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Discipline & Complaints - Disciplinary Action 07/2012

Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 07/2012

Disciplinary Board orders are public information and the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) requires that the Board inform the public about the disciplinary actions it takes. The Board is a public entity, and as such is subject to open record laws. Cases in which formal charges have been filed also become public information at the time of the filing and continue to be public information throughout the remainder of the disciplinary process. See Section 301.158 and 301.463 (c).

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurse's license number or by sending a request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abbott, Pamela Butts LVN 42184 Voluntary Surrender 1-Mar-12
Acevedo, Iris Vanessa RN 703462 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Ackerman, Valerie Ruth RN 581235 Limited License 20-Mar-12
Adcock, Jackie Joy LVN 149954 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Aikens, Janice Carol RN 715214 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Alaniz, Ricardo Esteban RN 690302 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Alaniz, Venetia Janice RN 801839 &
LVN 222724
Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Alba, Yvonne M. LVN 105416 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Alimi, Afusat Nike RN 614379 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Allen-Amato, Marla Gwynne RN 507807 Voluntary Surrender 29-Mar-12
Alonzo, Kristina Le Ann LVN 181020 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Arguello, Jr., Pedro D. LVN 157630 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Arnold, Julie Ann RN 590219 Limited License 20-Mar-12
Arp, Tandy Kaye LVN 199809 Remedial Education 15-Feb-12
Atherton, Stephen L. RN 684562 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Auzenne, Carla Deann RN 677261 Enforced Suspension 20-Mar-12
Avila, Mike LVN 138189 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Bailey, Debra Elene RN 776519 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Baker, Robert Matthew LVN 159153 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Barnes, Sherri RN 245521 Voluntary Surrender 2-Apr-12
Barnett, Patricia Ann RN 242491 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Barrett, Aundria Kay LVN 161497 Voluntary Surrender 11-Jan-12
Barron, Tanya Elise Arnold LVN 226118 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Bartels, Lisa Ann LVN 156831 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Feb-12
Barton, Lourdes Veronica RN 546824 &
LVN 120235
Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Bates, Lisa Diane RN 674488 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Bayardo, Rodolfo FNP & RN 546838 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Beaird, Brandi Lee RN 688376 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Berglund, Gloria Elizabeth LVN 187985 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Bethards-Sanchez, Kathleen Clare RN 547243 &
LVN 109851
Revoked 20-Mar-12
Bien-Aime, Berthony RN 711265 Remedial Education 24-Feb-12
Bloyed, Evelyn Irene LVN 136676 Voluntary Surrender 13-Apr-12
Boardman, Barbara A. RN 246038 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Bond, Sherri Lynn RN 554299 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Borel, Shannon Cherie LVN 166802 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Bradley, Vonda Colleen LVN 177846 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Breland, Nathanael Vincent LVN 188432 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Brewer, Patricia K. CNM & RN 233598 Voluntary Surrender 24-Apr-12
Britton, Mary Suzanne RN 664036 Fine 30-Mar-12
Brookins, Mary Ann RN 515315 Voluntary Surrender 28-Mar-12
Broussard, Ann Margaret LVN 203480 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Brown, Fatmatta Patricia LVN 174832 Remedial Education with Fine 21-Feb-12
Brown, Rebecca L. RN 681319 Voluntary Surrender 17-Feb-12
Bullocks, Stephanie LVN 190363 Remedial Education with Fine 15-Feb-12
Bunyard, Kelly Joe RN 608054 Voluntary Surrender 24-Feb-12
Burdett-Sutton, Antonietta Y. RN 620644 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Butler, Tina RN 628519 &
