Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 07/01/2015

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. If you would like to receive additional information regarding the disciplinary action which has been imposed, please send your request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurses license number.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Ablang-Tejado, Estrella RN 440858Voluntary Surrender13-Feb-15
Abshier, Melody AdaliaRN 781489Voluntary Surrender27-Mar-15
Acosta, Rosario JanetLVN 227885Voluntary Surrender24-Mar-15
Adcock-Page, Kimberly KayLVN 150400Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Aguilar, Rebecca RN 787849Enforced Suspension16-Apr-15
Agwunobi, Ifeoma LuciaLVN 169420Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Akwanga, Edwin TajiRN 783413 & LVN 221058Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Alaniz, Ricardo DanielRN 850420 & LVN 311003Suspend/Probate10-Mar-15
Alcala, Cynthia AracelyLVN 320243Suspend/Probate6-Feb-15
Alexander, Shenell AnnickaRN 724732 & LVN 175266Limited License10-Mar-15
Allison, Heather DianeRN 776259Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Anastasio, James E.RN 532550 & LVN 111421Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Andersen, Stefanie MichelleRN 786784Revoked10-Feb-15
Anderson, Alicia A.RN 501543 & LVN 82865Stipulations10-Feb-15
Anderson, Katherine RebeccaRN 830193Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Andrews, Becki ReneLVN 148954Remedial Education27-Apr-15
Andrews, Kristy LamanthaRN 704774Remedial Education with Fine14-Apr-15
Ansley, Joy DialRN 828413Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Arcos, Maria A.LVN 199330Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Arias, Jorge LVN 314288Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Armstrong, Shannon LeannLVN 304959Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Arterberry-Woods, Mildred MarieRN 591182 & LVN 46766Voluntary Surrender2-Mar-15
Ashley, Lacie LastarLVN 188620Revoked10-Mar-15
Atienza, Joel ManzanoRN 655699Revoked16-Apr-15
Avignone, Lisa ElaineRN 532837Remedial Education27-Feb-15
Baethge, Deborah LynnRN 670122 & LVN 154254Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Baguisa, Marissa JuanRN 736539Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Bailey, Judy RonnetteLVN 139774Revoked10-Mar-15
Baker, Brenda JoRN 581391Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Ballard, Shontivas ShreeRN 808923Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Barnousky, John A.PTP TN RN 44256Voluntary Surrender6-Apr-15
Baxter, Krysti AlanaLVN 195822Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Bayes, Samantha LeeannRN 826438Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Bearden, Sonjia CatherineRN 694299 & LVN 144575Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Beathard, Christie AnnLVN 139797Remedial Education with Fine6-Apr-15
Beaumont, Hapatia E.RN 655417Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Bejarano, Celia VivianaLVN 219390Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Benavidez, Donna ChristineRN 737646Remedial Education13-Mar-15
Benitez, Aubin RN 794684 & LVN 214432Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Blackburn, Sandra SueRN 664034Revoked10-Feb-15
Blanchard, Brandy DawnRN 794686 & LVN 124412Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Bobga, Mickhail PTP SC RN 105932Revoked10-Mar-15
Bogue, Medeanna D.RN 532882 & LVN 73477Suspend/Probate16-Apr-15
Bohannan, Erica LynnLVN 184927Enforced Suspension10-Feb-15
Bond, Shanna LynRN 682216 & LVN 131984Revoked10-Mar-15
Bonilla, Connie LynnRN 572448 & LVN 107991Voluntary Surrender20-Apr-15
Bradford, Tonya LatreseLVN 314268Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Bradley, Nicole SusanRN 764025Remedial Education17-Mar-15
Brazell, Carol AnnaLVN 103100Revoked10-Feb-15
Brewer, Anita LatriceLVN 227582Suspend/Probate10-Mar-15
Brewer, Jodi KatherineLVN 211938Revoked10-Feb-15
Bridges, Bryan S.RN 617954Enforced Suspension8-Apr-15
