The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 1801 Congress Avenue, Suite 10-200, Austin, Texas 78701.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Adams, Donna FayeLVN 145023Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Adelakun, Kudy DolapoAP124032, RX 14410 & RN 588394Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2022
Alford, Tabitha AnnRN 838730Revoked12/13/2022
Ancil, Amy PTP FL RN 9390349Voluntary Surrender01/24/2023
Anunda, Caroline MoraaRN 857765 & LVN 305365Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Atkinson, Tiffany RochelleLVN 342257Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Auker, Todi NicoleRN 837773Remedial Education with Fine01/18/2023
Awbrey, Jessica MichelleLVN 328962Remedial Education with Fine01/10/2023
Baker, Angelique CassandraRN 961216Remedial Education, Deferred12/09/2022
Barbara, Patricia E. MountLVN 120868Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Barrera-Collin, Debra JoyRN 630490Voluntary Surrender11/23/2022
Barrow, Irene HaddertonRN 726057Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Bassett, Annette RN 920424Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Becerra, Diana RN 577032Enforced Suspension11/07/2022
Bellis, Kyle DavidRN 909681Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Bertrand, Amanda RichardLVN 317902Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Beverly, India RachelleRN 817075Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/08/2022
Biltz, Gabriel LinnRN 919324Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Booth, Melissa AnnRN 651953Revoked11/08/2022
Brannon, Megan DarleneRN 1044463Revoked12/13/2022
Briley, Jenifer LaneRN 853196Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/08/2022
Briseno, Barbara JaneRN 736105Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2023
Bryant, Pamela MarieLVN 173633Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Bryant, Patrick MartinRN 767721Remedial Education with Fine01/24/2023
Bullock, Brittany NicoleLVN 327362Revoked11/08/2022
Burns, Cyle PaigeLVN 336204Remedial Education with Fine12/22/2022
Cantu, Manuel DaneRN 803312 & LVN 178039Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Castro, Rosselyn LVN 347388Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2023
Cavazos, Rocio RosasRN 526680Remedial Education11/16/2022
Ceniceros, Benito RN 703052Probated Suspension12/13/2022
Chappell, Kimberly AnneLVN 168938Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Cheng, Tania LeeRN 867001 & LVN 232045Probated Suspension11/08/2022
Childers, Christy MichelleLVN 223163Limited License: No Patient Care01/25/2023
Clark, Angie PageRN 669299Remedial Education, Deferred01/05/2023
Clifford, Marcus RN 784634Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2023
Coleman, Jennifer LeeAP115335, RX 7233 & RN 657841Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2022
Contreras, Juan PabloRN 939765Warning with Stipulations, Deferred01/19/2023
Cook, Jonathan PTP AL RN 1-169918Voluntary Surrender01/06/2023
Copeland, Danielle ElizabethRN 929020Revoked11/08/2022
Daberkow, Mary ElizabethRN 815924Probated Suspension01/19/2023
Davis, Andrea B.LVN 229630Revoked11/08/2022
Debase, Catisha LashaeLVN 229929Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Dickey, Bradley ToddRN 1003069Revoked11/08/2022
Duderstadt, Terri RN 223334Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Elelu, Janet FunmilayoLVN 220517Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2023
Everhart, Patricia RN 1016780Revoked11/08/2022
Eyo Ekpo, Nkoyo AsuquoLVN 353536Probated Suspension12/13/2022
Fiala, Angela RN 841180 & LVN 309324Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2022
Flores, Lindsey MichelleRN 891316Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine01/19/2023
Flory, Ricky LynnRN 879992Remedial Education01/30/2023
Ford, Amber NicoleLVN 209338Remedial Education12/12/2022
Franke, Wanda LouLVN 93050Remedial Education01/03/2023
Frieman, Jodell Ruth (Cook)RN 538078 & LVN 93148Enforced Suspension12/08/2022
