The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Acosta, Connie Sue RN 572054 & LVN 130161Reprimand with Stipulations3/5/2019
Adkisson, Lauren Elizabeth RN 855329 & LVN 309876Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Akapo, Rachel B. LVN 328685Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Akharamen, Magdalene B. RN 608967Voluntary Surrender2/7/2019
Allen, Jaime Lee RN 827538Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Alvarado, Cesar R. AP127281 & RN 847802Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Andres, Hannah Estudillo RN 741149Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Arackathazhath, Minimol Xavier RN 692071 & LVN 161090Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Asabere, Franklina Gyamfua RN 911554Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Asher, Crystal Marie RN 581352Remedial Education4/5/2019
Ayodele, Iyabode Abiola RN 692443Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Barbini, Dawn N. LVN 180992Enforced Suspension2/13/2019
Barfield, Rebecca RN 641147Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Barker, Sally Esther (Harshaw) RN 936564Remedial Education with Fine3/21/2019
Barrientes, Lesley Marie LVN 209866Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Battle, Candice Nolan LVN 200804Revoked4/25/2019
Beall, Denise PTP IA RN 080821Revoked2/12/2019
Beltowski, Michael Robert RN 889894Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Bennett, Jonathan Eric RN 929510Enforced Suspension4/4/2019
Berongoy, Mafe Vicenta Gerente RN 749176Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Billings, Sharon Lee LVN 172863Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Binko, Matthew Marshall RN 672649Voluntary Surrender3/8/2019
Blundell, Zachary Thomas RN 926455Enforced Suspension3/5/2019
Borza, Joseph RN 855700Voluntary Surrender3/4/2019
Brady, Tamara LVN 197871Enforced Suspension4/25/2019
Brand, Bridget Renee RN 881433Voluntary Surrender4/8/2019
Brookshire, Brandon R. LVN 320440Remedial Education4/25/2019
Broyles, Robin Lynn LVN 176658Suspend/Probate4/25/2019
Buchanan, Alice Hopkins RN 604059Remedial Education2/21/2019
Burkhart, Mark Erwin RN 598764Voluntary Surrender2/28/2019
Butchbaker, Lee Michael LVN 215882Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/5/2019
Byrd, Carolyn RN 790831Suspend/Probate4/25/2019
Byrd, Kristine Denise RN 746098 & LVN 202020Remedial Education4/10/2019
Cabla, Krystal Lynn RN 801883Enforced Suspension4/25/2019
Caldwell, Benjamin Clay AP109730, RX 3208 & RN 636969Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Carruthers, Donna Lee LVN 76227Voluntary Surrender2/7/2019
Charles, Marie Alvina LVN 70121Suspend/Probate3/5/2019
Chavira, Shelly Renee LVN 311485Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Clark, Lori Nicole RN 920389Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/5/2019
Clark, Rasheedah LVN 224389Revoked2/12/2019
Cole, Wendy AP117344, RX 8562, RN 597056 & LVN 139035Suspend/Probate3/5/2019
Coleman, Barbara Jean LVN 134423Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Combs, Kimberly Dawn LVN 315187Suspend/Probate4/25/2019
Comer, Bradley Don LVN 171062Revoked11/16/2018
Cook, Emily Paige RN 655421Suspend/Probate4/25/2019
Cook, Garrette Michael RN 876744Revoked2/12/2019
Cook, Gina Louise LVN 132619Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Cortez, Victor Manuel RN 740545 & LVN 175447Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Cothern, Brandy Lee LVN 302119Revoked2/12/2019
Couch, William Lucas RN 835706Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Counahan, Karen Danette LVN 135170Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Coward, Crystal Michelle LVN 326438Remedial Education with Fine4/22/2019
Crouch, Jeremy Lee LVN 319116Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Daigle, Sarah Elizabeth RN 931704Remedial Education2/22/2019
Davis, Georgia RN 581721Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Davis, Katrina Roschelle LVN 220952Warning with Stipulations, Deferred4/25/2019
