The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Adams, Melissa Michelle RN 697816Stipulations11/9/2021
Aggrey, Emelia Kwagyir LVN 207892Reprimand with Fine1/20/2022
Aguila, Cristina Olano RN 666431 & LVN 137644Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Allen, Kristy Ruth LVN 193962Revoked11/9/2021
Ambriz, Sarai Yvette RN 947900Reprimand with Stipulations12/14/2021
Amro, Hamzah Jamal RN 812702Reprimand with Stipulations12/14/2021
Appling, Lindsay Nicole RN 831247Voluntary Surrender1/7/2022
Are, Maryanne LVN 191960Remedial Education, Deferred11/3/2021
Armstrong, Patricia B. RN 811356Revoked1/4/2022
Arredondo, Lisa Lorena RN 748373Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Ash, Heather Nicole RN 839998Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Atherton, Stephen L. RN 684562Enforced Suspension11/16/2021
Aychiluhem, Tewabech Alemayehu RN 932099Remedial Education1/25/2022
Bailey, Sally Lee RN 453883Reprimand with Stipulations11/9/2021
Baillio, Ashley Lavelle AP130119, RX 19693 & RN 779048Reprimand with Stipulations11/9/2021
Barrios, Azucena Rocio LVN 224285Reprimand with Stipulations12/14/2021
Barrows, Stephanie Michelle RN 770847Revoked11/9/2021
Bayard, Dakota RN 951375Voluntary Surrender12/6/2021
Biddle, Kelli Jean LVN 300950Revoked1/20/2022
Birdine-Epps, Eve Lavette LVN 313265Voluntary Surrender1/31/2022
Boswell, Dianna Adia RN 733933Probated Suspension1/20/2022
Breckon, Joanne Marie RN 937828Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Brian-Hernandez, Stacey L. LVN 155966Remedial Education11/5/2021
Brillhart, Teresa L. RN 227172Voluntary Surrender1/12/2022
Brockette, Cortney Dawn LVN 1012147Enforced Suspension12/2/2021
Brothers, Sharon R. LVN 69316Probated Suspension1/20/2022
Brown, Rene Octavia RN 508906Remedial Education1/14/2022
Bruns, Rhonda K. LVN 95230Warning with Stipulations11/9/2021
Callaway, Maureen Elizabeth RN 593905Revoked11/9/2021
Cano, Michael Keith RN 702244Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/14/2021
Carter, Jill Ellen LVN 117003Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Celander, Elaine Annelle RN 581646 & LVN 133583Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/9/2021
Cerda, Jannette Denneida LVN 308689Revoked1/20/2022
Chevalier, Nathaniel Joseph LVN 203665Revoked1/2/2019
Claros, Cedric RN 981796Probated Suspension11/9/2021
Coe, Sharon Kay LVN 219755Reprimand with Stipulations12/14/2021
Collins, Kristin RN 702513 & LVN 154467Revoked12/9/2019
Cooper, Tiffany Syemone LVN 353520Revoked11/9/2021
Covarrubio, Lydia M. LVN 82687Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine1/20/2022
Daigle, Brandi Marie RN 785964 & LVN 202888Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Dalipe, Aimee Ramos RN 833625Revoked12/14/2021
Dalton, Maria Eugenia Flores RN 876115Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Daniels, Whitney LVN 331279Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Dapaah, David Kwame RN 905620Remedial Education with Fine11/3/2021
Day, Jessica Elizabeth RN 967040Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/14/2021
Delagarza, Lucinda RN 582114Probated Suspension11/9/2021
Delagarza, Lucinda AP113304 & RX 5853Voluntary Surrender11/9/2021
Derrick, Tenisha Renee LVN 301910Probated Suspension12/14/2021
Devasier, Jessica Elaine LVN 215297Revoked11/9/2021
Dickens, Robert Michael RN 708161Revoked11/12/2021
Dillard, Hannah Audreymae AP129311 & RN 825519Revoked11/8/2021
Dominguez, Susana Del Angel LVN 326466Revoked11/9/2021
Egede, Blessing Cordilia AP142979, RX 31488, RN 821680 & LVN 172555Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Fernandez, Veronica RN 789545 & LVN 214992Remedial Education12/29/2021
Flint, Miachel Annette LVN 324534Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Folsom, Kathy Ann LVN 145642Voluntary Surrender11/8/2021
Fontaine, Shara RN 732457Warning with Fine12/14/2021
Forero, Carrie RN 863988Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/14/2021
Galindo, Jessica Lynn RN 947345Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Garcia, Marcus David LVN 159686Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Gilbert, Rhonda RN 636471Revoked11/9/2021
Gonzalez, Lenzie RN 874239Voluntary Surrender1/26/2022
Goodspeed, Kara Maurene RX 7774Limited Precribing: No Contolled Substances11/9/2021
Goodspeed, Kara Maurene AP115987 & RN 621906Probated Suspension11/9/2021
Green, Jessica Lynn LVN 317120Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Gressett, Kory Allen RN 867308Remedial Education11/2/2021
