The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abdellaoui, Marcy ReneeLVN 335317Remedial Education04/01/2022
Abraham, Rina RN 810012Revoked03/08/2022
Achife, Chinyere KenechiRN 839445Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Agbaje, Olabisi OluseunAP135050, RX 24120 & RN 929591Reprimand with Stipulations04/21/2022
Ainsworth, Kristin RN 931741Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Akins, Mercedes LeannRN 1029516 & LVN 341237Warning with Stipulations and Fine02/08/2022
Alkire, Janet ElizaLVN 196136Revoked02/08/2022
Almeida, Obdulia LVN 201381Warning with Stipulations and Fine03/08/2022
Alvarado, Jennifer AnnLVN 211415Enforced Suspension02/08/2022
Anyasi, Jr., Jonny JerryRN 886442Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Armstead, Ronesha DevonLVN 308316Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Arredondo, David RN 861090Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Arthurs, Colleen EnidRN 666460Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine02/08/2022
Atkinson, Saul RN 750892 & LVN 202080Probated Suspension04/21/2022
Augustus, Megan VictoriaAP140408 & RN 779095Remedial Education03/03/2022
Aycock, Matthew ClarkeRN 825850Revoked02/08/2022
Bailey, Lisa AnnRN 687214 & LVN 176379Warning with Stipulations and Fine04/21/2022
Barnett, Carol AnnLVN 312244Voluntary Surrender04/25/2022
Barnett, Remarose PardoLVN 305694Reprimand with Stipulations04/21/2022
Bell, Miranda NicoleLVN 308403Revoked02/08/2022
Bellard, Roni LeeLVN 306953Voluntary Surrender03/25/2022
Benavides, Jocelyn RamosRN 1082896 & LVN 339001Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Bence, Megan PTP AR RN R090913Probated Suspension02/08/2022
Berru, Crystal NicholeRN 836121Voluntary Surrender04/11/2022
Bivens, Rhonda GailRN 799794Enforced Suspension02/23/2022
Blair, Ashlie RN 642228Warning with Stipulations and Fine04/21/2022
Boggs, Lisa DeniseRN 989752Revoked03/08/2022
Bognot, Johnryan CanaveralLVN 350349Warning with Stipulations and Fine04/21/2022
Bolton, Tameka NarieLVN 310153Revoked02/08/2022
Boone, Nancy M.RN 625632 & LVN 126744Probated Suspension04/21/2022
Briggs, Craig WilliamRN 789191Remedial Education03/16/2022
Buck, Misty AnnLVN 306905Revoked03/08/2022
Byrd, Maisha LashelleLVN 330450Warning with Stipulations, Deferred04/21/2022
Cadenhead, Bridgett AnnRN 1020873Remedial Education02/10/2022
Caldbeck, Gloria J.RN 600582 & LVN 55528Reprimand with Stipulations03/08/2022
Callison, Debrah LeeLVN 68617Revoked03/08/2022
Camacho, Deborah AnnRN 680977 & LVN 152969Revoked04/21/2022
Campbell, Grace Gift ChuaRN 964266Remedial Education03/03/2022
Carabin, Aimee MarieRN 550668Remedial Education02/21/2022
Carr, Patricia KayLVN 208719Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine03/08/2022
Carver, Alishia LynnLVN 191233Revoked04/21/2022
Chavira, Shelly ReneeLVN 311485Revoked03/08/2022
Cherukara, Shaiby RN 628386Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Clements, Carrie DawnRN 869907Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine04/21/2022
Cline, Stacy K.RN 718535Remedial Education with Fine03/01/2022
Combs, Katelyn PTP AR LPN L060740Remedial Education04/28/2022
Compton, Joshua BrandonAP139706 & PTP NC RN 267789Enforced Suspension03/08/2022
Conway, Tramelious LashaeLVN 325974Warning with Stipulations and Fine04/21/2022
Cook, Brian HaroldRN 798194 & LVN 212324Revoked04/28/2022
Cozadd, Angela NicoleRN 709735Limited License04/21/2022
Crawford, James MarkAP107857 & RN 598093Reprimand with Stipulations04/21/2022
Daberkow, Mary ElizabethRN 815924Probated Suspension04/21/2022
Daniel, Diana ChristineAP145723, RX 34012 & RN 607478Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Degroat, Daniel JonathanLVN 213251Voluntary Surrender03/14/2022
Delarosa, Georgina InesRN 816753Revoked04/21/2022
Deming, Laura MariaAP104693, RX 4951 & RN 587712Remedial Education, Deferred02/22/2022
