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Discipline & Complaints - Disciplinary Action 04/2013

Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 04/2013

Disciplinary Board orders are public information and the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) requires that the Board inform the public about the disciplinary actions it takes. The Board is a public entity, and as such is subject to open record laws. Cases in which formal charges have been filed also become public information at the time of the filing and continue to be public information throughout the remainder of the disciplinary process. See Section 301.158 and 301.463 (c).

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurse's license number or by sending a request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abraham, Sosamma RN 585236 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Abraham, Susie RN 570147 &
LVN 121080
Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Adams, Tynika Vershunn LVN 194588 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Adamson, Paula Marie LVN 125808 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Addison, Mike RN 780911 Voluntary Surrender 14-Dec-12
Adesina, John Durotimi RN 663829 &
LVN 167838
Remedial Education, Defferred 8-Jan-13
Akin, Mary D. RN 532524 Voluntary Surrender 4-Dec-12
Allen, Susan Louise RN 593363 Remedial Education 29-Nov-12
Ames, Johnny Wayne RN 735692 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Anderson, Wesley RN 809814 Voluntary Surrender 13-Nov-12
Angele, Darlene Rebecca RN 550965 Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Arnett, Elizabeth Ann LVN 54889 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Arzac, Laura RN 786790 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Ash, Vanessa Ann RN 706840 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 18-Dec-12
Ashley, Lacie Lastar LVN 188620 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Ayala, Jessica Marie LVN 215338 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Baer, Desarae RN 724286 Voluntary Surrender 26-Nov-12
Bailey, Glenda Delk RN 610580 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Bailey, Jennifer Kay LVN 211209 Voluntary Surrender 26-Nov-12
Baird, Ronald Lee RN 542466 Voluntary Surrender 11-Dec-12
Baker, Lovell J. RN 257392 &
LVN 64927
Voluntary Surrender 16-Jan-13
Banks, Donna M. LVN 70867 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Barlow, Tami Lou LVN 205318 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Barnes, Scott Anderson RN 727030 Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Barrett, Maury Glenn CRNA & PTP MO RN 2008035454 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Bassett, Rhonda Marie RN 662490 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Bata, Shermin Daya RN 744070 Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Bauer, Laurie Ann RN 806300 Suspend/Probate 17-Jan-13
Bautista, Edna Crispino RN 692450 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Baxter, Laurie Danielle LVN 222710 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Belitere, Jennifer Michelle LVN 196967 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Bell, Ashley Alon LVN 228382 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Bemrose, Heather Elizabeth RN 732767 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Bertrand, Rachel Ann LVN 226766 Voluntary Surrender 30-Jan-13
Betts, Eileen Patricia RN 524562 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Bishop, Phillip Brad LVN 170879 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Black, Karen Dee RN 523884 Voluntary Surrender 6-Nov-12
Bliss, Cynthia Ann RN 572968 Remedial Education with Fine 30-Jan-13
Blocker, Patricia A. RN 245618 &
LVN 55427
Remedial Education 4-Dec-12
Boateng, Sasha RN 780356 Suspend/Probate 17-Jan-13
Boatright, Toyia Lynne RN 604204 Remedial Education with Fine 3-Jan-13
Bond, Shanna Lyn RN 682216 &
LVN 131984
Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Bostick, Jaimie Lynn RN 729108 Enforced Suspension 13-Nov-12
Boswell, Cheryl Anne LVN 107892 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Boullioun, Sandra Weidner LVN 171725 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Bowden, Mary J. RN 510160 &
