The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Adams, Marinel Pitogo RN 888215Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Aguirre, Amy Lynn LVN 175816Enforced Suspension2/11/2020
Alabi, Sikirat Fummilola RN 739767 & LVN 188791Probated Suspension2/11/2020
Alaniz, Martin Ruiz RN 676510Voluntary Surrender4/22/2020
Alberter, Sydney Anne RN 922161 & LVN 315639Remedial Education4/29/2020
Alston, Danielle Lisa RN 838497Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Anaya, Ileana Edith LVN 335228Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020
Anderson, Derecia Remeiko RN 830013Revoked2/11/2020
Andrejczak, Gail  AP139428, RX 28211 & RN 640539Remedial Education with Fine3/11/2020
Andres, Stephen Manibog RN 622385Remedial Education, Deferred4/30/2020
Anya, Ogbeyalu Ifechiluru RN 911144Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/11/2020
Apodaca, Kaysha Marie RN 811200Remedial Education with Fine4/3/2020
Argyle, Robin Lynn AP128700, RX 18448, RN 795288 & LVN 129139Remedial Education2/4/2020
Ariwodo, Nancy Lewechi RN 832517Remedial Education with Fine4/21/2020
Arnold, Rebecca Ruth RN 726873Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Asher, Rebecca Gail RN 785685 & LVN 159773Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Ashworth, Andrew Michael RN 941091Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Austin, Kathy D. AP115505, RX 7410 & RN 548084Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Ball, Aaron Taylor RN 773474Probated Suspension2/11/2020
Ballard, Sandra Anne LVN 343655Remedial Education, Deferred4/21/2020
Bartolo, Michelle LVN 304887Revoked4/25/2019
Barton, Tami Jo AP138216, RX 27035, RN 774843 & LVN 175730Remedial Education2/24/2020
Baugh, Stephanie Lynn RN 807155 & LVN 211162Revoked4/23/2020
Bazan, Jose Jaime LVN 339103Revoked4/23/2020
Bedore, Brandie Kay Ann RN 788881Reprimand with Fine3/10/2020
Benson, Sherrie Ann RN 827320 & LVN 63642Reprimand with Stipulations2/11/2020
Blasdell, Valya L. RN 691501Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Borrego, Joshua  RN 830220Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Briseno, Krysta Nicolle RN 801876Enforced Suspension4/23/2020
Brown, Brittany Renae RN 956606Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Burnes, Sarah Louise RN 832665 & LVN 300754Probated Suspension3/10/2020
Burns, Amy  LVN 306716Probated Suspension3/10/2020
Byrd, Brittney Kay RN 812749Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Caito, Jessie Rebeccah RN 960091Limited License4/23/2020
Callison, Debrah Lee LVN 68617Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Cardenas, Cynthia Rae LVN 336386Remedial Education with Fine2/6/2020
Carmack, Priscilla Loretta RN 593941Limited License4/23/2020
Carter, Emily Catherine RN 945022Remedial Education, Deferred4/9/2020
Cavitt, Sonya  RN 919762Remedial Education4/20/2020
Cervantes, Julie  RN 652000Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Clark, Sharion Elaine LVN 147113 & PTP AR PN L032434Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Clemens, Youvona Diane RN 867345Revoked2/11/2020
Coleman, Dona Nicole RN 863801Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Constantinescu, Stefan  RN 935206Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Contreras, Susan H. RN 677084Revoked2/11/2020
Corpuz, Berlette Go RN 940964Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Cortez, Victor Manuel RN 740545 & LVN 175447Reprimand with Stipulations2/11/2020
Crippen, Megan Elizabeth LVN 330339Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Crofford, Wanda Jo LVN 90305Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Crump, III, James Alvin LVN 162835Voluntary Surrender2/14/2020
Cullum, Krystal  RN 951259Remedial Education2/14/2020
Curtis, Timothy Madrid LVN 219568Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Daniel, Diana Christine RN 607478Remedial Education with Fine3/11/2020
Davidson, Miranda Leigh LVN 321431Revoked12/16/2019
Dearmon, Cheronda Denise LVN 222553Probated Suspension3/10/2020
Degrate, Latoria Shantelle RN 809342Remedial Education4/29/2020
Demarco, Tracy Ann RN 895269Reprimand with Stipulations2/11/2020
Djoumessi, Olivier Bertrand RN 883494Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Drinning, Angelica Gonzales RN 697252 & LVN 187288Revoked2/11/2020
Dubry, Danielle Nicole RN 870499Revoked4/23/2020
Durham, Rebecca Jo LVN 132706Remedial Education with Fine4/17/2020
Ebot, Doris Ebai RN 769309Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Efurd, Dana Marie RN 875431Revoked4/23/2020
Elliott, Symone  LVN 327179Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Emory, Kristy Bottenfield RN 785092Voluntary Surrender3/19/2020