Britt, Jana LynnRN 567681Voluntary Surrender27-Feb-15
Brown, Cheryl AnnLVN 129115Revoked10-Feb-15
Brownlee, Lynette MarieRN 742882Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Brueggeman, Mary RN 507935Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Buendtner, Herman NicholasRN 714194Enforced Suspension10-Feb-15
Buitron, Darrah AnnRN 614248Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Bundrant, Alana MaeLVN 135001Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Butcher, Steven HowardRN 679123Voluntary Surrender10-Feb-15
Cabotaje, Elizabeth ZaragosaRN 793599Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Cahak, John ThomasRN 593893Enforced Suspension16-Apr-15
Calvin, Lana K.LVN 155087Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Camacho, Miguel AngelLVN 224629Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Cameron, Sheena DenelleLVN 178973Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Campbell, Lashawnda NicoleRN 777175Suspend/Probate10-Mar-15
Cannon, Jacob LVN 314368Suspend/Probate19-Feb-15
Cannon, Linda G.LVN 74886Revoked10-Mar-15
Cano, Karolyn KayeLVN 95526Remedial Education with Fine3-Feb-15
Cantrell, Chase MitchellRN 795673Enforced Suspension16-Apr-15
Carmichael, Melissa ReneLVN 147508Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Carney, Linda S.RN 501039Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Carpenter, Jennifer DeniseLVN 208718Revoked16-Apr-15
Carpenter, Nora AnnLVN 160531Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Carter, Beth AnnRN 763103Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Carter, Wayne MichaelRN 714588Enforced Suspension11-Feb-15
Castanon, Jade LVN 228753Voluntary Surrender20-Feb-15
Cerda, Kristine LVN 163855Revoked10-Mar-15
Chapman, Cheryl DeneanLVN 179542Revoked10-Mar-15
Chapman, Linda MarieRN 847557Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Chenoweth, Frank B.RN 532926Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Clark, Lisa KayRN 709137Revoked10-Feb-15
Clark, Susan AnnetteRN 685081Revoked10-Feb-15
Clawson, Margaret SendejoRN 613378Remedial Education with Fine30-Apr-15
Clayton, Carla D.LVN 151650Voluntary Surrender17-Apr-15
Clifton, Vicki LynnAP110598 & RN 245526Voluntary Surrender26-Mar-15
Coleman, Wellington JohnRN 747798Voluntary Surrender20-Mar-15
Collard, Eileen RN 238080Remedial Education with Fine28-Apr-15
Collier, Susan MichelleLVN 189056Revoked10-Feb-15
Connally, Tammy LynnLVN 149860Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Cooper, Anita MarieLVN 165696Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Copeland, Jessica ElaineRN 746866Voluntary Surrender30-Mar-15
Correa, Edgardo RN 646047Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Coss, Mark AllenRN 802331 & LVN 197340Limited License16-Apr-15
Cowan, Gabriel JesseRN 736645 & LVN 198749Revoked10-Feb-15
Crane, Pege RhneaAP116653 & RN 748406Voluntary Surrender12-Feb-15
Crosby, Melinda MarieRN 736647Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Crumpley, Lisa ReneeLVN 121142Revoked10-Mar-15
Cruz, Aida M.RN 454353Voluntary Surrender2-Mar-15
Cruz, Stacey ElaineRN 594208Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Cuellar, Delicia G.LVN 180536Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Cullom, Cynthia LorraineLVN 303536Remedial Education with Fine20-Apr-15
Cutten, Judy PauletteRN 566338Voluntary Surrender26-Feb-15
Davenport, Valarie AnnLVN 213339Enforced Suspension10-Feb-15
Deen, Jaimie LynnLVN 226268Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Deiparine, Clarisa RN 799262Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Deteau, Bethany SueRN 696742Enforced Suspension20-Apr-15
Deveney, Cathlyn SueLVN 193923Remedial Education with Fine15-Apr-15
Diamante, Emyrose RN 700573Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Diaz, Remigia RN 571614 & LVN 92531Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Dodd, Dennis RayAP103758 & RN 232426Remedial Education10-Apr-15
Dominguez, Elizabeth IreneLVN 233812Revoked10-Feb-15
