The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abbott, Cassy Leona PTP AR RN R104858Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
Acosta, Connie Sue RN 572054 & LVN 130161Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
Albrecht, Sarah Nell RN 948882Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/23/2021
Aldape, Rosie Elena RN 872209 & LVN 206560Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Ames, Kelly Elizabeth RN 919578Revoked4/22/2021
Andersen, Anne  RN 743104Enforced Suspension3/23/2021
Argyle, Robin Lynn AP128700, RX 18448, RN 795288 & LVN 129139Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Arledge, Joseph Buck RN 840515Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
Atkins, Andrea Denise LVN 140781Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Austin, Eletha Lashone LVN 198828Enforced Suspension4/22/2021
Balderrama, April Elizabeth RN 665916 & LVN 132889Remedial Education3/8/2021
Balli, Candace A. LVN 309094Remedial Education4/14/2021
Baltazar, Sonia  LVN 132576Probated Suspension4/22/2021
Bentley, Brandi Elaine LVN 183430Enforced Suspension3/1/2021
Bernardy, Mary Ellen RN 559548Revoked4/22/2021
Berry, Melissa Fennell RN 581517Revoked3/23/2021
Bigony, Lauren Elizabeth RN 852374Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/22/2021
Black, Melissa Nicole RN 780946Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Bogle, Michelle Lee LVN 182547Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Bolin, Leah Gwen LVN 190156Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Briseno, Barbara Jane RN 736105Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/22/2021
Brummer, Lindsey Taylor RN 892534Remedial Education3/17/2021
Bryant, Leigh Ann RN 581865Revoked4/22/2021
Buchanan, Victoria Bea LVN 321772Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Buckner, Dirk Jacob RN 860442Reprimand with Stipulations2/9/2021
Capuchino, Donnie Marie Lapuebla RN 935484Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Carrithers, Deborah Rachel RN 510041Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Chandler, Synthia Smith RN 555742 & LVN 81279Revoked3/23/2021
Chua, Domingo Lobaton RN 592136Voluntary Surrender2/9/2021
Clabaugh, Kayla Janae LVN 172175Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/22/2021
Clemens, Kori Michelle RN 715431Voluntary Surrender3/23/2021
Collier, Lori Lynn LVN 152485Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Colston, Keva Natasha LVN 179184Revoked2/9/2021
Connors, Joseph Guptil RN 1037730 & LVN 153950Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Cox, Layne Wilson RN 662999Voluntary Surrender4/7/2021
Daut, Rebecca Diane LVN 186369Probated Suspension4/22/2021
Davidson, Kathleen  RN 849447Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Davis, Peggy  RN 644715 & LVN 108714Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Davis, Tessa Renee LVN 344684Reprimand with Stipulations2/9/2021
Davis, Whitney Lorianne LVN 314215Remedial Education2/26/2021
Diaz, Dianna  RN 849449Reprimand with Stipulations2/9/2021
Douglas, Sherry Turner RN 244766Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Dumas, Meesha Anne RN 791148 & LVN 206949Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Edwards, Claire Lazell RN 971599Remedial Education3/1/2021
Edwards, Sherrolynn  RN 567141 & PTP MS RN 723517Reprimand2/9/2021
Ellis, Kenneth Chad RN 913370Revoked3/23/2021
Elzein, Ahmad  RN 884748 & LVN 308460Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Evans, Kyle  RN 865486 & LVN 302576Enforced Suspension2/1/2021
Fanous, Concepcion Beltran RN 521535 & LVN 101794Remedial Education4/6/2021
Farmer-Guerra, Anthoney Teague RN 923711Enforced Suspension3/31/2021
Farrar, Amanda Joan Marie RN 908238Enforced Suspension4/23/2021