LVN 90717
Revoked 18-Dec-12
Bowers, Joyce Caroline RN 665778 Voluntary Surrender 16-Jan-13
Bowers, Pamela Lynn LVN 158216 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Bowers, Tricia Lynn RN 722901 Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Boyd, Delayne Catherine FNP &
RN 581584
Remedial Education with Fine 29-Nov-12
Boysen, Tammy Sue RN 257168 Remedial Education with Fine 8-Jan-13
Broussard, Crystal Dawn LVN 190427 Voluntary Surrender 13-Nov-12
Brown, James Marcus LVN 152565 Remedial Education with Fine 11-Dec-12
Brown, Jerilene LVN 114833 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Brown, Rose Marie RN 588593 &
LVN 112577
Reprimand with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Brown, Samuel Alfris RN 598089 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Brown, William Gordon LVN 148681 Voluntary Surrender 10-Jan-13
Browne, Laticia Lynn LVN 157935 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Dec-12
Brummer, Debra Ann LVN 92273 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Bueno, Jr., Raul RN 686546 &
LVN 172235
Revoked 13-Nov-12
Bump, Tiffany Jeanette LVN 222663 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Burch, Bobby RN 657079 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Burks, Babetta Nicole (Thompson) RN 689535 &
LVN 168859
Revoked 13-Nov-12
Burleson, Amber Leigh LVN 167567 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Burleson, Theresa G. LVN 108130 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Burnett, Sonia Denise LVN 143039 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Busby, Al P. LVN 200006 Remedial Education with Fine 2-Jan-13
Butschek, Marcy Gabrielle RN 766229 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Campbell, Lynn Michele RN 622687 Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Campos, Michael Angel RN 605837 Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Campos, Rolando RN 638763 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Capitan, Lilibeth Punay RN 777833 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Carter, Melissa Jewell RN 556303 Suspend/Probate 13-Nov-12
Casey, Carolyn J. RN 629945 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Casey, Pamela Jo RN 718227 Voluntary Surrender 30-Jan-13
Castillo, Romelia LVN 73483 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Castillo, Romelia LVN 73483 Voluntary Surrender 31-Jan-13
Castro, Jackie Jean LVN 112612 Limited License 13-Nov-12
Cayetano, Sylvia Ellis CRNA &
RN 645068
Voluntary Surrender 9-Jan-13
Chang, Francisca Chung-Hua RN 583098 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Cheatham, Patricia Ann RN 233843 Remedial Education 12-Nov-12
Chin, Ee-Yong Molly RN 437771 &
PTP NM RN R62744
Revoked 18-Dec-12
Chung, Hojung RN 794387 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Clemments, Barbara Ann LVN 168914 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Coatney, Odessa Kathleen RN 249036 Limited License 18-Dec-12
Cochran, Melissa Lynn LVN 158248 Remedial Education with Fine 14-Jan-13
Cole, Roxana Renea RN 756915 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Cole, Sandra Jeanette LVN 136894 Voluntary Surrender 12-Nov-12
Colin, Gloria Zamora RN 691119 &
LVN 173265
Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Corbin, Catherine RN 653847 Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Corona, Patricia RN 546346 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Cortez, Greg P. LVN 73699 Remedial Education with Fine 11-Jan-13
Cotten, Latricia Jo LVN 190499 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Couch, Tonya L. LVN 150312 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Cox, Barbara M. RN 526992 Voluntary Surrender 4-Dec-12
Cox, Kristen R. RN 692188 &
LVN 164782
Suspend/Probate 13-Nov-12
Crowley, Gregory Paul RN 675829 Suspend/Probate 17-Jan-13
Cummings, Angela Marie LVN 210755 Remedial Education with Fine 1-Nov-12
Cummings, Lee Ann RN 610757 Remedial Education with Fine 7-Jan-13
Cutliff, Geraldine Marie RN 461684 Remedial Education 16-Nov-12
Dagenais, Micahlea LVN 217193 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Daramola, Bamidele Kolawole LVN 205956 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Davis, Amy Michelle LVN 190820 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Davis, Billie Ruth RN 582071 &