Davis, Kelly LVN 213023Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Del Angel Arteaga, Martin RN 936522 & LVN 330484Remedial Education4/18/2019
Dillard, Samantha Jean LVN 203045Warning with Fine2/12/2019
Dodds, Deborah Arleen LVN 179422Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Donhauser, Faith Christin RN 783651Revoked2/12/2019
Doucet, Juana RN 621162Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Drackley, Terra Michele LVN 214473Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Drennen, Nancy Michelle LVN 221675Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Drew, Shannon Ann LVN 141759Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Drury, Dana Denise LVN 306768Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Dunn, Virginia Maria LVN 120285Remedial Education with Fine2/28/2019
Duran, Jeannette RN 739746Remedial Education4/19/2019
Durso, Anna Beth RN 913618 & LVN 227496Remedial Education2/25/2019
Eberlan, Michael Cody LVN 229629Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Ewah, Usani Onun RN 659214Revoked11/27/2018
Faigao, Adonis Feudo RN 703647 & LVN 180768Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Felix, Taurus Dontrell RN 712333 & LVN 161710Reprimand with Stipulations3/5/2019
Flores, Alfonso LVN 183931Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Fombo, Irine Bengzen RN 840860Remedial Education3/5/2019
Fotzeu, Nelly Laure RN 790756Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Franklin, Lisa Ann RN 694093Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Frederick, Johnathan Tooke RN 846696Enforced Suspension3/5/2019
Freeman, April Dawn RN 824303Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Freeman, Dykstra Wayne AP138419, RX 27239 & RN 844599Suspend/Probate4/25/2019
Gaiser, Christopher Nathan RN 825557Voluntary Surrender4/26/2019
Gallegos, Corina RN 805269Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Gamble, Keith Romund LVN 149278Revoked4/25/2019
Garcia, Destiny Sheri RN 928052Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Garcia, Jennifer Brock AP120671, RX 11587 & RN 806132Warning with Stipulations, Deferred2/12/2019
Garcia, Rene Perez RN 705189Voluntary Surrender2/12/2019
Garcia, Teresa Elizabeth LVN 333192Enforced Suspension4/3/2019
Garibay, Raquel RN 701313Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Gibbs, Katie Michelle RN 860792Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/5/2019
Gilbert, Katie Kubecka AP114926, RX 6843 & RN 696853Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Gillis, Joseph Augustus RN 909536Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Goertz, Kimberly Kay RN 767639 & LVN 208659Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Gonzales, Anastacia Mercedes LVN 337601Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Graboski, Christina Lynn RN 769060Voluntary Surrender2/26/2019
Graham, Rhonda Diane LVN 130035Suspend/Probate4/30/2019
Green, Debra Ann RN 798218 & LVN 167119Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Green, Jacqueline Ford LVN 345730Enforced Suspension4/3/2019
Gregg, Wendi Raye RN 780440Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Guerrero, Melchora AP120862, RX 11755 & RN 728577Remedial Education with Fine4/16/2019
Gutierrez, Andrew Joseph RN 937887Warning with Stipulations, Deferred2/12/2019
Haggerton, Melessia Marie RN 663102Suspend/Probate3/5/2019
Hamilton, Andrea Renea LVN 210535Revoked2/12/2019
Hamilton, Catherine Ann LVN 165044Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Hamilton, Tina Annette RN 604104Voluntary Surrender3/26/2019
Hasselbach, Shannon Michelle RN 826445 & LVN 214755Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Hayes, Kileen Nicole LVN 307037Voluntary Surrender3/15/2019
Hays, Naomi Fay RN 756548Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Hearnsberger, Kristi RN 827267Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Heckman, Jerold Jason RN 630080 & LVN 138557Revoked2/12/2019
Hernandez, Juan Andres LVN 210255Remedial Education with Fine4/22/2019
Hernandezledezma, Marisol RN 905531Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Hickman, Coddy Inez RN 814913Revoked2/12/2019