Gunter, Kathryn Cook LVN 82219Revoked1/20/2022
Hannon, James Richard LVN 319649Revoked12/14/2021
Hardin, Racheal Marie AP139515, RX 28295 & RN 772708Warning with Stipulations11/9/2021
Hargis, Shivonne Marie LVN 315193Warning with Stipulations11/9/2021
Henne, Justin Guy AP132046 & RN 818832Remedial Education with Fine, Deferred1/4/2022
Horan, Ursula Shermane RN 862621Voluntary Surrender11/5/2021
Huerta, Tiffany Michelle LVN 304012Probated Suspension12/14/2021
Hunter, Mia Michelle RN 589164 & LVN 122793Remedial Education with Fine11/2/2021
Ibeson, Stella Ekwutosi RN 934653Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Ihekwoaba, Jessica Ijeoma RN 856154Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Jackson, Allison Renee RN 870197Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Johnson, Kathryn Rene LVN 135079Revoked11/9/2021
Johnson, Rachana Shah RN 936181Warning with Stipulations, Deferred11/9/2021
Jordan, Brandalynn Elizabeth RN 893112Voluntary Surrender12/27/2021
Jordan, Graham Kenneth RN 897873Revoked1/20/2022
Katinga, Sherryl Yvonne AP133838, RX 23011 & RN 769073Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Kay, Brittany Nicole RN 894802Reprimand with Stipulations11/9/2021
Kelley, Sheryl Lynne RN 618281 & LVN 124020Revoked11/9/2021
Kilander, Debra Jean RN 563164 & LVN 62099Revoked11/9/2021
King, Tammy Lynn LVN 199354Revoked12/14/2021
Kruse, Debbie Simecek LVN 62506Voluntary Surrender11/2/2021
Laurent, Larry Stephen RN 948856Revoked11/9/2021
Lee, Michele Nicole RN 674605Probated Suspension1/20/2022
Lewis, Mindy RN 693483Revoked11/9/2021
Little, Tammie Lynn RN 671405Voluntary Surrender1/24/2022
Long, Felisha Josephine LVN 317610Remedial Education11/23/2021
Loop, Connie RN 653305 & LVN 158689Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Lopez, Mario B. RN 522161 & LVN 102147Probated Suspension11/9/2021
Lopez, Rosa Maria LVN 56192Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Lotzer, Robert Andrew LVN 1000803Probated Suspension1/20/2022
Louden, Marilyn Freeman RN 508103Reprimand with Stipulations12/14/2021
Lover, Fredrika Deann LVN 336748Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Machie, Carolyn O. RN 677298Revoked1/4/2022
Mandy, III, Arthur AP124069, RX 14453 & RN 839327Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Martin, Desiree Danielle RN 785711Voluntary Surrender11/16/2021
McCartha, Theresa Marie RN 1000110Voluntary Surrender1/26/2022
McGarth, Allison Dyan RN 625303Revoked11/9/2021
McGill, Burnetta Liamon RN 568680Remedial Education with Fine1/11/2022
McKnight, Linda D. AP109764, RX 3183 & RN 589485Reprimand with Stipulations11/9/2021
Mills, Amy RN 811917Voluntary Surrender1/24/2022
Mitchell, Kinya D. RN 743899 & LVN 204346Warning with Stipulations11/9/2021
Moinat, Stacy Diane LVN 317203Voluntary Surrender1/7/2022
Montgomery, Chandra Lanette AP115339, RX 7247, RN 636019 & LVN 146174Remedial Education with Fine1/7/2022
Moody, Tammie Bell LVN 308039Reprimand with Stipulations11/9/2021
Mwazaka, Beatrice Mpoke RN 853090Warning with Stipulations11/9/2021
Narinesingh, Rajesh RN 732674Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Newberry, James Scott RN 882933Probated Suspension12/14/2021
Ngole, Pauline Ahone LVN 229165Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/20/2022
Njenge, Roland Louis RN 806222Revoked12/14/2021
Nwankwo, Augustine Efuna RN 822969Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
O'Brien, Jennifer AP110838 & RN 606375Enforced Suspension12/6/2021
Ogodo, Sophie LVN 317406Probated Suspension1/20/2022
Oha, Geraldine Ekwutosi RN 656301Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Okeowo, Kathleen PTP OK PN L0069979Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Olatunji, Adebayo AP135699, RX 24740, RN 774437 & LVN 205095Remedial Education12/15/2021
Oliver, Katrina Jo RN 917625Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Oluwasola, Oluwatoyin Afolabi RN 739651Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Omuya, Abel Iglesias RN 982040Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Orozco, Julio Cesar RN 799182Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Owens, Jacob Warren RN 792068Probated Suspension11/9/2021
Palmer, Kristine Ellen RN 982073Enforced Suspension12/8/2021
Parker, Helen R. RN 621207 & LVN 147871Remedial Education11/12/2021
Parks, Shatoria Breann LVN 349932Remedial Education11/29/2021
Partridge, Donna Renee RN 646698Reprimand with Stipulations11/9/2021
Patti, Sandra Iris RN 765805Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Pena, Nicole Renee RN 732304Remedial Education12/2/2021
