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Discipline & Complaints - Disciplinary Action 07/2013

Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 07/2013

Disciplinary Board orders are public information and the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) requires that the Board inform the public about the disciplinary actions it takes. The Board is a public entity, and as such is subject to open record laws. Cases in which formal charges have been filed also become public information at the time of the filing and continue to be public information throughout the remainder of the disciplinary process. See Section 301.158 and 301.463 (c).

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurse's license number or by sending a request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Adair, Amanda Grace RN 702449 Remedial Education with Fine 6-Mar-13
Adams, Kendra Dee LVN 113296 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Adams, Tiffany L. LVN 201949 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Aguilar, Alfonso Enrique LVN 172604 Reprimand with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Aguilera, III, Ramon Gomez LVN 194099 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Ahl, Tyri Tangee LVN 174585 Voluntary Surrender 7-Feb-13
Ahrens, Christine D. RN 245304 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Alamilla, Antonio Marco LVN 174604 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Alford, Brian Evan RN 670360 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Allen. Latoya Chavonne RN 774531 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Allison, Judy K. LVN 122463 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Almendarez, Armando C. LVN 147042 Remedial Education with Fine 20-Feb-13
Anderson, Barbara G. LVN 33248 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Anderson, Elizabeth Alice RN 647168 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Anderson, Michael John LVN 215701 Remedial Education 4-Mar-13
Anderson, Van Robert LVN 80460 Voluntary Surrender 22-Mar-13
Armendariz, Jennifer Nicole LVN 198989 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Arriaga, Bonnie Margaret LVN 180261 Voluntary Surrender 18-Apr-13
Asher, Angela Stephanie RN 621887 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Austin, Kathy D. RN 548084 &
Revoked 12-Feb-13
Austin, Vileese Barnes LVN 143228 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Ayala, Esmeralda RN 779644 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Bailey, Rebecca RN 631939 Enforced Suspension 19-Mar-13
Baker, Matthew Wayne RN 675491 Enforced Suspension 19-Mar-13
Baker, Valorie Martinez LVN 230213 Voluntary Surrender 15-Apr-13
Balderson, Lynne Kathryn RN 581405 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Ballard, John Christopher LVN 203032 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Banzouzi, Hughes Boris LVN 230099 Revoked 18-Apr-13
Barchet, Penny N. LVN 112296 Voluntary Surrender 12-Feb-13
Barefield, Michelle D. LVN 190241 Suspend/Probate 12-Feb-13
Barfield, Kalee Anne RN 588477 Voluntary Surrender 20-Feb-13
Barker, Lael Elizabeth RN 802282 Enforced Suspension 12-Feb-13
Barnes, Lisa Marie RN 670396 &
LVN 165687
Enforced Suspension 12-Feb-13
Barnett, Doyle Dean LVN 172857 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Barnett, Kimberly Kay LVN 108368 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Barton, Penny Lynne RN 685893 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Beitel, Anne M. Locer RN 234645 Remedial Education 13-Feb-13
Bellinger, Erin Lamothe RN 647757 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Benavides, Belia LVN 111455 Remedial Education with Fine 15-Mar-13
Benites, Teresa LVN 180529 Enforced Suspension 19-Mar-13
Berget, Sharon Marie LVN 170695 Remedial Education with Fine 26-Feb-13
Berry, Ericca Sue RN 751749 &
Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Berry, Wesley Wagner LVN 171359 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Best, Hilary Kathryn RN 763523 Voluntary Surrender 25-Apr-13
Beverly, Leann Rene RN 805692 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Blevins, Robert Carroll RN 787885 & LVN 211273 Suspend/Probate 18-Apr-13
Blount, Rita Susan LVN 214927 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Boggan, Andrea RN 651142 &
LVN 148668
Remedial Education with Fine 15-Mar-13