Erickson, Charles Lee RN 756951Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Essien, Inyang  LVN 233222Reprimand with Stipulations2/11/2020
Exum, James Arthur RN 769006Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Fallahi, Daniel Ashkan LVN 307035Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Fasehun, Taiwo Damola LVN 317314Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Fish, Katelyn Mary RN 921779Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Flores, Jose  LVN 317453Reprimand with Stipulations2/11/2020
Florez, Rachael Leija RN 795721Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Fox, Bonnie Lee RN 220415Remedial Education with Fine4/28/2020
Franks, Sandra Kay LVN 183284Revoked2/11/2020
Fulghum, Kimberly Kay RN 812064Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Funteh, Audrey Mareh RN 810556Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Galindo, Daniel  LVN 305093Probated Suspension3/10/2020
Gallardo, Karla Gonzalez RN 706350Reprimand with Stipulations2/11/2020
Gallegos, Miranda Shae RN 770625Fine2/24/2020
Gallimore, Jennifer Elaine LVN 183445Probated Suspension2/11/2020
Galvan, Lucinda  LVN 300298Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Garcia, Grisel Alejandra LVN 340673Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Garcia, Jesus Reinaldo LVN 136713Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Garcia, Miguel  AP129972, RX 19596 & RN 797218Enforced Suspension3/30/2020
Garza, Felisha Kate LVN 343055Probated Suspension2/11/2020
Garza, Jose Dolores LVN 186429Revoked3/10/2020
Garza, Kyndness Dnae RN 758149Reprimand2/11/2020
Ghose, Sayantan  RN 866348Revoked3/5/2020
Gibson, Gerald Dee RN 634368 & LVN 115336Revoked3/10/2020
Gloria, Dazael  LVN 301974Voluntary Surrender2/14/2020
Goldsmith, Bethany Gayle LVN 211759Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Gonzales, Salvador  RN 840984Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/11/2020
Gordon, Kathleen A. RN 530520Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Gordon, III, Thomas Roy RN 731995Revoked4/23/2020
Gravley, Kristen Carole RN 914697Revoked2/11/2020
Green, Lillian Shea PTP AR RN R100265 & AR PN L056257Voluntary Surrender3/12/2020
Griffith, Courtney Monique LVN 348616Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Guadiana, Brittney Marie LVN 324445Revoked3/10/2020
Guerrero, Yolanda Micheal LVN 346641Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Gutierrez, Erica Kay RN 772006Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Haight, Tammy Lynn RN 589037Remedial Education with Fine3/9/2020
Hamilton, Cynthia Joy PTP NM RN 74871Revoked2/11/2020
Hammond, William Lonnie RN 930995 & LVN 305716Enforced Suspension4/23/2020
Hammons, Adrienne Marie RN 808939Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Hannon, James Richard LVN 319649Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Hanville, Kathy Jo RN 913041Voluntary Surrender2/5/2020
Hataway, Shani Ann RN 942739Voluntary Surrender3/17/2020
Hendricks, Laurie Ann RN 705392Limited License2/11/2020
Hernandez, Daniel RN 680723Revoked8/28/2019
Hildebrand, Tommy Glen RN 726260Enforced Suspension2/10/2020
Hill, Tammy Eileen LVN 185789Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Hill, Waymonette Tamara LVN 233283Remedial Education, Deferred3/19/2020
Hilsabeck, Misty Joy RN 730668Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/11/2020
Hons, Angela Marie RN 664624Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Hood, Margie Michelle LVN 206797Voluntary Surrender3/9/2020
Hoy, Christine Leann LVN 316525Remedial Education with Fine2/7/2020
Hubbard, Brenda Sue LVN 167196Revoked4/23/2020
Hurley, Debra  RN 935953Probated Suspension3/10/2020
Isip, Restydale Rodriguez RN 719564Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Jacobs, Jada Janae RN 720278Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
James, Peggy Mack LVN 175862Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020
Johnopolos, Nicole Moon RN 914766 & LVN 312572Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Johnson, Jennilyn Julian LVN 189480Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Johnson, Linda  RN 638008Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Johnson, Lyn  RN 936582Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Johnston, Kay Lynn Beth AP133931, RX 23091 & RN 851615Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Jordan, Lee Anne LVN 117465Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Kell, Kristen Cecelia LVN 309962Revoked4/23/2020
Kelly, Paula M. RN 664373Voluntary Surrender2/18/2020
Kemp, Leona Leslie AP113242 & RN 583129Revoked3/10/2020
Kennedy, Katherine Anne RN 906920Enforced Suspension3/2/2020