Donaghey, Carrie J.RN 629755 & LVN 153213Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Doporto, Marcus MartinRN 703813 & LVN 168933Enforced Suspension10-Apr-15
Driscoll, John StanfordRN 562390Limited License10-Mar-15
Drumm, Tracy L. (Rhodes)RN 534513 & LVN 98925Voluntary Surrender2-Mar-15
Duncan, Aaron LeeRN 789235Voluntary Surrender5-Feb-15
Dunn, Sherrill LynnRN 613806Voluntary Surrender20-Feb-15
Ecrette, Monique ChristinaLVN 303779Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Edge, Jennifer A.RN 753198Voluntary Surrender15-Apr-15
Egwim, Mukosolu J.LVN 320773Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Evans, Kristin MicheleRN 742199Remedial Education with Fine27-Mar-15
Ezike, Chuks SamuelRN 799377Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Felix, Nirmala GeorgeRN 767476Limited License16-Apr-15
Finley, Rachael ParaleeLVN 187280Revoked10-Mar-15
Fletcher, Michael WallaceRN 784702 & LVN 165463Suspend/Probate10-Mar-15
Flores, Elizabeth VictoriaLVN 209124Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Fontaine, Florine LVN 206951Voluntary Surrender16-Mar-15
Ford, Delores JeanLVN 49705Revoked10-Mar-15
Ford, Donna M.RN 648217 & LVN 117329Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Forte, Lillian C.RN 524447Revoked10-Feb-15
Fowlkes, Mary DianneLVN 310071Revoked10-Feb-15
Fox, Elizabeth AnnRN 582396Revoked16-Apr-15
Franklin, Zanzetta A.RN 246301Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Frawner, Michelle RyanRN 810831 & LVN 211939Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
French, Patti ElizabethAP114091 & RN 553683Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Fuller, Ryan GeneRN 766068Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Gagnon, Theresa MunozLVN 146805Remedial Education with Fine3-Mar-15
Gallimore, Jennifer ElaineLVN 183445Voluntary Surrender25-Feb-15
Gamble, Karla B.LVN 78488Remedial Education26-Mar-15
Garcia, Jesus ReinaldoLVN 136713Revoked10-Feb-15
Garcia, Veronica DianeRN 782232Remedial Education28-Apr-15
Garza, Christine MarieRN 621403Suspend/Probate16-Apr-15
Garza, Kristen LeannLVN 225927Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Garza, Samantha L.LVN 220459Voluntary Surrender17-Apr-15
Gentry, Joan ElizabethLVN 110449Revoked10-Mar-15
Gilbert, Evelyn G.LVN 82958Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Glenn, Chacna LVN 306192Revoked10-Mar-15
Goldie, Deborah KayeRN 594805 & LVN 138950Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Gonzalez, Ricardo AP114437 & RN 645710Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Gonzalez, Yvonne YvetteRN 649544Enforced Suspension10-Mar-15
Goodman, Melinda DoniseLVN 311528Voluntary Surrender6-Mar-15
Goodrich, Freida JoyLVN 212109Revoked10-Mar-15
Goodwin, Becky LynnLVN 82396Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Goss, Foluke Y.RN 618153Revoked10-Mar-15
Gossett, Bianca WyniqueLVN 217442Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Goswami, Sunyana RaniLVN 232862Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Gourlie, Sharon LouiseLVN 98490Revoked10-Mar-15
Graeter, Mickey MarieLVN 148221Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Graff, Trisha LynnLVN 233664Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Graham, Miranda LeighLVN 218598Revoked10-Feb-15
Graves, Sue AnnLVN 65388Voluntary Surrender3-Mar-15
Green, Carol A.AP100656 & RN 243459Suspend/Probate16-Apr-15
Green, Robin MarieRN 536208Revoked10-Mar-15
Green, Tracy K.RN 832805Voluntary Surrender24-Feb-15
Gregory, Quindolyn SuzetteLVN 308637Revoked10-Mar-15
Griffin, Nekisha AP115564, RX 7440 & RN 658465Suspend/Probate10-Feb-15
Grinnell, Laurissa RN 796104Remedial Education17-Mar-15
Grogan, Mauri DeanelleRN 743266 & LVN 203050Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Guajardo, Maria CristinaLVN 37273Revoked10-Feb-15
Guillory, Joyce AudelLVN 234093Revoked10-Feb-15
Guzman, Jan MarieLVN 183796Revoked10-Mar-15
Hall, Rebecca SueRN 715434 & LVN 155282Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Hall Kimble, Frances LashunLVN 119414Revoked10-Feb-15
Hammel, Mark R.RN 544381 & LVN 80056Voluntary Surrender29-Apr-15