Boggio, Kirsten Stephanie RN 763162 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Bogue, Medeanna D. (Middleton) RN 532882 &
LVN 73477
Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Bond, Jenyce Darcel RN 588546 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Booker, Sydney Jo LVN 138241 Voluntary Surrender 23-Apr-13
Bouley, Edmund Albert RN 723743 &
Voluntary Surrender 5-Feb-13
Bowie, Constance Priscilla RN 689686 &
LVN 164653
Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Bowman, Cheryl A. RN 627133 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Bridgewater, Gregory Lyn RN 567352 Remedial Education with Fine 4-Mar-13
Bristow, Sandra Jean RN 675828 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Brown, Carol Fay RN 587389 Remedial Education with Fine 11-Apr-13
Brown, Gaylyn LVN 149480 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 19-Mar-13
Brown, Jacqueline Louise (Steinert) RN 649101 Voluntary Surrender 6-Mar-13
Brown, Reanna Jadwiga LVN 227628 Voluntary Surrender 16-Apr-13
Brown, Tamara Elizabeth LVN 221402 Voluntary Surrender 9-Apr-13
Bruzda, John RN 657290 &
Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Buchanan, Darren Patrick RN 578907 Suspend/Probate 12-Feb-13
Buckley, Charmaine Ruth RN 777926 &
LVN 179867
Remedial Education with Fine 12-Feb-13
Bulen, Renee RN 626259 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Bull, John P. RN 537112 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Apr-13
Bumgarner, Patricia RN 629355 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Bunn, Angela Y. Brooks LVN 105526 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Burch, Ciarra Teress LVN 225057 Remedial Education 21-Mar-13
Burke, Melissa LVN 174721 Voluntary Surrender 25-Mar-13
Burrows, Melissa Rene LVN 158093 Remedial Education 21-Feb-13
Bustos, Brenda Ann LVN 227175 Remedial Education 7-Feb-13
Caleb, Opal Florence LVN 87601 Voluntary Surrender 13-Mar-13
Callahan, Beth RN 625512 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Campbell, Amy Catherine RN 758508 &
LVN 203202
Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Canizaro, Peter Corte RN 605338 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Carpenter, Michael Scott LVN 179414 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Carroll, Stacy Ann RN 534392 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Carver, Lucy Garth RN 624934 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Casillas, Chris Martin LVN 185610 Remedial Education with Fine 28-Mar-13
Castleberry, Cheryl Lynn LVN 174460 Voluntary Surrender 15-Mar-13
Cerda, Kristine LVN 163855 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Chapman, Cynthia Ann LVN 130696 Voluntary Surrender 22-Mar-13
Chatmon, Tia L. RN 786743 Suspend/Probate 18-Apr-13
Childers, Margaret Sue LVN 77983 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Christian, Susan Renee RN 717057 Remedial Education 19-Mar-13
Christiansen, Sandra Joan RN 519118 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Christman, Dorothy C. RN 591469 Voluntary Surrender 17-Mar-13
Clay, Regena Renee LVN 179543 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Cline, Kara Kathleen RN 705659 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Cobb, Stacy Kay LVN 197222 Voluntary Surrender 25-Mar-13
Coen, Teresa Renea LVN 107989 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Cole, RitaL RN 608394 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Coleman, Meredith Brooke RN 718538 Reprimand with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Compean, Mary Catherine RN 711095 Voluntary Surrender 26-Feb-13
Concha, Pamela Anne LVN 160016 Suspend/Probate 12-Feb-13
Condron, Angela Carol RN 664752 Remedial Education with Fine 11-Feb-13
Conner, Elizabeth Lawton RN 252714 &
LVN 70620
Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Contreras, Nicole Christine LVN 201103 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Coon, Jennifer Nichole RN 759162 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Cooper, Deborah Gayle LVN 161457 Suspend/Probate 18-Apr-13
Corkill, Janice Gail RN 628251 Limited License 19-Mar-13
Cox, Frances RN 641205 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Crane, Pege Rhnea RN 748406 &
Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 18-Apr-13
Crawford, Kimberly Ann LVN 110606 Remedial Education with Fine 23-Apr-13