Hidalgo, Rafael Bravo RN 921668Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/5/2019
Hiett, Cliffa Jan RN 577639Enforced Suspension3/8/2019
Hood, Jeremy Jason RN 863240Reprimand with Stipulations3/5/2019
Horton, Rachel RN 879803Revoked3/5/2019
Hurndon, Consandra Yvette RN 895985 & LVN 229789Remedial Education3/26/2019
Inmon, Janine S. RN 770869Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Iteinjoh, Lylies LVN 332099Revoked3/5/2019
Jackson-Newman, Ellera Louise LVN 197254Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Jacobs, Ashlee Nicole RN 742553Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
James, Debra Lorraine RN 595295Remedial Education4/23/2019
Jean Baptiste, Antonine LVN 321031Remedial Education4/19/2019
Johnson, Lourra Louice LVN 164654Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Johnson, Sacajawea Matchabelli LVN 183464Voluntary Surrender4/16/2019
Jones, Erin RN 900994Revoked4/25/2019
Joyner, Alla Mikhaylouna PTP NM RN-71782Remedial Education4/18/2019
Juarez, Marilyn Nunn LVN 76617Revoked3/5/2019
Kell, Kristen Cecelia LVN 309962Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Kelley, Sheryl Lynne RN 618281 & LVN 124020Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Kelly, Bryan Timothy RN 760089Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
King, Serina L. Ann LVN 309836Remedial Education with Fine4/3/2019
Kiplinger, Jon D. LVN 132228Suspend/Probate3/5/2019
Kohli, Azaad Kayode RN 935428Remedial Education with Fine3/4/2019
Kolleade, Christopher Oluwaseyi RN 836909Remedial Education4/25/2019
Kotara, Kasey Lorraine LVN 307736Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Kuck, Trynna Lynn RN 533482Remedial Education with Fine4/8/2019
Kvothe, Elizabeth Dyanne RN 836642Revoked3/5/2019
Lathrop, Kristen Kay RN 733631Limited License4/25/2019
Leal, Amanda Len LVN 231314Remedial Education with Fine3/11/2019
Leal, Casey Renee LVN 326414Voluntary Surrender4/16/2019
Lee, Kyung I. RN 906543Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Lee, Mijung RN 691135Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Lehmann, Rory J. RN 805082Warning with Stipulations, Deferred4/25/2019
Levesque, Chivas Renee LVN 232361Voluntary Surrender2/19/2019
Lewis, Sabra Crystal (Modisette) LVN 208905Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Lindsey, Tara Denise AP129271, RX 18969 & RN 717772Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Little, Paula Anne RN 908742Enforced Suspension2/1/2019
Longoria, Cindy RN 906924 & LVN 143899Limited License4/25/2019
Love-Jones, Derrick Micah AP125430, RX 15604 & RN 786037Suspend/Probate4/25/2019
Lowery, Jana Dale RN 595720 & LVN 139508Enforced Suspension4/25/2019
Lundy, Samantha Howard LVN 340815Remedial Education2/20/2019
Macomber, David Scott RN 589407Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Madsen, Sara RN 872702 & LVN 232582Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/5/2019
Maldonado, Diana Margarita LVN 309379Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Manley, Kristin Alexandra LVN 329926Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Mariscal, Cecilia LVN 225997Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Martin, Tammie RN 653658Voluntary Surrender4/4/2019
Martinez, Monica LVN 320276Reprimand with Fine4/25/2019
Matijevic, Alojz RN 840683Remedial Education3/25/2019
Mayo, Tabitha Kay RN 779277 & LVN 216216Limited License3/5/2019
McCrea, Danny A. RN 943987 & LVN 172071Voluntary Surrender2/5/2019
McMullen, Celia Garcia RN 774803Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
McNeil, Shannon Michelle LVN 140460Revoked1/17/2019
Mefferd, Martha Aminah AP120700, RX 11610 & RN 654932Remedial Education with Fine4/19/2019
Mendoza, Jonathan Omar AP125975, RX 16069 & RN 800117Warning with Stipulations and Fine3/5/2019
Meshbane, Shannon Moira RN 698311Warning with Stipulations and Fine, Deferred3/5/2019
Miles, Christy Lynette RN 811605Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Miller, Nathan Kyle RN 922195Enforced Suspension4/24/2019
Miller, Stephenie Dawn LVN 216327Enforced Suspension2/20/2019