Feizi Lighvan, Mohammadreza  RN 847746Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Ferguson, Cynthia Douglas RN 719951Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Finch, Courtney  RN 655750 & LVN 158829Probated Suspension2/9/2021
Fischer, Aaron Christopher RN 917863Voluntary Surrender4/27/2021
Fischer, Darlene Ann RN 580326Voluntary Surrender4/27/2021
Fischer, Michele Lynn RN 593764Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Floyd, Ira Shane RN 970597Enforced Suspension4/13/2021
Foster, Laurie Beth RN 571826Revoked3/23/2021
Fraga, Jean Bailey RN 526763 & LVN 102351Voluntary Surrender3/1/2021
Funez, Taggon Marie LVN 319560Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
Garay, Sandra Lorena RN 817152Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
Garlington, Melanie Elizabeth RN 703636Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/23/2021
Garney, Patricia Anne LVN 194966Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/9/2021
Garza, Jennifer Ann AP108161, RX 26200 & RN 551311Enforced Suspension4/13/2021
Gonzalez, Ricardo  LVN 310599Probated Suspension3/23/2021
Gordon, Candice Jamel RN 710077Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Griffin, Natasha Tranice LVN 229504Probated Suspension3/23/2021
Griggs, Jacquelyn Chlo AP111921, RX 4815, RN 601019 & LVN 83013Enforced Suspension4/22/2021
Gubernath, Krystel Marie LVN 349980Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/23/2021
Gutierrez, Alexia  RN 940702Remedial Education2/9/2021
Hale, Dorothy Laverne RN 448067Reprimand with Stipulations2/9/2021
Harder, Alicia Lynn RN 774230Probated Suspension2/9/2021
Harris, Gwendolyn S. RN 618190 & LVN 148523Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Harris, Yolanda Annette RN 563466Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Hatch, Chelsie Elizabeth RN 940396Remedial Education4/7/2021
Hawkins, Jason Thomas LVN 305400Voluntary Surrender2/8/2021
Haynes, Susan Camille AP107919, RX 1756 & RN 570847Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Henson, Michelle Lynne RN 926017Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/9/2021
Hernandez, Maria Guadalupe LVN 328214Enforced Suspension3/23/2021
Hernandez, Nestor Alejandro RN 701960Remedial Education2/9/2021
Herrera, Victor  RN 944303Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/23/2021
Hitt, Dlana Michelle AP124794, RX 15113 & RN 678156Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Huffman, Shelby Mcfee LVN 345576Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine2/9/2021
Hughes, Bridget Yvette RN 595228Enforced Suspension3/16/2021
Hughes, Bridget Yvette AP109171 & RX 2735Voluntary Surrender3/16/2021
Hwang, Hyesook  RN 747485Revoked2/9/2021
Hyde, Molly Gene RN 821971 & LVN 167790Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Jackson, Tracie Denise LVN 170618Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/23/2021
James, Alicia Victoria RN 876343 & LVN 234005Revoked2/9/2021
James, Callen Moraa LVN 340075Voluntary Surrender3/22/2021
Jarmon, Kisa Lashon LVN 331588Reprimand with Stipulations2/9/2021
Jenkins, Angela Lanell LVN 140263Remedial Education4/28/2021
Jeschke, Shaun Paul RN 681346Remedial Education, Deferred2/26/2021
Jewett, Teresa Dichell-Martin LVN 300933Revoked3/23/2021
Johnson, Brandy  RN 758292Enforced Suspension4/22/2021
Johnson, Cathy Leah RN 564372 & LVN 113176Probated Suspension4/22/2021
Johnson, Kerrie  LVN 304097Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Johnson, Lisa Legenia RN 743292Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Johnston, Stoni Lee AP132208, RX 21576 & RN 877514Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/22/2021
Jones, Autumn Leigh LVN 345160Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Juarez, Michelle Leigh RN 644415Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/23/2021
Keeth, Lori Michelle RN 818274Voluntary Surrender2/22/2021
King, Heather Ann RN 781055 & LVN 201646Revoked3/23/2021
