Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 07/01/2016

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. If you would like to receive additional information regarding the disciplinary action which has been imposed, please send your request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurses license number.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Acosta, Amelia RN 708710Remedial Education with Fine18-Feb-16
Acosta, Gilbert RN 744482Remedial Education with Fine20-Apr-16
Adams, Kelly AnnRN 742570 Voluntary Surrender4-Apr-16
Adcock, Jackie JoyLVN 149954Enforced Suspension21-Apr-16
Adcock, Katrina D.LVN 214818Revoked8-Mar-16
Addison, Bonnita LynnLVN 173832Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Almaraz, Veronica RN 813670 & LVN 215735Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Alonso, Oscar AntonioLVN 225195Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Anaya, Deanna KayRN 561651 & LVN 115177Remedial Education with Fine30-Mar-16
Anderson, Aaron MatthewLVN 304831Revoked21-Apr-16
Andrews, Becki ReneLVN 148954Voluntary Surrender27-Apr-16
Anthony, Kendra LynnRN 757290Voluntary Surrender28-Apr-16
Antonio, Marygrace RN 852985 & LVN 201527Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Aragon, Angel VelasquezLVN 127687Reprimand and Fine8-Mar-16
Avalos, Monina RN 767016Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Ayres, Gabrielle EliseRN 840518Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Baker, Janet RuthRN 777552Remedial Education with Fine11-Feb-16
Banda, Paola MagaliRN 774083Voluntary Surrender15-Feb-16
Barber, Amy RhonicaRN 719502Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Barin, Iona JeanRN 611708Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Barnett, Christi DawnLVN 194166Revoked9-Feb-16
Bartels, Lisa AnnLVN 156831Enforced Suspension21-Apr-16
Bartley Jr., Warren DouglasAP109225 & RN 605979Voluntary Surrender15-Apr-16
Batiste, Frances NicoleLVN 231236Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Belbachir, Laura MargaritaRN 603715Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Bell, Tracy M.RN 504757Voluntary Surrender9-Mar-16
Bennett, Jamesa NicoleRN 855179 & LVN 223428Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Bennett, William BrentRN 705410Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Benzaquen, Carole L. LarsonRN 220092Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Best, Beverley AnneAP116427, RX 8200 & RN 745872Voluntary Surrender28-Mar-16
Best, Valerie RN 536756Revoked8-Mar-16
Bevers, Betsy LynneLVN 180111Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Bingham, Vicki LeighLVN 193985Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Bly, Terry AllisonRN 695077Revoked8-Mar-16
Bond, Jenyce DarcelRN 588546Reprimand and Fine9-Feb-16
Borel, Avalon DanellLVN 165730Revoked8-Mar-16
Borgman, Deborah LynnRX 11689Limited: No Controlled Substances8-Mar-16
Borgman, Deborah LynnAP120780 & RN 656930Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Bos, Trisha JaniceRN 674137Revoked8-Mar-16
Boyd, Melody RegeonRN 257243Revoked8-Mar-16
Boyd, Rachel NanRN 762158Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Boykin, Quintella MarieRN 713920Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Bradburry, William RN 653565Voluntary Surrender31-Mar-16
Bradley, Julia F.RN 532773Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Bradley, Kelly FernLVN 144883Revoked21-Apr-16
Bridgewater, Gregory LynRN 567352Voluntary Surrender24-Mar-16
Britt, Julie AnnLVN 138311Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Brooks, Katina LVN 181282Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Brown, James LeeLVN 159174Remedial Education with Fine12-Apr-16
Brown, Molly KathleenRN 708704Remedial Education with Fine26-Apr-16
Burns, Jenny LVN 321053Voluntary Surrender8-Feb-16
Byun, Susan KayRN 851043Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Cabrera, Virginia PerezLVN 199911Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Cadena, Sara LeighRN 869899Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Campbell, Lydia BethRN 838637Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Canady, Thomas RN 643071Enforced Suspension27-Apr-16