Gardner, Randell LeeRN 751584Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2023
Garrabrants, Steven RN 852279Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2022
Garza, Rebecca JannetteRN 696783Remedial Education11/15/2022
Gates, Ashley Co LeettaRN 1023030 & LVN 323530Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2023
Gonzalez, Roberto CarlosLVN 182877Warning with Fine12/13/2022
Gore, Nancy LouiseRN 629345Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2023
Green, Jeremy JosephRN 848182Voluntary Surrender11/03/2022
Gregory, Amanda J. LangLVN 305730Remedial Education with Fine01/25/2023
Groner, Jr., James RichardLVN 231054Voluntary Surrender01/10/2023
Guillen-Reyes, Melissa LVN 329123Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Gumbo, Shingai TracyRN 912397Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/08/2022
Gutierrez, Juan ManuelRN 974412 & LVN 301226Voluntary Surrender12/28/2022
Gutierrez, Rebecca LeighLVN 186437Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine01/19/2023
Hall, Erin RebekahLVN 340067Revoked11/08/2022
Hamilton, Angela LVN 327455Revoked12/13/2022
Hamilton, Lorena CantorRN 939759Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Handy, Tracy RochelleLVN 224663Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Harris, Anitress LagailRN 757709 & LVN 190108Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Hartfield, Chatara ReneeRN 874031Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2022
Haynes, Shasta LVN 331725Warning with Stipulations and Fine01/19/2023
Helms, Criss RN 643639Enforced Suspension01/02/2023
Hemesath, Anna NicoleRN 878905Voluntary Surrender12/09/2022
Henry, Christie MarieRN 716827Probated Suspension12/02/2022
Hensz, Trevor ChristopherRN 954343Voluntary Surrender11/28/2022
Highsmith, Crystal DawnLVN 180337Revoked11/08/2022
Holguin, Dallas ReneLVN 339835Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Horner, Archie JasperLVN 138593Revoked11/08/2022
Horton, Cynthia RN 626885Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Huerta, Yvette RN 872002Enforced Suspension12/16/2022
Hull, Gwendolyn AnneRN 1018895Revoked11/08/2022
Huston, D. Havelyn SharnetLVN 164764Revoked01/19/2023
Hysaw, Donnell EdwardRN 665543 & LVN 146634Warning with Stipulations and Fine01/19/2023
Ileje, Julia RN 918531Warning with Stipulations, Deferred12/13/2022
Jahani, Sabrina AP146045 & PTP GA RN 259883Remedial Education with Fine11/10/2022
January, Melissia GailLVN 312091Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Jeffries, Cheryl KayLVN 198541Revoked11/08/2022
Johnson, Cedrina LachelleRN 965746Enforced Suspension12/20/2022
Johnson, Michael AnthonyLVN 335927Probated Suspension01/19/2023
Jones, Jessica AnnLVN 337413Revoked11/08/2022
Jones, Jo AnnLVN 153624Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Jones-Preston, Elizabeth MariaLVN 232678Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Jorio, Cami RN 939936Revoked11/08/2022
Kelley, Kathleen DianeRN 686769Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Kennedy, Alicia AntonetteRN 869079Probated Suspension11/08/2022
King, Jamie ReneeLVN 172967Voluntary Surrender11/30/2022
Kirksmith, Coleen RN 675503Remedial Education11/08/2022
Kirui, Milcah ChepkemoiLVN 234099Revoked11/08/2022
Kluck, Samantha YorelLVN 1019155Remedial Education with Fine01/18/2023
Knight, Jordan TylerRN 922178Voluntary Surrender11/30/2022
Kozich, Alec GreerRN 968019Warning with Stipulations, Deferred01/19/2023
Le, Yenngoc ThiAP139606 & RN 757916Enforced Suspension12/13/2022
Leal, Diana AP107436, RX 1359 & RN 589330Remedial Education01/18/2023
Lee, Miranda ReneeRN 960480Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/08/2022
Lewis, Gabrielle BerniceRN 1078402 & LVN 339643Remedial Education with Fine01/03/2023
Lieke, Breta AnnAP131952 & RN 633912Remedial Education with Fine12/28/2022
Linton, Nicole LorraineRN 889603Revoked11/08/2022
Lollis, Michael AllenLVN 219751Revoked11/26/2018