Cruz, Joseph Zackary LVN 225491 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Curda, Christopher J. RN 248821 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Daniel, Martha A. RN 525128 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Apr-13
Darwin, Dawn Deann RN 629785 Suspend/Probate 18-Apr-13
Davis, Carmia Shanye LVN 178628 Voluntary Surrender 28-Feb-13
Davis, Dan Stephen RN 822016 Enforced Suspension 10-Apr-13
Davis, Tammy G. RN 662423 Voluntary Surrender 11-Mar-13
Davis-Clarke, Stephanie Yvette LVN 157367 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Day, Candace Sarah RN 756366 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Dean, Nancy Ann RN 571573 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Deike, Nelli Joy LVN 142126 Voluntary Surrender 22-Mar-13
Delangel, Angelica RN 697252 &
LVN 187288
Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Denning, Linda R. RN 512465 &
Revoked 19-Mar-13
Dennis, Nakia Kawane RN 752677 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Diaz, Michael LVN 202680 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Dinh, Calvin Hung RN 739040 Voluntary Surrender 8-Apr-13
Donaghey, Carrie J. RN 629755 &
LVN 153213
Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Dority-Cole, Linda Nell RN 239574 Voluntary Surrender 21-Feb-13
Dorman, Catherine RN 760944 Voluntary Surrender 18-Mar-13
Dorsey, Rita Mae RN 653591 Suspend/Probate 12-Feb-13
Dozier, Jill S. RN 624800 Limited License 12-Feb-13
Duncan, Mark Howard RN 594422 &
LVN 138401
Voluntary Surrender 26-Apr-13
Durand, Debra Sue LVN 161793 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Eastwood, Deborah M. LVN 126021 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Echols, Margaret Ruth LVN 189640 Voluntary Surrender 22-Apr-13
Ehiobu, Ifeanyi Christie RN 694692 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Elston, Michelle Lynn RN 623709 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Enehikhuere, Augustine Ovbokhan RN 689316 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
English, Tammy Ann LVN 206811 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Enyong, Godwin O. RN 567632 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Eversole, Heather Nichole RN 824023 Voluntary Surrender 7-Mar-13
Fairbanks, Trebla Kathleen LVN 141490 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-13
Fernandez, Angela Diane LVN 184824 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Fielder, Brad Michael RN 660131 &
CRNA , LVN 167620
Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Finley, Rachael Paralee (Burist) LVN 187280 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Flores, Enrique Placido LVN 154867 Enforced Suspension 19-Mar-13
Flower, Elizabeth Christine RN 561311 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Flynn, Karista Rose LVN 208736 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Fontaine, Denyce Elaine RN 664359 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Ford, Cynthia Ann PTP AZ RN 163756 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Fortner, Jame Lynn RN 804715 Reprimand with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Fought, Victoria Lee RN 569448 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Francois, Nardine LVN 225178 Voluntary Surrender 6-Mar-13
Franklin, Roy Vance LVN 180311 Remedial Education 11-Feb-13
Franks, Don Decker RN 788402 Remedial Education 4-Mar-13
Frausto, Mark Antonio RN 681389 &
LVN 163128
Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Freeman, Frances Elaine RN 571699 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Gaddis, Merry Wayne RN 524307 &
Voluntary Surrender 18-Mar-13
Galaviz, Jose Luis RN 687945 &
LVN 148745
Suspend/Probate 12-Feb-13
Galindo, Bobby RN 762061 Voluntary Surrender 4-Mar-13
Gallegos, Gene Gilbert LVN 188548 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Gallimore, Jennifer Elaine LVN 183445 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Galvan, Manuel Valdez RN 728064 &
LVN 163224
Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Gant, Suprena Diane LVN 111621 Voluntary Surrender 7-Feb-13
Garcia, Maria Louisa LVN 214339 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Garcia, Roberta Anita LVN 118943 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Gaytan, Melitza LVN 169171 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Gerst, Regina C. RN 461058 Voluntary Surrender 18-Mar-13
Gibson, Angela Marie LVN 189312 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Gil, Jennifer Marie LVN 205828 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Gilliam, Richard D. RN 648228 Voluntary Surrender 28-Mar-13