Cardenas, Rhonda LoriLVN 233750Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Carpenter, Roman AP120355, RN 640778 & LVN 154296 Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Carrasco, Sherri Jean (Gutierrez)LVN 185862Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Carrillo, Christina RN 769655Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Carver, Talina RN 641707Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Case, Tammy WilsonLVN 110768Revoked9-Feb-16
Cauthen, Donna GayRN 687237 & LVN 87647Voluntary Surrender19-Feb-16
Cavazos, Arlene D.LVN 89131Voluntary Surrender4-Apr-16
Cavazos, Lenny RayRN 708559Revoked8-Mar-16
Cayari, Editha GloriaRN 551115Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Chambers, Betty JeanRN 562120 & LVN 104514Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Champion, Apryl MichelleRN 751356 & LVN 199495Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Chance, Doris AnnLVN 71728Revoked9-Feb-16
Chapa, Raquel RN 558464Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Chaplin, Tera RockayLVN 174530Revoked9-Feb-16
Charanza, Jessica LeeannLVN 308167Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Chavez, Michelle LeeRN 753510Voluntary Surrender17-Feb-16
Clemons, Debra GailLVN 211724Remedial Education with Fine18-Feb-16
Cole, Wendy AP117344, RN 597056 & LVN 139035Enforced Suspension18-Feb-16
Coley, Carolyn BeckRN 631346Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Coltrin, Kimberley S.RN 572929Enforced Suspension8-Mar-16
Compton, Regenia KayLVN 122049Remedial Education with Fine27-Apr-16
Condarco, Mytee RN 645097Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Conley, James ERN 535308Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Conner, Monica LynetteRN 705875Enforced Suspension17-Feb-16
Cook, Danielle HuetRN 681929Revoked9-Feb-16
Cook, Kari DianeRN 824383Voluntary Surrender3-Mar-16
Cook, Marlon J.AP101676, RN 501684 & LVN 92411Remedial Education17-Mar-16
Copeland, Serrena PatriceRN 701682Revoked21-Apr-16
Cornelsen, Sarah NoelleLVN 214444Voluntary Surrender6-Apr-16
Cowen, Dana LeannLVN 184630Revoked9-Feb-16
Cox, Sarah ChristineRN 694075Remedial Education25-Feb-16
Creese, Karen ElaineRN 692655Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Crow, Julie (Overby)LVN 191749Enforced Suspension8-Mar-16
Cruce, Justin LeonardRN 803813Enforced Suspension9-Feb-16
Cumings, Joan WambuiRN 727492Revoked21-Apr-16
Cyprian Jr., Norman VictorRN 727681Voluntary Surrender13-Apr-16
Daley, Sandra PTP SC RN 44697Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Davis, Tony PTP MO RN 2010034110Revoked8-Mar-16
De La Garza, Jorge LuisLVN 324798Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Deanda, Cynthia A.RN 619580Remedial Education with Fine1-Feb-16
Deerinwater, Christina KayLVN 136017Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Delong, Kimberly FarrahLVN 203856Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Deshazer, Jana Elise BryantLVN 126733Revoked9-Feb-16
Deshield, Precious N.RN 740793Remedial Education with Fine4-Feb-16
Dethlefsen, Donna RuthLVN 142886Revoked9-Feb-16
Dewees, Christina RN 799299 & LVN 204554Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Dimba, Hellen AchiengRN 713604Reprimand with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Dixon, Jori JustineRN 809408Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Dodson, Angela MoniqueLVN 165937Revoked9-Feb-16
Dominguez, Celia LVN 310556Remedial Education with Fine18-Mar-16
Dopwell, Candis LVN 315244Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Douglas, Denise LorraineLVN 307451Revoked9-Feb-16
Dpenhadsouza, Allison Margaret RoseRN 673585Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Drotos Pabon, William JosephLVN 171914Voluntary Surrender15-Mar-16
Dugger, Patty LynnLVN 206753Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Dyke, Catherine JeanRN 454179Remedial Education7-Apr-16
Eckert, Connie AnnLVN 222671Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Edmonds, Kimberly AnnLVN 189457Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Edwards, Mary BelleLVN 195426Voluntary Surrender30-Mar-16