Dirickson, Amanda RN 944312 & LVN 302263Reprimand with Stipulations02/08/2022
Dozier, Jill S.RN 624800Enforced Suspension04/15/2022
Dukes, Jeanetta D.LVN 204048Reprimand with Stipulations03/08/2022
Duvio, Jody AlanRN 797986Probated Suspension03/08/2022
Edogun, Rosemary IvieRN 889461Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Edwards, Michelle MarieLVN 156635Revoked04/21/2022
Elijah, Edna EgoLVN 348162Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Emerson, Sharma DeneacePTP ND RN R40426Reprimand with Stipulations04/21/2022
Estrada, Flor DlizLVN 345493Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine02/08/2022
Fernandez, Antonio JoaquinLVN 323846Enforced Suspension03/29/2022
Fitzsimmons, Nicole RN 964816Revoked04/21/2022
Forbush, Timothy GeneLVN 303397Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine04/21/2022
Foster, Avian PaigeRN 815672Reprimand with Stipulations03/08/2022
Freeman, Danielle ReneLVN 324925Enforced Suspension04/21/2022
Fuller, Penni SueRN 961173Voluntary Surrender04/07/2022
Gallagher, James StevenLVN 220903Remedial Education with Fine04/01/2022
Gamanga, Tom AbdulRN 825188 & LVN 196877Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine02/08/2022
Garcia, Dianey MarieLVN 350920Enforced Suspension02/08/2022
George, Danielle ThereseAP119905 & RN 685126Probated Suspension04/21/2022
Gilbert, Donna AldithRN 956800Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Gillespie, Christie LeeRN 705912 & LVN 181539Remedial Education03/28/2022
Gilmore, Brianne MichelleLVN 346572Revoked03/08/2022
Gomez, Rosa EulaliaRN 578722Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Goodell, Christi LynRN 605478Probated Suspension02/08/2022
Gray, Jouvonna JeffersonAP127938, RX 17782, RN 722565 & LVN 195545Remedial Education02/10/2022
Gray, Vickie SueLVN 171752Remedial Education03/31/2022
Greer, Judith N.AP102203 & RN 543391Reprimand with Stipulations04/21/2022
Grice, Steven D.RN 616820 & LVN 135334Warning with Stipulations and Fine03/08/2022
Grose, Kimberly DenaeLVN 305823Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Guajardo, Rosemary LVN 195979Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Guillot, Deana S.RN 518468Voluntary Surrender04/13/2022
Gutierrez, Gerardo L.RN 643158 & LVN 160854Remedial Education02/10/2022
Hamilton, Shawntea LVN 351238Revoked03/08/2022
Hannah, Andrew RN 974509Reprimand with Stipulations03/08/2022
Hannah, Emily RoseRN 1041495Enforced Suspension03/31/2022
Harrison, Ericka ChanelRN 713061Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Hayes, Kristin ChamberlainRN 661426Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Haynes, Wade LVN 231301Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine02/08/2022
Hays, Robert J.RN 875087Remedial Education02/08/2022
Hebert, Holly LynnRN 860187Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Henderson, Gregory AndreRN 694120Enforced Suspension04/21/2022
Hensley, Kyla SheaRN 769891Enforced Suspension04/21/2022
Hernandez, Evelyn LilibethRN 990707Warning with Stipulations, Deferred04/21/2022
Hernandez, Jose RN 656787Enforced Suspension02/09/2022
Hernandez, Laura ArielRN 860980Remedial Education04/01/2022
Hill, Karen E. HillsRN 231349Revoked03/08/2022
Himes, Cheryl AnnLVN 328766Remedial Education04/12/2022
Howard, Beverly JaneAP107033, RX 1043 & RN 257849Remedial Education with Fine03/11/2022
Hudak, Maya KatherineRN 951015Remedial Education, Deferred04/12/2022
Hudson, Sierra ElizabethLVN 313654Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Humphrey, Kris AnnAP119706, RX 10851 & RN 523062Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Humphries, Lavern WashingtonRN 836362 & LVN 214635Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Hurst, Carrie A.LVN 194237Remedial Education03/18/2022
Jackson, Michelle EbongAP141208 & RN 814089Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Jenkins, Melanie ElaineRN 979946Remedial Education, Deferred02/16/2022
