jean RN 605633Revoked19-Jul-12
Selman, Shanna Hicks RN 670931Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Serna, Jr., Ruben LVN 184974Remedial Education with Fine23-Jul-12
Shadden, Emilie E. LVN 101978Voluntary Surrender31-May-12
Sharp, Shelly Leanne LVN 197233Reprimand with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Shaw, Chancey Del LVN 189419Revoked8-May-12
Shaw, Cynthia RN 256941Suspend/Probate7-May-12
Shaw, Vanessa D. LVN 76642Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Shawhan, Karen Lee RN 433949Revoked8-May-12
Shepherd, Sharon Vanice RN 655360Remedial Education with Fine4-May-12
Sherrer, Bea J. LVN 219437Revoked8-May-12
Sierra, Jean L. RN 715558Suspend/Probate7-May-12
Sigala, Robert David LVN 224749Reprimand with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Simcox, Joseph Todd LVN 129847Enforced Suspension12-Jun-12
Sims, W. Bryan FNP & RN 654535Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Sloan, Michelle Lynn LVN 195270Voluntary Surrender9-May-12
Smith, Amy Jo RN 686492 Remedial Education with Fine23-May-12
Smith, Cynthia Gail RN 661556 &
LVN 144190
Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Smith, Kimberly Michelle RN 678149 &
LVN 173803
Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Smith, Thomas Dunleavy RN 742341Enforced Suspension19-Jul-12
Smith, Vickie Diane (Secary) RN 509256Revoked12-Jun-12
Smith-White, Regina Chrissundra RN 751925Revoked8-May-12
Sosa, Jessica LVN 198756Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Spencer, Jennifer Kay RN 753554 &
LVN 162294
Spikes, Donna B. RN 625720 &
LVN 73574
Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Spires, Jamie Ann LVN 225846Voluntary Surrender31-May-12
St. Clair, Donna Marie LVN 190772Revoked12-Jun-12
Standley, Katrina Chevon LVN 223477Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Stanley, David Morgan RN 646211 &
LVN 134282
Voluntary Surrender10-May-12
Steen, Angela RN 666120Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Stephens, Michelle Jayne RN 747876 &
LVN 177989
Remedial Education25-Jun-12
Stillwell, Bryan Ashley RN 753353Voluntary Surrender20-Jun-12
Stone, Debbie L. RN 560285Remedial Education with Fine16-Jul-12
Strader, Belinda RN 642768 Reprimand with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Taiwo, Maureen Tetsomaabeji RN 782550 &
LVN 207578
Voluntary Surrender29-May-12
Tamayo, Frances C. G. RN 222918Remedial Education with Fine5-Jun-12
Tarpley, Sheri Faye RN 564451Voluntary Surrender12-Jul-12
Taylor, Barbara E. RN 517276Voluntary Surrender6-Jun-12
Teague, Kristy Michele LVN 171536Remedial Education5-Jul-12
Tears, Cynthia Jane RN 633984Voluntary Surrender27-Jun-12
Thomas, Jennifer Mary RN 568652 &
LVN 98216
Enforced Suspension19-Jul-12
Thomas, Kunjamma K. T. RN 433254Voluntary Surrender1-May-12
Thompson, Kimberly D. RN 620451Voluntary Surrender26-Jul-12
Thompson, Pamela Sue RN 573894Warning with Stipulations7-May-12
Ticzon, Elvira Martel RN 702947 Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Tijerina, Roxan D. LVN 177118Suspend/Probate19-Jul-12
Tillison, Linda M. LVN 71460Voluntary Surrender27-Jun-12
Timbs, Derek Jason FNP Rx Authority 6282Voluntary Surrender7-May-12
Timbs, Derek Jason FNP & RN 669983Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Tipton, Gloria Jean LVN 143251Revoked12-Jun-12
Tonarelli, Cathy Marie RN 542253Limited License12-Jun-12