LVN 105162
Remedial Education with Fine 16-Nov-12
Davis, Billy Malcum LVN 137285 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Davis, Donotus Lamar LVN 99481 Voluntary Surrender 3-Dec-12
Davis, Sandra M. RN 626583 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Davison, Medra Faye RN 554206 Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Day, Gail Rhuna LVN 149065 Remedial Education 2-Nov-12
Delacruz, Anna Lissa Gervacio RN 691758 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Deleon, Paul Garcia RN 699859 &
LVN 145004
Remedial Education with Fine 3-Jan-13
Deluna, Tracy Ann LVN 193887 Voluntary Surrender 7-Dec-12
Denison, Sarah Abigail RN 746111 &
LVN 191745
Suspend/Probate 17-Jan-13
Dickson, Juli Manz LVN 198493 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Dikeman, Mary Sanford RN 704675 &
LVN 170923
Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Divinagracia, Marian Trasmonte RN 599797 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Dominguez, Brandy Christine LVN 184276 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Douglas, Alicia Yvonne LVN 210915 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Dreahn, Michael L. RN 618083 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Drew, Suzanne Blackwell RN 761881 Voluntary Surrender 10-Dec-12
Drury, April Michelle LVN 225218 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Duncan, Brenda Jeanette RN 605376 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Nov-12
Duncan, Christopher Scott RN 673028 Remedial Education with Fine 19-Dec-12
Duncan, Sammye Jo RN 246666 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Dunfee, Brenda Elaine LVN 98383 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Eble, David Michael RN 674619 Voluntary Surrender 21-Nov-12
Eddins, Amy Lynn RN 731705 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Ejesieme, Nnonyitum Sunday RN 732331 &
LVN 182403
Remedial Education 20-Nov-12
Elizondo, Tracie Ann (Jacobs) LVN 168959 Remedial Education 26-Nov-12
Ellington, Peter John RN 575588 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Engard, Janet RN 637330 &
LVN 108289
Remedial Education with Fine 5-Dec-12
Erickson, Sarah Jane RN 638669 Voluntary Surrender 30-Jan-13
Escobedo, Christine Alyssa RN 689924 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Evans, Tammy Dawn RN 796636 Limited License 13-Nov-12
Evans-Wiley, Gina Lynn RN 686383 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Eveland-Lobban, Sandra RN 644088 Limited License 13-Nov-12
Evenbly, Peter Anthony RN 665580 Voluntary Surrender 2-Jan-13
Everett, Leslie L. RN 509488 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Faust, Theresa E. RN 629680 &
LVN 115566
Remedial Education with Fine 14-Dec-12
Fisher, Arleita RN 631706 &
LVN 139152
Enforced Suspension 17-Jan-13
Flores, Celeste Joanne Donato RN 753743 Voluntary Surrender 15-Nov-12
Floyd, Carrie Ann LVN 225464 Remedial Education 11-Dec-12
Folse, Randy Paul RN 736280 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Ford, Delores Jean LVN 49705 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Franco, Estefana Anita LVN 156164 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Frawley, Patricia L. RN 608417 Remedial Education 23-Jan-13
Gaedke, Israel Samuel RN 746103 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Gaines, Sherry Lynn LVN 205694 Voluntary Surrender 9-Jan-13
Galindo, Maria Gloria LVN 48364 Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Galle, Marge RN 726171 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Gann, Thomas Nathan LVN 201441 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Garcia, Christina A. RN 512813 Remedial Education with Fine 9-Jan-13
Garcia, Claudia Alejandra LVN 214020 Remedial Education with Fine 16-Nov-12
Gardere, Lakeshia Marie LVN 204147 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Garza, Jessica Lee LVN 227296 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Garza, Jonell Michelle RN 706880 Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Garza, Kimberly R. LVN 181516 Remedial Education with Fine 7-Nov-12
Garza, Jr., Andy RN 709661 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Gaskin, Robbin P. LVN 73969 Remedial Education 27-Dec-12