Jennings, Jennifer RN 916353Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Jimenez, Jorge LuisLVN 308712Enforced Suspension06/21/2021
Johnson, Brandy RN 758292Voluntary Surrender04/01/2022
Johnson, George MitchelLVN 208162Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Jordan, Allison GraceLVN 343998Revoked02/08/2022
Kennedy, Toni MarieRN 743613Voluntary Surrender03/18/2022
Khaled, Noor RN 858947 & LVN 317653Voluntary Surrender02/23/2022
King, Dana PTP  AR LPN L036291Revoked03/08/2022
King, Shanteah NicholeRN 706817Enforced Suspension04/21/2022
King, Terry LynRN 627686Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Kiser, John RobertLVN 183030Warning with Stipulations and Fine02/08/2022
Kleinjan, Cheryl AnnAP114148 & RN 679428Warning with Stipulations and Fine02/08/2022
Lehmann, Rory J.RN 805082Revoked04/21/2022
Levine, Brenda AnnLVN 185780Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Lewie, Erin PaigeRN 898813Voluntary Surrender04/27/2022
Li, Jinli RN 973367Warning with Stipulations, Deferred03/08/2022
Lilly, Markeyta TreniceLVN 234100Revoked04/21/2022
Lin, Hubert LVN 333648Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Lopez, Daniel LVN 193344Revoked02/08/2022
Luster, Tunyesse MarieLVN 211099Reprimand with Fine03/08/2022
Maas, Freida RuthRN 583399 & LVN 70935Enforced Suspension02/21/2022
Mahaffey, Virginia MaeLVN 214479Reprimand with Stipulations03/08/2022
Malone, Krystal KeonaLVN 340788Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Martinez, Abel RN 693872Remedial Education, Deferred02/08/2022
Martinez, Alejandro RN 790855Revoked04/21/2022
Martinez, Guadalupe LindaRN 949089 & LVN 323133Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Mawson, Bridget LynnRN 610976Reprimand with Stipulations02/08/2022
McCorkle, Mary NicoleRN 931996Revoked03/08/2022
Meeks, Mikah AlesiaRN 696886Probated Suspension03/08/2022
Meza, Savannah RaeLVN 225279Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Miller, Dawn LynnRN 762239 & LVN 201832Reprimand with Stipulations04/21/2022
Miller, Laura DianeLVN 193130Warning with Stipulations and Fine03/08/2022
Miller, Michelle RN 763456Probated Suspension04/21/2022
Ming, Egbert LouisAP115816 & RN 739785Voluntary Surrender02/23/2022
Montague, Michelle AnnRN 910105Revoked02/08/2022
Moore, Stephanie MarieRN 865533Revoked02/08/2022
Moreno, Karen AnneRN 689424Voluntary Surrender03/29/2022
Mote, Kenda ResheaLVN 1028718Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Mourad, Sara ElizabethLVN 112570Reprimand with Stipulations04/21/2022
Nelson, Alaysia KasineRN 1044108Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Nettles, Natalie KibodeauxRN 671659Reprimand with Stipulations04/21/2022
Nguh, Jonas PTP MD RN R159734Reprimand with Fine04/21/2022
Nichols, Vicky LynnLVN 207133Revoked02/08/2022
Nicholson, Danielle J.LVN 206832Voluntary Surrender02/23/2022
Nicholson, Shana RN 744012Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Nixon, Madella R.LVN 337450Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Norton, Kerri DawnRN 690020Enforced Suspension03/03/2022
Norwood, Laticia NicholRN 851821 & LVN 301337Voluntary Surrender04/28/2022
Odigie, Anthony UgiagbeLVN 152334Probated Suspension03/08/2022
Ojerinde, Oluwafunke PatriciaLVN 338242Reprimand with Stipulations04/21/2022
Ondo, Florence RodeLVN 349879Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine04/21/2022
Ontiti, Gladys MoraaRN 942514Reprimand with Stipulations02/08/2022
Parsons, Karla KatrinaLVN 159387Remedial Education02/08/2022
Patteson, Joyce LynnRN 588916 & LVN 90769Voluntary Surrender04/01/2022
Pena, Belinda LVN 340448Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Prentice, Oria MichelleLVN 227265Revoked01/11/2022
Ramos-Suarez, Marie LyndaRN 890900Probated Suspension04/21/2022
Reyna, Gloria EstherLVN 353391Remedial Education04/28/2022