Edwards, Michelle MarieLVN 156635Remedial Education with Fine28-Mar-16
Elizondo, Jose De JesusLVN 303946Revoked8-Mar-16
Els, Peggy LVN 130109Voluntary Surrender26-Apr-16
Eluebo, Henry ChukwukaRN 671276Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Emamjomeh, Vienna MaverickRN 845765Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Emanuel, Carolynne A.PTP KY 1083807Revoked9-Feb-16
Emokah, Uzoamaka VivianLVN 308324Remedial Education14-Mar-16
Englehart, Jeanne LynetteLVN 181779Enforced Suspension22-Feb-16
Enyong, Godwin O.RN 567632Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Esperal, Ma Luz T.RN 794037Reprimand with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Estrada, Julio LVN 219492Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Evans, Katherine HannahRN 624804Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Evans, Rekisha RochelleLVN 220959Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Ewalt, Patricia AnneRN 687182Voluntary Surrender8-Apr-16
Feigenbaum, Mallory SueRN 821686Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Ferguson, Micheala RN 651763 & LVN 160384Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Fernandez, Anita DoloresRN 724329 & LVN 199343Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Ferrell, Patricia RN 653183 & LVN 159670Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Fiedler, Patricia R.RN 746289Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Fischbach, Lee AnnRN 706577Revoked8-Mar-16
Fisher, Scott DavidLVN 199649Revoked21-Apr-16
Fitzsimons, Robert WilliamRN 711816 & LVN 186837Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Fletcher, Soraya DinariAP113859, RX 6044, RN 638551 & LVN 122969 Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Flores, Elizabeth RN 790621 & LVN 215113Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Ford, Kelly CarolLVN 157984Revoked9-Feb-16
Fortner, Jame LynnRN 804715Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Foster, Stephanie ReneaRN 812228 & LVN 214508Revoked9-Feb-16
Fountain, Shelli RN 796817Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Fox, Kristen RN 775905Revoked9-Feb-16
Franco, Jose EarnestoLVN 166824Enforced Suspension9-Feb-16
Francois, Kara TaknaRN 749292Voluntary Surrender15-Dec-15
Franklin, Nicolby EliseRN 861868Revoked9-Feb-16
Fuentes, Valerie AnnLVN 305331Voluntary Surrender31-Mar-16
Gallagher, Sue AnnRN 825108Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Garcia, Audrey RebeccaLVN 314764Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Garcia, Brenda YvetteRN 667343Revoked9-Feb-16
Garcia, Jose MauricioLVN 213843Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Garcia, Maria IsabelLVN 139360Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Gardiner, Bennie DeniseRN 571898Voluntary Surrender29-Apr-16
Garrison, Laura AlethiaRN 692666 & LVN 178050Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Garza, Elma RN 654462 & LVN 52829Remedial Education with Fine4-Feb-16
Geneba, Okike RN 726361Voluntary Surrender25-Feb-16
Georges, Jean AnneRX 12289Limited: No Controlled Substances8-Mar-16
Georges, Jean AnneAP121547, RX 12289 & RN 679260Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Gibson, Angela MarieLVN 189312Revoked9-Feb-16
Giles, Aden SuzanneRN 664072Enforced Suspension12-Feb-16
Gill, Jennifer ElizabethLVN 136163Revoked9-Feb-16
Gilmore, Stephanie ChantelLVN 315130Voluntary Surrender14-Apr-16
Glanville, Sherita JeanellRN 657213Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Goldstein, Cyrel RN 812389Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Gonzales, Nicholas AdamLVN 202650Revoked21-Apr-16
Gonzalez, Dulce TaliaLVN 302082Revoked8-Mar-16
Gonzalez, Elisabeth SigridRN 582560Remedial Education with Fine27-Apr-16
Gonzalez, Sarah SydowRN 812858Remedial Education with Fine8-Apr-16
Graham, Deniell LeshonyaLVN 183671Revoked9-Feb-16
Graham, Jana E.RN 500554 & LVN 72304Revoked9-Feb-16