King, Revin Hunter RN 937931Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Kling, Tiffany Grace LVN 309965Revoked4/22/2021
Kloyda, Debra Jean RN 931722Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Knara, Karen Jean RN 647784Remedial Education with Fine2/25/2021
Kobuszewski, Bodahn Joseph RN 745430Voluntary Surrender3/21/2021
Krodell, Dianna  RN 655991 & LVN 145516Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Kunz, Sara Jane RN 797035Probated Suspension2/9/2021
Landers, Cinda Dianne RN 680558Voluntary Surrender2/7/2021
Lara, Sandra C. RN 616887Revoked3/23/2021
Laughlin, Stephanie  LVN 336964Revoked4/22/2021
Lemon, Matthew Michael LVN 179301Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine4/22/2021
Levrie, Samantha Ann RN 852781 & LVN 233820Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Linden, Katherine Lois RN 802962Enforced Suspension3/29/2021
Loehr, Sherry Ann LVN 313585Revoked2/9/2021
Lomax, Jamie Larae LVN 305957Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/9/2021
Lovell, Brittney Nicole RN 913429Voluntary Surrender3/29/2021
Lujan, Judy Catheline RN 807545Voluntary Surrender4/20/2021
Mabhena, Silindisiwe  RN 979071 & LVN 227991Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Macauley, Angela Josephine RN 720012Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
Maldonado, Elizabeth C. LVN 327726Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Mamwacha, Kevin Onchoke LVN 346114Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
Marabella, Katie  RN 952747Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/9/2021
Marbach, Wendy Gay LVN 97560Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/9/2021
Massaro, Marilyn Rachelle RN 857811Enforced Suspension4/15/2021
Matara, Druscilla Kwamboka LVN 333449Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/22/2021
Mba, Racheal Mbayi RN 905780Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
McCaughan, Sue Michelle LVN 180893Probated Suspension4/22/2021
McCoy, Haley Danielle RN 891526Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
McFarland, Megan Linn RN 775902Revoked2/9/2021
McGinty, Icess Dominique LVN 351451Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
McGuire, Tracy Deann RN 661515Revoked2/9/2021
McKnight, Linda D. AP109764, RX 3183 & RN 589485Reprimand3/23/2021
Mesker, Brandi Michelle LVN 199833Revoked2/19/2014
Miller, Hollye Lynn RN 717497Revoked2/9/2021
Miller, Veronica  LVN 222969Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Mills, Amy  RN 811917Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/9/2021
Mitchell, Karen  AP122109, RX 12760 & RN 620238Remedial Education with Fine4/1/2021
Moeller, Kellie A. AP103249, RX 14497 & RN 508927Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Monk, Chelsi Nuchelle LVN 323451Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Moon, Alanna Marie RN 706870 & LVN 189791Enforced Suspension3/8/2021
Morin, Deon  RN 853695Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Nation, Lindsey Lauren LVN 224460Limited License3/23/2021
Nelon, Douglas Gene RN 607731Voluntary Surrender4/9/2021
Nwawueze, Francis Nnawugo RN 650474 & LVN 167095Revoked3/23/2021
Olivier, Bernadette Nicole AP113162, RX 5703 & RN 585226Probated Suspension2/9/2021
Onyeonwu, Ifeanyi Benjamin LVN 218706Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
Oparaochaekwe, Chiazom Ugoc RN 723538Revoked3/22/2021
Osorio, Juaquin  LVN 160991Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Otobo, Oudney Chukunalu LVN 207682Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Pabon, David Omar RN 843740Probated Suspension3/23/2021
Parker, Shari Lyn LVN 323549Enforced Suspension4/22/2021
Pavlosky, Brittany Rae RN 940433Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Perdue, Karen Roseanne RN 660177 & LVN 128157Probated Suspension4/22/2021
