The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abernathy, Arnold Robert A.C. RN 679042Reprimand with Stipulations1/23/2020
Abraham, Rina  RN 810012Warning with Stipulations, Deferred12/10/2019
Achubie, Chigozie Francisca RN 853623Remedial Education with Fine11/25/2019
Adams, Nettie Nicole RN 687209 & LVN 184372Probated Suspension1/23/2020
Adeshewo, Christiana Adebimpe RN 829534 & LVN 191375Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Adeyemi, Imole-Oluwa Maria LVN 330453Remedial Education12/17/2019
Adeyemi, Raliat  RN 923095Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Aghimien, Esosa Blessing RN 943800 & LVN 323455Remedial Education1/15/2020
Ajuzieogu, Doris Uloma  LVN 328807Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Alejandre, Leslieann Marie LVN 209183Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Alford, Courtney Alexandra LVN 328927Revoked11/12/2019
Alilonu, Ijeoma  RN 903319Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
Alimbuyao, Roxanne Aizabelle RN 801124Warning with Stipulations, Deferred1/23/2020
Allen, Georgena  RN 641613 & LVN 150802Voluntary Surrender12/20/2019
Alley, Georgia Vivian RN 834448Remedial Education12/18/2019
Alonzo, Joanna Margarita LVN 318429Enforced Suspension12/10/2019
Alsanousi, Manasik Adam RN 881902Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
Amsler, Christine Marie RN 910412 & LVN 321773Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Anderson, Marsha Deadmon RN 711850Revoked12/10/2019
Andoh, Francisca Bimpoma PTP VA RN 0001270056 & PTP VA PN 002092124Remedial Education with Fine1/29/2020
Anosikeh, Oluchi Ihuoma RN 789497Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Anyasinti, Theodora Nneka LVN 188481Revoked1/23/2020
Arana, Mari Audrey RN 932835Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Arcecastro, Gabriel  RN 917899Voluntary Surrender1/21/2020
Arguelles, Roman  LVN 226059Limited License12/10/2019
Armstrong, Dorothy J. LVN 110380Voluntary Surrender1/17/2020
Bailey, Brittany Nicole RN 851364Remedial Education with Fine, Deferred1/22/2020
Balentine, Shannon Spring RN 704162Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Barela, Briana Ann LVN 229177Revoked1/23/2020
Barrows, Stephanie Michelle RN 770847Remedial Education11/19/2019
Bernhardt, Jenifer Kay RN 680134Reprimand with Stipulations1/23/2020
Bibb-Serrano, Angselee Lyzandra LVN 202994Remedial Education1/28/2020
Birt, Kitty  RN 750900Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
Black, Adam Ray RN 733894Revoked11/12/2019
Blain, Frank  RN 636962 & LVN 158619Enforced Suspension1/23/2020
Blanco, Michelle Marie LVN 225282Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/23/2020
Blassingame, Marissa Dyan RN 923136 & LVN 310171Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/12/2019
Bobbitt, Lea Ann RN 754117Limited License11/12/2019
Bose, Delia Lopez RN 785235Remedial Education with Fine1/23/2020
Bosquez, April Lynn LVN 327172Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Bowen, Valoree Lynn RN 572992Remedial Education11/14/2019
Broemsen, Madeline Elizabeth AP122915, RX 13525 & RN 737102Remedial Education, Deferred12/4/2019
Brooks, David Scott RN 707266Remedial Education1/22/2020
Brown, Ashley Ivie LVN 338751Revoked11/12/2019
Brown, Quanda  RN 940309Remedial Education1/8/2020
Bryant, Daniel Paul RN 898645Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Buehring, Dakota Renee (Blassingame) RN 768385Remedial Education12/17/2019
Burch, Lisa Larue RN 743190Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Burnside, Jo Anne RN 529832 & LVN 109768Revoked11/12/2019
Butler, Glen Brian RN 715972Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Byerly, Amber  LVN 339887Voluntary Surrender11/14/2019
