Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 04/6/2016

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. If you would like to receive additional information regarding the disciplinary action which has been imposed, please send your request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurses license number.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Adams, Lucinda NicoleLVN 192257Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Adams-Saddler, Charrmpleaouss KerrvonneeRN 705826 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Adorku, Nana (Cynthia Andrea) HarrisRN 786757 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Afflerbach, Michael AllenRN 709644 Voluntary Surrender13-Nov-15
Agnew, Deloris H.LVN 59393Revoked8-Dec-15
Aguilar, Kamie RaeRN 772595 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Ahamba, Ekelechi GardeniaRN 817042 Suspend/Probate21-Jan-16
Ahrens, Tambra AudreyLVN 221070Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Akins, Dana T.LVN 132036Revoked8-Dec-15
Akintola Lopato, Irene LVN 304649Revoked8-Dec-15
Alexander, Krystle LynnRN 772928 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Allen, Carrie ElaineRN 699395 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Allen, Sara LynneRN 546761 Voluntary Surrender4-Jan-16
Alongi, Wayne RussellAP122816 & RN 867841 Revoked21-Jan-16
Alonzo, Graciela LVN 196751Suspend/Probate10-Nov-15
Alvarez, Rebecca SuzanneLVN 201425Revoked10-Nov-15
Anderau, Megan RoseRN 795026 Revoked10-Nov-15
Anderson, Michael E.RN 521478 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Anderson, Michael JohnLVN 215701Revoked8-Dec-15
Anderson, Roderick DaleLVN 167521Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Arriola, Adrian AlejandroLVN 316924Suspend/Probate21-Jan-16
Arteaga, Maria ConsueloLVN 307196Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Asumbrado, Jerry MacasilRN 741521 Limited License21-Jan-16
Aven, Anthony ZacharyRN 834064 Revoked10-Nov-15
Aycock, Matthew ClarkeRN 825850 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Aycock, Nicholas CarlosRN 821943 & LVN 303143Enforced Suspension4-Jan-16
Ball, Sherry KayeLVN 126293Voluntary Surrender12-Nov-15
Banthavong, Sibounheung RN 644811 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Barnes, Shona L.LVN 198058Remedial Education6-Jan-16
Barraza, Elizabeth LVN 224791Revoked21-Jan-16
Barron, Sylvia LVN 306334Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Basaldua, Ramon LVN 225574Enforced Suspension14-Jan-16
Baucom, Brenda JeanLVN 127113Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Baumbach, Cassie LynnLVN 182350Revoked10-Nov-15
Beaty, Kathy ElaineLVN 198048Revoked10-Nov-15
Beckworth, Susan JeanLVN 131965Revoked10-Nov-15
Beene, Laterica MccrayRN 843915 Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Bell, Danielle NicoleLVN 171188Remedial Education with Fine4-Jan-16
Bell, Melisa LynnRN 687841 Voluntary Surrender11-Dec-15
Benavides, Belia LVN 111455Revoked10-Nov-15
Benefield-Wade, Judith AnneRN 861484 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Berhane, Yordanos G.RN 851368 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Best, Ebony DeliciaRN 835701 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Billings, Kathryn AnnRN 849747 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Bingham, Richard NoelRN 828534 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Birmingham, Toni ReneeRN 620690 & LVN 137204Enforced Suspension13-Jan-16
Black, Antonia RN 626852 & LVN 103095Suspend/Probate21-Jan-16
Blades, Anthony RayRN 567310 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Blakeman, Kristen DanielleLVN 300029Revoked21-Jan-16
Blasini, Kimberly RN 782538 Suspend/Probate10-Nov-15
Bliven, Edward CharlesRN 811558 Suspend/Probate21-Jan-16
Blood, Teddy F.LVN 137239Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Bluitt, Loretta T.LVN 180868Remedial Education9-Nov-15
Bowland, Kimberly AnnRN 758073 & LVN 192821Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Bowls, Derek AllanRN 672588 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Branch, Pattie JuneLVN 149986Revoked8-Dec-15
Breeze, Paula KayRN 783823 Revoked8-Dec-15
Britt, Janice SingletonPTP NC RN 209894Voluntary Surrender23-Nov-15
Brooks, Janice LynnLVN 130644Remedial Education with Fine18-Nov-15
Brown, Angela YvetteLVN 315235Revoked8-Dec-15
Brozek, Vaughn AnthonyRN 854104 Remedial Education with Fine17-Nov-15
Brozio, Jessica LouiseRN 788990 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Brumfield, Candice DawnLVN 184789Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Brumit, Monica RN 664837 Remedial Education with Fine29-Dec-15
Bruns, Judy MarieRN 771818 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Bryant, Leah AnnRN 795206 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Buenrostro, Crystal TanieleLVN 179657Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Bulls, Susan EstherAP103191 & RN 531189 Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Burns-Aynes, Jill A.LVN 116307Revoked10-Nov-15
Burton, Treva LVN 308320Revoked10-Nov-15
Butcher, Robert EdwardRN 666834 & LVN 158176Voluntary Surrender15-Dec-15
Cagle, Gerald ThomasRN 593892 Revoked22-Jan-16
Caldwell, Rachel LeahLVN 310970Voluntary Surrender4-Jan-16