Rich, Joyce MishelleRN 644049Revoked02/08/2022
Roberson, Monica ShawntaeLVN 351600Remedial Education with Fine02/16/2022
Roberts, Shuntreal LVN 328123Warning with Stipulations and Fine04/21/2022
Robins, Kelly VenellLVN 181611Voluntary Surrender02/14/2022
Rodriguez, Alexander AlbertoLVN 1018451Revoked02/08/2022
Rogness, Lori DianeRN 584281Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Rosas, Guadalupe AP138683, RX 27495 & RN 784662Warning with Stipulations and Fine04/21/2022
Rosenfield, Megan ReneeRN 831720Warning with Stipulations, Deferred02/08/2022
Russell, Karen RN 630104Revoked03/08/2022
Samba, Deborah MarieRN 716899Voluntary Surrender02/18/2022
Santana, Manuel RN 815583Revoked04/21/2022
Sarza, Jeremy Kim SajoniaRN 717872Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Saucedo, Eric ArturoLVN 301516Remedial Education03/08/2022
Sauke, Kimberly A.RN 522639Limited License03/08/2022
Scurry, Kimberly R.RN 645949Revoked07/28/2021
Session, Jennifer DevonneLVN 300672Reprimand with Stipulations02/08/2022
Shannon, Sonja OnieceAP120629, RX 11553 & RN 694423Remedial Education with Fine04/21/2022
Sharma, Deepak RN 909461Warning with Stipulations, Deferred02/08/2022
Simba, Mellen KemumaLVN 301567Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Simmons, Natasha DemonAP115666, RX 7518 & RN 635298Remedial Education, Deferred02/11/2022
Smith, Loraine EvangelynnRN 704201Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Smith, Margaret JanAP116373 & RN 687363Enforced Suspension04/05/2022
Smith, Margaret MolinarLVN 205824Remedial Education with Fine03/01/2022
Smith, Ricky DewayneRN 917542Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine02/08/2022
Sneed, James LarryRN 584587Reprimand with Stipulations03/08/2022
Solis, Lily RN 743439Warning with Stipulations03/08/2022
Soriano, Jerico FernandezRN 987639Probated Suspension04/21/2022
Spadaro, Tania LizLVN 334359Warning with Stipulations and Fine03/08/2022
Stevens, Brenna AnnRN 854151Probated Suspension03/08/2022
Stone, Christina ReneeLVN 210906Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Stuart, Aaron NathanielRN 974907Reprimand with Stipulations02/08/2022
Sybert, Lora JeanRN 568984Remedial Education02/23/2022
Talbert, Andrea NicoleRN 960311 & LVN 231078Reprimand with Stipulations03/08/2022
Thomas, Russell EugeneRN 953432Revoked03/08/2022
Thomas, Tami NicoleLVN 330251Warning with Stipulations and Fine03/08/2022
Thornton, Bradley NelsonRN 609012Warning with Stipulations, Deferred03/08/2022
Tobin, Elena GraceRN 909506Remedial Education with Fine02/22/2022
Tosco, Dayana RN 909478Warning with Stipulations and Fine02/08/2022
Towne, Kimberley K.AP112240 & RN 591457Voluntary Surrender04/05/2022
Trevino, Gessica ClariceRN 908361Warning with Stipulations, Deferred02/08/2022
Valdez, Christopher AmosLVN 341181Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Vazquez, Jose AntonioLVN 227861Enforced Suspension02/15/2022
Veasey, Ericka LVN 305558Voluntary Surrender02/09/2022
Vela, Marco AntonioAP115195 & RN 584908Enforced Suspension04/29/2022
Vo, Yen ThiRN 757749Revoked04/21/2022
Ware, Lajarius RN 867227Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Westcott, Gladys MarieLVN 51575Revoked03/08/2022
Wheeldon, Lynn AnnRN 662469Warning with Stipulations04/21/2022
Wiggins, Shana LeaRN 725656Warning with Stipulations02/08/2022
Williams, Wendy ReneaLVN 302528Revoked03/08/2022
Wolfe, Joann PhillipsRN 585142 & LVN 134391Voluntary Surrender03/31/2022
Worrell, Jeffery LynnRN 463732Voluntary Surrender02/22/2022
Wright, Gary TroyAP1034904Voluntary Surrender04/11/2022

Abbreviations in the Notice of Disciplinary Action Section

PTP Privilege to Practice in Texas, also known as Nurse Licensure Compact Privilege, associated with the indicated state and license. States are abbreviated using the official two letter state abbreviations of the United States Postal System.

RX -- Prescription Authorization