Carr, Lajean Evone LVN 185473Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Carroll, Darlene  LVN 115228Probated Suspension1/23/2020
Castille, Bryan Andrew RN 669155Warning with Stipulations1/23/2020
Castilleja, Kimberly Marie LVN 323280Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Cearley, Lynda Sue RN 547056 & LVN 106878Revoked11/12/2019
Chafton, Brenda Lee LVN 194869Probated Suspension1/23/2020
Chatman, Heath Ryan (Perry) RN 900611Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Chavez, Marta Guzman LVN 342121Remedial Education1/23/2020
Clark, Billie Dawn RN 714445 & LVN 176984Probated Suspension12/10/2019
Clifton, Melissa Kaylie LVN 304321Revoked1/23/2020
Cline, Mary  RN 577232Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Cobarruvias Sucre, Ida Alicia RN 702252Remedial Education, Deferred12/18/2019
Coleman, Barbara Jean LVN 134423Voluntary Surrender11/22/2019
Cook-Cruz, Thomas Allen (Cook) RN 818526Remedial Education11/5/2019
Cotton, Nastassia Kindle RN 858800 & LVN 317785Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Dahl, Rebecca Leigh LVN 307464Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Damico, Craig Edward RN 936109Revoked12/10/2019
Daniel, Ann Sarah RN 789925Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Darby, Shirley Jean RN 735364Reprimand with Stipulations1/23/2020
Davis, Tanisha Nichelle RN 819868Revoked1/23/2020
Dean, Jennifer Lorraine RN 891297Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
Deza, Arsenio Gabole RN 749003Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Dominguez, Susana Del Angel LVN 326466Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Dreyer, Krystal A. RN 821676Revoked11/12/2019
Edens, Jacqueline Olivia RN 895405Revoked11/12/2019
Edmond, Jennifer Leigh LVN 329847Voluntary Surrender12/4/2019
Edwards, Jaspin Tyree Dvae LVN 329491Probated Suspension1/23/2020
Eggleston, Brandon Royse RN 946759Reprimand with Stipulations1/23/2020
Elimon, Dawn Marie RN 776941Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Evans, Ellie Renae RN 763686Voluntary Surrender12/4/2019
Fischbach, Lee Ann RN 706577Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Flores, Sabrina Monique LVN 225891Remedial Education with Fine1/29/2020
Ford, Jazmin Lynae LVN 317495Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Fox, Randi Marie LVN 308119Revoked11/12/2019
Freeman, Julie Ann RN 767826Remedial Education with Fine12/19/2019
Gamboa, Jessica  LVN 334519Reprimand with Stipulations1/23/2020
Gardiner, Bennie Denise RN 571898Probated Suspension1/8/2020
Gartrell, Erika Jane RN 858210Remedial Education12/30/2019
Germain, Angeline Sallay RN 801631Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Ghani, Angelica Nicole LVN 185790Probated Suspension12/10/2019
Gibson, Kristin Kay RN 877592Reprimand with Stipulations1/23/2020
Gilmore, Brianne Michelle LVN 346572Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Glasgow, Lula Mae RN 930943Revoked11/12/2019
Gogle, Ashley Sophia RN 877816 & LVN 319280Warning with Stipulations1/23/2020
Gomez, Lachael  LVN 314630Voluntary Surrender1/22/2020
Gonzales, Veronica  RN 766073 & LVN 199006Enforced Suspension12/10/2019
Gonzalez, Angelica Maria LVN 199197Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Gonzalez, Jennifer Deanne RN 680288Voluntary Surrender11/19/2019
Grant, Diane Wilma RN 579515Remedial Education12/10/2019
Grantham, Gina Kaye RN 656512Revoked11/12/2019
Gregg, Walter Lloyd LVN 308032Voluntary Surrender11/20/2019
Grubbs, Anthony Scott RN 727701Warning with Stipulations, Deferred12/10/2019
Gschwend, Hayley Lynn RN 804901Revoked1/23/2020
Guerra, Lorena Leeann LVN 327043Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Haisler, Cathy Lynn RN 562780Remedial Education1/28/2020
Hales, Icey  RN 871272Probated Suspension12/10/2019