Mirabella, Randi Kay RN 505459Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Mitchell, Magdalene Goldie RN 612185Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Mitchell, Tanesha Shanelle RN 931215Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Modile, Adenike Priscilla RN 826503 & LVN 219124Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Montgomery, Sebastian James RN 697833Revoked2/12/2019
Moody, Denise Rachelle RN 784857 & LVN 187697Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Morgan, Bonnie L. LVN 53154Revoked3/5/2019
Morgan, Kevin AP123323, RX 13799 & RN 758246Voluntary Surrender2/26/2019
Murray, Hope Dianne RN 561686Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Muzirah, Danie RN 701473Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Naron, Chelsey Lee LVN 306810Enforced Suspension4/3/2019
Narvaez, Vanessa Kay RN 911032 & LVN 324558Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Navarro, Francisco LVN 215797Revoked4/25/2019
Negrete, Sergio LVN 318756Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Ngoue, Marie Madeleine LVN 319499Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Njagi, Angelius Njogu RN 732027 & LVN 192217Suspend/Probate4/25/2019
Oconnell, Aaron RN 865724Revoked2/12/2019
Odom, Misti Brooke LVN 179308Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Olivarez, Julia LVN 161111Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Otitigbe, Isaac Erhiga LVN 220528Voluntary Surrender3/20/2019
Outley, Carolyn Levern LVN 95348Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Pack, Wendy Renee RN 768831Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Palomino-Garcia, Elizabeth A. LVN 216905Voluntary Surrender2/5/2019
Parker, Elizabeth R. RN 629647 & LVN 153192Revoked2/12/2019
Patel, Monica Leigh AP126793, RX 16821 & RN 661156Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Patman, Kelly Rena LVN 150976Reprimand with Fine2/12/2019
Peralez, Melissa Kay RN 896542Remedial Education4/10/2019
Perez, Christina RN 663927Remedial Education, Deferred2/8/2019
Perez, Jennifer Lefner AP116960, RX 8571 & RN 680277Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Perez, Richard Raymond LVN 207867Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Perez, Yolanda LVN 200929Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Perry, Susan AP130970Revoked9/27/2018
Peterson, Alyssa Marie RN 797941Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Phenix, Linell LVN 202073Remedial Education3/15/2019
Phillips, Malia Jean RN 845033Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Phillips, Nicole RN 914955Remedial Education with Fine3/12/2019
Pike, Donna M. RN 613344Revoked2/12/2019
Pliml, Becky R. RN 625684 & LVN 116609Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Pollard, Krystal Brooke RN 767163 & LVN 181255Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Poole-Barfield, Krystal La'Shae LVN 335158Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Prather, Gabriella I. RN 606870Voluntary Surrender3/1/2019
Quimpo, Leilani Grace RN 563977Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Rainey, Patricia R. RN 793345 & LVN 181875Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Ramadhar, Rawle Ramash LVN 169891Reprimand with Stipulations3/5/2019
Randall, Anna May RN 771468Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Reagor, Portia Rochelle LVN 304721Remedial Education, Deferred4/24/2019
Reed, Dianna M. RN 630924 & LVN 125498Voluntary Surrender4/12/2019
Reeves, Katharine Lee RN 716105Enforced Suspension2/26/2019
Reyes, Jennifer Garcia RN 909892 & LVN 219215Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Reyes, Jessica F. LVN 222260Warning with Stipulations2/11/2019
Richard, Betty Joyce LVN 119092Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Riojas, Clarissa Ann RN 823403Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Rios, Fernando Adolfo RN 915921 & LVN 321491Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Rivera-Galindo, David RN 805133Remedial Education with Fine3/6/2019