Gillum, Patricia Ann RN 603574 Voluntary Surrender 14-Mar-13
Gindlesberger, Kandy Inez LVN 86927 Voluntary Surrender 8-Apr-13
Gonzalez, Estella LVN 197240 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Gonzalez, Mario Sainz LVN 178551 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Gonzalez, Robin Leigh RN 815932 Voluntary Surrender 8-Feb-13
Gonzalez, Serafin E. LVN 92727 Remedial Education 26-Feb-13
Gordon, Lori Ann LVN 203668 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Gossett, Jeanell LVN 192765 Remedial Education 22-Feb-13
Green, Carol A. RN 243459 Enforced Suspension 18-Apr-13
Green, Valerie Ann RN 592601 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Greer, Barbara Anne RN 226325 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Guadarrama, Elissa K. LVN 168502 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Apr-13
Gutierrez, Mona Eileen RN 676335 &
LVN 162460
Voluntary Surrender 26-Mar-13
Ham, Elaine RN 652614 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Hardin, Lescester Norcel RN 672288 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Harmon, Tommy Andrew LVN 172457 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Harris, Jennifer Leigh LVN 116568 Voluntary Surrender 4-Feb-13
Hart, Victor Charles LVN 222303 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Havelka, Gerad Christopher RN 675551 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Hawkins, M. Kathleen RN 257501 Remedial Education with Fine 25-Apr-13
Hawn, Jennifer Girard RN 777304 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Haynie, Laura Buttery RN 529837 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Hays, Erin RN 651628 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Hays, Paula Jean RN 634126 Enforced Suspension 12-Feb-13
Heimlich, Schuyler Philip RN 794780 Voluntary Surrender 26-Feb-13
Helms, Dana Nicole (Chandler) RN 666842 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Hernandez, Maxine LVN 188188 Remedial Education with Fine 14-Feb-13
Higginbotham, Michelle Lea RN 793836 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Hill, Geri Anne RN 594970 Remedial Education with Fine 12-Feb-13
Hillin, Joy K. RN 501178 &
LVN 51985
Revoked 19-Mar-13
Hinman, Lisa Lea RN 536652 Voluntary Surrender 25-Feb-13
Hinnant, Keith Allen LVN 180710 Remedial Education 22-Feb-13
Hinojos, Alicia RN 653254 Voluntary Surrender 22-Feb-13
Hinton, Lauren Sue RN 607193 &
LVN 139594
Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Hinton-France, Charmin Lakeisha LVN 221313 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Holder, Chris Wayne LVN 189088 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Holtzclaw, Shawna Lou LVN 113724 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Hooten, April Denise RN 678578 &
LVN 147938
Remedial Education with Fine 15-Mar-13
Horinek, Misty Lynn RN 706034 Suspend/Probate 18-Apr-13
Horne, Cristin Jo RN 800312 Voluntary Surrender 6-Mar-13
Hudson, William Edward RN 624691 &
PTP AZ RN 120291
Revoked 19-Mar-13
Hughes, Candace Leigh LVN 125613 Remedial Education with Fine 23-Apr-13
Ige, Olufunke Abidemi RN 700769 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Jackson, Deanna RN 641899 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Jacobs, Edward Todd LVN 166295 Voluntary Surrender 26-Mar-13
Jarmon, Barbra Carol LVN 199934 Remedial Education with Fine 5-Apr-13
Jarrell, Rhonda Marie RN 251333 &
LVN 83204
Revoked 19-Mar-13
Jennings, Michael Bartholomew RN 772443 Enforced Suspension 12-Feb-13
Johnson, Andrea Lynn RN 584152 Enforced Suspension 18-Apr-13
Johnson, Brandi Mae LVN 206468 Voluntary Surrender 1-Feb-13
Johnson, Emma Nichole LVN 186200 Reprimand with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Johnson, Natalie Renae LVN 110575 Remedial Education with Fine 18-Apr-13
Johnson, Rhonda Ann LVN 205764 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Johnson, Stephanie Lois LVN 179409 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13 Jordan, Cynthia Kaye RN 237984 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Joson, III, Manuel Nene RN 624608 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Juarez-Moreno, Laura Astrid RN 789576 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Judiscak, Jeffrey Micheal RN 663120 Voluntary Surrender 25-Mar-13
Judkins, Karen Morris LVN 222684 Remedial Education with Fine 1-Feb-13