Hancock, Jeanna Dell LVN 158729Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Hanna, Elizabeth Annaliese RN 925091Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine11/12/2019
Harris, Clifford Russell RN 925093 & LVN 221564Revoked11/12/2019
Harris, Leslie Rebecca RN 832219Voluntary Surrender11/20/2019
Harris, Miranda  RN 649811 & LVN 166047Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Hicks, Terri Lynn LVN 190447Reprimand12/10/2019
Hill, Brandy Nicole LVN 232563Revoked12/10/2019
Holliday, Rebecca Lane LVN 234002Revoked1/23/2020
Honaker, Regina Elizabeth RN 806895Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Hormell, Courtney Beth RN 558371Remedial Education1/7/2020
Hornsby, Mark Allen AP112316 & RN 692094Remedial Education with Fine12/2/2019
Howard, Phyllis Ann LVN 71214Enforced Suspension11/5/2019
Isaac, Ricardo  RN 652901Warning with Stipulations1/23/2020
Jaramillo, Christina Cheri LVN 223825Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
Jennings, Sarah Lynne RN 717747 & LVN 177168Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Johnson, Brandy  RN 758292Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Johnson, James Daniel RN 695834Revoked1/9/2020
Johnson, Jessy  RN 897067Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine1/23/2020
Jones, Jamie Nichole LVN 304075Voluntary Surrender12/20/2019
Joseph, Joseph Mammoottil RN 832060Remedial Education, Deferred1/9/2020
Joshlin, Carla Louise PTP NM RN-83832Revoked12/10/2019
Junell, Brandy Renea RN 811906Probated Suspension1/23/2020
Karstens, Lana Elizabeth RN 798055Remedial Education11/5/2019
Kathrotia, Crystal  AP130027 & RN 881377Remedial Education with Fine1/10/2020
Keller, Elizabeth Ann AP100630, RX 1294 & RN 521278Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Kidder, Kelly Vern RN 824200Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Kieffer, Kristie June PTP AZ RN 146054Voluntary Surrender11/18/2019
Kile, Kris Rhodes RN 753594Revoked11/12/2019
Knowlton, Clint Edward RN 725589Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/23/2020
Krinn, Walter Robert LVN 129609Remedial Education1/23/2020
Kuchinski, Aaron Michael LVN 319953Revoked12/10/2019
Laird, Jeanene Hoppe RN 257288Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Lane, Brandi Natasha LVN 309711Revoked12/10/2019
Lavoie, Amanda Faye LVN 337404Limited License12/10/2019
Leary, Thomas Edison RX 11386Limited: Phentermine Only12/10/2019
Leary, Thomas Edison AP120438 & RN 731425Probated Suspension12/10/2019
Littlefield, Lynne Anson RN 671633Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Lopez, Anthony Joseph RN 786530Voluntary Surrender12/17/2019
Lowe, Amy Ruth RN 720123Enforced Suspension11/26/2019
Lujan, Judy Catheline RN 807545Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
Lusanga, Sandra Batale RN 822932Revoked1/23/2020
Makenzie, Kristin Lorelei RN 879381 & PTP CO RN 1642851Remedial Education12/18/2019
Makielski, Sara Jane AP112248 & RN 664123Voluntary Surrender12/2/2019
Manson, Heath Cameron RN 819668Enforced Suspension12/10/2019
Marcum, Stacey Anne RN 782708Enforced Suspension1/2/2020
Marks, Lynnea Beth RN 871274Warning with Fine12/10/2019
Martin, Niketa Tawana LVN 311030Voluntary Surrender1/17/2020
Martinez, Josephine Garza LVN 301603Remedial Education1/9/2020
Martinez, Maricela  RN 763901Warning with Stipulations1/23/2020
Martinez, Mary  RN 860581Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
Mason, Connie Elizabeth PTP AR RN R084976Enforced Suspension12/10/2019
Masson, Sharon  RN 788061Voluntary Surrender12/11/2019
McClain, Beatrice Marie RN 633272 & PTP MS RN 779144Revoked11/12/2019
McCreery, Rebecca Leeann LVN 231552Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
McGowen, Norma  LVN 154307Revoked7/12/2019
McIntyre, Brandi Nichole RN 925764Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
