The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abrian, Myrna Mosquera RN 508430Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Aimone, August  RN 802706Voluntary Surrender11/23/2020
Allen, Lisa Laverne LVN 120216Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/10/2020
Ambler, Claire P. RN 622262Revoked12/8/2020
Andrada, Nannette  RN 736578Remedial Education1/21/2021
Anthony, Patricia Sibley RN 714398Voluntary Surrender1/7/2021
Arce, Karen Marie RN 837058Enforced Suspension12/8/2020
Arellano, Monica Pearl RN 721088Remedial Education with Fine1/21/2021
Barker, Jammie Lou AP114188, RX 8225 & RN 559894Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Barrera-Collin, Debra Joy RN 630490Probated Suspension12/8/2020
Beyer, Stephanie Carol RN 820885Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Bird, Cathy Lanell LVN 165252Probated Suspension11/10/2020
Bolanos, Frank Joseph RN 708132Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Boudreaux, Larissa W. RN 541608Revoked11/10/2020
Bowers, Megan Jo RN 916574Probated Suspension12/8/2020
Boyd, Michele Roode RN 763628Revoked11/10/2020
Bunton, Megan Nicole RN 937834Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Campbell, Tiffany Katrina RN 772635Enforced Suspension1/12/2021
Castro, Cindy  LVN 345925Remedial Education1/13/2021
Ceron, Maria Dela Luz RN 581824 & LVN 77945Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Charles, Tenora  RN 846870Remedial Education, Deferred11/16/2020
Chesshir, Mallory Cade LVN 333021Remedial Education11/2/2020
Childers, Melanie B. LVN 144365Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Cink, Darleen Joyce RN 767875Voluntary Surrender12/7/2020
Clay, Lisa Aidele RN 788826Revoked11/10/2020
Comer, Bonnie Sue LVN 148708Revoked11/10/2020
Cooper, Keven Marc LVN 210695Revoked11/10/2020
Corrales, Sonia Teresa LVN 172575Revoked12/8/2020
Cortez, Kandace Rachelle RN 938944Probated Suspension12/8/2020
Couch, William Lucas RN 835706Enforced Suspension12/1/2020
Coulter, Jennifer Dolley LVN 339895Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Cozart, Jessica Hardman LVN 220738Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Cross, William Matthew RN 872609Revoked11/10/2020
Cruse, Emily Marie RN 888863Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Damante, Annalisa  RN 908116Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/8/2020
Damski, Susan Nicole RN 830260Enforced Suspension1/21/2021
Darato, Robert Jun Javier J. RN 807979Probated Suspension12/8/2020
David, Mason Justin RN 969378Reprimand with Stipulations12/8/2020
Davila, Marcela Benavidez RN 256984Revoked11/10/2020
Dawson, Paige  RN 866201Remedial Education1/4/2021
Delagarza, Steven Andrew LVN 337668Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/10/2020
Drew, Shannon Ann LVN 141759Voluntary Surrender11/9/2020
Eaton, Shawn Suzzette LVN 231762Remedial Education1/26/2021
Ecarma, Charito  RN 639346Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Eggemeyer, Jacqueline M. RN 525758Reprimand with Stipulations12/8/2020
Egualkhide, Stella Biola LVN 227048Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Fakoya, Abiola  LVN 331688Remedial Education1/19/2021
Ferguson, Abigail  RN 882874Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Flores, Lucia L. RN 246593Remedial Education12/30/2020
Florey, Mary Claire RN 252411Voluntary Surrender12/29/2020
Foster, Julie Frances RN 577456 & LVN 133742Reprimand with Stipulations12/8/2020
Frankhouser, Debra Lynn RN 940147Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Fredricks, Cleo Linn LVN 142668Revoked1/21/2021
Fromme, Meghan Nichole RN 925045 & LVN 332043Warning with Stipulations, Deferred11/10/2020
Fuller, Rhonda Deshun LVN 210532Voluntary Surrender1/12/2021
Fuller, Ryan Gene RN 766068Revoked11/10/2020
Gillin, Michelle Rene RN 690565Revoked11/10/2020
Gillispie, Michelle List RN 908636Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Gonzalez, Mario Sainz LVN 178551Probated Suspension11/10/2020
Gonzalez, Sandra Dee RN 814669Remedial Education with Fine12/4/2020
Goodchild, Lorraine Dawn RN 696075Enforced Suspension12/28/2020
Grabarschick, Molly Sims LVN 349353Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/21/2021
Granger, Barry Michael LVN 150941Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Green, Christina Renee LVN 339963Remedial Education1/21/2021