LVN 117616
Voluntary Surrender 23-Feb-12
Caldera, Christine Ann LVN 191661 Voluntary Surrender 12-Apr-12
Caldwell, Jennifer Nehring LVN 173461 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Cannon, Beverly Jo LVN 24529 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Cargill, Kimberly Dianne LVN 171522 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Carpio, Crystal Ann RN 712687 Remedial Education 29-Mar-12
Carroll, Barbara Eileen RN 612673 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Carroll, Thomas Marcell RN 723811 &
LVN 131637
Revoked 20-Mar-12
Case, Tammy Wilson LVN 110768 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Chambers, Michael Lee RN 664805 &
LVN 159618
Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Champe, Colleen RN 771438 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Chant, Judith Frances FNP & RN 600209 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Chenette, Clint Forrest LVN 216771 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Christ, Theresa E. WHNP & RN 603484 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Clark, Christy June RN 759719 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Clemans, Dwight Raymond FNP, GNP & RN 623027 Voluntary Surrender 23-Feb-12
Click, Jeffrey Brent LVN 143540 Voluntary Surrender 12-Mar-12
Clinton, Pamela Joyce LVN 140816 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Clupper, Eric Flores LVN 191018 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Coffman, Barbara Jean RN255107 &
LVN 87688
Voluntary Surrender 5-Mar-12
Coffman, Carolyn J. M. RN 232096 Voluntary Surrender 30-Apr-12
Colson, Monica RN 674456 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Apr-12
Corley, Edgar Roland RN 511094 Voluntary Surrender 13-Mar-12
Cossey, Robert Earl LVN 161706 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Court, Susan Mary RN 579037 Remedial Education 13-Apr-12
Cox, Amy Larue LVN 143182 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Cox, Donna Lisa LVN 300114 Remedial Education 24-Feb-12
Cox, Jerry Lee LVN 159201 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Craven, Christie Denise LVN 171656 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Crawford, Nancy Edith LVN 183067 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Cullen, Tina Letrice LVN 194577 Remedial Education with Fine 2-Apr-12
Cunningham, Paula Sue (Pustka) LVN 228300 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Dagenais, Micahlea LVN 217193 Enforced Suspension 19-Apr-12
Davis, Morgan Chanel LVN 212098 Revoked 20-Apr-12
Davis, Paula Jo RN 707919 Remedial Education 20-Apr-12
Dean, Sabrina Matteson RN 729169 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Apr-12
Dejesus, Sandra Francisca RN 764715 Remedial Education 9-Mar-12
Dekinder, Cathy LVN 145003 Limited License 19-Apr-12
Delota, Cecilia Foronda RN 645935 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Dial, Melissa RN 648512 &
LVN 130092
Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Diamond, Lori Anne LVN 183312 Voluntary Surrender 29-Feb-12
Diaz, Viola Jean LVN 117296 Voluntary Surrender 15-Mar-12
Disque, Theodore J. RN 684611 Limited License 19-Apr-12
Doland, Victoria RN 647096 Remedial Education 25-Apr-12
Dorbecker, Debranda Lynn RN 562603 Voluntary Surrender 29-Feb-12
Dorsett, Trena Dlene LVN 140081 Limited License 20-Mar-12
Dorsey, Cubbie Nell RN 577349 &
LVN 122624
Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Driessen, Jennifer Morris RN 678522 Voluntary Surrender 5-Apr-12
Driskill, Bonicci Gail RN 441072 Voluntary Surrender 15-Feb-12
Dudley, Shirley James RN 729581 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Duitch, Karen Irby LVN 184587 Remedial Education with Fine 25-Apr-12
Eddings, Leann Margaret RN 653472 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Edwards, Stacie Laverne RN 661122 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Elliott, Amanda Ann LVN 177089 Remedial Education 20-Apr-12
Emerson, Christopher Colt RN 758527 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Encinia, Estevan LVN 194388 Voluntary Surrender 15-Feb-12
Endsley, Jeremy Dale RN 680211 &
LVN 149551
Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
England, Tina Ann RN 667375 &
LVN 144587
Voluntary Surrender 21-Mar-12