Judnick, Barbara Lynne RN 808582 Voluntary Surrender 26-Mar-13
Kauffman, Roslyn Rene RN 533414 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Keith, Kristy Lynn LVN 223533 Remedial Education 27-Mar-13
Keller, Lori Kay LVN 145379 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Keller, Louise Marie LVN 165568 Voluntary Surrender 11-Feb-13
Kemp, Jami Kim RN 646450 &
LVN 150065
Remedial Education with Fine 22-Apr-13
Kennedy, Teresa Marie RN 749247 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Kierstead, Paul Andrew LVN 175332 Enforced Suspension 19-Mar-13
Kimbrough, Elva J. Keller RN 415654 Voluntary Surrender 11-Feb-13
King, Rachel L. LVN 104293 Reprimand with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Knox-Rolls, Shawna Patrice LVN 151218 Remedial Education with Fine 22-Feb-13
Kovar, Ruby RN 237999 Voluntary Surrender 20-Mar-13
Krajewski, Kristi Lynne RN 662518 Voluntary Surrender 8-Feb-13
Labordus, Karen Elizabeth LVN 232492 Revoked 18-Apr-13
Laddie, Nakia Mondre RN 660453 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Lane, Marilyn Warren LVN 93174 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Lane, Mary Catherine LVN 155277 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Apr-13
Large, Lisa Ann RN 729313 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Larkin, Michelle Jean LVN 220121 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Laughlin, Thomas M. RN 525946 Voluntary Surrender 21-Feb-13
Lee, John Alexis Ty LVN 132251 Revoked 18-Apr-13
Lenz, Dan Earl RN 745680 &
Voluntary Surrender 11-Mar-13
Lesley, Deborah J. LVN 74769 Voluntary Surrender 20-Feb-13
Lewis, Pamela Renee RN 705825 Suspend/Probate 18-Apr-13
Lewis, Thomas Allen LVN 175684 Remedial Education with Fine 11-Mar-13
Lindsey, Melissa Ann RN 706622 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Lingbeck, Debra Jo RN 556974 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Llanas, Leonard Zachry LVN 226295 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Lopez, Bernadette Y. LVN 182788 Enforced Suspension 12-Feb-13
Lundberg, Michele Evelyn RN 718296 &
LVN 185783
Remedial Education 19-Apr-13
Lutian, Deborah Ann RN 588908 &
LVN 108174
Revoked 12-Feb-13
Maddox, Shauna Leigh RN 795341 &
LVN 190458
Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Madrid, Mandy Elizabeth LVN 165333 Voluntary Surrender 28-Feb-13
Madrigales, Benjamin LVN 143916 Remedial Education with Fine 26-Mar-13
Makia, Christina Kidi LVN 217055 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Manderscheid, Susan Elizabeth RN 752879 Enforced Suspension 18-Apr-13
Markowski, Jill RN 619915 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Marlowe, Roseanna Fiske RN 591277 Voluntary Surrender 18-Mar-13
Martindale, Neva S. RN 617577 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Mashburn, Sarah Elizabeth RN 754273 Voluntary Surrender 30-Apr-13
Masters, Debra Suzanne RN 590334 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Mata, Rhonda Jo LVN 177283 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Matthews, Amy Christine RN 738703 &
LVN 169237
Enforced Suspension 18-Apr-13
May, Gina Lurea RN 683187 Suspend/Probate 18-Apr-13
Mazick, Gregory William RN 667377 &
LVN 111799
Remedial Education 29-Apr-13
McAdams, Angela Dynette LVN 116998 Voluntary Surrender 11-Mar-13
McCarty, Lia Denise RN 568153 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
McConkey, Nikki Montalbano RN 766678 Revoked 19-Mar-13
McCoppin, Jr., Paul David LVN 146654 Voluntary Surrender 2-Apr-13
McCown, Elizabeth Ann RN 693217 Remedial Education with Fine 13-Feb-13
McNeely, Melissa Anne RN 769823 Revoked 12-Feb-13
McNeely, Ruth B. RN 589496 &
LVN 110087
Voluntary Surrender 18-Apr-13
McPherson, Zoe Ann RN 644919 Limited License 19-Mar-13
Mead, Larry Loyd LVN 172770 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Melendez, Donna Sue RN 689773 &
LVN 139535
Voluntary Surrender 19-Mar-13
Meyers, Samantha Jo LVN 207375 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Mickler, Marsha R. RN 537614 Suspend/Probate 12-Feb-13
Millender, Carolyn T. LVN 168620 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Apr-13
Mize, Cara Darlene LVN 230967 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Monick, Sandra Leigh RN 658341 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 12-Feb-13