Pham, Linh T. RN 910044Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Phillips, Caleb Andrew RN 923438Voluntary Surrender3/25/2021
Pickard, Laurie Ann RN 980287Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Pickard, Mandy Lynn RN 705050Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Pierre, Wilfrid  LVN 336381Reprimand with Stipulations2/9/2021
Pitts, Stephanie Kay RN 745997Limited License2/9/2021
Prevost, Carl Wayne RN 241967Limited License3/23/2021
Provost, Angel Vonciel LVN 205245Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Rayvon, Haley Cecilia RN 701274Warning3/23/2021
Reyes-Harper, Perla  RN 658563Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Riddick, Avette Denise LVN 322080Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Roark, Brook Lynn RN 899105 & PTP MS RN 908037Enforced Suspension4/28/2021
Roman, Shelly Ann RN 688714Reprimand with Stipulations2/9/2021
Rosales, Robi Lynn LVN 203670Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Roth, Staci  RN 961198Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Rydin, Emily Rose RN 1006752 & LVN 1006752Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Saldana, Patricia Alvarez RN 578341Warning with Stipulations2/9/2021
Sansom, Samuel James LVN 191138Remedial Education4/22/2021
Schwartz, Erin Michelle RN 874165Limited License4/22/2021
Scoggins, Teresa Kay RN 574809Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Scott, Geneva Lajoy RN 894574Warning with Stipulations, Deferred2/9/2021
Scruggs, Chauncey Dante LVN 331604Remedial Education3/3/2021
Shelton, Amy Michelle LVN 200464Revoked3/23/2021
Sims, Shylo Reshaye RN 672213Voluntary Surrender2/2/2021
Smith, Christina Yvette AP137286 & RN 765894Reprimand with Stipulations2/9/2021
Smith, Kourtni Elyse RN 780613 & LVN 208464Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Starks, Sharon Elaine RN 890761 & LVN 196009Warning with Fine4/22/2021
Stevens, Brenna Ann RN 854151Probated Suspension2/8/2021
Suarez, Juana Maritza LVN 352965Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Thomas, Paul Alan RN 730075Revoked3/15/2019
Tow, Cindy Farrell RN 236013Warning with Stipulations4/22/2021
Ukaegbu, Mae  RN 964658 & LVN 198226Remedial Education3/4/2021
Vaughn, Carola Dee LVN 173542Revoked3/23/2021
Vega, Alesandra Nicole LVN 321985Remedial Education4/7/2021
Waldrop, Petra Andrea RN 601336 & LVN 143854Voluntary Surrender4/22/2021
Washington, Cory Bernard LVN 177155Remedial Education4/19/2021
Watkins, Lynnette Marie RN 690821Remedial Education4/21/2021
Waweru, Sylvia Njoki LVN 337461Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Webbcorbeil, Michelle D. RN 784614 & LVN 221302Warning with Stipulations, Deferred4/22/2021
Welch, Misty Michelle LVN 223160Remedial Education with Fine3/11/2021
Wertenberger, Susan  RN 253140Enforced Suspension4/22/2021
Wheatley, Susan Marie RN 785844Probated Suspension3/23/2021
Whitfield, Jr., Donavan Andrew RN 603295Reprimand with Stipulations3/23/2021
Wilbur, Cassi Lea RN 765862Probated Suspension4/22/2021
Williams, Crystal Villanueva LVN 229676Warning with Stipulations3/23/2021
Williams, Latricia Danielle RN 768652Probated Suspension4/22/2021
Willis, Sherri Lynn LVN 189159Voluntary Surrender3/25/2021
Wilmore, Terry Douglas RN 664853Reprimand with Stipulations4/22/2021
Wimberley, Linnzi Nicole RN 900328Voluntary Surrender3/26/2021
Wyatt, Angela Marie RN 762665 & LVN 192126Probated Suspension2/9/2021
Yengwia, Juliet Yayoh RN 921156Remedial Education, Deferred4/14/2021
Young, Cush Nicanor-Nhatu RN 888135 & LVN 315673Remedial Education3/29/2021

Abbreviations in the Notice of Disciplinary Action Section

PTP Privilege to Practice in Texas, also known as Nurse Licensure Compact Privilege, associated with the indicated state and license. States are abbreviated using the official two letter state abbreviations of the United States Postal System.

RX -- Prescription Authorization