Graham, Rhonda DianeLVN 130035Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Graham, Ruth E.RN 533401 & LVN 50191Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Green, Christy ReneeRN 855504 & LVN 200781Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Grisel, Jessica DawnRN 803388Reprimand with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Guaderrama, Amanda RN 869606, LVN 303729 & PTP NM RN RN-82070Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Guerrero, James RN 750934 & LVN 193085Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Gumm, Jaime MarieRN 807668Revoked8-Mar-16
Guy, Debbie L.LVN 105097Voluntary Surrender17-Feb-16
Haggard, Vanessa MarieLVN 213899Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Hamilton, Christine DotterRN 717401Enforced Suspension25-Feb-16
Hamilton, Darlene KayLVN 304773Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Hanke, Jacquelynn KayLVN 172254Voluntary Surrender6-Apr-16
Hankins, Chrystan ReneeLVN 172494Revoked9-Feb-16
Harper, Katherine B.LVN 215541Revoked8-Mar-16
Harrell, Gerald RichardLVN 190437Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Harris, Cheri LynnLVN 191318Enforced Suspension8-Mar-16
Harris, Christy JeanRN 785357Reprimand with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Harris, Elizabeth ValleLVN 69620Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Hatch, Vicki JarvisRN 777406Remedial Education17-Mar-16
Hathorn, Katherine AnneRN 691534Enforced Suspension21-Apr-16
Hatley, Yvonne RuthRN 512253Voluntary Surrender22-Feb-16
Haynes, Shacondra AlleneLVN 184827Revoked9-Feb-16
Heern, Judith AnnRN 827316Revoked8-Mar-16
Heller, Stephanie RenaeRN 820981Revoked21-Apr-16
Helm, Cindy GailLVN 123952Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Hendrickson, John AldenRN 767577Voluntary Surrender28-Mar-16
Henry, Christie MarieRN 716827Enforced Suspension9-Feb-16
Henry, Dera MichelleRN 696012Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Hernandez, Jennifer RN 767366Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Hernandez, Karina NicoleRN 786479Remedial Education with Fine16-Feb-16
Hernandez, Tanya M.RN 816914Revoked9-Feb-16
Hernando, Rinel TumambingRN 755145Warning with Stipulations22-Apr-16
Herndon, Cindy RayLVN 204774Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Heroy, James ScottLVN 162856Reprimand with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Heysham, Shawn RheaLVN 308149Voluntary Surrender11-Mar-16
Hickox, James ButlerRN 801653 & LVN 201107Enforced Suspension8-Feb-16
Holliday, Allan RN 648246Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Holliman, Kristin MarieRN 516300Voluntary Surrender29-Apr-16
Holmes, Cheryl RenaeLVN 164402Remedial Education3-Feb-16
Honzik, Alicia IreneRN 739293Voluntary Surrender7-Apr-16
Houck, Terressia DawnLVN 192075Revoked21-Apr-16
Howard, Joanna LeeLVN 123063Revoked9-Feb-16
Howell, Jennifer DianeRN 566271Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Huffman, Miriam RN 652599Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Humbird, Suzanne MarieRN 540574 & LVN 115890Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Hunt, Elisa AmyLVN 151632Revoked21-Apr-16
Hunter, Deborah LouiseRN 678356Revoked9-Feb-16
Huston, D�Havelyn SharnetLVN 164764Revoked21-Apr-16
Iglesia, Michael BoltronRN 727295Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Ingram, Coleen WatersRN 522376Revoked8-Mar-16
Ingram, Valisya Alda YevetteRN 617506Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Isaacs, Michelle AnnetteLVN 223267Revoked9-Feb-16
Jackson, Kathy DawnLVN 207771Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Jaiteh, Cassey OdenRN 768320 & LVN 209030Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
James, Veronica NikiRN 703215Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Jenkins, Felisa AnnLVN 197141Enforced Suspension11-Mar-16
Jennings, Nicole LynnRN 814924Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Jenson, Kurt MerrillLVN 301818Enforced Suspension9-Feb-16
Johnson, Jan H.RN 710996Remedial Education with Fine16-Mar-16
Johnson, Titiana LashaLVN 306643Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Johnson, William JamesRN 664681Revoked9-Feb-16
Johnston, Loretta MaeLVN 114451Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Jones, Camisa ShareyLVN 307041Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Jones, Zorana LVN 200842Revoked9-Feb-16
