The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.


License Number(s)
Date of Action
Adcock-Page, Kimberly Kay LVN 150400 Warning with Stipulations 12/13/2016
Alameda, Nellie Hernandez LVN 321759 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 01/19/2017
Aleman, Monica Marie LVN 232685 Warning with Stipulations 12/13/2016
Alruwaili, Carol Lynnette RN 692635 & LVN 99652Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Amonett, Ronald Brent RN 720298Enforced Suspension11/08/2016
Anderson, Deborah Page RN 826632Revoked12/13/2016
Anderson, Jordan Christopher LVN 319929Revoked11/08/2016
Arredondo, Melissa Diane LVN 218781Revoked11/08/2016
Atwood, Alan Kordaniel PTP MT RN RN-46602 Revoked12/13/2016
Avila, Edward LVN 195598Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Baker, Kimberley Jayne RN 597764Voluntary Surrender01/25/2017
Balliu, Racheal Renee RN 753532Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Banks, Donna M. LVN 70867Revoked11/08/2016
Banks, Tolisha Lashannon RN 815977Remedial Education01/31/2017
Bardere, Adriane Lashaun LVN 177246Limited License12/13/2016
Bass, Rebecca Michelle RN 696447Enforced Suspension11/29/2016
Basye, Johnny Dewayne RN 875659 & LVN 319715Voluntary Surrender12/15/2016
Bayona, Angelica Maria LVN 307319Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Bell, Zanneckia Shunnessa PTP AR LPN L050587Revoked12/13/2016
Benavides, Veronica Azucena RN 845394 & LVN 163631Enforced Suspension01/24/2017
Benjamin, Evelyn Jean LVN 132584Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Bennefield, Rebekkah Jane LVN 175960Revoked11/08/2016
Berry, Timothy Wayne RN 702707 & LVN 129285Voluntary Surrender11/03/2016
Bethke, Brian LVN 300929Revoked12/13/2016
Bey, Michelle Jane 317149Revoked11/08/2016
Birmingham, Toni Renee RN 620690 & LVN 137204Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Blanco, Ester C. RN 558365Voluntary Surrender01/13/2017
Bledsoe, Cynthia Ann RN 588791 & LVN 135204Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Blythe, Teresa Jo LVN 230892Revoked12/13/2016
Boots, Erik Lynn RN 817737Revoked11/08/2016
Bouley, Mary A. RN 628291 & LVN 97704Voluntary Surrender12/19/2016
Brammer, Kathleen Ann LVN 186792Voluntary Surrender11/14/2016
Brink, Fay Lyn RN 843536Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Broadway, Karry Larissa RN 822426Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Brooks, Carol Lynn LVN 129935Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Brooks, Johnnie Wileen LVN 200824Revoked11/08/2016
Brown, Daniel Lee RN 817578Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Brown, Gilmica Adett VN 192311Voluntary Surrender01/13/2017
Brown, Karen Janell LVN 152979Suspend/Probate11/08/2016
Brown, Tracy Lynn AP111389 & RN 571212Remedial Education with Fine01/06/2017
Broz, Genevieve M. LVN 77867Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2016
Brumfield, Candice Dawn LVN 184789Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Burns, Zachary Don LVN 300263Revoked11/08/2016
Calderon, Sylvia Ann LVN 300707Enforced Suspension11/08/2016
Calle, April Leigh RN 705710Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Cas, Shirley Jean LVN 92329Voluntary Surrender12/02/2016
Cassell, Joyce F. RN 255729Limited License11/08/2016
Chaix, Michael Joseph LVN 216356Revoked11/08/2016
Christopher, Nicole Sascha RN 881380Voluntary Surrender11/08/2016
Clark, Karen Cleary Lavern LVN 116196Revoked11/08/2016
Clarke, Marshon LVN 312646Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Coleman, Jamie Ann RN 670880Revoked11/08/2016
Cooke, Crystal Ann LVN 302849Enforced Suspension12/13/2016
Cooper, Evalyn W. RN 860408Revoked11/08/2016
Cooper, Jordan Bond AP123132, RX 13657 & RN 754677Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Crawford, Shena Lavonne LVN 188477Suspend/Probate11/08/2016