Roberts, Crystal Anne RN 915923Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Roberts, Elijah LVN 211155Revoked3/5/2019
Robinson, Imacel RN 861218Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Robinson, Lovette AP132869, RX 22207 & RN 855802Warning with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Rodriguez, Lisa J. RN 645372Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Rodriguez, Lupita LVN 205515Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Rose, Amber Brook RN 813983Remedial Education, Deferred4/24/2019
Roulette, Damaris Chepkogei RN 850971Remedial Education with Fine4/11/2019
Rowell, Carl Russell RN 866739 & LVN 217582Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine3/5/2019
Rudd, Tracie Renee LVN 310875Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Saghier, Syed Shahzad RN 767503Revoked3/5/2019
Sanchez, Amber Mae RN 632072Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Scales, Victoria Freeman RN 755769Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Schroeder, Halley Michelle LVN 233184Enforced Suspension4/2/2019
Schroeder, Stephannie Dene RN 790491Warning with Stipulations, Deferred3/5/2019
Shell, Annie Lea RN 893279Revoked2/12/2019
Small, Stacey W. LVN 303928Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Smith, Denise Maureen RN 769473 & LVN 131258Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Smith, Margaret Molinar LVN 205824Remedial Education with Fine4/3/2019
Smith, Nathalie Brooke RN 915173Remedial Education2/13/2019
Springer, Anna Corleen RN 698440Remedial Education with Fine3/21/2019
Stephens, Peggy Teresa Lucas RN 547872 & LVN 83359Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Stephens, Sarena Lee RN 696379Revoked4/25/2019
Stephenson, Amber Laine RN 804156 & LVN 212577Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Summers, Tonya Kay RN 731785 & LVN 199091Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Swiney, Jennifer June LVN 164057Revoked2/12/2019
Swistak, Summer Lyn LVN 341179Enforced Suspension4/10/2019
Tafah, Marienoel Mbianga RN 810217Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Taylor, Jamie O'Neal RN 917329Remedial Education3/7/2019
Taylor, Mark Aaron RN 610028Limited License4/25/2019
Tetteh, Ebenezer RN 898627Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Thomas, Alvin Lewis RN 854153Remedial Education2/11/2019
Thompson, Maecile RN 578528 & LVN 97847Revoked2/12/2019
Thorne, Stefanie Nicole RN 856385Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Tierney, Jennifer Marie RN 789699Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Tillman, Demetria Dora LVN 332206Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Tomlinson, Angela Jean RN 794378Revoked2/12/2019
Torres, Ashley Nichole LVN 323095Revoked2/12/2019
Torson, Lindi Gail LVN 192118Suspend/Probate3/5/2019
Tramel, Linsey Renay RN 803604 & LVN 206767Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Tubbs, Mona Monique LVN 225658Reprimand with Stipulations3/5/2019
Tulk, Dana Marie RN 859631Reprimand with Stipulations2/12/2019
Turley, Sue Ellen RN 453841Warning with Stipulations3/5/2019
Valencia, Laura LVN 97612Suspend/Probate4/25/2019
Vandeventer, Melissa Renee LVN 343126Remedial Education2/20/2019
Vaughan, Cathie Marie RN 650200Remedial Education, Deferred2/21/2019
Vicknair, Rebecca Gwen RN 590202Warning with Stipulations and Fine4/25/2019
Villicana, Isaac RN 786167Revoked4/25/2019
Walden, Laura Luise RN 693283 & LVN 182328Reprimand with Stipulations3/5/2019
Weaver, Trina Mae LVN 338946Warning with Stipulations4/25/2019
Wiedmeyer, Peter Ambrose PTP CO RN 181561Reprimand with Stipulations4/25/2019
Williams, Debra Earlene RN 585073 & LVN 109069Suspend/Probate2/12/2019
Williams, Kristi Lea LVN 178467Suspend/Probate4/25/2019
Williams, Tyneisha Louise RN 931431Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Williams, Yolanda Nicole RN 886536Warning with Stipulations2/12/2019
Wilson, Reeta Ellen LVN 325705Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine2/12/2019
Wilson, Reeta Ellen LVN 325705Voluntary Surrender3/19/2019
Wood, Kendahl Danielle RN 916895Suspend/Probate3/5/2019