Killgore, Philip Jake AP141102, RX 29719 & RN 963678Remedial Education4/17/2020
Kima, Elizabeth Esong LVN 342711Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Kirk, Jamie  RN 656910Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Knifley, Craig Eugene LVN 210538Revoked4/23/2020
Knight, Betty Kent RN 833714Revoked3/10/2020
Koenig, Virginia K. LVN 97329Revoked2/11/2020
Korte, Kathryn Sue RN 699358Voluntary Surrender3/3/2020
Laird, Angela Kay LVN 187571Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Laverock, Alex Easson LVN 224865Revoked2/11/2020
Leal, Adriana  RN 803121Enforced Suspension4/23/2020
Ledbetter, Sauti Johari RN 803454Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Ledford, William Arthur AP107800, RX 1890 & RN 576559Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/11/2020
Lewis, Brittany Nicole AP120669, RX 11584 & RN 741425Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020
Lewis, Patrick Kinder LVN 96080Remedial Education4/9/2020
Lindmeyer, Katie Lynn RN 896407Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
London, Claudette Shantel LVN 332310Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Longoria, Edna Mabel RN 857020Voluntary Surrender2/13/2020
Malveaux, Kia Kristell RN 854727Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Manno, Irma Mendez RN 876557 & LVN 95307Probated Suspension3/10/2020
Martin, Deborah Rose RN 640955Revoked3/10/2020
Martinez, Leticia Maria RN 748056Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Mason, Summer Dawn LVN 191089Enforced Suspension3/10/2020
Maxwell, Kelly Jeanne RN 983343Remedial Education3/18/2020
May, Mashanda Eleah AP135343, RX 24395, RN 763651 & LVN 198695Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
McClain, Madison Baylee PTP AR PN L058032Revoked3/10/2020
McConnell, Nancy Joan RN 547235Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
McKay, Julie Eileen RN 623383Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020
McKinney, Leandra Danette LVN 315765Revoked3/10/2020
Melhart, Vicki Marie RN 750985Revoked3/10/2020
Miller, Amanda Katherine RN 689432 & LVN 180396Revoked3/10/2020
Miller, Stephenie Dawn LVN 216327Voluntary Surrender2/12/2020
Mills, Denise A. RN 621831Reprimand with Stipulations2/11/2020
Mitchell, Jennifer Gail RN 249689Remedial Education4/27/2020
Modile, Adenike Priscilla RN 826503 & LVN 219124Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Moinat, Stacy Diane LVN 317203Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Montes, Fausto RN 735989Revoked1/23/2020
Moore, Serena  LVN 330681Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine2/11/2020
Moran, Sylvia Marie LVN 300750Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Moreno, Ricardo  LVN 121722Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Morris, Kelly Rachelle RN 924580Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020
Morton, Lisa Denise LVN 128342Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine2/11/2020
Nanez, Dora Alisia LVN 202932Enforced Suspension3/17/2020
Naylor, Chantelle Brooke LVN 208215Revoked3/10/2020
Nethery, Heather A. RN 526323Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Nicolosi, Louis J. RN 847398Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Nieman, Angela Diane RN 589617Voluntary Surrender2/25/2020
Norton, Kerri Dawn RN 690020Enforced Suspension4/30/2020
Novil, Dieudonne I. RN 868767Probated Suspension3/10/2020
Nwalie, Anthonia  LVN 315095Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
O'Donnell, Mary Catherine RN 634889Enforced Suspension3/4/2020
Ogbonna, Christiana Ijeoma RN 692428Remedial Education with Fine4/6/2020
Okorafor, Godwin Ugochukwu LVN 310006Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Okotie, Florence Olayemi RN 919623Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Okpiabhele, Kester  LVN 146172Probated Suspension2/11/2020
Olawoyin, Anuoluwapo O. LVN 227608Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Olivares, Yessica  LVN 223281Enforced Suspension4/23/2020
Ortizogaz, Lorena  RN 832295Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Oshman, Leila  AP112356, RX 4955 & RN 638047Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Pagel, Melanie Jo LVN 227212Revoked2/11/2020
Pagel, Renate Hess AP138209, RX 27028 & RN 548182Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020
Parayno, John Lacambra RN 904172Voluntary Surrender2/6/2020
Parra, Brenda Gisela RN 951855 & LVN 307364Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Patterson, Sarah Denise LVN 315658Revoked2/11/2020
Peterson, Patricia Elisse LVN 316601Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020
Plotts, Rebecca McBride RN 707921Enforced Suspension4/27/2020