Gentry, Lowana Lorraine LVN 122774 Revoked 18-Jan-13
George-Johnson, Samuel Rajakumar RN 784430 Voluntary Surrender 12-Nov-12
Gilbert, Nathel Maureen LVN 173790 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Gilcrease, Mary Lynn LVN 145822 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Gillis, Mabel Louise LVN 93708 Voluntary Surrender 10-Jan-13
Ginn, Stacy FNP &
RN 643147
Remedial Education with Fine 16-Nov-12
Glatt, Kristina Renee LVN 224050 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Gomez, Juan Antonio Maltos LVN 162700 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Gonzales, Gloria (Rodriguez) FNP, RN 588973 &
LVN 72433
Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Gonzales, Krystle R. RN 804404 &
LVN 213924
Remedial Education with Fine 11-Jan-13
Gonzales, Monica Sanchez LVN 121916 Reprimand with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Gooding, Lindsey Nicole RN 710179 Remedial Education 12-Dec-12
Gorka, Chryssa Rene RN 730639 Voluntary Surrender 14-Jan-13
Granados, Yessenia Lisset RN 801243 &
LVN 177662
Remedial Education with Fine 8-Nov-12
Gray, Kimberly Danae RN 660309 &
LVN 131108
Revoked 18-Dec-12
Green, Vanessa Burks LVN 148465 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Grey, Briggette B. RN 516871 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Griffin, Grant Allen LVN 198286 Suspend/Probate 13-Nov-12
Griggs, Jacquelyn Chlo RN 601019 &
LVN 83013 & CNM with Rx Auth 4815
Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Guajardo, Sonia L. LVN 190701 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Guillen, Denise Corinne RN 770468 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Gutierrez-Gonzalez, Elvira Lizeth LVN 225857 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Hagar, Karen K. RN 661472 &
LVN 147744
Remedial Education 14-Jan-13
Hall, Carey Lea RN 737253 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Hamid, Laura Leann (Simpson) RN 651814 &
LVN 167068
Revoked 13-Nov-12
Hamilton, Amanda Nicolasa RN 742009 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Hamilton, Jocarol Ann RN 576639 Voluntary Surrender 2-Nov-12
Hamner, Jendy Lenee LVN 201872 Voluntary Surrender 11-Dec-12
Hamrick, Karla Rajean LVN 228770 Remedial Education, Defferred 11-Jan-13
Hankins, Chrystan Renee LVN 172494 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Hanley, Michael P. RN 249074 Suspend/Probate 13-Nov-12
Harris, Angela Lynn LVN 184498 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Harris, Elizabeth Valle LVN 69620 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Harris, Jennifer Abigail LVN 306270 Voluntary Surrender 26-Nov-12
Harris, Regina Faye LVN 145149 Voluntary Surrender 3-Dec-12
Hatch, Richard Gil RN 742950 &
LVN 194350
Remedial Education 31-Jan-13
Hawthorne, Roslyn Denise LVN 146405 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Hawthorne, Trichelle Renee RN 773342 &
LVN 216928
Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Hebert, Sofia Liliana LVN 219637 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Henderson, Chevela Hubbard LVN 195335 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Henshaw, Teri L. LVN 116539 Voluntary Surrender 5-Nov-12
Herrera, Jennifer Lyn LVN 168506 Voluntary Surrender 22-Jan-13
Herrera, Julie Renee LVN 97239 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Herrick, Cindy Darlene RN 660546 Voluntary Surrender 12-Dec-12
Hicks, Terri Lynn LVN 190447 Remedial Education with Fine 14-Jan-13
Hicks, Tori Jane FNP &
RN 597617
Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Hill, Shon Dominic RN 764514 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Hilstock, Donna Augustus RN 710440 Remedial Education with Fine 5-Nov-12
Hodges, Brenda Rene LVN 137352 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Holms, Amy L. RN 698759 &
LVN 150052
Revoked 18-Dec-12
Hopson, Tabitha Leanne LVN 232216 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Howard, III, Theron RN 613706 Remedial Education with Fine 16-Nov-12
Huckabee, Lucinda M. LVN 95731 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Huff, Christina RN 634628 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Hurley, Betsy Jolynn RN 647589 Remedial Education 3-Dec-12