Cullar, Kymberly Jo (Kirk) AP107641 & RN 554888Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Cunyus, Luelen Desiree AP129548 & RN 743850Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Curry, Jamie Ann RN 688974 & LVN 182658Revoked12/13/2016
Dark, Candice Michelle LVN 305386Voluntary Surrender11/15/2016
Davis, Barbara Elaine LVN 220724Revoked12/13/2016
De Velasco, Teresa Lynne RN 685452 & LVN 147101Revoked12/13/2016
Delissaint, Cassandra RN 862468Remedial Education12/12/2016
Dennie, Tametra Patrice LVN 319145Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Dillon, John Joseph RN 814552Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Dobbs, Wendy Sara (Stone) RN 729642Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Dolman, Loretta D. RN 640508Limited License12/13/2016
Draper, Billy Ray LVN 172884Revoked11/08/2016
Duncan, Barbara Jean LVN 112702Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Duncan, Clarence RN 600815Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Dupree, Jennifer A. RN 686137Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Dupuy, Laura Suzanne RN 787031Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Dyess, Charles Adam PTP MS RN 852220Voluntary Surrender11/04/2016
Enriquez, Mark Lastimoso RN 822041Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Erwin, Christine Joy LVN 64557Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Everett, Scott Andrew LVN 316947Revoked11/08/2016
Fallon, Megan E. PTP MO RN 2012034548Voluntary Surrender01/04/2017
Faught, Keri An LVN 215161Enforced Suspension01/10/2017
Faunce, Brandon Jay RN 761174Revoked11/08/2016
Field, Keri Dee RN 728650 & LVN 175278Remedial Education, Deferred11/08/2016
Finck, Patricia RN 744515Revoked11/08/2016
Fisher, Latronica Tarsunet AP119765 & RX 10898Revoked01/19/2017
Fisher, Latronica Tarsunet RN 679005Enforced Suspension01/19/2017
Fleming, Monica Muriel LVN 228346Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Foster, Julie Claudette RN 652509 & PTP AR RN R035049Revoked11/08/2016
Foster, Tammy L. RN 628737Revoked12/13/2016
Fuson, Karen O. LVN 161241Revoked11/08/2016
Galewaler, Carolyn Jeanene RN 554064Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Galindo, Martin A. RN 873272Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Gallardo, Ginger LVN 221438Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Galloway, Joseph Russell RN 821702Revoked11/08/2016
Gann, Wendi Michelle RN 802939 & LVN 223373Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Garcia, Emanuel LVN 225445Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Garcia, Laura Ann LVN 129824Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Gardner, Ava Lynn LVN 187669Revoked12/13/2016
Gary, Bettye Jean LVN 323204Revoked11/08/2016
Garza, Sherri Renee RN 771590Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Gfeller, Carl Wayne LVN 186164Remedial Education11/18/2016
Gibson, Tanya Darlene RN 702770Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Gilbert, Evelyn G. LVN 82958Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Gonzales, Maria Aurora RN 254398 & LVN 35602Voluntary Surrender11/10/2016
Gonzalez, Christina Luanne RN 751836 & LVN 188017Voluntary Surrender12/19/2016
Graham, Annelle Frances RN 660429Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Gray, Leslie LVN 167765Revoked11/08/2016
Greco, Alexandra Nicole RN 880014Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Grodsky, Michelle A. RN 705670Remedial Education with Fine11/09/2016
Haastrup, Isaac Adekunle LVN 222814Revoked12/13/2016
Hale, Vanessa RN 813953Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Hall, Marquita D. RN 858411Remedial Education with Fine11/07/2016
Hansen-Quiej, Grethe Michelle RN 709382Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Hanson, Sandra A. AP103585 & RN 214991Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Harris, Callene LVN 127275Voluntary Surrender12/01/2016