McNeil, Chantel Renee RN 849532Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Medrano, Vanessa  LVN 330214Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Meza, Shannon Diana RN 722568Voluntary Surrender1/24/2020
Mitchell, Angelic Kay PTP TN RN 143578Enforced Suspension1/22/2020
Moloney, Amy Marie LVN 313441Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Montalbo, Maricar Ollada RN 692202Revoked12/10/2019
Montemayor, Tina A. LVN 317509Remedial Education1/6/2020
Moody, Charolette A. LVN 210985Revoked11/12/2019
Moody, Tammie Bell LVN 308039Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Moore, Michael Perry LVN 320063Revoked12/10/2019
Morgan-Lovett, Lanae Deann LVN 225115Voluntary Surrender11/19/2019
Murray, Judy  RN 658891Revoked11/12/2019
Musa, Magdalene Emike LVN 314243Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Muzik, Ana Laurette RN 604336Voluntary Surrender1/13/2020
Naylor, Chantay Charmaine PTP MS PN 326389Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
Neff, Darcy N. PTP AR PN L059120Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Ngari, Caroline W. RN 847422 & LVN 233351Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Nguyen, Harris Bamy RN 940424Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Nguyen, Nam  RN 821438Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Nichols, Mukeyah La'Trice LVN 330880Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Nicholson, Terri Lynne LVN 142004Revoked12/10/2019
Norwood, Laticia Nichol RN 851821 & LVN 301337Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Okunoghae, Evelyn Ehiosu AP117057, RX 8671, RN 703566 & LVN 182529Warning with Stipulations1/23/2020
Ortega, Nicholas Dionne LVN 317539Revoked11/12/2019
Otuka, Ada Ngozi LVN 178417Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/12/2019
Oujout, Zineb  RN 796163Enforced Suspension11/4/2019
Paradysz, John Timothy LVN 198366Voluntary Surrender12/6/2019
Penate, Sonia Elizabeth LVN 204226Reprimand with Stipulations1/23/2020
Peralta, Rosalind  RN 568356Reprimand with Stipulations1/23/2020
Peterman, Dana Lynn RN 715047Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Pischke, Janet Kathleen RN 847721Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine1/23/2020
Price, Shelby Joyce LVN 157149Voluntary Surrender1/10/2020
Purcell, Kimberly Dawn LVN 165558Probated Suspension12/10/2019
Ramirez, Tony Wayne RN 770634Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Ramos, Grace Denise LVN 317901Remedial Education1/6/2020
Randolph, Nema S. RN 777207Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Reeves, Lamont David LVN 152274Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Reeves, Pamela A. RN 502107Voluntary Surrender11/20/2019
Reyes, Leonard Espinoza LVN 320282Revoked1/23/2020
Riojas, Clarissa Ann RN 823403Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Roark, Debra L. RN 530005 & LVN 108288Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/10/2019
Roark, Randa Raquel RN 900625 & LVN 307365Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine1/23/2020
Robbins, Dennis  RN 873594Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Robinson, Charlene Anita RN 789803Warning with Stipulations1/23/2020
Rodriguez, Christina  RN 701132 & LVN 180949Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Rodriguez, Felicia Irene LVN 338616Probated Suspension1/23/2020
Rodriguez, Richard  RN 865974Warning with Stipulations, Deferred1/23/2020
Rodriguez, Stephanie Annissa LVN 335350Warning with Stipulations11/12/2019
Ross, James  RN 548380 & LVN 119117Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine11/12/2019
Rozell, Sandra Jean RN 921098Revoked11/12/2019
Rushing, Raquel Patrice RN 882261Remedial Education with Fine1/9/2020
Russell, Ginny Rebecca LVN 232226Probated Suspension1/23/2020