Enriquez, Amelia LVN 177656 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Eppes, Tricia Whitmire LVN 221418 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Esquivel, Lisa Michelle RN 759358 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Estrada, Salvador LVN 115069 Voluntary Surrender 26-Mar-12
Fallon, Laurie Ann RN 611840 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Fenton, Jamie Dawn LVN 159567 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Ferrin, Lisa Ann LVN 149095 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Figueroa, Monica Ann LVN 177755 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Finch, Stephen Howard LVN 169823 Voluntary Surrender 12-Apr-12
Fiscus, Sara Ann LVN 202727 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Flores, Cynthia Renee LVN 214099 Voluntary Surrender 14-Mar-12
Forrest, Magdaline LVN 136661 Remedial Education with Fine 22-Feb-12
Foster, Julie Frances RN 577456 &
LVN 133742
Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Fowler, Betty Ruth RN 554404 Remedial Education with Fine 5-Mar-12
Fraser, Jr., William Larry LVN 174326 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Frederick, Natoya Gwenzella RN 718889 &
LVN 178336
Remedial Education 12-Apr-12
Frierson, Pamela RN 546505 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Frye, Heather Jacqueline LVN 211014 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Fuentes, Silvia Yolanda RN 685868 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Furr, Michael Laurence RN 708411 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Gaitan, Lindsey Gayle RN 775688 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Galloway, Artie Helen RN 449583 Voluntary Surrender 13-Mar-12
Galloway, Genger Lee LVN 161121 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Galvan, Alexandra LVN 189207 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Feb-12
Gandy, Jennifer Leanne RN 739737 Remedial Education 13-Mar-12
Garcia, Corina Lozano LVN 177612 Enforced Suspension 19-Apr-12
Gardenhire, Trey Christopher LVN 181513 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Gardner, Kimberly Sue LVN 193285 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Garza, Danna Carol LVN 161648 Remedial Education with Fine 28-Mar-12
Garza, Jonell Michelle RN 706880 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Garza, Maria Elsa LVN 121544 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Garza, Ricardo Omar RN 571919 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Gilstrap, Sally Winn LVN 84181 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Gleason, Karen Lea RN 644121 Voluntary Surrender 6-Apr-12
Goll, Cynthia Marie RN 747837 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Gonzales, Ma Clarissa Alcos RN 682793 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Gonzalez, Rogelio S. LVN 113962 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Goree, Batrina RN 664307 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Graham, Janie Louise RN 528905 Voluntary Surrender 21-Feb-12
Graham, Kimberly Yvette RN 718423 Remedial Education, Deferred 6-Apr-12
Graves, Holly Ann RN 582593 Remedial Education with Fine 12-Mar-12
Green, Marci Rae RN 718038 &
LVN 192039
Voluntary Surrender 9-Mar-12
Green, Sylvan Alfred RN 562725 Remedial Education 11-Apr-12
Greer, Christi RN 653230 Remedial Education with Fine 21-Mar-12
Greer, Raymond Virgil RN 748022 Revoked 20-Apr-12
Guerrero, Joanne Galang RN 570493 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Gunaca, Deborah Ann RN 567861 Remedial Education 5-Apr-12
Gutierrez, San Juana A. LVN 69579 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Hamilton, Zona Martin LVN 205067 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Harraid, Jonathan Ross RN 678146 Voluntary Surrender 6-Mar-12
Harrell, Donna Lynn RN 728582 Enforced Suspension 20-Mar-12
Harris, Jennifer Leigh LVN 116568 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Harris, Sandy RN 652890 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Harrison, Julane Ann LVN 171885 Voluntary Surrender 22-Mar-12
Haywood, Mona RN 793684 &
LVN 192940
Remedial Education with Fine 24-Feb-12
Hebner, James R. RN 621946 Voluntary Surrender 23-Apr-12
Hembree, Peggy S. RN 235478 Remedial Education with Fine 13-Mar-12