Harris, Susan Rea RN 687316 & LVN 168780Enforced Suspension11/30/2016
Hartman, Holly Jane RN 774613Voluntary Surrender12/14/2016
Hawkins, III, William A. LVN 127199Voluntary Surrender01/23/2017
Hawley, Grace Ann LVN 145366Revoked12/13/2016
Hebert, Brenda Lynn LVN 144457Revoked01/19/2017
Henderson, Felisha Shawnte RN 714234Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Hensley, Marsha Lynn LVN 206133Revoked11/08/2016
Hicks, Sonja Lachelle LVN 308644Revoked11/08/2016
Hill, Kristi Daniel LVN 233501Remedial Education01/13/2017
Hitchcock, Kathleen S. RN 559352Suspend/Probate01/03/2017
Hoskins, Ravin Tywanna LVN 309197Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Housenga, Steven E. RN 878402Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Hutchinson, Samantha Michelle RN 808942Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Ilori, Victoria Olubunmi LVN 234073Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Jackson, Lori Beth LVN 309473Revoked12/13/2016
James, Ann RN 540614Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
James, Deborah K. PTP MO RN 101789Revoked11/08/2016
James, Royelle Kenise RN 784157Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Jenkins, Jill Rea LVN 143826Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Jin, Hae Jung LVN 193011Enforced Suspension12/13/2016
Jing, Peter Tanue LVN 217358Revoked12/13/2016
Jones, Taralynn LVN 158939Revoked12/13/2016
Joost, Sheryl J. RN 512877Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Jordan, Patricia Diane LVN 122370Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Jordan, Russell Don RN 812929Voluntary Surrender12/30/2016
Joseph, Jr., Willie Ray LVN 179603Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Kanu, Mabinti LVN 318675Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Kavukatema, Shainai LVN 311245Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Kendall, Shelly Anne RN 786922Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Kietzer, Alan C. RN 818341Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Kim, Jin Young RN 862697Revoked11/08/2016
Kinyanjui, Nelson Nduti PTP UT RN 8073997-3102 & PTP UT LVN 8073997-3101Revoked01/20/2017
Knatt, Cartessa Danette AP120297 & RN 687034Voluntary Surrender01/19/2017
Koeller, Bambi Lynne LVN 146709Revoked11/08/2016
Koepp, Kimberly Ann LVN 152375Enforced Suspension12/13/2016
Kumaran, Josefina Santos RN 753661Voluntary Surrender12/09/2016
Lawrence, William Martin RN 753043Suspend/Probate11/08/2016
Ledford, Kimberly RN 641795Voluntary Surrender11/18/2016
Lee, Bridget Anna RN 804459Revoked12/13/2016
Lee, Jennifer Dawn LVN 306913Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Leflore, Trechelle Tranese RN 819240 & LVN 214588Voluntary Surrender11/16/2016
Leggett, Karen Ann LVN 148151Remedial Education with Fine01/19/2017
Little, Susan Mary RN 772552Remedial Education with Fine01/20/2017
London, Latisha LVN 201677Revoked12/13/2016
Lopez, Eboney Joy LVN 300176Revoked11/08/2016
Lowry, Donna Chestine LVN 161855Remedial Education01/27/2017
Luna, Haley Elizabeth RN 744560Enforced Suspension01/19/2017
Luther, Jane Irene LVN 186680Revoked12/13/2016
Lyles, Priscilla E. RN 232847Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Lynch, Rhonda Lee PTP AR LPN L039350Revoked12/13/2016
Madding, Stacey RN 644166Limited License12/13/2016
Maldonado, Kimberly RN 767934Voluntary Surrender01/23/2017
Maligaspe, Indranie Veronica RN 889284Voluntary Surrender11/10/2016
Mango, Joseph Alfred RN 800220 & LVN 218132Revoked12/13/2016
Manuel-Brooks, Lois Lajane LVN 162154Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Marshall, Erin Nicole RN 702521Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2016
Martinez, Benita RN 590892Revoked11/08/2016
Martinez, Dorothy Elaine LVN 227718Revoked11/08/2016
Martinez, Shane Lee LVN 161426Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Martinez, Jr., Rodrigo RN 763373Voluntary Surrender11/17/2016