Han-Davila, Terexa RN 774822Enforced Suspension16-Apr-15
Handlon, Marsha DarleneLVN 163844Revoked10-Feb-15
Harbin, Bobby LynnRN 731287 & LVN 160682Revoked10-Feb-15
Hardin, Vickie LynneLVN 112348Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Harmon, Yvonne SuzanneLVN 142280Revoked10-Mar-15
Harms, Donna RuthLVN 108390Revoked10-Mar-15
Harris, Donna LucyLVN 173997Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Harris, Margaret RN 504950 & LVN 49642Voluntary Surrender11-Mar-15
Harris, Traci LeticiaRN 811437Remedial Education18-Feb-15
Harrison, Momoka MethenyRN 758170Remedial Education28-Apr-15
Harrison, Patrick CampbellLVN 216132Revoked10-Feb-15
Hart, Laquita C.LVN 74114Voluntary Surrender 19-Mar-15
Hatmaker, Daniel CardinAP120607 & RN 782638Remedial Education12-Feb-15
Hawkins, M. KathleenRN 257501Enforced Suspension16-Apr-15
Hawn, Jennifer GirardRN 777304Revoked10-Mar-15
Heads, Crystal NicholeRN 848460Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Heintz, Kimberly JoRN 769752Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Henry, Gloria AnnetteLVN 149581Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Hernandez, Rebecca JoanLVN 214467Revoked10-Feb-15
Herrell, Jacqueline SueRN 567871Remedial Education with Fine3-Apr-15
Herrera, Angelita AP117719 & RN 642529Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Herrera, Tanja DeniseRN 724809Revoked10-Feb-15
Hickenbothen, Rose AnnetteLVN 127570Revoked10-Feb-15
Hickerson, Christie LeighRN 686152Revoked10-Feb-15
Hickman, Dallas JircikRN 694514 & LVN 171716Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Hinds, Jason RN 651649 & LVN 160484Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Hinds, Jessica LynnLVN 302372Remedial Education24-Mar-15
Hinojosa, Andrea M.LVN 219577Enforced Suspension10-Feb-15
Holinde, Lisa AnnRN 816635 & LVN 304095Enforced Suspension30-Mar-15
Holley, Deborah AnnRN 734814Revoked10-Feb-15
Holly, Melani JoLVN 108438Revoked10-Mar-15
Holt, Toni ChristianRN 733659Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Holub, Ramona GaytanRN 663909 & LVN 159251Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Honnoll, Kerri RN 810660Enforced Suspension10-Feb-15
Hoover, Michael DonRN 780463Voluntary Surrender19-Mar-15
Hoover, Michell ReeneRN 558711Suspend/Probate10-Mar-15
Hostasa, Jr., Zdenek NmnRN 572258Revoked10-Feb-15
Hovila, Misty LeeLVN 188192Revoked10-Mar-15
Hoyer, Irene LynnLVN 165486Revoked10-Mar-15
Huckabee, Kathy JoLVN 187902Revoked10-Mar-15
Hunter, Elizabeth AnnLVN 130956Suspend/Probate10-Feb-15
Huot, Karis MaeveenLVN 220390Remedial Education with Fine17-Feb-15
Hurtado, Rishana LouiseRN 661492 & LVN 150061Voluntary Surrender30-Mar-15
Ilarraza, Hiram LVN 155850Revoked10-Mar-15
Ishola, Omobolanle NancyLVN 207770Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Jeffries, Jenifer LynnRN 693363Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Jensen, Sabra LounsburyRN 828150Remedial Education25-Mar-15
Jerideau, Samuel AP112733, RX 5188 & RN 651668Revoked16-Apr-15
Jestice, Madelaine IreneRN 688323Remedial Education with Fine6-Feb-15
Jeter, Levone RN 452753Remedial Education with Fine24-Mar-15
Johnson, Andrea L.LVN 124988Revoked10-Mar-15
Johnson, Barbara AnnLVN 200547Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Johnson, Jeremy PaulRN 672907 & LVN 175617Voluntary Surrender25-Feb-15
Johnson, Robin DeloresLVN 167534Voluntary Surrender11-Mar-15
Jones, Bradley BurgessRN 811479Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Jones, Susan ReneeRN 655932Revoked16-Apr-15
Jordan, Felicia LashawnRN 730201 & LVN 175827Revoked16-Apr-15
Joseph, Jr., Willie RayLVN 179603Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Joyner, Rebecca ElisabethLVN 303230Revoked10-Feb-15
Julius, Dana S.RN 659318Revoked10-Mar-15
Katuala, Tshimanga PatrickLVN 220940Voluntary Surrender4-Feb-15
Kaye, Denise AnnRN 563138Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Kelsey, Jane B.LVN 148203Revoked10-Mar-15
Kennedy, Janet MoniqueLVN 216872Revoked10-Feb-15