Hutchison, David Matthew LVN 177772 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Irizarry, Cindy Lynn RN 674752 &
LVN 169471
Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Isaacs, Michelle Annette LVN 223267 Suspend/Probate 17-Jan-13
Isom, Adrienne Shaw RN 692926 Remedial Education with Fine 9-Nov-12
Izaguirre, Janet LVN 185983 Remedial Education with Fine 30-Jan-13
Jackson, Tina Maureen LVN 171843 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Jenkins, Lisa Lorene RN 610249 Voluntary Surrender 21-Dec-12
Jimenez, Isabel C. LVN 189546 Warning 13-Nov-12
Johnson, Dawn Elaine LVN 130572 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Johnson, Jennifer Lynn LVN 198833 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Johnson, Lisa Margaret RN 696849 Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Johnson, Lisa Tennille LVN 179599 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Johnson, Ryan Mikeal LVN 206595 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Joiner, Opal Melane CRNA &
RN 776650
Suspend/Probate 17-Jan-13
Jones, Annie Mary I. LVN 55092 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Jones, Kimberly Rena LVN 199540 Limited License 13-Nov-12
Jones, Lisa Ann LVN 142240 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Jones, Micha RN 801669 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Jones, Rachel Michelle LVN 157343 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Kasmai, Nahid RN 558903 Remedial Education with Fine 13-Nov-12
Kelly, Marcella Diane LVN 67917 Voluntary Surrender 30-Jan-13
Kilby, Mary Kathryn RN 463735 Voluntary Surrender 12-Dec-12
Kimbrell, Wanda Georgette RN 593341 Revoked 13-Nov-12
King, Kenneth R. RN 509038 &
LVN 97899
Suspend/Probate 13-Nov-12
King, Sally Ann (Cross Howard) RN 558840 &
LVN 88886
Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Kinser, Adriene Danielle RN 755834 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Kirwin, Kelly Anne LVN 217523 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Kitchens, Barbara Ann LVN 116686 Remedial Education with Fine 25-Jan-13
Klabbatz, Thomas Wayne RN 504043 Remedial Education with Fine 30-Jan-13
Knight, Amanda Jeannette RN 679202 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Kosik, Cynthia Bayless RN 607505 &
LVN 124737
Remedial Education 3-Dec-12
Kovarik, Edaena Christina LVN 173199 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Kruse, Heather Marie LVN 232576 Voluntary Surrender 27-Nov-12
Kuhn, Gloria Stella RN 583209 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Laird, Mark Edward RN 439512 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Langston, Judy Mae RN 630136 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Lapole, Carolyn Yvonne RN 670725 &
LVN 174504
Suspend/Probate 13-Nov-12
Lawrence, Laura Ann LVN 141917 Voluntary Surrender 10-Jan-13
Lerma, Soraida RN 649581 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Levens, Jeffrey Clayton LVN 226673 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Lininger, Tina Lynne LVN 182820 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Lister, Tisha Trenee LVN 210855 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Logan, Tanya LVN 312446 &
PTP VA LPN 2080355
Remedial Education with Fine 19-Dec-12
Longoria, Monee LVN 176332 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Lopez, Julio Cesar LVN 229137 Enforced Suspension 13-Nov-12
Lopez, Penny Sue LVN 189976 Remedial Education with Fine 28-Jan-13
Lougee, Lisa Franks RN 512217 Remedial Education with Fine 20-Dec-12
Love, Jessica Jane RN 737464 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Luna, Rachel Marie LVN 169478 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Maape, Purificacion A. RN 604196 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Mack, Joel D. ENP & 618334 Remedial Education with Fine 12-Dec-12
Magadia, Maria Neri Cayari RN 693997 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Martin, Mary Ann RN 257514 Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Martinez, Argelia C. RN 617998 &
LVN 121442
Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Martinez, Freddie LVN 199357 Enforced Suspension 13-Nov-12