Russell, Wendy L. LVN 343412Probated Suspension1/21/2020
Salinas, Melissa Jean RN 714250Remedial Education with Fine11/13/2019
Sanchez, Eric  RN 897182 & LVN 160523Revoked1/23/2020
Sanchez-Leal, Fran Renett RN 582075Probated Suspension1/23/2020
Sanders, Kevisha Shawnye LVN 325271Probated Suspension12/10/2019
Santos, Ricardo Bautista RN 899942Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Schiller, Deborah Lee RN 664102Probated Suspension1/23/2020
Sebastian, Joel  RN 792986Enforced Suspension1/24/2020
Shanghai, Sandrine  RN 944922Voluntary Surrender11/18/2019
Sharp, Irasema Salinas RN 684235Probated Suspension12/10/2019
Shearer, Lafonda Sue LVN 113150Voluntary Surrender11/8/2019
Shelton, Tai  RN 701097Revoked11/12/2019
Simpson Robbins, Shae Ann LVN 196117Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/23/2020
Sismon Cooley, Juliana Moreno RN 898828Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Smith, Adrienne Lee RN 869293Warning with Stipulations1/23/2020
Smith, Jennifer Key/Ruth RN 703975Revoked1/23/2020
South, Shellie Sue RN 671549Probated Suspension12/10/2019
Sperl, Danny  RN 647658Enforced Suspension12/3/2019
Steck, Daniel J. RN 891924Warning with Stipulations1/23/2020
Swift, Donna Sue LVN 97590Remedial Education1/9/2020
Swift, Donna Sue LVN 97590Remedial Education1/9/2020
Tatum, Shawna Latrice RN 800769 & LVN 205916Reprimand with Fine11/12/2019
Thibodeaux, Angela Rene RN 840768Revoked12/10/2019
Thomas, Aldrick A. RN 734701Revoked1/23/2020
Thomas, Russell Eugene RN 953432Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Thompson, Kristian Marie LVN 167817Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Thompson, Summer Jeanann RN 811918 & LVN 186804Warning with Stipulations12/10/2019
Tijerina, Nicolas  RN 879555Reprimand12/10/2019
Tran, Mary  RN 912383 & LVN 179663Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/12/2019
Turner, Nichole Suzzanne LVN 201363Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Tyra, Kasi Lynn RN 782155Revoked11/12/2019
Udom, Aniebiet Ime LVN 331959Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine1/23/2020
Vasiloff, Racheal Marie LVN 120367Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Veasey, Ericka  LVN 305558Enforced Suspension1/2/2020
Vermillion, Dorothy Sloan LVN 130973Probated Suspension11/12/2019
Verner, Shelley Joyce RN 806629 & LVN 218286Warning with Stipulations1/23/2020
Vidal, Vonnairee  RN 954379Remedial Education, Deferred12/19/2019
Wallace, Robbie Lee PTP SC RN 89888Revoked11/12/2019
Warren, Christine Lane RN 838002Voluntary Surrender1/28/2020
Washington, Donna P. RN 711200Voluntary Surrender12/18/2019
Watson, Zachary James RN 881330Revoked12/10/2019
Webber, Ashley Margaret RN 827411Revoked11/12/2019
Wideman, Casey Lynn RN 839155Remedial Education with Fine1/22/2020
Williams, Jeannettea Marie RN 578648Revoked4/30/2012
Williams, Staci Rae RN 768028Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine1/23/2020
Wilson, Carolyn Louise RN 518358Remedial Education, Deferred11/18/2019
Wittler, Kathleen A. AP109791, RX 3152 & RN 509970Limited License1/23/2020
Woytek, Alicia Marie LVN 332901Reprimand with Stipulations11/12/2019
Yau, Rita A. RN 500080 & LVN 92251Reprimand with Stipulations12/10/2019
Willhoite, Mitzi Anne AP128618 & RN 707265Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Williams, Diana Luz RN 698407Probated Suspension9/24/2019
Williams, Dovie Lavette RN 725088Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Williams, Kevin LVN 217353Voluntary Surrender10/28/2019
Williams, Steven Michael LVN 301723Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Woodruff, Wendy Lyn RN 590272Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Worrell, Jeffery Lynn RN 463732Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019