Mason, Summer Dawn LVN 191089Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2016
Maxwell, Lisa Ann RN 524664Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Mazen, Irian Guinette LVN 202611Revoked12/13/2016
McClain, Linda Carol LVN 220606Voluntary Surrender01/03/2017
McClendon, Jennifer Lyn RN 677635Revoked11/08/2016
McCreadie, Helen Margaret RN 600141Remedial Education01/12/2017
McDonough, Kelly Anne RN 717239Limited License12/13/2016
McDowell, Ramona Ada LVN 179145Revoked11/08/2016
McElvain, Galina N. RN 763374Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
McKenzie, Dale Ross LVN 167278Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
McKibben, Melisa Mae RN 605670Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
McKinney, Anetrah Shonta LVN 313995Revoked12/13/2016
McLain, Kathryn E. RN 802989 & LVN 212479Voluntary Surrender11/10/2016
McNamara, Kimberly Dawn RN 675593 & LVN 177494Voluntary Surrender11/16/2016
Medina, Tania L. RN 762651Voluntary Surrender12/01/2016
Meek, Barbara Ann LVN 51843Remedial Education with Fine01/13/2017
Mendez, Ricardo AP120245 & RN 534126Voluntary Surrender12/01/2016
Miano, Bonnie Wambui PTP KY RN 1135674Voluntary Surrender11/15/2016
Michuki, Carol RN 785388 & LVN 206935Warning with Stipulations, Deferred01/19/2017
Minihan, Triston Nadine RN 791000Voluntary Surrender10/20/2016
Montalbano, Lynette Lucille RN 679474Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Montellano, Shatzie Adele AP108720 & RN 548339Revoked11/08/2016
Moore, Kattie Suzanne RN 882003Limited License01/19/2017
Morales, Juan Jose LVN 308084Suspend/Probate11/08/2016
Morris, Sharon Grace RN 456836Remedial Education with Fine01/26/2017
Muela, Polinar Maria LVN 220181Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Muffoletto, Rhea Competente RN 672210Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Munoz, Maria Mcgee RN 852340Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Musonda, Willies LVN 317796Remedial Education with Fine11/10/2016
Nawra, Takwih Ndohmbi LVN 312348Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Naylor, Christian Nycol LVN 315039Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Neill-Winkler, Tara Ann LVN 317129Revoked11/08/2016
Nenninger, Tonika Dawn RN 778869Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Ngundu, Solange Vekooh LVN 306307Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Nguyen, Kristty RN 845661Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Nguyen, Vy Ngoc RN 874500Remedial Education with Fine01/24/2017
Nkhono, Patricia RN 875027 & LVN 220021Remedial Education with Fine01/25/2017
Noble, Cassandra Maye LVN 145358Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Northcutt, Jennifer Ann RN 882348Revoked11/08/2016
Nting, Claudine Manyoh LVN 317637Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Nwobi, Onyinye RN 896197Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Obi, Francisca Nonyelum C. RN 603044 & LVN 145928Remedial Education01/25/2017
Olivier, Ben States LVN 228600Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Ortiz, Arturo RN 847285Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Osallo, Paul Juma RN 829954 & LVN 223952Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Overton, Tera Rochelle RN 816379 & LVN 228998Revoked11/08/2016
Pack-Shelley, Angie Denise RN 724423Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Palm, Carey Michelle LVN 218756Voluntary Surrender01/20/2017
Paretas, Zulin RN 557595Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Parsley, Lisa Marie RN 855985Remedial Education with Fine01/26/2017
Patterson, Tynisha Quonta LVN 207813Revoked11/08/2016
Perez, Armando James LVN 197598Suspend/Probate11/08/2016
Pickering, Carrie Tonyah RN 255588Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Pope, Melissa Anne RN 662937Enforced Suspension11/02/2016