Martinez, Jason Scott RN 713884 Reprimand with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Martinez, Wendi Yvette RN 741375 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Mayberry, Brad RN 659700 Remedial Education with Fine 8-Jan-13
McCarter, Darla Kay LVN 164511 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
McCaughan, Julie RN 534055 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
McClain, Cindy Lou LVN 128073 Revoked 13-Nov-12
McCurdy, James L. RN 534075 &
LVN 84741
Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
McFadden, Sheila Kathleen RN 236155 Voluntary Surrender 2-Jan-13
McFaul, Deborah LVN 190465 Revoked 13-Nov-12
McGee, John RN 741410 Reprimand with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
McKay, Rebecca Michele LVN 206882 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Mello, Daniela Kay LVN 174203 Remedial Education with Fine 4-Dec-12
Miller, Chelsea Marie RN 791494 &
LVN 219661
Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Miller, Sherry Jean LVN 154948 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Mills, Audrey L. RN 703793 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Montan, Stefanie Nicole LVN 203081 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Montgomery, Denise Darshal LVN 125401 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Morgan, Carl Garrott LVN 309144 Voluntary Surrender 30-Jan-13
Mourning, Martha Denise RN 808660 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Muana, Fatmata RN 732888 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Muyumba, Kapinga Agnes RN 778149 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Najarro, Luvy LVN 212081 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Ned, Jacqueline G. (Frazier) RN 634269 &
LVN 118068
Voluntary Surrender 3-Dec-12
Neff, (Joe) David RN 617624 Voluntary Surrender 20-Dec-12
Neighbors, Karen Evon RN 251687 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Nelson, Tina Louise LVN 202470 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Norris, Alan Jay RN 795094 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Norton, Linda Joan LVN 192633 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Oborn-Miller, Jennifer Anne LVN 220758 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Ogbonnaya, Hannah Uzoma RN 553714 Suspend/Probate 17-Jan-13
Olivarez, Robert B. LVN 95344 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Opara, Onyema Christian LVN 224901 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Orsita, Diane Pauline RN 740380 Limited License 13-Nov-12
Owens, Bobbie Jean LVN 174029 Voluntary Surrender 9-Jan-13
Page, September Dawn RN 786982 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Parakkattil, Annie RN 636351 &
LVN 150738
Voluntary Surrender 4-Dec-12
Pearson, April Charice RN 666780 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Peloquin, Stephani Raquel RN 669397 &
LVN 172054
Revoked 18-Jan-13
Peregoy, Alison Leigh RN 771899 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Perez, Carolee Brown LVN 149584 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Jan-13
Pierce, Tina Darlene LVN 145463 Voluntary Surrender 15-Nov-12
Pierce, Traci Ann LVN 178131 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Poe, Debbie Lynn PTP MO RN 2009007423 Voluntary Surrender 28-Jan-13
Pope, Kimberly Anne LVN 214958 Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Porter, Valerie Gale RN 584035 &
LVN 112356
Voluntary Surrender 13-Dec-12
Powell, Laura Elizabeth RN 756169 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Pratt, Michelle LVN 154538 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 18-Dec-12
Price, Angela Elizabeth LVN 225649 Voluntary Surrender 26-Nov-12
Price, Phyllis Smith LVN 100042 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Prohaska, Greg RN 641428 &
LVN 150982
Revoked 18-Jan-13
Pruitt, Wanda Faye LVN 57360 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Queen, Bobby L. LVN 202773 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Radcliffe, David Daniel LVN 234226 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Reaves, Heather Michelle LVN 183821 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Reed, Venita Lee LVN 174369 Voluntary Surrender 14-Dec-12