Monjimbo, Charlotte Efeti LVN 221316 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Monroe, Minnie Margaret LVN 28344 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Morris, Angilique Karrol LVN 211229 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Moser, Amelia Michele RN 672598 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Moss, Sarah Kathleen LVN 202277 Voluntary Surrender 4-Apr-13
Mosser, Mary Eileen RN 596090 &
LVN 125417
Remedial Education with Fine 12-Feb-13
Moulden, Mickeal Louis RN 649987 Voluntary Surrender 1-Mar-13
Mouton-Tedder, Melanie Linette RN 769431 &
LVN 129709
Limited License 19-Mar-13
Mueller, Christopher Neal RN 695232 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Munn, Penny Jean RN 627382 Remedial Education with Fine 11-Feb-13
Munoz, Maria Elena RN 759218 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Nance, Samantha Lynn RN 718969 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Nash, Susan Ann (Brown) RN 632960 Remedial Education with Fine 12-Apr-13
Nation, Isaac LVN 76604 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Nehikhuere, Patience Iziegbuwa RN 659082 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Neovivo, Deborah Anne RN 777510 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Nicholson, Berta Patricia RN 583802 &
LVN 118630
Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Noltkamper, Tina Michele LVN 168698 Voluntary Surrender 19-Mar-13
Novelo, April Marie LVN 186336 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Novosad, Brenda Leah LVN 207941 Suspend/Probate 12-Feb-13
O'Braden, Barbara Elizabeth LVN 156138 Remedial Education with Fine 13-Mar-13
O'Brien, Heath Patrick LVN 229144 Revoked 12-Feb-13
O'Brien, Jeanie Machelle LVN 179152 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Odom, Kara Jo LVN 205821 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Okpiabhele, Kester LVN 146172 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Oli, Ada Chinaenyi-Doris RN 780543 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Oliver, Jacquelyn LVN 65473 Voluntary Surrender 25-Apr-13
Olson, Shannon Alisa RN 754094 &
LVN 126653
Remedial Education with Fine 29-Apr-13
Onderi, Asenath Mongina LVN 221409 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
O'Neal, Jeanette LVN 116797 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Onyegbu, Florence Enwerim LVN 184477 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Oplie, Nikki Marie RN 770926 Remedial Education 5-Apr-13
Opoku, Louisa Boamah (Asante) RN 792864 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Ornelas, Henri LVN 78985 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Orum, Martha Nell RN 241575 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Otieno, Jane Atieno LVN 193096 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-13
Owens, Vivian Nannette RN 510116 Voluntary Surrender 6-Feb-13
Paddock, Lisa Ann RN 588248 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Padilla, Olga RN 517778 &
LVN 76628
Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Parks, Angela Janine LVN 201430 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Patterson, Anjanette D. LVN 187478 Remedial Education with Fine 8-Apr-13
Peavler, Carolyn Jane RN 569648 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Peirce, Tamara Dawn LVN 211838 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Perez, Anita LVN 190494 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Perkins, Penny RN 459280 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Peterson, Patsy Jean RN 555388 &
LVN 74768
Voluntary Surrender 22-Feb-13
Phillips, Clarissa PTP NM LPN 21187 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Phillips, Debra Faye LVN 141801 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Apr-13
Phillips, Demetrice Deshawn LVN 178497 Voluntary Surrender 15-Feb-13
Pichardo, Julie Ann LVN 172142 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Piwonka, Vickie RN 659146 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Poe, Laura Ann LVN 174479 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Polichetti, Lisa Holleman RN 689942 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Prentice, Jennifer Sue LVN 224945 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Presley, Lynette Marie RN 672690 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Purcell, Kimberly Dawn LVN 165558 Voluntary Surrender 19-Apr-13
Purkey, Bernadette Greason RN 666782 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Quintanilla, Delhia LVN 118051 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Quintanilla, Juan Jose LVN 178701 Voluntary Surrender 2-Apr-13