Porche, Ashlea Melissa RN 896327Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Power, Sarah Elizabeth RN 630917Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Price, Rachel Leigh LVN 316361Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Que, Gaudencio Lopena RN 873842Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Rahman, Farhana RN 876660Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Ramadhar, Rawle Ramash LVN 169891Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Ramirez, Crystal Nicole RN 718114Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Raygon, Corazon Ballena RN 616209Revoked12/13/2016
Reeser, Chelsea Lauren RN 867366Remedial Education with Fine01/18/2017
Reeves, Tanya Charlene RN 606904Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Remily, Angela Darlene LVN 187370Revoked01/19/2017
Reyes, Jessica Marie LVN 226604Voluntary Surrender01/05/2017
Rhea, Charles Edward LVN 316119Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2016
Roberts, Halsey Lynn LVN 196149Remedial Education with Fine01/02/2017
Rodriguez, Edwin PTP VA LVN 0002077550Revoked11/08/2016
Rodriquez, Alex S. LVN 319514Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Romero, John Anthony RN 821480Revoked01/19/2017
Ruppel, Jordan Claire RN 872499Remedial Education, Deferred12/27/2016
Russell, Christine Anne RN 686424Revoked11/08/2016
Ruster, Debra L. RN 241745Remedial Education01/13/2017
Saldana, Fidel RN 793288Voluntary Surrender01/24/2017
Scarborough, Debra Ann LVN 166854Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Schoon, Shonda A. RN 625345Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Schroller, Tiffany Elizabeth RN 714511Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Schwab, Nancy Jean AP104894 & RN 507032Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Schwab, Nancy Jean RX 901Limited: No Controlled Substances01/19/2017
Scott-Shaw, Tammy Deloris LVN 196666Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Self, Lacey Anne RN 860663 & LVN 197809Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Shaeffer, Christina Michell LVN 322051Revoked01/19/2017
Sharpless, Beth Brewton RN 578764Revoked11/08/2016
Shaw, Susan Michelle RN 877771Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Shell, Donielle Rhiannon LVN 314144Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Sherrard, Crisanta Aguinaldo LVN 160629Voluntary Surrender11/21/2016
Silva, Sandra Lisette RN 798853Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Simac, Lana Maria LVN 178938Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Sinclair, Cheri Marva RN 553114 & PTP TN RN 201104Revoked11/08/2016
Smalling, Ian Lloyd AP111135 & RN 626781Remedial Education01/26/2017
Smith, Brittney PTP MS RN R892118Revoked12/13/2016
Smith, Lasonja Kaye LVN 188956Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2016
Snow, Shannon Kaye LVN 215447Limited License12/13/2016
Snyder, Stephanie Kimbriel RN 842195Enforced Suspension12/13/2016
Somers, III, Rudy LVN 314729Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Souter, Delilah Jeannine PTP WI RN 147939Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Southard, Jeanne Kay RN 719185 & LVN 188931Voluntary Surrender01/31/2017
Spears, Kimberly RN 777718Voluntary Surrender12/20/2016
Spence, Pheobe June LVN 216863Enforced Suspension01/05/2017
Spencer, Morgan Leigh RN 820197Revoked11/08/2016
Statham, Terrie Marie LVN 327020Voluntary Surrender11/21/2016
Steely, Sandra Dee RN 730888Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2016
Stewart, Stephanie Fay RN 722861Remedial Education01/11/2017
Stewart, Stephanie Y. LVN 311473Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Stoker, Amber Nichole LVN 232632Revoked12/13/2016
Stringfellow, Ronald Anthony LVN 184618Voluntary Surrender11/01/2016
Sudderth, Kimberly D. RN 745269 & LVN 207396Suspend/Probate12/16/2016
Symank, Casey Jean RN 768864 & LVN 195378Voluntary Surrender11/07/2016