Reyes-Caparroso, Myra RN 584176 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Reynolds, Stephanie Lynn RN 700130 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Rhodes, Janice Lynn LVN 140793 Voluntary Surrender 18-Dec-12
Richardson, Carolyn Whitaker LVN 157169 Remedial Education with Fine 5-Nov-12
Richardson, Charla Dawn LVN 173046 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Rickert-Lee, Lisa LVN 101866 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Robason, Jennifer Anne RN 745252 Remedial Education 28-Nov-12
Roberson, Heather Gail LVN 183496 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Robertson, Brennan RN 810438 Voluntary Surrender 30-Jan-13
Robinson, Mellanie Michele LVN 203819 Reprimand with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Rocha, Reba Nell LVN 174890 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Rodriguez, April Anne LVN 189987 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Rodriguez, Cinthia Marie LVN 137659 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Ruggles, Tina Renee LVN 222334 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Ruiz-Casey, Tammi Michelle RN 780594 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Russell, Hayley RN 707634 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Russell, Noemi (Gutierrez Garcia) LVN 114663 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Jan-13
Ruta, Arnold Samuel RN 673695 Enforced Suspension 18-Dec-12
Ryan, Barbara Yvonne RN 741000 &
LVN 133337
Voluntary Surrender 31-Jan-13
Rygielski, Jill RN 655784 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Saenz, Belinda RN 637443 &
LVN 114549
Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Samkutty, Aleyamma M. RN 565795 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Sammons, Kathy L. LVN 49424 Remedial Education 18-Dec-12
Sanchez, Richard Ramiro LVN 227355 Voluntary Surrender 4-Dec-12
Santos, Javier Martin RN 767380 Limited License 17-Jan-13
Scheff, Deniese RN 632641 Remedial Education with Fine 1-Nov-12
Schraeder, Justine Dawn RN 749581 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Scott, Admarie Cheryl LVN 110239 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Scott, Andrea D. RN 629677 Remedial Education with Fine 27-Nov-12
Shafer, Donna Marie RN 734567 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Shores, Steven C. RN 518177 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Sikazwe, Fukamanji RN 779948 &
LVN 216226
Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Sill, John Elliot LVN 141894 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Simon, Yushema Yunique RN 676247 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Simpson, Diana Lynn RN 695967 &
LVN 143493
Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Sisk, Thomas Richard LVN 206212 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Skiles, Charlotte Amanda LVN 173903 Remedial Education with Fine 18-Jan-13
Slayton, Nancy LVN 191543 Voluntary Surrender 12-Dec-12
Small, Audrey E. RN 530765 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Smith, Allison Kinder RN 792516 &
LVN 221546
Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Smith, Bambi Nicol Powell RN 715941 Reprimand with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Smith, Jana Suzanne RN 669698 Voluntary Surrender 2-Nov-12
Smith, Janice RN 631667 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Smith, Keisha Leigh LVN 105994 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Snider, Lynnette Denise (Rittenhouse) RN 564071 &
LVN 128558
Revoked 18-Jan-13
Snyder, Katherine Jean RN 252477 Limited License 13-Nov-12
Solis, Sanjuanita LVN 227229 Remedial Education with Fine 2-Nov-12
Sons, Gail S. LVN 41341 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Southerlin, Lathese Rachelle LVN 217217 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Sparks, Teresa Ann LVN 190172 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Spikes, Heather Lachelle LVN 211877 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Stafford, Eve G. LVN 36949 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Stafford, Jackie Ellen LVN 145605 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Stauch, Margret Anne LVN 129874 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Stephens, Tammy Laynette RN 681763 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Sterling, Morgan Jeanette LVN 177351 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Stilwell, Clinton Payne RN 584668 Suspend/Probate 13-Nov-12
