The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abakwue, Adaku Charity RN 592102Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Acosta, Maria V. RN 698069Remedial Education with Fine11/12/2018
Akingbade, Olusola Aderemi RN 763324 & LVN 200057Revoked10/16/2018
Allen, Kristy Ruth LVN 193962Warning with Stipulations and Fine 1/24/2019
Allen, Stephanie L. RN 620556Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Allen, Tyna Michelle RN 718085Warning with Stipulations and Fine 1/24/2019
Alphonso, Clintone Savio RN 873910Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Alvarado, Pamela LVN 212417Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Alvarez-Bernal, David LVN 231944Remedial Education1/24/2019
Ambriz-Sanchez, Raquel AP130903 & RX 20394Voluntary Surrender11/13/2018
Ambriz-Sanchez, Raquel RN 889648Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Anderson, Jennifer Kay RN 761692Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Anderson, Michael Jesse RN 633555Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Anderson, Michael P. RN 521479Remedial Education with Fine1/28/2019
Aneke, Joy Chinyere LVN 150843Voluntary Surrender12/3/2018
Anna, Mark Edward AP111196, RX 4086 & RN 654183Warning with Stipulations and Fine 12/11/2018
Armitage, Mary Kathleen AP130506 & RN 670377Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Armstrong, David Michael LVN 165847Revoked11/13/2018
Arnold, Alan William LVN 143393Revoked11/13/2018
Arroyo, Cindy LVN 315978Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Asare, Afua Seguaa RN 842325Warning with Stipulations, Deferred1/24/2019
Austin, Samuel Dean LVN 314361Revoked11/13/2018
Bagwell, Jennifer Renee AP118728 & RN 692657Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Baker, Brenda Lee RN 607984 & LVN 102507Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Barnes, Michael John RN 866534Warning with Stipulations, Deferred11/13/2018
Bello, Rashidat Kikelomo RN 603025Remedial Education with Fine12/13/2018
Berry, Melissa Fennell RN 581517Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Berry, Reginald AP102236 & RN 448907Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Biagas-Robinson, Kawinta Magdalene RN 861864Voluntary Surrender1/28/2019
Bishop, Chad Archer RN 655057Revoked12/10/2018
Bott, Flor Esmeralda RN 841689Remedial Education1/30/2019
Bottoms, Larissa Janice RN 737224Revoked1/24/2019
Brewer, Jeanelle LVN 212315Revoked1/24/2019
Brower, Sheri Ann LVN 164148Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Brown, Cynthia Michelle RN 736369 & LVN 193830Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Brown, Kelvin Gale RN 581649Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Brown, Rachel M. LVN 337104Reprimand with Stipulations11/13/2018
Brownlow, Michelle Casey RN 880249Revoked1/24/2019
Burdette, Sheila RN 631325Revoked12/11/2018
Byerly, Amber LVN 339887Remedial Education1/10/2019
Campos, Delia LVN 57791Voluntary Surrender11/27/2018
Canada, Brandi Lashae LVN 313217Warning with Stipulations, Deferred1/24/2019
Carter, Jennifer Ann LVN 215570Reprimand with Stipulations12/11/2018
Cary, Holly Lou LVN 331571Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Cash, Marsha Kathleen RN 666615 & LVN 157369Remedial Education, Deferred1/23/2019
Castil, Ernesto RN 800740Remedial Education, Deferred1/9/2019
Castillo, Jannette Marie LVN 329328Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Castro, Antonette Pangan RN 908573Warning with Stipulations and Fine 11/13/2018
Castro, Isabela Marie LVN 322380Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Ceaser, Osha Lavell LVN 340769Warning with Fine12/11/2018
Cedillo, Corinna Marie LVN 320853Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Chirayil, Mercy Antony Madambil RN 718457Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Cole, Michael Adewunmi LVN 233597Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Colston, Keva Natasha LVN 179184Suspend/Probate12/11/2018
Contreras, Tania Jeanette RN 850748Reprimand with Stipulations12/11/2018
Cooley, Carol Elizabeth RN 604567Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Coon, Jennifer Nichole RN 759162Enforced Suspension11/26/2018
Cotten, Mandy Beth AP128702 & RN 791457Warning with Fine12/11/2018
Cravens, Jared Lee LVN 339121Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine11/13/2018