Henderson, Jason Allen LVN 193339 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Hernandez, Julian LVN 43959 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Hernandez, Yvonne LVN 177753 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Herrera, Brenda Leblanc RN 595604 Voluntary Surrender 6-Mar-12
Hiatt, Shawn Denise RN 764281 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Hickey, Dana Lynn RN 759853 Voluntary Surrender 27-Feb-12
Hicks, Rebecca Ann RN 786017 &
LVN 219786
Revoked 20-Mar-12
Hillier, Robert Norman RN 608672 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Hobbs, Amber Lark RN 746412 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Holley, Sharon Lorene LVN 112316 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Holmes, Karen Sue LVN 103962 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Horner, Roxzan Marie LVN 89798 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Hougland, Sara Len LVN 183107 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Houston, Stacey Ann LVN 158099 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Houston, Takeisha L. LVN 207318 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Howard, Leslie Denise LVN 211530 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Howell, Vernona Jan LVN 140732 Enforced Suspension 20-Mar-12
Howland, Jolynn RN 722922 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Hughes, Andy Lee RN 572281 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Mar-12
Humphries, William Judson RN 729889 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Hutson, Kristi Dawn RN 705366 Revoked 20-Apr-12
Jackson, Beverly M. RN 501193 &
LVN 60426
Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Jackson, Tonda Renee RN 563052 Enforced Suspension 20-Mar-12
Jenkins, Elizabeth Mayer RN 448028 Voluntary Surrender 16-Mar-12
Jennings, Barbara L. W. RN 226948 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Johnson, Bettye M. RN 517170 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Johnson, Brandi Mae LVN 206468 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Johnston, David R. RN 583062 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Jones, Angela Austin LVN 220392 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Jones, Zorana LVN 200842 Remedial Education 2-Apr-12
Kaemmerling, Paul Kerr RN 606571 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Keester, Linda W. Dunlap RN 219883 Voluntary Surrender 17-Apr-12
Keeth, Julie Denise LVN 183054 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Kehoe, Albernetta LVN 174741 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Kennedy, Nancy Louise LVN 68090 Remedial Education 6-Mar-12
Kent, Rebecca Lynn RN 547758 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Khoury, Pamela L. LVN 76450 Warning with Fine 19-Apr-12
Knott, Regina Lee LVN 187817 Revoked 20-Apr-12
Kuykendall, Patricia Ellen RN 568377 Voluntary Surrender 5-Apr-12
Labove, Joanie Damietta LVN 122195 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Landers, Tristan Kelly-Marie RN 696884 Voluntary Surrender 26-Mar-12
Lara, Brenda A. RN 562829 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Laughlin, Thomas M. RN 525946 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Lee, Ulisa Michelle RN 734618 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Leroux, Barbara Ann LVN 157855 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Lewallen, James Ryan RN 738088 Remedial Education 8-Mar-12
Lien, Latonia Renee LVN 188495 Voluntary Surrender 3-Apr-12
Lincoln, Sharon Marie LVN 112281 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Loar, Monica RN 739340 Remedial Education, Deferred 28-Feb-12
Long, Candal Lori RN 714502 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Lopez, Jonna LVN 206875 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Lopez, Rosa Flores LVN 65510 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Lora, Sophia LVN 190502 Remedial Education with Fine 23-Mar-12
Losiewicz, Stephen Michael LVN 200411 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Losoya, Roy RN 637704 Limited License 19-Apr-12
Luna, Patricia Ann LVN 92616 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Macko, Sharon L. RN 516396 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Mahanay, Tatina Self RN 605606 &
LVN 142975
Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Maiden, Mark RN 641357 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Malone, Marcia Ann LVN 109938 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Marett, Leah Suzanne RN 555039 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Marmaduke, Will Anne RN 555043 Remedial Education 20-Apr-12
Martin, Angela Catherine RN 659825 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Martinez, Anthony RN 753396 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Martinez, Betty Ann LVN 134727 Remedial Education with Fine 23-Apr-12
Martinez, Diana LVN 216781 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Mather, Patricia Kay RN 807051 Voluntary Surrender 17-Feb-12
Mathis, Sonja Marie LVN 89265 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Maxwell, Lisa Ann RN 524664 Enforced Suspension 19-Apr-12
McCarthy Jr., William Hart RN 720333 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
McDonald, Adriana RN 773282 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Feb-12
McMahan, Jack Thomas RN 632168 Revoked 20-Mar-12
McMillan, Heather Lynn LVN 146044 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
McMurray, Olivia Ann LVN 201546 Voluntary Surrender 9-Apr-12
Megna, Stephen Vincent LVN 169264 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Mercier, Paul ENP & RN 643721 Remedial Education 17-Apr-12
Mertins, Mary Jessica FNP & RN 617852 Voluntary Surrender 26-Apr-12
Meyer, Linda Marie RN 577983 &
LVN 63640
Enforced Suspension 20-Mar-12
Meza, Ronald G. RN 620081 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Michael, Adrian E. LVN 108647 Remedial Education with Fine 25-Apr-12
Miller, Raymond P. RN 522257 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Moffett, Kendra Lynn RN 730773 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Moton, Debra Renee LVN 162436 Remedial Education 15-Mar-12
Munoz, Marriea Latrail LVN 171570 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Murie, Diann Theodora LVN 199086 Remedial Education with Fine 15-Feb-12
Murphy, Mark Allen RN 770231 &
LVN 211636
Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Nichols, Theresa RN 533231 Remedial Education with Fine 21-Mar-12
Nieto Jr., Ignacio RN 626329 &
LVN 83550
Revoked 20-Mar-12
Nulf, Sheila Ann RN 701402 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Nwaobasi, Rachel N. Imo RN 429907 Voluntary Surrender 29-Mar-12
Ohre, Deverise A. RN 618468 &
LVN 73586
Remedial Education 2-Apr-12
Oliver, Mary Elizabeth RN 526331 &
LVN 79306
Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Otwell, Angela Renee RN 774789 Remedial Education 9-Mar-12
Ovalle, Eliza Nira RN 583865 Voluntary Surrender 23-Feb-12
Overton, Tomsie Michelle LVN 194715 Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Owens, Jr., Thomas B. LVN 78996 Warning 20-Mar-12
Palacios, Carolyn Sue RN 707187 &
LVN 177294
Enforced Suspension 19-Apr-12
Pallesen, Rhonda Kay LVN 199420 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Palmer, Bonita M Geist RN 426876 Voluntary Surrender 3-Apr-12
Parham, Toni Rene RN 776664 Remedial Education with Fine 12-Apr-12
Parsons, Linda Mae RN 605087 Warning 19-Apr-12
Pasion, Wilhelmina Arrieta RN 704766 Remedial Education 12-Mar-12
Patterson, Mary Moe RN 672024 Voluntary Surrender 24-Apr-12
Payne, Ashley Emily RN 733480 Voluntary Surrender 22-Mar-12
Pearson, Destiny Dionna LVN 168236 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Pedregon, Karen Yvonne RN 599908 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Pedroza, Vera RN 674291 &
LVN 166740
Remedial Education 26-Apr-12
Pequeno, Diane (Alderete) LVN 134837 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Perkins, Deborah J. RN 505281 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Perry, Barbara Ann LVN 86826 Remedial Education 23-Apr-12
Phillips, Daron R. RN 537722 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Pickett, Lisa Michelle LVN 140326 Remedial Education with Fine 26-Mar-12
Pizzute, Jessica Marie RN 700607 &
LVN 175352
Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Powell, Mary Kathlyn RN 669015 Voluntary Surrender 20-Mar-12
Powers, Mary RN 654568 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Priest, Deborah Lynn RN 624388 Remedial Education 28-Feb-12