Stinson, Sylvia M. LVN 79784 Voluntary Surrender 12-Dec-12
Swank, Lori Ann LVN 228499 Voluntary Surrender 24-Jan-13
Symon, Mary Ann RN 240320 Voluntary Surrender 9-Nov-12
Tadlock, Robin Ashley RN 684764 Remedial Education with Fine 28-Nov-12
Tanner, Larry Cecil LVN 191957 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Tekell, Donna Denise RN 644713 &
LVN 114113
Remedial Education with Fine 24-Jan-13
Teko, Dovi Biova RN 776606 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Terry, Tracy Lee LVN 110144 Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Theriaque, Tina June RN 605990 Remedial Education 8-Nov-12
Theriot, Mark Anthony RN 627004 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Thomas, Sylvia Renee LVN 222748 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Thompson, Kelly Aaron RN 683313 Reprimand with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Tibbs, Tameka Nicolle LVN 183817 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Tisdale, Carol Ann RN 765039 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Toguchi, Timothy Jo RN 646902 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Toney, Donna Brooks WHNP &
RN 249500
Remedial Education 6-Dec-12
Trent, Vance RN 635702 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Trotter, Katherine J. LVN 96010 Remedial Education with Fine 8-Jan-13
Tubb, Cannon Lamar RN 711064 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Turner, Audrey RN 766450 Voluntary Surrender 9-Jan-13
Turner, Forrest Wayne RN 739454 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Uzoma, Sunday Uche LVN 155738 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Valdez, Christian Javier LVN 166758 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Valenzuela, Arcadio LVN 162890 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Valenzuela, Carmelina LVN 184367 Voluntary Surrender 3-Dec-12
Varner, Marilynn Haley LVN 64936 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Vatin, Tammy Rachell LVN 161599 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Veals, Karla Kay LVN 122917 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Viale, Diane Frances RN 529078 Limited License 18-Dec-12
Vincik, Brenda Brown LVN 153471 Voluntary Surrender 7-Nov-12
Wade, Charles Eugene LVN 153892 Remedial Education with Fine 2-Jan-13
Walker, Mellinda Shiez Tez LVN 174201 Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Walker, Robin RN 690555 Voluntary Surrender 8-Nov-12
Wallace, Elizabeth Ann LVN 205606 Voluntary Surrender 1-Nov-12
Waltz, Jeanine Kay LVN 184834 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Wansley, Jeremy Bascom LVN 212580 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Watson, Alicia Nicole RN 779994 &
LVN 170789
Warning with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Waughtal, Jennifer Ann RN 590188 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Welch, Jordyn Elizabeth LVN 225027 Revoked 13-Nov-12
West, Melinda A. RN 631604 Voluntary Surrender 28-Nov-12
Whatley, Cynthia Louise LVN 95832 Voluntary Surrender 9-Nov-12
Wheelen, Aimee Rebecca RN 797950 Enforced Suspension 13-Nov-12
Wheeler, Angie Jewel RN 686096 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Wheeler, Patricia Louise LVN 184246 Voluntary Surrender 13-Nov-12
Whitaker, Natasha P. RN 713378 &
LVN 170867
Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Dec-12
Whitehead, Melinda Maria LVN 206771 Revoked 13-Nov-12
Wiebe, Heather Leigh LVN 218408 Revoked 18-Dec-12
Williams, Amelia CRNA & RN 659282 & PTP MO RN 57215 Remedial Education with Fine 21-Dec-12
Williams, Kerri Pokluda LVN 154075 Warning with Stipulations 17-Jan-13
Williams, Quenyet Semeco LVN 204264 Suspend/Probate 18-Dec-12
Williams, Tamra Harris RN 604776 Revoked 18-Jan-13
Winton, Debra Lynn RN 554429 &
LVN 111613
Revoked 13-Nov-12
Womack, Rebecca H. RN 524925 Warning with Stipulations 13-Nov-12
Wood, Andrea RN 604518 Voluntary Surrender 15-Jan-13
Wroblewski, Rufina RN 767222 Voluntary Surrender 14-Nov-12
Wuthrich, Tammy Christine RN 787807 Voluntary Surrender 4-Dec-12