Cruz, Pedro LVN 210652Voluntary Surrender12/11/2018
Daniels, Yvette Marie LVN 332010Voluntary Surrender1/11/2019
Delk, Tonya Cornett LVN 174949Reprimand with Stipulations11/13/2018
Deutou, Guy Constantin LVN 202890Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Doherty, Audra Anne RN 785973Reprimand with Stipulations11/13/2018
Egbim, Clara Ebere LVN 211743Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/24/2019
Elimon, Dawn Marie RN 776941Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Elkins, Sandra Jean RN 764916Warning with Stipulations, Deferred12/11/2018
Elqutub, Maria RN 921012Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/13/2018
English-Bonney, Micaela Ann RN 703851Limited License11/13/2018
Espinoza, Sylvia LVN 201629Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/24/2019
Farrar, Amanda Joan Marie RN 908238Enforced Suspension12/11/2018
Fleming, Cynthia Anne RN 927563Revoked12/11/2018
Fournier, Sarah RN 746695Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Fraser, Christina Danielle LVN 330560Reprimand with Stipulations12/11/2018
Freeman, Diana RN 629459Limited License11/13/2018
Friend, Peggy Joann RN 704005 & LVN 176234Reprimand with Stipulations12/11/2018
Fuller, Tracy Lynn RN 716467 & LVN 188277Enforced Suspension11/13/2018
Gallagher, Sue Ann RN 825108Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Galvan, Angela Delora RN 758522Remedial Education11/12/2018
Garcia, Emma Fidensia LVN 208359Reprimand with Stipulations12/11/2018
Gibson, Lisa Kay LVN 216388Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Gonzalez, Nathan Joe LVN 300338Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Goodale, Lisa RN 629481Enforced Suspension1/8/2019
Gray, Gary Wayne RN 601007Remedial Education with Fine1/16/2019
Gray, Michelle Rene RN 669442Voluntary Surrender1/8/2019
Gutierrez, Juan Ramon LVN 138521Suspend/Probate12/11/2018
Haigood, Lyza Murray RN 849624Remedial Education1/29/2019
Hamilton, Gary Don LVN 132674Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Hanson, Ashley RN 767370Enforced Suspension1/2/2019
Hardy, Alice RN 653623Revoked11/13/2018
Harris, Elaina Smith RN 768030 & LVN 190042Voluntary Surrender11/6/2018
Haynes, Wade LVN 231301Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Henke, Kaedy Lynn LVN 337810Reprimand with Stipulations12/11/2018
Hernandez, Brenda Lee LVN 216312Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Hernandez, Jessica Michelle RN 866235Reprimand with Stipulations12/11/2018
Hicks, Alicia Lydia RN 741633 & LVN 180406Revoked1/24/2019
Hightower, Misty Michelle RN 730667Remedial Education1/8/2019
Hinton, Nyisha Cherie LVN 326520Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Ho, Phuong Thinam RN 889011Remedial Education, Deferred11/12/2018
Hoffman, Lynette Louise RN 775496Voluntary Surrender12/31/2018
Holbrook, Alice Faye RN 774837Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Horton, Rebekah RN 930749 & LVN 317518Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Hultz, Julia RN 796426Revoked11/13/2018
Ibe, Oby Alphonsine RN 777168Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Ideler, Margaret Elizabeth RN 880038Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Iles, Rebecca Lynn LVN 318114Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Ireland, Dylan R. RN 613712 & LVN 138605Reprimand with Stipulations12/11/2018
Jackson, June Ellaine LVN 120268Revoked12/11/2018
January, Phyllis N. RN 622798Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Jewett, Teresa Dichell-Martin LVN 300933Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Johnson, Phillip Charles RN 872009Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Johnson, Robert LVN 225993Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Jurek, Kristine RN 923803Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Kearns, Andrea Rose RN 707739Enforced Suspension12/11/2018
Kelley-Mahana, Whitney Leigh AP123092 & RN 728043Suspend/Probate12/11/2018
Kemp, Irma Araceli RN 808535 & LVN 159417Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Kennedy, Sarah Marie RN 774872 & LVN 192317Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Kerschner, Mary RN 859722Enforced Suspension11/26/2018
Kidd, Patsy Marie RN 237693Revoked12/11/2018
Kizer, Kara RN 851168Remedial Education, Deferred11/12/2018