Perez, Lynne Marie LVN 147763Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Pierce, Drew RN 885504Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/14/2021
Pinon, Santiago RN 838379Remedial Education1/24/2022
Powers, Caleb Aaron RN 942250Voluntary Surrender11/2/2021
Purcell, Caitlyn Rose RN 868621Probated Suspension11/9/2021
Ramirez, Kristen Deanne LVN 197498Revoked11/9/2021
Redding, Zakri Blake AP132206, RX 21573 & RN 822598Voluntary Surrender1/3/2022
Reid, Summer Dee RN 901154Voluntary Surrender1/5/2022
Riddle, Robin RN 786190Reprimand with Stipulations12/14/2021
Rios, Eva A. LVN 172384Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Rodriguez, Laura Garcia RN 759942 & LVN 203828Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Rodriguez, Rebecca Diane RN 710025Remedial Education11/17/2021
Rubaba, Farrellin Iyatunde RN 883717Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/9/2021
Ruiz, Mindy Elizabeth RN 829635Voluntary Surrender11/1/2021
Rumel, Derek Johnson RN 883918Remedial Education12/1/2021
Sanderson, Robbie Lynn LVN 315058Revoked1/20/2022
Sandoval, Katie Marie LVN 326525Revoked11/9/2021
Schultz, Christina Leeann LVN 190296Voluntary Surrender11/12/2021
Searcey, Betty Darlene RN 254383 & LVN 78447Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Sharp, Tina Louise RN 805992Revoked11/9/2021
Shaw, Sydney Blair LVN 303291Probated Suspension12/14/2021
Sifuentes, Suzanne Vincent LVN 219511Revoked11/9/2021
Simon, Laila Aydi RN 829000Remedial Education with Fine1/11/2022
Smith, Melissa Maree LVN 195816Reprimand with Stipulations12/14/2021
Smith, Peter Albert RN 987376Revoked11/9/2021
Song, Yuxiu RN 741481Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Starnes, Tysha Dawn PTP AR RN R068807Enforced Suspension1/20/2022
Steen, Jennifer Kay RN 977095 & LVN 164573Voluntary Surrender12/28/2021
Stephens, Peggy Teresa Lucas RN 547872 & LVN 83359Revoked11/9/2021
Stern, Rebecca Ann LVN 309062Remedial Education with Fine1/19/2022
Stewart, Misty Dawn AP126687, RX 16720 & RN 825842Remedial Education with Fine11/18/2021
Stewart, Shannon G. RN 516688Revoked12/14/2021
Strickland, Jessica Ruth AP120662, RX 11571 & RN 675497Warning with Stipulations11/9/2021
Taylor, Robin Raquel LVN 123079Voluntary Surrender11/3/2021
Tellez, Norma Jean LVN 183988Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Thaggard, Susie A. RN 668745 & LVN 108029Probated Suspension1/13/2022
Thomas, Dana Elizabeth RN 825003Revoked7/14/2021
Thomas, Kenlie (Smith) LVN 343468Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/14/2021
Toweh, Marian Laluo RN 584820 & LVN 127067Warning with Stipulations, Deferred11/9/2021
Tripp, Thomas Lee RN 868678Revoked12/14/2021
Trueblood, Patricia Munoz AP116369, RX 8133 & RN 596111Remedial Education11/22/2021
Turley, Sue Ellen RN 453841Revoked11/9/2021
Turner, Shawnequa Nicole RN 987554 & LVN 230394Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/20/2022
Walker, Courtney Annittoinnette RN 776108Remedial Education with Fine1/27/2022
Walker, Tameka Dequan LVN 200303Remedial Education12/16/2021
Walter, Catherine Frances RN 929314Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/9/2021
Washington, Natalie Shereese PTP NC PN 079084Reprimand with Stipulations11/9/2021
Webster, Crystal Ann RN 1019355Warning with Stipulations11/9/2021
White, Sylvia Ann LVN 161696Reprimand with Stipulations1/20/2022
Whittier, Severine Bergeron AP142755 & RN 737555Remedial Education12/21/2021
Williams, Deidre Larae RN 754787 & LVN 208626Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine1/20/2022
Willis, Brittany PTP AR PN L056884Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/20/2022
Wilson, Leslie Diane RN 789986Enforced Suspension11/4/2021
Wittman, Terri Lynn RN 967446Warning with Stipulations1/20/2022
Wood, Candi Lyn LVN 189300Reprimand with Stipulations12/14/2021
Young, Kimberly Lasha RN 827959Warning with Stipulations12/14/2021
Zackaria, Bobby RN 590292Warning with Stipulations, Deferred1/20/2022
Zehr, Philip Scott RN 841326Revoked11/12/2021
Zheng, Xuelian LVN 345487Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/9/2021
Zuschlag-Hunt, Terriah Ann LVN 219431Revoked11/9/2021

Abbreviations in the Notice of Disciplinary Action Section

PTP Privilege to Practice in Texas, also known as Nurse Licensure Compact Privilege, associated with the indicated state and license. States are abbreviated using the official two letter state abbreviations of the United States Postal System.

RX -- Prescription Authorization