Ponce, Luis Devadid RN 808160 & LVN 184564Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Poufong, Etienne Clement RN 815652Remedial Education with Fine4/21/2020
Prudente, Jocelyn Ymas RN 701705Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Qualls, Stacey Ellen LVN 190040Revoked4/23/2020
Radeke, Andrea Leigh LVN 327196Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Ramey, Billy Ray RN 670249 & LVN 167224Voluntary Surrender2/20/2020
Reed, Aaron Christopher PTP TN RN 232010Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Reed, Lisa  RN 863181Enforced Suspension4/23/2020
Remchuk, Jordan Elise RN 901666 & LVN 321174Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Renteria, Sara  RN 866736Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020
Riale, Morgan Brook LVN 333602Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Richardson, Sonya  RN 652945Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine3/10/2020
Risper, Linda Washington LVN 67584Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Roberson, Dyamon Delajuan RN 900245Remedial Education3/5/2020
Rodriguez, Philip Garza AP129266 & RN 852368Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Rodriguez, Philip Garza RX 18963Limited: No Controlled Substances4/23/2020
Rogers, Marvin Noel RN 890176Enforced Suspension3/11/2020
Roman, Adam  LVN 300390Remedial Education, Deferred2/11/2020
Roman, Kellie Leigh LVN 222141Voluntary Surrender2/4/2020
Royse, Valerie D. RN 852061Warning with Stipulations, Deferred4/23/2020
Saavedra, Rocio Daniela LVN 331207Remedial Education3/16/2020
Salinas, Laurie  LVN 110442Voluntary Surrender3/10/2020
Sanders, Aimee Lynne RN 735404Voluntary Surrender3/9/2020
Santos-Martinez, Nydia  RN 738752Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Schauer, Janice Sue RN 708310 & LVN 81239Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Scorsolini, Christopher Robert RN 825991Revoked3/10/2020
Silguero, Vidala Morales LVN 305017Remedial Education4/24/2020
Skvorc, Patricia L. PTP FL RN9449537Remedial Education2/6/2020
Smith, Latarsha Monique RN 941376Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Sow, Maimouna  RN 888597Remedial Education with Fine4/27/2020
Spayd, Jessica Joyce RN 644262Revoked2/11/2020
St. John, Kasi Jo RN 905576Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Strait, Angela L. LVN 228102Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Suarez, Melissa A. RN 618614Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Sy, Ma Lourdes Cayabyab RN 894083Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Talbott, Ross H. RN 619327Voluntary Surrender2/27/2020
Thomas, Kelsey Blake RN 970751 & LVN 317892Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Thompson, Amy Katharine RN 717289 & LVN 194202Voluntary Surrender3/26/2020
Thompson, Melanie Nacole RN 835482Enforced Suspension2/27/2020
Thurman, Colleen Marie AP129190, RX 18895 & RN 741010Voluntary Surrender2/6/2020
Topliff, Patricia Helen RN 864156Reprimand with Stipulations3/10/2020
Torres, Jenny Marie RN 904986 & LVN 316147Remedial Education with Fine4/27/2020
Trotter, Alicia Kate PTP NM RN 88067Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
Truken, Kelly Ann RN 785819Remedial Education with Fine2/7/2020
Ugo, Chinyere Victoria LVN 324412Remedial Education3/18/2020
Uribe, Tori Lynn RN 932567Revoked3/10/2020
Uribes, Allen Michael RN 837995Revoked3/5/2020
Vazquez, Jaime C. RN 823073Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Walker, Shaley Lanae LVN 317909Voluntary Surrender3/23/2020
Wanan, Rodolphine Annick LVN 327949Warning with Stipulations3/10/2020
Warehime, Tracy Diana RN 884794 & LVN 138699Remedial Education with Fine2/5/2020
West, Rachel Nikole LVN 311955Warning with Stipulations2/11/2020
Westcott, Gladys Marie LVN 51575Warning with Stipulations4/23/2020
White, Rhonda Mitchell RN 755997Probated Suspension3/10/2020
Wilkinson, Curtis L. RN 621706 & LVN 150375Voluntary Surrender3/18/2020
Williams, Shartamia Rochelle RN 973053 & LVN 184126Remedial Education with Fine3/2/2020
Williams, Wendy Renea LVN 302528Probated Suspension4/23/2020
Willis, Vernita M. RN 948782Voluntary Surrender3/9/2020
Wisener, Hannah Justine PTP NM PN 57386Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020
Wommack, Stephanie  RN 819830Voluntary Surrender4/3/2020
Worthington, Heather Marie RN 711943Reprimand with Stipulations4/23/2020
Wright, Otis Derome AP115175, RX 7071 & RN 694290Probated Suspension3/10/2020
Wyatt, Angela Marie RN 762665 & LVN 192126Enforced Suspension4/13/2020
Yancy, Latandra Ternaesha LVN 208891Remedial Education3/27/2020
Ybarra, Felissa Eileen RN 851553Revoked2/11/2020
Young, Bobbie Irene RN 867778 & LVN 313820Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/23/2020