Kennedy, Joyce M.RN 530300Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Khosravi-Nejat, Ahmad LVN 198556Warning with Stipulations17-Apr-15
Kidd, Sheryle LynnetteRN 566607Revoked10-Feb-15
Kinnard, Toni RN 794521Revoked10-Feb-15
Kirchell, Lisa AnnLVN 116963Remedial Education6-Apr-15
Knatt, Cartessa DanetteRX 11272Limited License10-Mar-15
Knatt, Cartessa DanetteAP120297 & RN 687034Suspend/Probate10-Mar-15
Knighton, Amber LavonneLVN 163726Remedial Education with Fine21-Apr-15
Koebcke, Marsha L.AP115263, RX 7154 & RN 601364Voluntary Surrender6-Apr-15
Krenek, Kelsey ElizabethRN 765736Remedial Education with Fine25-Mar-15
Kunkel, Kelly DawnRN 568030Revoked10-Feb-15
Lacy, Robert LVN 317235Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Laird, Susan MarieLVN 150795Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Landa, Christopher PTP MO RN 2006008287Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Landreth, Melissa GailRN 679546Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Lang, Natasha MoniqueLVN 314920Revoked10-Mar-15
Latta, Misty DawnRN 829209Revoked10-Feb-15
Lawless, Tracy MarieLVN 301104Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Lazor, Michael PeterAP105668 & RN 600292Voluntary Surrender4-Mar-15
Levi, Tonia LynnLVN 186849Revoked10-Mar-15
Lidikay, Lois JeanLVN 170276Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Lindsey, Sylvia LVN 205330Revoked10-Mar-15
Littlejohn, Sherri LeahLVN 319209Revoked10-Mar-15
Lockridge, Sharon DeniseAP123358 & RN 703586Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Lopez, Christopher RN 714275Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Lopez, Maria Del CarmenRN 776517Enforced Suspension1-Apr-15
Lorenzo, Delia RN 554993Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Lott, Courtney MichelleLVN 182486Revoked10-Mar-15
Lowe, Kimberly DeniseLVN 206156Enforced Suspension10-Mar-15
Lubojacky, Cassandra MarieRN 780647Warning with Stipulations, Deferred16-Apr-15
Lujan, Tommy ErnestRN 635039Suspend/Probate10-Mar-15
Lyman, David LeeRN 785703Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Lynn, Rochelle ElizabethLVN 310075Voluntary Surrender17-Feb-15
Machac, Samantha JoLVN 311782Voluntary Surrender22-Apr-15
Machen, Louisa SonoraRN 737067Suspend/Probate16-Apr-15
Magnon, Rhonda RN 734347Voluntary Surrender9-Apr-15
Manrique, Marisa RN 697434Suspend/Probate12-Feb-15
Marcell, Christina M.LVN 128231Revoked10-Feb-15
Marsh, Ashly NicoleRN 821041Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Martin, Kesha AnnRN 684665Voluntary Surrender12-Mar-15
Martinez, Alejandro RN 790855Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Martinez, Miriam RN 673606Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Martinez, Ralph PerezLVN 83396Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Martinez, Jr., Hector LVN 223753Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Matthews, Amy ChristineRN 738703 & LVN 169237Voluntary Surrender17-Mar-15
Maynard, Michael JosephRN 730982Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Mbah, Charles K.LVN 232326Voluntary Surrender25-Mar-15
McCaughan, Julie RN 534055Revoked10-Feb-15
McClain, Teri LiRN 243239Voluntary Surrender4-Feb-15
McCord, Kelly L.RN 644991Voluntary Surrender8-Apr-15
McDaniel, Sarah G.RN 522232Voluntary Surrender16-Mar-15
McDonnell, Marian PatriciaRN 544615Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
McDowell, Kim LeeRN 794016Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
McKinley, Amber RenayRN 836146 & LVN 179049Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
McManus, Denise W.LVN 137553Revoked10-Mar-15
Mejia, Alejandro ValdezRN 730762Voluntary Surrender19-Feb-15
Mendoza, Teo BulacanRN 765302Remedial Education27-Mar-15
Metoyer, Pamela SmithRX 8630Enforced Suspension10-Mar-15
Metoyer, Pamela SmithAP117016, RN 551891 & LVN 89296Suspend/Probate10-Mar-15
Miles, Alison LVN 233884Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Miller, Kyletta FayeLVN 112834Voluntary Surrender2-Feb-15
Miller, Paula SueAP113597 & RN 538607Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Miller, Sherry JeanLVN 154948Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Mitchell, Chasity NicoleLVN 221573Revoked10-Mar-15