Guthrie, Jr., Roy Gordon RN 781017Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Gutierrez, Emily Herrmann AP119290, RX 10456 & RN 674920Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Gutierrez, Rebecca Leigh LVN 186437Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Hall, Sheryl Lynn AP110616 & RN 673681Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Hamer, Rachel Ellen RN 900948Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Hankins, Kirsten Lynn LVN 351142Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Haque, Ma Nimfa RN 501509Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/10/2020
Harmon, Robert Grant AP115586 & RN 591342Limited License11/10/2020
Harris, Terence Wallingford RN 889250Warning with Stipulations, Deferred12/8/2020
Henderson, Barbara J. RN 624837Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Hernandez, Francisco A. LVN 157478Revoked11/10/2020
Hines, Lucy G. RN 624934Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Hodge, Cheyenne Renea RN 879314Remedial Education1/8/2021
Hoover, Michell Reene RN 558711Revoked11/10/2020
Hopkins, William Robert LVN 160157Revoked11/10/2020
Houston, Shelly Marie LVN 176218Revoked1/21/2021
Hudspeth, Jeffrey Alan RN 860409Revoked12/8/2020
Hutchison, Rebecca Lee RN 930320Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Idowu, David Ayoola RN 805538Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Iles, Rebecca Lynn LVN 318114Revoked11/10/2020
Inman, Kaylee Michelle RN 908649Voluntary Surrender12/4/2020
Ivery, Jamela Cha' Nel RN 852771Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Jacobs, Jada Janae RN 720278Enforced Suspension12/8/2020
Keenum, Joseph Wayne LVN 307861Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Keller, Kristin Janelle RN 754140Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Kelley-Mahana, Whitney Leigh AP123092 & RN 728043Enforced Suspension11/10/2020
Kenyanya, Shem Migosi RN 883856Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Kersteen, Dale John RN 765508Revoked12/8/2020
Khaled, Atiah  RN 849728Remedial Education12/28/2020
Kroemeke, Eric Christopher RN 759382 & LVN 183697Revoked1/21/2021
Kuye, Ibiyemi Atinuke RN 771850Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/21/2021
Lalanne, Danielle Nicole RN 803133Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine1/21/2021
Lavender, Monique Nicole RN 903154Remedial Education with Fine1/28/2021
Long, Amanda  PTP NM RN R45821 & PTP NM LPN L17082Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine11/10/2020
Longe, Kafilat Adetoro RN 622162Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Lopez, Phillip Adam RN 694149 & LVN 166308Enforced Suspension12/7/2020
Lucero, Nicholas  LVN 322006Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/21/2021
Lumpkins, Pamela Dawn RN 845645Reprimand with Stipulations12/8/2020
Magoma, Cliff Ogaro LVN 307396Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/21/2021
Mallett, Mary Catherine RN 962744 & LVN 336681Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/21/2021
Martinez, Adaneri  LVN 221013Reprimand with Stipulations12/8/2020
Martinez, Jasmine Elise RN 952011 & LVN 334334Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Mason, Scott Lee RN 881675Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
McGee, Kristin Danielle LVN 339710Reprimand with Fine1/21/2021
McGrew, Justin BL RN 788953Remedial Education1/5/2021
McIllaney, Carrie Elizabeth RN 868205Revoked12/8/2020
McNellye-Mattox, Kendra Lynette AP124124, RX 14799 & RN 628625Voluntary Surrender12/16/2020
Medina, Maria  RN 909739Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Menchaca, Manuel  LVN 192955Voluntary Surrender11/6/2020
Mesquias, Rodney Ysa AP131165, RX 20635 & RN 813910Revoked12/16/2020
Miller, Christine Donna RN 861320Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine1/21/2021
Morris, Misty Marie RN 923394Enforced Suspension1/5/2021
Mullin, Mary E. AP108413, RX 2144 & RN 526289Voluntary Surrender11/10/2020
Murguia, Vanessa Delfina PTP CO RN 1620969Remedial Education11/18/2020
Murphey, Tiffany Jade RN 804706 & LVN 197230Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Mvoyi, Chinyavu Valda RN 685818Voluntary Surrender1/1/2021
Naccarato, Lindsay Ann RN 736407Remedial Education with Fine12/10/2020
Naitamar, Hajer  RN 909235Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Njoku, Ngozika Tracey AP135461 & RN 925485Probated Suspension11/10/2020
Njoku, Ngozika Tracey RX 24508Limited: No Controlled Substances Prescribing11/10/2020
Noble, David George RN 926742Remedial Education1/29/2021
Obala, Achieng Dalia RN 680422Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
O'Kelley, Donna Suetta RN 662229 & LVN 159846Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Oliver, Kelly A. RN 672421Remedial Education11/12/2020