Joyner, Rebecca ElisabethLVN 303230Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Kaemmerling, Paul KerrRN 606571Revoked9-Feb-16
Kalinda, Sichimo LVN 310873Revoked8-Mar-16
Keahbone, Dianne E.RN 534042Voluntary Surrender17-Feb-16
Kelly, Jacqueline ConnorRN 547115Enforced Suspension21-Apr-16
Kilander, Debra JeanRN 563164 & LVN 62099Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Kincaid, Kim RN 517628Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Kinsley, Bobbie JoRN 761746 & LVN 207547Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Kirkendoll, Ashley KimtashiRN 812591Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Kirkland, Angelita SanjuanaLVN 181895Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Koller, Kevin EarlRN 812941Revoked8-Mar-16
Konecny, Nancy K.LVN 52415Voluntary Surrender23-Mar-16
Kuri Palacios, Hamid LVN 157007Revoked9-Feb-16
Lanagan, Vicki LynnLVN 135510Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Lane, Marilyn WarrenLVN 93174Revoked9-Feb-16
Lara, Donna LynneLVN 170797Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Lawler, Talia LynnRN 737881Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Lee, Stephanie NicolleRN 834341 & LVN 225935Voluntary Surrender12-Feb-16
Lewis, Whitney LeannRN 728632Revoked9-Feb-16
Lockhart, Mary Jo AnnLVN 68236Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Lopez, Carmen RossanaLVN 313184Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Lubina, Carrie AnnRN 803258Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Luther, Clara LVN 113394Voluntary Surrender1-Feb-16
Mahaffey, Nicole RaeLVN 305425Revoked9-Feb-16
Majekodunmi, Jumoke JelilatLVN 318568Voluntary Surrender15-Mar-16
Mansfield, Melissa EllevenRN 697596Enforced Suspension21-Apr-16
Marek, Tina GailLVN 191292Revoked21-Apr-16
Marquez, Margarita LVN 325068Remedial Education with Fine23-Mar-16
Marr, Stacey MichelleRN 637561Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Marsh, Ashly NicoleRN 821041Revoked21-Apr-16
Marshall, David RaymondRN 812253 & LVN 302386Voluntary Surrender5-Apr-16
Martin, Michael JamesLVN 309555Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Martinez, Deborah RN 648946Suspend/Probate11-Apr-16
Martinez, Jimmy LVN 213575Remedial Education with Fine22-Apr-16
Martinez, Juan IgnacioLVN 310237Voluntary Surrender25-Feb-16
Martinez, Michel MontesLVN 199152Remedial Education8-Feb-16
Martinez, Yvonne ReyesLVN 189391Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Martins, Claudia RN 501987Voluntary Surrender18-Apr-16
Mason, Dolores RN 643707Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Mass, Kizzie LenettLVN 190124Revoked9-Feb-16
Mathews, Darren NilesLVN 145334Enforced Suspension8-Mar-16
Matthews, Jennifer MichelleLVN 208821Remedial Education with Fine19-Feb-16
Mayer, Aimee LVN 300936Revoked9-Feb-16
McCarthy, Ann MaureenRN 779846Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
McCullough, Mary AgnesRN 241806Revoked9-Feb-16
McDade, Janet AnneLVN 154036Enforced Suspension21-Apr-16
McDaniel, Crislyn K.AP117225, RX 8804, RN 689426 & LVN 155431 Revoked22-Apr-16
McDonald, Patricia RN 758229Revoked9-Feb-16
McFatridge, Rebecka DianaRN 687458Enforced Suspension5-Apr-16
McGraw, Jamie NelLVN 216899Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
McGruder, Christres UlandaRN 800543Voluntary Surrender31-Mar-16
McIntyre, Michael SteeleAP121935 & RN 703179Reprimand with Stipulations8-Mar-16
McKenzie, KennethPTP VA RN 0001233562Voluntary Surrender4-Apr-16
McKnight, Jill ReneeRN 820355Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
McMillan, Jheri RN 503938Revoked8-Mar-16
McNeill, Josette MarieLVN 153944Revoked9-Feb-16
McVay, Jaye AnneLVN 110625Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
McWilliams-Beisner, Rebekah NaomiLVN 305540Revoked8-Mar-16
Meade, Kristen MarieLVN 201129Revoked21-Apr-16
Meadows, Molly DawnLVN 229475Revoked8-Mar-16
Medina, Maraliz LVN 311630Revoked9-Feb-16
Metcalf, Ginger D.RN 509618Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Michael, Adrian E.LVN 108647Voluntary Surrender8-Feb-16
Miles, Jacqueline AnnLVN 103678Revoked9-Feb-16
Miller, Sherry JeanLVN 154948Voluntary Surrender15-Apr-16