Traylor, Ollie Allen LVN 62879Revoked19-Jul-12
Treadaway, Patti L. RN 722962Revoked12-Jun-12
Tryon, Tuala Denise LVN 183613Remedial Education with Fine29-Jun-12
Turnbow, Melody Lynn RN 732500 &
LVN 135914
Reprimand with Stipulations7-May-12
Turner, Kendra Allison RN 699547Revoked12-Jun-12
Turner, Shauna Joy LVN 159940Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Tutor, Barbara Joann LVN 209530Voluntary Surrender21-Jun-12
Tyre, III, Daniel Littleton LVN 170095Revoked14-Feb-12
Underwood, Garry Dean RN 584884Voluntary Surrender27-Jul-12
Usrey, Tammy L. RN 510380Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Valdez, III, Valentin LVN 157312Voluntary Surrender7-May-12
Vannoy, William Ray LVN 192702Remedial Education with Fine2-May-12
Vasquez, Leo RN 534973Revoked19-Jul-12
Vaughn, Rhonda Denise LVN 169722Voluntary Surrender29-Jun-12
Vella, Janet Schaefer RN 568501Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Verma, Pyare Lal RN 444239Reprimand with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Villarreal, Deanna LVN 205758Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Vincent, David B. RN 628957Enforced Suspension19-Jul-12
Wake, Betty Louise LVN 128473Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Wallace, Phyllis Marie CRNA, RN 561885
Washington, Shawn Megail LVN 173931Remedial Education with Fine14-May-12
Watson, Charolette Elaine LVN 80768Voluntary Surrender29-May-12
Waugh, Charles Austin RN 719411 &
LVN 196870
Weeks, Jon C. RN 626720 &
LVN 153411
Reprimand with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Wehtje, Nathan Scott RN 777409Remedial Education8-Jun-12
White, B. Jeanette RN 614308Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Whitlock, Norma Jean LVN 142443Revoked12-Jun-12
Wickware, Tasheina R. LVN 215405Enforced Suspension12-Jun-12
Wilburn-Brannon, Mary Katherine RN 749361 &
LVN 204396
Wiley-Everly, Sundra Kaye RN 731830Revoked8-May-12
Wilkerson, Tangalon Shugail RN 713716Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Willerton, Sharon FNP & RN 518598Reprimand with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Williams, Alicia G. RN 617111Voluntary Surrender9-May-12
Williams, Donna Susan RN 557059Remedial Education with Fine13-Jun-12
Williams, Leigh RN 638109Voluntary Surrender11-Jun-12
Williams, Phyllis Marie RN 591938 &
LVN 61232
Remedial Education6-Jul-12
Williams, Teresa Ann RN 762553 &
LVN 172996
Williams, III, Charles Wesley LVN 192900Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Williamson, Amanda Leigh LVN 183751Warning with Stipulations19-Jul-12
Willis, Janice Lorraine FNP & FNP Rx Authority 9871Voluntary Surrender7-May-12
Willis, Janice Lorraine RN 520246Suspend/Probate7-May-12
Wilson, April Dawn RN 658172 Remedial Education with Fine15-May-12
Wilson, Jennifer Lynd RN 612255Voluntary Surrender31-May-12
Winkles, Laura L. LVN 135258Voluntary Surrender7-May-12
Wiseman, Harry Cecil RN 646767Warning with Stipulations20-Jul-12
Woodside, Summer Ann RN 673233Revoked8-May-12
Wooten, Cynthia Kaye LVN 142034Remedial Education with Fine31-Jul-12
Workey, Alice Mawuenyo RN 656312 Warning with Stipulations12-Jun-12
Wright, Rachel Nanette LVN 181467Suspend/Probate12-Jun-12
Yoder, Sheila Joan RN 602424Remedial Education25-Jun-12
Young, Narva J. Miles RN 230422 &
LVN 33839
Zelaya, Mayra L. RN 732546Suspend/Probate20-Jul-12