Tatum, Bill D. AP119178 & RN 788819Voluntary Surrender01/06/2017
Taylor, Chrissye Renee LVN 214079Voluntary Surrender01/31/2017
Taylor, Delores Jean LVN 81687Voluntary Surrender01/23/2017
Taylor, Terrie Lynn LVN 207726Revoked11/08/2016
Tejeda, Alice Melancon RN 508405Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Tellez, Stella D. RN 239155Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Thaggard, Joe Bradley RN 584749Voluntary Surrender01/10/2017
Thomas, Ruth Louise RN 762400Reprimand with Stipulations11/08/2016
Thompson, Miranda Jasmine RN 848628Remedial Education, Deferred11/07/2016
Thornhill, Robert RN 781178Enforced Suspension11/15/2016
Tiangco, Christopher Allen RN 826255Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Tillman, Albert Louis LVN 125621Revoked12/13/2016
Tillmutt, Joann Patricia LVN 168378Voluntary Surrender01/03/2017
Tiner, Roxy Michele RN 661141Remedial Education12/13/2016
Tirado, Alma Delia RN 708061 & LVN 150084Revoked11/08/2016
Tobar, Lisa Pauline RN 701168 & LVN 122574Revoked11/08/2016
Tolley, Tommie Wynette LVN 160703Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Tools, Kolbie Rashawn LVN 322340Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Touchstone, Susan Reeves RN 757502Voluntary Surrender11/03/2016
Trejo, Melissa K. RN 616709 & LVN 130631Revoked11/08/2016
Trevino, Veronica Nicole LVN 322170Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Ussery, Vivian Marie LVN 110745Voluntary Surrender12/12/2016
Vallecillos, Steven Michael LVN 316152Suspend/Probate12/13/2016
Valles, Holly Elizabeth RN 730085Reprimand with Stipulations12/13/2016
Valverde Garcia, Corey Grace LVN 209418Warning with Stipulations, Deferred12/13/2016
Vasquez, Anabelle RN 710114Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Vasquez, Anita Nicole RN 826259 & LVN 302321Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Vidrine, Ambrosia Jeanarie LVN 196099Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Wakeland, Brandon Matthew RN 835028 & LVN 211675Revoked11/08/2016
Walker, Alana Marie RN 879050Suspend/Probate01/04/2017
Walker, Allison (Shaffer) RN 749889Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
Walker, Bryant LVN 322173Warning with Stipulations, Deferred01/19/2017
Walker, Rachel Nicole RN 719827Suspend/Probate11/30/2016
Warburg, Johnathan Geoffrey AP111454 & RN 668030Revoked11/08/2016
Warden, Lori L. RN 513742Enforced Suspension12/14/2016
Washington, Harlin Larue RN 697965 & LVN 167133Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Waxler, Brittany Renee RN 833279Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Weaver, Lisa Ann RN 827088Revoked11/08/2016
Weidman, Jason Douglas RN 805896Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Weresch, Janet LVN 314146Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
West, Lorna Elaine RN 773297 & LVN 129942Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Whitaker, Andrea Nicole LVN 306168Warning with Stipulations11/08/2016
White, Christina Leigh LVN 310807Remedial Education with Fine01/18/2017
Whitehead, Pamela Ann LVN 124402Warning11/08/2016
Whitt, Delisa Gay RN 622304Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Wiggins, Barbara S. RN 245873Enforced Suspension01/19/2017
Wilkerson, Tiffany Ann LVN 202720Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Williams, Shikira LVN 326613Reprimand with Stipulations01/19/2017
Winn, Shannon Leigh RN 911569Suspend/Probate11/15/2016
Wolf, Aryn LVN 307407Revoked11/08/2016
Wollard, Rhonda Michelle LVN 158567Suspend/Probate01/19/2017
Woodall, Heather Lynn LVN 181518Revoked11/08/2016
Word, Alicia Ann RN 744142Warning with Stipulations12/13/2016
Worthey, Shannon D. LVN 188244Warning with Stipulations01/19/2017
Wyman, Michael Wayne PTP AR RN R066218 & PTP AR LPN L03549Voluntary Surrender12/12/2016
Ybarra, Jessica Ann LVN 174997Revoked12/13/2016
Zilka, Brandon Lee LVN 215731Revoked11/08/2016