Ononye, Joy Okubuch Nnenna LVN 191308Voluntary Surrender12/1/2020
Orear, Katelyn Dian RN 926269Enforced Suspension11/9/2020
Palmer, Kristine Ellen RN 982073Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/8/2020
Patton, Sherrie Lynn LVN 174031Probated Suspension12/8/2020
Pena, Amy Elizabeth RN 766981Remedial Education1/27/2021
Peterman, Dana Lynn RN 715047Revoked11/10/2020
Peurifoy, Derek Lane LVN 304456Revoked11/10/2020
Pickard, Laurie Ann RN 980287Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Piesciuk, Sheryl M. RN 584472 & LVN 116981Revoked12/8/2020
Plehn, Kelly Hoffman LVN 112997Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine11/10/2020
Ponoran, Razvan  RN 905808Enforced Suspension1/12/2021
Pope, Melissa Anne RN 662937Voluntary Surrender1/19/2021
Powers, Winifred Renee RN 779320Remedial Education1/4/2021
Price, Deborah Ann RN 451514Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Pullen, Misty J. RN 795480Revoked11/10/2020
Pyles, Tammy Sue LVN 150816Probated Suspension1/21/2021
Quach, Brandon  RN 894615Remedial Education, Deferred11/2/2020
Ramirez, Lluvia Sarai LVN 340499Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/10/2020
Ramos, Pedro  RN 561571Revoked11/10/2020
Raskin, Amy  RN 643342Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Redden, Christina Diane RN 605004 & LVN 145206Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Regalado, Sonia F. LVN 216976Probated Suspension12/8/2020
Ripple, Linda Sue Ann RN 725377Revoked1/21/2021
Rivera, Sheila Shontae RN 825324Revoked12/8/2020
Roberts, Evelynia  LVN 114831Revoked12/8/2020
Rosenberg, Cari Marie RN 949202Voluntary Surrender12/23/2020
Roskydoll, Casey Leane LVN 314253Reprimand with Stipulations12/8/2020
Roso, Jana Wrobleski AP119147, RX 10329 & RN 746860Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Rushing, Robin  RN 604346Limited License11/10/2020
Rusnak, Belinda Gibbs RN 921347 & LVN 318020Probated Suspension11/10/2020
Salazar, Patricia Ann RN 909192Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/21/2021
Saldana, Tammy Lynn RN 876772Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/21/2021
Sanders, David Jentry LVN 227266Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Savant, Robert Michael LVN 301056Reprimand with Stipulations12/8/2020
Schexnayder, Shani  LVN 313779Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Sharp, Robin Ann Stuart RN 749502Enforced Suspension12/8/2020
Shaulis, Jessica Ann LVN 349708Reprimand with Stipulations12/8/2020
Smith, Rebecca Anne LVN 329031Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Smith, Tamara R. LVN 218170Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Sparks, Sonya Lynn LVN 228798Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Stephenson, Joy Sylvia RN 795621Reprimand with Stipulations12/8/2020
Stokes, Anissa Kelly LVN 141941Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Stone, Stacy Maureen AP112692, RX 5319 & RN 569316Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/8/2020
Strawn, Valerie Kay LVN 166357Revoked8/31/2010
Swenson, Sarah Katherine RN 944104Reprimand with Stipulations11/10/2020
Talbott, Thomas Boyd RN 584724Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Tittle, Connie S. RN 256086Voluntary Surrender1/5/2021
Trujillo-Conley, Nallely  RN 709155Warning with Stipulations, Deferred1/21/2021
Turner, Lavita Lashon RN 927487 & LVN 200076Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Udoh, Rosemary Xavier RN 868259Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Valdez, Nicole Deanna LVN 342510Warning with Stipulations11/10/2020
Vandeventer, Chrystal Nicole RN 819803Probated Suspension1/21/2021
Whiteside, Paulette Renee LVN 179682Warning with Stipulations12/8/2020
Wilburn, Wesley Karl LVN 112044Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021
Williams, John Weldon RN 559575Voluntary Surrender11/30/2020
Willis, Sherri Lynn LVN 189159Probated Suspension1/21/2021
Woods, Virginia Bernice RN 607967Revoked1/21/2021
Woytek, Alicia Marie LVN 332901Probated Suspension12/8/2020
Yatar, Dimple Darl Cortez RN 941448Reprimand with Stipulations1/21/2021
Young, Laverne Felicia LVN 324663Revoked12/8/2020
Zuniga, Anna L. LVN 186329Warning with Stipulations1/21/2021

Abbreviations in the Notice of Disciplinary Action Section

PTP Privilege to Practice in Texas, also known as Nurse Licensure Compact Privilege, associated with the indicated state and license. States are abbreviated using the official two letter state abbreviations of the United States Postal System.

RX -- Prescription Authorization