Rachel, Debra B. LVN 106016 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Rail, Kara Leigh RN 747171 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Raley, Susan Roming RN 610542 &
LVN 143624
Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Ramirez, Esperanza G. LVN 93115 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Ramirez, Hector Serrata LVN 301509 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Ramos, Rene Luis LVN 167414 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Ramsey, Kima L. RN 535019 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Apr-13
Rau, Tamara Ellen LVN 179350 Remedial Education 3-Apr-13
Ray, William E. RN 621332 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Raymond, Patricia H. RN 620118 Enforced Suspension 19-Mar-13
Reams, James Edgar LVN 175955 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Reddish, Linda Ann RN 586733 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Reed, Johnny Lynn LVN 146237 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Reed, Shirley Denise LVN 163717 Remedial Education with Fine 26-Feb-13
Reeves, Tracy Marie LVN 144684 Voluntary Surrender 22-Feb-13
Reid, Penny Beth LVN 64770 Limited License 19-Mar-13
Rendon, Andrew LVN 228954 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Rez, Lou Ann LVN 212653 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Ricks, Alison Leann LVN 183824 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Ricks, Cheryl Renee RN 637025 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Riley, Christina Leilani RN 782918 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Rivera, Tina E. RN 728433 &
LVN 143600
Remedial Education 5-Apr-13
Robbins, Alice Lee RN 691654 Revoked 18-Apr-13
Robison, Deena RN 638068 Remedial Education with Fine 8-Apr-13
Rockett, Lois Gay RN 613790 Reprimand with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Rose, Linda RN 609130 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Rowlison, Mitch Robert RN 782045 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Ruiz, Richard RN 716113 Suspend/Probate 18-Apr-13
Russell, Kelly Ruth RN 682774 Revoked 18-Apr-13
Russell, Tanya T. LVN 163117 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Ryan, Christopher John RN 626135 Voluntary Surrender 13-Mar-13
Sage, Katherine Marie RN 744960 Voluntary Surrender 25-Feb-13
Salas, Kevin Edward RN 734532 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Salinas, Leticia O. RN 672195 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Santee, Debra Kay RN 584368 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Satterwhite, Luke Mitchell LVN 226506 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Sauceda, Michael LVN 138979 Voluntary Surrender 18-Apr-13
Sauer, Luann Weathers LVN 113266 Voluntary Surrender 15-Mar-13
Scarborough, Jill Rhena LVN 207139 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Schleiff, Wendall Michael RN 608812 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Schluntz, Jill Amy RN 726369 Remedial Education with Fine 28-Mar-13
Scott, Terri LVN 179072 Remedial Education with Fine 22-Feb-13
Serafine, Sherelia RN 781931 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Serrano, Herlinda LVN 149642 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Sharp, Tyronda Lashet LVN 180298 Voluntary Surrender 8-Apr-13
Shaw, Mark Douglas LVN 181620 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Sherwood, Sungeun Kim RN 648747 Reprimand with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Shiflet, Linda Mary LVN 37852 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Shipley, Maryanne LVN 188518 Remedial Education with Fine 30-Apr-13
Shrum, Ronah Kaye LVN 140620 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Sibanda, Mandisi Basil LVN 190590 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Simcox, Linda LVN 69261 Voluntary Surrender 24-Apr-13
Simpson, Cajuan Michele LVN 182713 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Skog, Carla Faith RN 574668 Voluntary Surrender 1-Feb-13
Smith, Ashley Lynn RN 707198 Voluntary Surrender 1-Apr-13
Solis, Amy Hicks RN 684460 Voluntary Surrender 8-Mar-13
Soukup, Alexandra Louise RN 815829 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Apr-13
Spencer, Nancy Jean LVN 137577 Voluntary Surrender 5-Feb-13
Starin, Elvira RN 513103 &
LVN 72611
Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Steiger, Helen Marie RN 537042 Enforced Suspension 12-Feb-13
Stetar, Patricia Ann RN 804157 &
LVN 222266
Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Stevens, Brandi Jo RN 735955 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Steward, Deidra Dionne LVN 159059 Remedial Education with Fine 18-Mar-13
Stiles, Therisa Lynn RN 755071 &
LVN 190601
Revoked 12-Feb-13
Stringfellow, Ronald Anthony LVN 184618 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Svajda, Stacie Ann RN 702114 &
LVN 164056
Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Swan, Ellis LVN 110289 Remedial Education with Fine 3-Apr-13
Tabada, Arlo Weesit RN 760327 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Tavares, Diane D. RN 656958 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Tehas, Sherrie Diane LVN 128297 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Terrell, Jennifer Janee LVN 146326 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Apr-13
Terry, Tracy Lee LVN 110144 Voluntary Surrender 13-Feb-13
Thibodeaux, Lonnie Gene RN 223319 Voluntary Surrender 8-Feb-13
Thomas, Faye T. LVN 46204 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Thomas, Sterling Bryan RN 794324 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 18-Apr-13
Thomas, Vernieal Andrien LVN 157114 Remedial Education with Fine 22-Apr-13
Thompson, Amy Katharine RN 717289 &
LVN 194202
Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Tilbury, Stephanie Michelle LVN 186971 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Toker, Belinda Bankhead LVN 125144 Remedial Education with Fine 30-Apr-13
Toon, Jessica Lynn LVN 186733 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Trachta, Amy Denice LVN 192810 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Tucker, James Patrick RN 674023 Revoked 18-Apr-13
Tyson, Sartaria Delanette LVN 170096 Revoked 19-Apr-13
Vanschaick, Andrea Ceron RN 654223 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Vasquez, Antonio Arturo RN 742727 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Vasquez, Veronica RN 734197 &
LVN 198815
Voluntary Surrender 12-Feb-13
Vega, Brenda RN 671018 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Vega, John Daniel LVN 157377 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Vernon, Kimberly S. RN 615326 Voluntary Surrender 1-Apr-13
Vidal, Joe Jeffrey RN 697497 Enforced Suspension 19-Mar-13
Wade, Cynthia A. RN 559533 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Wagner-Pullin, Judy RN 738299 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Wahl, Paula Roman LVN 47015 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Walker, Angela Simpson RN 695518 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Waller, Tammy Kaye LVN 164163 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Wanko, Julie Ann (Quesenberry) RN 603859 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Ward, Patricia Ann RN 548766 Remedial Education 8-Feb-13
Wargo, Mary Roberts RN 530674 Voluntary Surrender 5-Apr-13
Warren, Jyma D. RN 746545 Enforced Suspension 12-Feb-13
Weisberg, Lauren Galadriel RN 816388 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Wesson, Polly Diane RN 585025 &
LVN 108770
Revoked 12-Feb-13
Wheatley, Susan Marie RN 785844 Suspend/Probate 18-Apr-13
White, Lorene Veronica RN 758371 Remedial Education 20-Mar-13
White, Shea Spencer RN 774585 &
LVN 206240
Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Whiteman, Garrett Edgar RN 776342 Warning with Stipulations 19-Mar-13
Wilder, Mark Westbrook RN 548815 Limited License 12-Feb-13
Willeby, Tammy Coleen LVN 175267 Voluntary Surrender 20-Feb-13
Williams, Laura E. RN 619862 Warning with Stipulations 18-Apr-13
Williamson, Sherry Lynette LVN 191050 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Wilson, Vicki Lynn RN 717328 Revoked 12-Feb-13
Wolfe, Monica Diane RN 691253 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Woodward, Amber Renee LVN 195165 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Woody, Doris Fay LVN 124420 Suspend/Probate 19-Mar-13
Yarbrough, Jennifer Nichole RN 671070 &
LVN 170687
Revoked 12-Feb-13
Yates, Danishia Dashawn LVN 165202 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Apr-13
Young, Connie Reed LVN 105876 Voluntary Surrender 7-Mar-13
Young, Jessica Joyce LVN 217893 Warning with Stipulations 12-Feb-13
Zapata, Roger LVN 161969 Revoked 19-Mar-13
Zavelsky, Rina Edward RN 692366 Revoked 19-Mar-13