Long, Amanda PTP NM RN R45821 & PTP NM LVN L17082Revoked11/08/2022
Lopez, Alberto LVN 349721Remedial Education with Fine01/03/2023
Lopez, Rosa MariaLVN 56192Voluntary Surrender11/18/2022
Luckeyjohnson, Jamie MariaRN 927236Revoked11/08/2022
Lucky, Nichelle E.RN 725835Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/08/2022
Lugo, Robert RN 965987Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2022
Martin, Demetri RanetteRN 668287Voluntary Surrender11/07/2022
Martin, Jenna LouiseAP127612, RX 17481 & RN 871658Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Martinez, Laura EliseRN 884150Voluntary Surrender11/10/2022
Martiny, Eugene MichaelLVN 224878Revoked11/08/2022
Masvero, Jason BrentRN 721816Remedial Education with Fine01/06/2023
Mathis, Minnette LetoriaLVN 345552Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2022
Maturino, Melissa LynnLVN 196710Probated Suspension12/13/2022
McAndrew, Katrina DianneRN 836929 & LVN 210453Remedial Education, Deferred01/18/2023
McFarland, Carol LynnRN 714060 & LVN 149272Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
McIntire, Rebecca LynnAP107992 & RN 248858Remedial Education11/01/2022
McMillan, Safarahh RN 735461Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Meyer, Patricia O'GradyRN 250147Voluntary Surrender01/30/2023
Mitchell, Joyce AnnLVN 95922Remedial Education with Fine01/03/2023
Montes, Giovanni RN 856288Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Moore, Stephanie RaeneLVN 315727Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Morales, Tracey LynnLVN 167756Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Moreland, Valerie LynnRN 257629Voluntary Surrender11/21/2022
Morgan, Christina CharleneLVN 314402Enforced Suspension01/23/2023
Morgan, KenlieLVN 343468Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Morgan, Suzanne MalloryAP116916, RX 7640 & RN 692952Remedial Education with Fine01/13/2023
Motte, Erika A.RN 607110Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Munski, Cori AnneRN 839841Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Newton, Candace DanyceRN 648677Probated Suspension11/08/2022
Nguyen, Bich NgathiRN 819282Voluntary Surrender12/21/2022
Nguyen, Sydney RN 946421Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Nichol, Brooke BarlowRN 827070Remedial Education with Fine01/09/2023
Noetzel, Janice A.RN 616971Remedial Education with Fine11/07/2022
Nzeocha-Raymond, Ngozi S.LVN 161569Remedial Education with Fine11/15/2022
Ochoa, James MichaelLVN 231499Remedial Education with Fine01/09/2023
Ochoa, Jose RN 927436Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Ohiomu, Shavonne LVN 306054Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Oke, Oluwaseun MichaelRN 1056379Revoked11/08/2022
Okeke, Mabel AdaezeRN 606820Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2022
Okeri, Lilian KeruboRN 985531 & LVN 336481Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine11/08/2022
Omenihu, Augustina OgechiRN 1043852Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/08/2022
Omigie, Anne NosaLVN 316595Revoked11/08/2022
Omokanye, Oyeniyi AkinbamiLVN 230335Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Orona, Cynthia AnnRN 698840 & LVN 88800Remedial Education01/24/2023
Palomo, Pedro FabianRN 925821Remedial Education with Fine11/30/2022
Paolino, Brooke NatielRN 948620Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Perkins, Katherine JaneLVN 340610Probated Suspension01/19/2023
Perry, Gina MarieLVN 228928Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Pham, Katherine RN 961373Remedial Education11/29/2022
Pichardo, Jorge RN 821842Revoked01/19/2023
Pomeroy, Amber NicholeRN 961380Probated Suspension12/13/2022
Ponder, Joshua DakotaRN 968900Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Porter, Taylor AshleyRN 990570Enforced Suspension01/19/2023
Powers, Shaste DawnRN 834008Voluntary Surrender11/30/2022
Price, Carol GlennysAP120758, RX 11659 & RN 658381Remedial Education12/01/2022
Price, Sonya MarieLVN 155256Enforced Suspension12/02/2022