Mitchell, Dorris DicksonLVN 61128Revoked10-Mar-15
Moore, Catherine MarieRN 672257Remedial Education with Fine19-Mar-15
Moore, Nacole WyvetteLVN 230009Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Moore, Shyoki TakamaraRN 777680Voluntary Surrender18-Mar-15
Moraida, Melanie DeniseLVN 309996Voluntary Surrender17-Apr-15
Moreno, Jerry AnnLVN 64105Revoked10-Feb-15
Moretz, Andrea SueRN 803695Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10-Feb-15
Morgan, Lindsay RochelleLVN 189667Revoked10-Mar-15
Morin, Tracy LynnRN 650997 & LVN 140400Remedial Education12-Mar-15
Morse, Velena RoseLVN 158985Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Mugo, Maria WanjiruLVN 315610Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Murillo, Monica SanchezLVN 211826Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Myser, Amy LouiseRN 644954Voluntary Surrender6-Feb-15
Nation, Susan SchillingLVN 227800Remedial Education21-Apr-15
Ndaloma, Paulina Anastasia (Fofanah)RN 744889Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Nelson, Audrey EvyoneRN 661269 & LVN 159891Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Nelson, Tracy M.LVN 150867Remedial Education with Fine6-Mar-15
Ngwa, Nina NehRN 796225Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Nilson, Karen A. MinsterRN 223935Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Nixon, Christine DeniseRN 655199Limited License10-Feb-15
Nolan, Gail SpringLVN 157878Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Nwadinigwe, Edmund-Vincent ChukwudebereLVN 225782Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
O?Braden, Barbara ElizabethLVN 156138Revoked10-Feb-15
Ojiefoh, Eunice IhoeLVN 227240Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Oliver, Cathryn AnnRN 727610 & LVN 168196Enforced Suspension16-Apr-15
Oluoch, Kennedy OdhiamboLVN 313494Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Oranga, Gordon OdhiamboRN 802518Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Orth-Hutchinson, Michelle LeanneRN 552356Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Overton, Joyce L. R.RN 426176Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Owens, Barbara LVN 97593Suspend/Probate3-Mar-15
Padilla, Joey LVN 212649Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Palm, Carey MichelleLVN 218756Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Panturad, Michael HsmeyerRN 601768Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Parker, Dorothy GaelLVN 146703Revoked10-Feb-15
Parkinson, Elizabeth AnnRN 742641Revoked10-Feb-15
Parks, Richard DeanRN 794127Revoked10-Feb-15
Pastrano, Andres L.LVN 166179Revoked10-Mar-15
Pate, Katie NicoleLVN 224753Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Pearcy, Paula ReneeLVN 214708Remedial Education9-Feb-15
Pearson, Linda LeeLVN 191471Voluntary Surrender30-Apr-15
Peebles, Kyle WayneRN 775771Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Peixoto, Maria DirceLVN 183162Revoked10-Mar-15
Pennington, Cheryl J.RN 509752Limited License16-Apr-15
Perales, Clara ElizabethLVN 62134Revoked10-Feb-15
Perez, Janice L.LVN 110673Suspend/Probate16-Apr-15
Pessagno-Real, Michelle SuzanneRN 621558Enforced Suspension6-Apr-15
Peterka, Tara C.RN 640095Remedial Education with Fine13-Apr-15
Peterson, Alisha SharonLVN 166436Voluntary Surrender24-Apr-15
Phagan, Pamela KayeRN 751429Suspend/Probate10-Mar-15
Phagan, Stephany CarrollLVN 193908Suspend/Probate10-Feb-15
Pierce, Jason DeanLVN 320883Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Piercy, Julie AnnLVN 303885Revoked10-Mar-15
Pinder, Laura JilleneLVN 161187Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Powell, Richard JosephRN 703571Revoked10-Mar-15
Prenzi, Tracey LynnRN 610804Revoked10-Mar-15
Presher, Kathleen MichelleLVN 322764Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Price, Barbara CullenLVN 186276Revoked10-Feb-15
Proctor, Julie AnnettePTP NM LPN & LVN 131376Revoked10-Mar-15
Quintanilla, Mauro FedericoLVN 152522Revoked10-Mar-15