Knifley, Craig Eugene LVN 210538Enforced Suspension1/4/2019
Kohler, Jackie R. RN 761191 & LVN 168440Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Krause, Cindy Banks RN 705532Voluntary Surrender12/13/2018
Ladiwala, Minhas Shukat RN 852875Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Landeros, Martha Yesenia RN 807680 & LVN 175476Remedial Education11/12/2018
Larkin, Michelle Jean LVN 220121Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/24/2019
Lavender, Lacey LVN 223746Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/24/2019
Layton Salazar, Ronda Lee RN 840214Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/24/2019
Leach, Don C. RN 779076Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Leatherman, Shanna Lea LVN 300648Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Leicher, Jonatha Belcina RN 885863Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Locke, II, Lou Randall RN 803997Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Locke, II, Lou Randall AP128352 & RX 18143Voluntary Surrender1/24/2019
Maduka, Catherine RN 854032 & LVN 231966Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Manning, Stephen G. RN 614034Voluntary Surrender12/3/2018
Marsh, Tami Michelle LVN 208070Limited License11/13/2018
Martinez, Alejandro RN 790855Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Massey, Erin Marie RN 754571Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
May, Phyllis Renee RN 794597 & LVN 131749Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
McDonald, Paz Zapanta RN 440129Remedial Education, Deferred12/4/2018
McFarland, Claudia Dezane RN 702527Warning with Stipulations and Fine, Deferred12/11/2018
McGraw, Seleah Maurine RN 909951Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
McIlwee, Daniel J. RN 545701 & LVN 56580Voluntary Surrender11/5/2018
Medina, Edith RN 683588 & LVN 172338Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Melhart, Vicki Marie RN 750985Enforced Suspension1/23/2019
Milera, Jose Luis AP130279, RX 19817 & RN 667192Remedial Education with Fine11/5/2018
Monet, Merci Comedoy RN 720618Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Moody, Susan Leigh LVN 140273Enforced Suspension1/24/2019
Morgan, Amanda Gale RN 601648Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Muncy, Natalie Nicole RN 738714 & LVN 194800Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Murdoch, Kristina Nicole RN 754991 & LVN 210105Revoked1/24/2019
Myers, Cynthia Ann RN 605070 & LVN 130355Remedial Education12/7/2018
Newton, Rhesa Nance LVN 145122Revoked11/13/2018
Ngochi, Christian Ngetleng LVN 233096Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Niemiec, Frederick Joseph RN 831886Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Nwadinigwe, Edmund-Vincent Chukwudebere LVN 225782Revoked1/24/2019
O'Bryant, Barbara Lynn RN 568583 & LVN 83192Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Ochoa, Caleb Ryan RN 935580 & LVN 327319Revoked1/24/2019
Oden, Aljie Faulkner RN 742288 & LVN 183033Remedial Education, Deferred11/29/2018
Okoko, Adachi Emenaha RN 834083Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Oladoye, Lala Sarah RN 695072Remedial Education11/14/2018
Page, Debra Louise LVN 140451Reprimand with Fine12/11/2018
Passe, Megan Contello AP112664, RX 5114 & RN 658682Remedial Education, Deferred1/14/2019
Patterson, Cinder Ann LVN 331474Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Pervis, Lyric Samone LVN 342696Remedial Education, Deferred11/30/2018
Petrie, Whitney Lavette PTP UT RN 8460698-3102Voluntary Surrender1/23/2019
Philips, Charlene Rae RN 718112Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Phillips, Todd Deshan LVN 175261Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/13/2018
Pulte, Joseph Riley LVN 209366Revoked11/29/2016
Quillian, Derek K. RN 613782Revoked1/24/2019
Ramirez, Jr., Cesar RN 769880Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Ramos, Staci Michelle RN 802305Remedial Education11/20/2018
Reed, Njeri LVN 342715Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Renteria, Michael LVN 223564Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/24/2019
Reyna, Leticia LVN 83496Voluntary Surrender12/10/2018
Rhodes, Jacqueline T. LVN 329410Remedial Education11/29/2018
Rios, Cindy LVN 208240Revoked12/11/2018