Miller, Timothy BenjaminRN 691835 & LVN 149332Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Mills, Robin AubreyLVN 205303Voluntary Surrender12-Apr-16
Miranda, Bertha AliciaLVN 194394Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Mitchell, Elayna ClareRN 828441Revoked8-Mar-16
Monroe, Jennifer LabayRN 601385Remedial Education with Fine, Deferred26-Apr-16
Montan, Stefanie NicoleLVN 203081Revoked9-Feb-16
Moodley, Pushpa RN 459781Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Moon, Cielo ArriesgadoRN 784376Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Mooney, Angeline RuthRN 633385Voluntary Surrender24-Mar-16
Moreno, Peter RN 827806Revoked9-Feb-16
Morris, Gail MarieRN 514622Limited License21-Apr-16
Morris, Miranda RN 744001Revoked9-Feb-16
Moses-Oduntan, Gabriel OladipoLVN 231324Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Mullins, Yvette RN 629633 & LVN 151039Voluntary Surrender18-Feb-16
Mulloy, Sandra DeeLVN 88496Voluntary Surrender19-Feb-16
Mumy, Beverlee AnneRN 715204 & LVN 124223Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Munoz, Ida MarieLVN 225239Remedial Education with Fine28-Mar-16
Munoz, Julie CrawfordRN 844499Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Musick, Lori SueLVN 149343Voluntary Surrender8-Mar-16
Nash, Zackery RN 793372Enforced Suspension29-Mar-16
Navarro, Davina AnnLVN 203323Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Nelson, Sheree ShalandaRN 868348Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Newman, Rebecca StrainRN 611293Limited License21-Apr-16
Nichols, Patti AnneLVN 138697Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Nix, Angela SueLVN 154345Revoked9-Feb-16
Nnaji, Catherine RN 658218Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Nolan, Nancy ChristineRN 702657Voluntary Surrender14-Apr-16
Norman, Linsey GayleLVN 305443Enforced Suspension9-Feb-16
Nwaboh, Crystal RayAP119501, RX 10655 & RN 696808Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Okereke, Onyii GibsonLVN 304065Remedial Education19-Apr-16
Okonkwo, Benjamin NnamdiRN 798273Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Omosigho, Eunice AgibonsLVN 214686Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Oparanozie, Amara UloakuRN 779888 & LVN 206359Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Orieh, Choise GertrudeRN 676228Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Overshown, Monique AlassandriaRN 738418Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Pace, Diane MichelleLVN 187146Voluntary Surrender19-Feb-16
Page, Catherine RachelRN 752884Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Panaccione, Alicia FaithRN 604206Voluntary Surrender2-Mar-16
Parker, Christina LeeannRN 859061 & LVN 222448Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Parker, Kimberley LeeLVN 147112Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Parker, Reshell LeighannRN 835555Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Perez, Anita LVN 190494Revoked9-Feb-16
Perez, Christina RN 861419Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Perez, Janice L.LVN 110673Revoked9-Feb-16
Perez, Sonia GomezLVN 201331Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Perez, Susana RN 662420 & LVN 170048Revoked8-Mar-16
Perez, Victor HugoRN 685670Voluntary Surrender3-Mar-16
Petersen, Shelly J.LVN 205389Revoked8-Mar-16
Phillips, Sarah RN 801492Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Phillips, Shari LynnRN 660664Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Pitchford, Afton LareeRN 854678Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Pitts, Jil DowneyRN 711661 & LVN 146234Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Pond, Laurie LafauneLVN 216537Enforced Suspension9-Feb-16
Ponder, Shana DeniseLVN 179963Revoked9-Feb-16
Porter, Chekesha J.RN 675525Voluntary Surrender4-Mar-16
Portier, Deven MichelleLVN 308368Reprimand with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Powell, Dena McintyreRN 706937Voluntary Surrender19-Feb-16
Race, Stephen F.RN 619767 & LVN 100398Voluntary Surrender5-Feb-16
Raddatz, Sherri DeniseLVN 231840Enforced Suspension8-Mar-16