Ragin, Lauren RN 789620Suspend/Probate16-Apr-15
Rains, Shelly KayRN 737293 & LVN 164310Revoked10-Feb-15
Rasmussen, Carolyn AnnLVN 191899Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Reese, Sally DyanAP119703 & RN 733409Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Reiswig, Jill S.RN 510191Voluntary Surrender22-Apr-15
Remes, Christian RN 786115 & LVN 219585Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Reynolds, Debra SueRN 241783Revoked10-Mar-15
Reynolds, Leslie FayeRN 774807Revoked10-Mar-15
Richard, Kathleen S.RN 560607Remedial Education with Fine16-Apr-15
Richardson, Michelle AntoinetteRN 802139 & LVN 191392Voluntary Surrender18-Feb-15
Rios, Aidee LVN 214139Voluntary Surrender24-Mar-15
Rivera, Ruben JamesRN 818963Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Robertson, Sarah AnneLVN 168558Revoked10-Feb-15
Robinson, Pearlie GailLVN 138086Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Robinson, Shirley AnnLVN 122634Enforced Suspension10-Mar-15
Robles, Jr. , Israel LVN 198795Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Rodgers, Bianka MariaRN 613791Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Rodgers, Ronda PorterLVN 309161Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Rodriguez, German M.LVN 192878Voluntary Surrender30-Mar-15
Rodriguez, Hope GarciaLVN 84389Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Rogers, David PaulRN 616254Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Rogers, Neil PatrickRN 694016Revoked10-Mar-15
Rojas, Shannan DeniseLVN 185928Remedial Education with Fine31-Mar-15
Rolls, Jeannie PorterLVN 144136Revoked10-Mar-15
Rosales, Christina LVN 197966Enforced Suspension2-Apr-15
Rose, Catarina LVN 300602Revoked10-Mar-15
Rose, Linda L.RN 604940 & LVN 143597Remedial Education27-Apr-15
Rudd, Rebecca JewelLVN 226555Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Ruizlujan, Juan PabloLVN 225869Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Salas, Martha ValdezRN 594516Remedial Education with Fine10-Feb-15
Sampson, Robert RN 616403Revoked10-Feb-15
Sams, Toni YolandaLVN 190577Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Sanchez, Elizabeth CeleneLVN 215586Remedial Education18-Mar-15
Sands, Lillian AngeleRN 660190Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Santos, Marisela LVN 231735Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Santoyo, Leticia RN 745362 & LVN 172290Enforced Suspension10-Feb-15
Schriver, Byron LeeLVN 208881Voluntary Surrender6-Apr-15
Scott, Jody LeeRN 696962Voluntary Surrender12-Mar-15
Scott, Lasandra RN 717965Remedial Education13-Apr-15
Scott, Sheryl DawnLVN 135341Revoked10-Mar-15
Sescar, Maria Theresa JardinoRN 765263Remedial Education20-Apr-15
Settle, Keith GeneRN 584450Remedial Education24-Feb-15
Sewell, Courtney JeanLVN 184073Revoked10-Feb-15
Sewell, Mindy DawnLVN 228989Revoked10-Feb-15
Sharpe, Ann EliseRN 681405 & LVN 176767Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Shockley, Paul EdwardLVN 153875Revoked10-Mar-15
Showalter, Shari LynnRN 694216 & LVN 168420Enforced Suspension13-Feb-15
Simmons, Brett GeorgeRN 526837Enforced Suspension27-Apr-15
Simmons, Catherine AnnRN 670267Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Simmons, Felecia GlorithaRN 711780Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Slaton, Andrea NicoleLVN 169391Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Slomka, Amy MarieLVN 213130Voluntary Surrender17-Apr-15
Smart, Nicole AndrianneLVN 171118Revoked10-Mar-15
Smith, Carolyn AnnLVN 83876Enforced Suspension27-Apr-15
Smith, Jacqueline DeloriseRN 655861 & LVN 102376Remedial Education26-Mar-15
Smith, Misty AnnRN 701518Revoked10-Feb-15
Smith, Rita RenaRN 609414Voluntary Surrender2-Mar-15
Smith, Stephanie JaunitaLVN 186957Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Snapka, April DawnRN 806416Revoked10-Feb-15
Sparks, Stephen RN 638817Suspend/Probate16-Apr-15
Spence, Pheobe JuneLVN 216863Reprimand with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Spiser, Wendy SuzanneRN 797115Remedial Education with Fine6-Feb-15