Pyles, Tammy SueLVN 150816Probated Suspension12/13/2022
Ramon, Sandy J.RN 757962Reprimand with Fine12/13/2022
Read, Casey BernardRN 792626Revoked01/19/2023
Reyna, Alicia LVN 318460Remedial Education with Fine01/10/2023
Rivas, Katherine ElizabethRN 585551Remedial Education12/13/2022
Roberts, Amy NicoleLVN 341885Remedial Education with Fine01/05/2023
Robinson, Amy JeanetteRN 804108Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Rogers, William ElbertRN 715812 & LVN 193622Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2023
Rose, Michiko DanielleLVN 1016292Probated Suspension12/13/2022
Ross, James RN 548380 & LVN 119117Voluntary Surrender01/05/2023
Rowland, Amanda LeighRN 967065 & LVN 329245Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine01/19/2023
Runnels, Madison CelesteRN 897620Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Saji, Nikhil RN 965858Probated Suspension12/13/2022
Saldivar, Corina RN 821861Revoked11/08/2022
Santschi, Casey LynnRN 738006Revoked12/13/2022
Saucedo, Jaimie RN 1024348Probated Suspension01/19/2023
Schroeder, Stephannie DeneRN 790491Revoked11/08/2022
Serna, Ermelinda RN 876941 & LVN 191875Probated Suspension11/08/2022
Serna, Juan JoseLVN 209987Warning with Fine01/19/2023
Shockley, Jenny CatherineRN 735507Revoked12/13/2022
Shubert, Rebeka JoannLVN 330395Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Simpson, Mojisola MaryRN 918337Remedial Education, Deferred12/06/2022
Sims, Zawonnica ShenellRN 917793Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/13/2022
Slimak, Cindy McAllisterAP122138, RX 12804 & RN 835770Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2023
Smith, Melissa MareeLVN 195816Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2022
Smith-Valdez, Danielle EliseLVN 330528Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Sowards, James M.AP110821, RX 3881 & RN 518249Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2022
Stavena, Kimberly DiannaRN 769930Revoked11/08/2022
Stevenson, Kimberly ShereLVN 208616Remedial Education with Fine01/17/2023
Stewart, Sherry LynnAP133985 & RN 920923Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
Swanson, Connie R. S.AP103470 & RN 224525Revoked12/13/2022
Sylvia, Ashlyn MeaganLVN 353760Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Tate, Janis RN 935243Voluntary Surrender12/27/2022
Taylor, Harley JosephRN 578510Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Taylor, Roxanne BarbaraLVN 178259Probated Suspension11/08/2022
Tiemeyer, Patrick RN 810219Reprimand with Fine01/19/2023
Toland, Mandie AnnAP120613, RX 11529 & RN 791550Remedial Education, Deferred12/07/2022
Trice, Dewayne RN 903715Warning with Stipulations12/13/2022
Trigg, Nancy CarleneRN 770985Limited License: No Patient Care11/10/2022
Van Meter, Brandi KayLVN 191104Probated Suspension11/08/2022
Vear, Michael JamesRN 806648Probated Suspension11/08/2022
Villeda, Javier SantillanRN 880896Enforced Suspension12/13/2022
Walton, Donna A.RN 501733Voluntary Surrender11/01/2022
Waltz, Kimberly ReneeLVN 131499Revoked11/08/2022
Ward, Cedric PTP MO RN 2015028606Revoked12/13/2022
Westberry, Linda LVN 231017Warning with Stipulations01/19/2023
White, Barbara AnnRN 590216 & LVN 72314Remedial Education01/19/2023
White, Eric AlanRN 559566Revoked11/08/2022
Whitmore, Jettie LynnRN 768034Revoked06/16/2021
Wideman, Shanell RenaLVN 334036Revoked11/08/2022
Williams, Thomas MichaelLVN 310151Warning with Stipulations and Fine01/19/2023
Wilson, Jasmine LaurealLVN 353791Revoked11/08/2022
Winker, Allison LeeLVN 323010Revoked11/08/2022
Wright, Nanna L.RN 628980 & LVN 134965Warning with Stipulations11/08/2022
Yates, Dustin AdlaiRN 845542Enforced Suspension11/22/2022

Abbreviations in the Notice of Disciplinary Action Section

PTP Privilege to Practice in Texas, also known as Nurse Licensure Compact Privilege, associated with the indicated state and license. States are abbreviated using the official two letter state abbreviations of the United States Postal System.

RX -- Prescription Authorization