Ramirez, Kristen DeanneLVN 197498Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Ramon, Sandy J.RN 757962Enforced Suspension7-Apr-16
Ramos, Alejandro AlexLVN 144086Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Ramos, Loretta P.LVN 208102Reprimand with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Rasmussen, Debra KayRN 680321Voluntary Surrender3-Mar-16
Reardon, Carolann LVN 312066Revoked9-Feb-16
Redman, Laura LeeRN 809926Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Reeves, James DonaldRN 653023Voluntary Surrender17-Mar-16
Remmler, Robyn LVN 309082Revoked9-Feb-16
Reynolds, Penny LynnLVN 94305Revoked9-Feb-16
Rhodes, Amy JoyRN 822263Enforced Suspension4-Apr-16
Rich, Rhonda SueLVN 208679Revoked9-Feb-16
Richard, Eileen CareyRN 753586Revoked8-Mar-16
Richey, Monica LynnLVN 158722Remedial Education31-Mar-16
Rios, Magdalena RN 754167Enforced Suspension21-Apr-16
Ripstra, Katie AliceRN 705300Revoked21-Apr-16
Robb, Cyrilla LVN 303000Voluntary Surrender8-Apr-16
Robertson, Holly DeniseRN 738740 & LVN 187051Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Robinson-Cowley, Carolyn JanAP117397, RN 691998 & LVN 140550Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Rodriguez, Albino N.LVN 105893Reprimand with Stipulations22-Apr-16
Rodriquez, Liza MarieLVN 215016Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Rogers, Paula G.RN 618537Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Romero, Christie JoanLVN 230991Remedial Education with Fine31-Mar-16
Ross, Jennifer LVN 217082Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Ross, Terri JuneRN 564143 & LVN 125538Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Rostollan-Cowgill, Julie A.RN 620131 & LVN 145912Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Ryan, Jennifer LouiseLVN 190022Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Saldana, George EdwardLVN 129823Enforced Suspension23-Mar-16
Salinas, Maricela M.LVN 301375Voluntary Surrender23-Feb-16
Salinas, Servando LVN 223397Voluntary Surrender6-Apr-16
Samuels, Yvette LorraineLVN 177015Enforced Suspension9-Feb-16
Sanders, Jeremiah RayRN 837224Remedial Education with Fine1-Mar-16
Sandoval, Kristina LynneRN 779932Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Santos, Talia ShivahnLVN 224921Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Schaefer, Bonnie BolinRN 797379Enforced Suspension8-Mar-16
Schafer, Virginia SuzanneAP114323 & RN 536287Remedial Education3-Mar-16
Schaumleffel, Holly BrookeRN 797105Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Schell-Watson, Cherie DawnRN 566565Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Schrader, Shannon SuzanneLVN 177244Revoked21-Apr-16
Scott, Tammi ShirellLVN 214903Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Seale, Meagan AmandaLVN 202972Revoked8-Mar-16
Senthavisouk, Tim C.RX 9643Limited: No Controlled Substances9-Feb-16
Senthavisouk, Tim C.AP118302 & RN 775309 Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Sharma, Karen LVN 207273Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Shuppert, Brandi LeeLVN 185663Revoked9-Feb-16
Sikazwe, Chilombo SydneyLVN 313522Revoked9-Feb-16
Siler, James G.RN 518179Revoked9-Feb-16
Silvas, Lashanda KayeRN 670790Voluntary Surrender26-Feb-16
Sims, Kendra Patrice MoniqueLVN 190298Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Skipper, Geoffrey C.LVN 134260Remedial Education with Fine22-Mar-16
Slay, Tiffanie JoannLVN 219894Voluntary Surrender29-Feb-16
Sloan, Karen DanielleLVN 309440Remedial Education22-Mar-16
Smith, Chenaia DanteLVN 229102Revoked8-Mar-16
Smith, Gordon EveretteRN 644257 & LVN 147356Remedial Education with Fine3-Feb-16
Smith, Krista MarieLVN 300151Revoked9-Feb-16
Sosa, Jessica LVN 198756Revoked9-Feb-16
Springer, Dana CarolynRN 585090Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Springer, Desirae ElizabethRN 828087Voluntary Surrender14-Apr-16
Stephens, Veronica AnnRN 793945 & LVN 217717Enforced Suspension21-Apr-16
Stevens, Patricia SueLVN 142212Voluntary Surrender3-Feb-16
Stewart, Julia RN 794719Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Strban, Christina ReneeLVN 194603Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Strickland, Mandy MarieRN 875076 & PTP AZ RN 188287Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Stringer, Samantha AmarettoLVN 230070Enforced Suspension26-Apr-16