Stevenson, Ralph WilliamRN 573773Voluntary Surrender16-Mar-15
Stewart, Gwendolyn LanellLVN 173407Revoked10-Mar-15
Stinson, Elaine DavisLVN 72575Remedial Education with Fine21-Apr-15
Stockinger, Roxanne M.LVN 178972Voluntary Surrender19-Mar-15
Stone, June FortuneRN 215423Remedial Education with Fine2-Feb-15
Stone, Kari JeanetteRN 808551Voluntary Surrender21-Apr-15
Stribling, Virginia GaleLVN 137519Remedial Education4-Feb-15
Sutton, Carla MichelleRN 713696Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Swick, Debra A.RN 255411Remedial Education with Fine24-Feb-15
Swick, Debra A.AP108037 & RX 2519Voluntary Surrender24-Feb-15
Swinney, Johnny RayLVN 121893Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Taiwo, Oluwakemi FausatRN 753065Remedial Education with Fine10-Mar-15
Taylor, Kathryn JanetteRN 730899Enforced Suspension16-Apr-15
Terrell, Jennifer JaneeLVN 146326Voluntary Surrender2-Feb-15
Theriot, Mark AnthonyRN 627004Enforced Suspension10-Feb-15
Thibodeaux, Kristine EchoLVN 151253Revoked10-Mar-15
Thoman, Charice MarieLVN 313855Revoked10-Mar-15
Thomas, Heather RN 764872Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Thomas, Zipporah RN 851864Reprimand with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Thompson, Jr., Tony LVN 193632Remedial Education6-Mar-15
Thurman, Melissa SuzanneRN 622102Limited License10-Mar-15
Tillmutt, Joann PatriciaLVN 168378Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Tinker, Sarah MarieRN 814025Enforced Suspension19-Feb-15
Torres, Francisco JavierLVN 152638Enforced Suspension18-Feb-15
Trautwein, Mary RN 636816Revoked10-Feb-15
Turner, Billi J.RN 534947Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Turner, Valnita RenaRN 548694Revoked10-Feb-15
Tutza, Lisa KimRN 612913Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Udenze, Eucharia NkiruLVN 211202Enforced Suspension10-Mar-15
Upham, Joy A.RN 465712Revoked16-Apr-15
Usher, Tonye TeressaRN 529163Enforced Suspension12-Feb-15
Vandivere, Susan GaleLVN 200802Reprimand with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Velasco, Jaymari PiolRN 682866Suspend/Probate10-Feb-15
Venverloh, James RN 636545Revoked10-Mar-15
Violand, Leang RN 589614Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Virgil, Cheryl LynnRN 759315Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Wade, Ammie LeanneLVN 310059Revoked10-Mar-15
Walker, Angela SimpsonRN 695518Revoked10-Mar-15
Wall, Misty ElaineRN 791606Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Wanko, Julie AnnRN 603859Revoked10-Mar-15
Ward, Ashonti ReneeLVN 304119Revoked10-Mar-15
Washington, Carla DeniseLVN 174528Remedial Education13-Feb-15
Waweru, Louisa M.LVN 310378Voluntary Surrender6-Apr-15
Weese, Roxanne MichelleLVN 309176Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Welborn, Ryan MitchellLVN 302683Revoked10-Feb-15
Wells, Julie GayleLVN 155440Revoked10-Mar-15
Wendt, Franklin BrockRN 687391 & LVN 178169Reprimand with Stipulations9-Mar-15
White, Betty NellRN 242210Warning with Stipulations16-Apr-15
Williams, Brittany DanielleAP124065 & RN 829219Remedial Education25-Feb-15
Williams, Carolyn AnnLVN 64788Revoked10-Feb-15
Williams, Demecia AlejandriLVN 222998Warning with Stipulations10-Mar-15
Williams, Dionne DarlyshaLVN 233922Revoked16-Apr-15
Williams, Hilda MarieLVN 123207Voluntary Surrender2-Mar-15
Williamson, Kelly DeniseRN 692841Revoked10-Feb-15
Williams-Zeno, Kymberli TremayneAP112448, RX 5075 & RN 694476Suspend/Probate10-Feb-15
Willmon, Jr., Gregory WayneRN 833283Revoked16-Apr-15
Wilson, Sue AnnRN 770715Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10-Mar-15
Wilt, Victoria ElaineRN 789707Revoked16-Apr-15
Wiseman, Anthony JasonRN 663001Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Woods, Holly AileenLVN 167188Revoked10-Feb-15
Wright, Rachel NanetteLVN 181467Revoked10-Feb-15
Yeats, Stephanie DianaLVN 182984Warning with Stipulations10-Feb-15
Young, Christina A.RN 751715Limited License11-Feb-15
Zamora-Aguilera, Irmalinda LVN 200752Remedial Education3-Feb-15
Zoch, Beverly LoisRN 527637Remedial Education8-Apr-15