Puente, Cristina LVN 229357 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Quinney, Lyndon Blair RN 760429 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Quiroga, Elia S. FNP, RN 596459 &
LVN 65803
Remedial Education with Fine 17-Apr-12
Ramos, Graciela LVN 118681 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Registe, Clavis Vincent RN 741564 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Reid, Robert Dean RN 681187 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Renfroe, Shasscresha Oceanetta LVN 211536 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 19-Apr-12
Rewane, Bridget Weyinmi RN 599400 Remedial Education 12-Apr-12
Reyes, Jessica F. LVN 222260 Limited License 19-Apr-12
Ribbe, Jason C. RN 625332 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Rice, Clovia Ruth RN 627891 Voluntary Surrender 14-Mar-12
Ricks, Jeannie Ann LVN 149201 Voluntary Surrender 28-Feb-12
Rico, Esteban Milton RN 765450 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Riley, Antoinette Renee FNP, RN 630914 &
LVN 149802
Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Rivkin, Stephen Ray LVN 145522 Voluntary Surrender 30-Apr-12
Roberts, Patricia Anne RN 634031 Voluntary Surrender 30-Mar-12
Robinson, Eugene Aldo LVN 227354 Revoked 20-Apr-12
Robinson, Frank Johnny RN 578294 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Rodriguez, Albino N. LVN 105893 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Rodriguez, Dara Lynn LVN 180615 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Rodriguez, Francisco J. RN 534572 &
LVN 102315
Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Rodriguez, Jennifer LVN 180205 Voluntary Surrender 16-Apr-12
Rodriguez-Fernandez, Marina LVN 221730 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Roebuck, Rose Ann LVN 96960 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Rogers, Jenay Lynn RN 658056 Voluntary Surrender 12-Mar-12
Rose, Paula Sue CRNA, RN 560241 & PTP KY RN 1041651 Remedial Education 9-Mar-12
Rosenbaum, Melissa Ann (Ray) RN 628894 &
LVN 140517
Remedial Education with Fine 15-Feb-12
Royce, Carolyn Marie RN 508207 Remedial Education 21-Feb-12
Rubner, Cheryl M. ACANP, RN 502161 & LVN 96400 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Rudder, Cliffie Jeannette LVN 172964 Remedial Education 25-Apr-12
Russell, Sylvia E. RN 541417 &
LVN 81006
Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Russell, Teresa Dee RN 606971 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Sanchez, Jessie Louis LVN 225469 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Seavers, Robin Gail RN 619814 Enforced Suspension 19-Apr-12
Serrano, Lee Joseph LVN 200951 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Shirley, Careta Perdisha LVN 128577 Remedial Education 30-Apr-12
Shook, Judy C. RN 612927 &
LVN 142980
Enforced Suspension 19-Apr-12
Showalter, Shari Lynn RN 694216 &
LVN 168420
Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Sierra, Lauralinda Nichole LVN 173676 Voluntary Surrender 10-Apr-12
Sigler, Christine Mary LVN 128255 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Apr-12
Simmons, Susan Smith RN 541568 &
LVN 105922
Revoked 20-Mar-12
Siverand, John W. LVN 31796 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Skariah, Mary RN 589955 Voluntary Surrender 18-Apr-12
Skidmore, Betty Louise RN 555713 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Skinner, Joyce Ann RN 596905 Remedial Education 16-Apr-12
Slaydon, Chelsye Dawn LVN 193303 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Smith, Angela Dawn LVN 193818 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Smith, Edith Marie RN 639730 Voluntary Surrender 23-Apr-12
Smith, Sharon Matthews LVN 158054 Voluntary Surrender 27-Apr-12
Smyer, Jill A. RN 518233 Remedial Education with Fine 8-Mar-12
Soler, Jessica Christine RN 785802 &
LVN 184553
Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Sosa, Armando RN 643799 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Soto, Angel LVN 160871 Voluntary Surrender 16-Apr-12
Spangler, Debra Wren LVN 119341 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Spates, Luann Renae LVN 170524 Remedial Education 20-Mar-12
Standley, Marilyn LVN 76571 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Stanley, Gina A. RN 663392 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Stephens, Gary Ben RN 241596 Remedial Education with Fine 19-Mar-12