Strode, Catina RN 864504Voluntary Surrender11-Mar-16
Summers, Ashley MarieLVN 328147Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Sutton, Kristi LynellLVN 190937Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Sutton, Lashelle BrenaeRN 736472Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Swann, Latasha NicoleLVN 305859Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Taylor, Deniese AlineLVN 144963Revoked9-Feb-16
Taylor, Nancy LockwoodRN 236294Voluntary Surrender24-Feb-16
Tchouanguep, Danielle FloreRN 818063Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Thamathitikhun, Desiree MarieRN 629584Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Thomas, Don JerayLVN 199244Revoked9-Feb-16
Thomas, Sylvia ReneeLVN 222748Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Thornhill, Robert RN 781178Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Thurmond, Nancy LinRN 732354Remedial Education with Fine20-Apr-16
Tidwell, Jolinda SueRN 548750 & LVN 118809Remedial Education7-Mar-16
Toran, Shukia P.LVN 197485Revoked9-Feb-16
Torson, Lindi GailLVN 192118Revoked21-Apr-16
Townsend, Ashley WybleLVN 229837Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Tracy, Joshua AdamLVN 218176Revoked21-Apr-16
Traylor, Cristal DawnRN 770299Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Turner, Terrilyn LVN 119171Suspend/Probate9-Feb-16
Tutter, Kathleen MarieLVN 156457Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Umheni, Marvellous OtaigbeLVN 232426Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Upshaw, Jasmine G.LVN 319584Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Uzuegbu, Franca IfyRN 765842Remedial Education28-Apr-16
Vajda, Robert JudeRN 741718Revoked9-Feb-16
Vantine, Shyann LVN 230396Voluntary Surrender9-Feb-16
Velayo, Maria Corazon GomezRN 616527Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Violand, Leang RN 589614Voluntary Surrender14-Apr-16
Vollmer, Mark DavidAP110944, RX 6532 & RN 673534Revoked8-Mar-16
Waldman, Traci DeanneRN 636146Voluntary Surrender5-Apr-16
Ward, Lisa M.RN 624153Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Ward, Tammy DarleneLVN 159513Warning with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Ware, Chrisandra LavellLVN 194796Revoked8-Mar-16
Warren, Angela MichelleRN 729498 & LVN 140010Enforced Suspension9-Feb-16
Warren, Michael DonLVN 158276Revoked9-Feb-16
Warren-Lovelady, Sherron RN 641524 & LVN 144757Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Wasonga, Maureen AwinoLVN 301840Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Watts, Martha R.LVN 59382Voluntary Surrender19-Apr-16
Weatherly, Ashton CordLVN 188528Revoked21-Apr-16
Weatherly, Katherine LeeRN 730339Warning with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Weatherly, Susan ElizabethLVN 111002Reprimand with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Webb, Christine LeaRN 717233Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
White, Glenn DellPTP MO RN 2007024058Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
White, Tisha DianeLVN 201709Reprimand with Stipulations21-Apr-16
Whitehead, Paula KayLVN 142326Revoked9-Feb-16
Whitlow, Adrienne RebekahRN 823749Suspend/Probate21-Apr-16
Wilkinson, Katrinka AnnRN 836081Revoked8-Mar-16
Williams, Joshua JamesLVN 212525Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Williams, Melissa LynnLVN 211416Revoked9-Feb-16
Williams, Wilhelmina B. A.AP103290, RN 233852 & LVN 44825Voluntary Surrender2-Mar-16
Williamson, Patti GaleRN 585092Warning with Stipulations9-Feb-16
Wingate, Mary AnneRN 501451Revoked9-Feb-16
Winn, Shannon LeighRX 11992Limited: No Controlled Substances8-Mar-16
Winn, Shannon LeighAP121124 & PTP NC RN 166864Suspend/Probate8-Mar-16
Woodruff, Michael J.RN 510472 & LVN 99189Voluntary Surrender22-Mar-16
Word, Lowana LorraineLVN 122774Revoked9-Feb-16
Yarima, Hamisu S.RN 749204Reprimand with Stipulations8-Mar-16
Young, Shay DeniseRN 742374 & LVN 194908Voluntary Surrender14-Mar-16
Zolt, Martha AnnRN 503637Revoked9-Feb-16
Zunker, Jennifer KayRN 761692Reprimand with Stipulations5-Feb-16