Robertson, William Robert RN 682608Remedial Education11/1/2018
Rodriguez, Alexander RN 882951Enforced Suspension1/10/2019
Rodriguez, Jesse Remor RN 712727Voluntary Surrender11/5/2018
Ross, Amanda S. RN 789020Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Rudd, Nakia Dewayne RN 783501Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Russell, Kelly Michelle RN 838462Enforced Suspension12/3/2018
Russell, Wendy L. LVN 343412Enforced Suspension11/27/2018
Sakiewicz, Lucy Minter RN 819898Voluntary Surrender1/16/2019
Salazar, Leslie Allison RN 685939Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Salu, Kathy Jean RN 852130Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Sandifer, Michelle Maria RN 754707 & LVN 171111Revoked1/24/2019
Sarinana, Cynthia S. RN 240364Enforced Suspension12/19/2018
Schatte, Karen Janet RN 534653Warning with Fine11/13/2018
Scott, Banesia A. RN 245480Remedial Education with Fine12/14/2018
Segrest, Angie Marie LVN 226832Voluntary Surrender12/13/2018
Selby, Tamera S. RN 613691Suspend/Probate11/13/2018
Shadle, Shonda Renee LVN 208114Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Shepard, Lisa Kelsey RN 804547Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Sims, Brittany Le RN 834014Enforced Suspension11/29/2018
Sims, Jordan RN 858159Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Smith, Jill Leigh RN 510652Revoked12/11/2018
Smith, Jo Anne AP122250 & RN 674982Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Smith, Natasha Meadows LVN 301283Enforced Suspension12/6/2018
Solano, Karen Virginia RN 694467Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Solarin, Omolade RN 935609 & LVN 234049Revoked12/11/2018
Soriano, Analovelyn D. LVN 191948Warning with Stipulations and Fine11/13/2018
Souter, Delilah Jeannine RN 916223Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Spicer, Erica Gayle AP136342 & RN 824509Remedial Education with Fine11/14/2018
Spinks, Sheryl Ann RN 702108 & LVN 157026Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Spurlock, Cesley Ann LVN 307883Warning with Stipulations and Fine12/11/2018
Stringer, Kristi Leehin RN 731665Revoked1/24/2019
Svetly, David LVN 210346Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Swirsky, Rebecca Anne RN 936690Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Taylor, Claudette Yvette RN 806829Revoked12/11/2018
Taylor, Kim Stacie RN 844264Remedial Education11/7/2018
Thomas, Lashonda Renee LVN 227269Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018
Tijerina, Nicolas RN 879555Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Tillman, Chloe Bree RN 764461Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Tinsley, Sara Francine RN 709728Warning with Stipulations and Fine1/24/2019
Tumambing, Francis Aguirre RN 790806Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Turnbow, Melody Lynn RN 732500 & LVN 135914Enforced Suspension12/11/2018
Valmores, Shelly Jan RN 728197Limited License1/24/2019
Vang, Blia Her AP120869, RX 11762 & RN 817327Remedial Education with Fine1/24/2019
Vines, Janiska Jenette LVN 330257Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Vinson, Savannah Elizabeth RN 881243 & LVN 318592Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Walls, Emily Ann LVN 311854Voluntary Surrender11/16/2018
Washington, Saminthia Rutledge RN 726570Remedial Education11/26/2018
Weeks, Janice Evelyn LVN 302781Warning with Stipulations12/11/2018
Wentworth, Lonnie Scott RN 758001Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
White, Trenese Marie LVN 334300Suspend/Probate12/11/2018
Whiteley, Deidre Danne RN 830547 & LVN 160286Enforced Suspension12/11/2018
Wilkirson, Krystal Nichole RN 824521Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Williams, Carla A. RN 729355Suspend/Probate12/11/2018
Williams, Cecelia Nicole RN 882317Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Williamson, Dorothy Marie AP111316, RX 9924 & RN 444081Voluntary Surrender12/10/2018
Wilson, Brandi D. (Ellison) LVN 169007Reprimand with Stipulations1/24/2019
Witherspoon, Charlie Denice LVN 193520Reprimand with Stipulations12/11/2018
Wong, Elizabeth RN 843333Reprimand with Stipulations11/13/2018
Young, Donna Jane RN 736448 & LVN 190037Suspend/Probate1/24/2019
Young, Hong Shu RN 851343Warning with Stipulations1/24/2019
Young, Laverne Felicia LVN 324663Warning with Stipulations11/13/2018