Stephens, Jacqueline E. RN 531723 Limited License 20-Mar-12
Stephens, Tyra Michelle RN 606321 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Stewart, Sara Suzanne LVN 85966 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Streater, Kathy Elaine LVN 190334 Remedial Education 27-Mar-12
Tamburri, Valerie Ann RN 737542 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Taylor, Angelica M. RN 712954 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Taylor, Gigi Marchel LVN 171810 Remedial Education with Fine 16-Feb-12
Taylor, Tiann RN 632672 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Tejada, Jr., Victor Manuel LVN 208792 Remedial Education with Fine 27-Feb-12
Tengler, Lu Slocum (Thompson) RN 658270 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Thiel, John RN 614306 Remedial Education 17-Apr-12
Thomas, Judi Kaye LVN 180673 Remedial Education with Fine 19-Mar-12
Thomas, Latashau Dianne LVN 180436 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Thompson, Carrie Flynn FNP & RN 555871 Remedial Education with Fine 15-Feb-12
Tindall, Suzanne RN 501817 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Tomecek, Angela Denise LVN 139072 Voluntary Surrender 10-Apr-12
Trahern, Clara Lou LVN 165179 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Tran, Toan Van RN 689541 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Troutman, Gerald Britt LVN 108983 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Tukes, Margaret Lee LVN 88961 Voluntary Surrender 27-Feb-12
Tweedel, Nicolas James RN 755364 &
LVN 206907
Voluntary Surrender 6-Mar-12
Tyler, Betty Anne RN 686499 &
LVN 119764
Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Udoh, Michael E. LVN 150164 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Ulbrich, Ladell Russell LVN 70710 Voluntary Surrender 30-Mar-12
Valadez, Victor RN 798402 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Van Camp, Holly Elizabeth RN 708067 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Vansteenberg, Audrey Denise LVN 207519 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Vasquez, Michael Anthony RN 703840 &
LVN 153687
Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Villanueva, Juan Antonio LVN 125656 Remedial Education with Fine 5-Apr-12
Villar, Miriam RN 740498 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Villarreal, Martha Alicia RN 674409 &
LVN 166664
Reprimand with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Voelkel, Rita A. RN 505267 &
LVN 32994
Remedial Education 20-Mar-12
Waldrop, Mary Helen LVN 144282 Voluntary Surrender 9-Apr-12
Walker, Kelly Delene LVN 181649 Voluntary Surrender 2-Mar-12
Wallace, Melissa Dann LVN 199989 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Watson, Benita Sue RN 246431 &
LVN 74581
Revoked 20-Mar-12
Watson, Jacqueline Michelle LVN 138563 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Webster, Brittany L. LVN 211892 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Weisheit, Sarah Kristin RN 682357 Voluntary Surrender 30-Apr-12
Wharry, Jan Marie RN 666741 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Whatley, Dina Michelle LVN 166377 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12
Whittington, Nina Conner LVN 163380 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Wiggins, Kristi Marie RN 637410 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Wiler, Betty Jean LVN 113291 Voluntary Surrender 17-Feb-12
Wilkerson, Tiffany Ann LVN 202720 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Williams, Elizabeth Lynn RN 450861 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Williamson, Geraldine LVN 109077 Voluntary Surrender 17-Feb-12
Willingham, Mandy Rawn LVN 197081 Voluntary Surrender 23-Feb-12
Wilson, Daniel Lee RN 626956 Remedial Education with Fine 5-Apr-12
Wilson, Kimberly Angela RN 698593 Revoked 20-Mar-12
Winslow, Scott Randall RN 578672 Suspend/Probate 19-Apr-12
Wittman, Malinda Ruth RN 728946 Warning with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Wolfe, Michelle Ann RN 655152 Reprimand with Stipulations 20-Mar-12
Woods, Connie Jeannette RN 548859 Suspend/Probate 20-Mar-12
Wright, Helen Lorraine RN 642952 Voluntary Surrender 25-Apr-12
Wyatt, Cheryl Lynn RN 677470 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Feb-12
Wyse, Ali Michelle RN 779098 Warning with Stipulations 19-Apr-12