Cannon, Beverly JoLVN 24529Revoked8-Dec-15
Cantu, Tabitha LVN 177227Revoked10-Nov-15
Caoleng, John Paul ValenzuelaRN 781995 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Caraveo, Darryk ManuelLVN 221065Revoked10-Nov-15
Cassat, Raquel GuerreroRN 547491 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Cenatiempo, Lynne MarieRN 521657 Revoked10-Nov-15
Christian, Bradley AlanLVN 196633Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Churchman, Patti MatthewsRN 443665 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Ciomperlik, Danna ReneeRN 809076 & LVN 206427Revoked10-Nov-15
Clacher, Diana MartinezLVN 216781Enforced Suspension8-Dec-15
Clark, Robert DwightRN 565674 Remedial Education with Fine10-Dec-15
Claycomb, Sheila KayLVN 193772Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Clements, Lori LenLVN 156243Voluntary Surrender3-Nov-15
Cloer, Nolan LeroyLVN 127783Revoked10-Nov-15
Comeaux, Melanie AnnRN 625846 Revoked8-Dec-15
Comiskey, Katherine BethRN 845467 Revoked21-Jan-16
Conde, Jr., Juan JoseLVN 316424Reprimand with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Cooper, Jamie BeckRN 728906 & LVN 187030Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Cordoway, Vanessa AnnRN 833495 Voluntary Surrender26-Jan-16
Cortes, Christine SolanoRN 776383 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Costello, Anne MarieRN 828430 Remedial Education with Fine5-Nov-15
Cotton, Chalonda RN 637947 Revoked21-Jan-16
Cover, Lindsey NicoleRN 859791 & LVN 307142Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Cox, Connie JoRN 614976 Limited License8-Dec-15
Cox, Jerry LeeLVN 159201Revoked10-Nov-15
Crawford, Gina MarieRN 719470 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Crawford, Holly RN 724335 Reprimand with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Creixell Plazas, Miren RN 843129 Remedial Education18-Nov-15
Crudup, Melinda AynRN 727706 Enforced Suspension21-Jan-16
Curby, Jana LynnRN 605261 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Curry, Erin NicoleRN 835038 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Daniel, Deborah AnnLVN 166259Revoked21-Jan-16
Davenport, Dana DeeaunRN 808633 Remedial Education11-Dec-15
Davis, Regina ReneaLVN 228223Revoked10-Nov-15
Dearmon, Cheronda DeniseLVN 222553Reprimand with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Decas, Patricia LeeLVN 185295Voluntary Surrender8-Jan-16
Dehart, Aimee RN 648203 Revoked10-Nov-15
Denhartog, Margaret Catherine (Olivieri)LVN 58130Remedial Education with Fine9-Dec-15
Derry, Elizabeth MaryLVN 164911Remedial Education26-Jan-16
Diaz, Casey MichelleLVN 213567Revoked21-Jan-16
Dreiling, Betty J.RN 636219 Revoked8-Dec-15
Drennon, Shamika N.RN 864395 & LVN 301326Remedial Education23-Dec-15
Dugger, Tiffany JaneaRN 714538 Enforced Suspension20-Nov-15
Duncan, Mindy NicoleRN 698683 Revoked10-Nov-15
Dutta, Teresa RN 655846 Enforced Suspension21-Jan-16
Edwards, Courtney ElisabethRN 853886 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Edwards, Michelle D.RN 612708 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Edwards, Rosanna LeaLVN 130803Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Ehr, Melissa RaeRN 704586 & LVN 185085Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Elad, Clarence NdiLVN 232858Voluntary Surrender10-Dec-15
Emeharole, Jane ChiomaRN 789031 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Epps, Muriel DeniseRN 502598 Voluntary Surrender9-Nov-15
Evans, Carlos GerardoAP125499 & RN 694089 Enforced Suspension2-Dec-15
Evans, Crystal LynnLVN 228762Suspend/Probate10-Nov-15
Fagan, Monica LorenzoRN 722086 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Felix, Brandilyn KayRN 704760 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Ferguson, Sandra K.LVN 44447Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Ferry, Kathleen AnnAP109299, RX 4285 & RN 458098 Voluntary Surrender9-Dec-15
Fielder, Linda S.LVN 59988Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Flanagan, Christina MarieAP106854 & RN 566580 Remedial Education6-Jan-16
Flores, Jr., Jose OmarRN 760292 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Floyd, Mellisa MichelleLVN 317016Enforced Suspension10-Nov-15
Foltz, Kasi MaxineLVN 206395Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Fudge, Kay LongLVN 41869Revoked8-Dec-15
Galloway, Sarah ElizabethRN 820318 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Gandy, Nancy RuthRN 572436 Revoked8-Dec-15
Gann, Wendi MichelleRN 802939 & LVN 223373Enforced Suspension12-Nov-15
Garcia, Brenda JenniferRN 809889 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Garcia, Jessica ReneeRN 787971 Reprimand with Stipulations6-Nov-15
Garnett, John DowningRN 834419 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Garrett, Anna CarolLVN 150419Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Garrison, James RayRN 605406 Voluntary Surrender1-Dec-15
Garza, Kimberly NicoleLVN 317751Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Garza, Melissa KayLVN 167065Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Gerlich, Kristine HuddlestonRN 850773 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Goddard, Heather SeleneRN 792631 Remedial Education with Fine10-Nov-15
Godsey, Angie RN 658458 Enforced Suspension15-Dec-15
Gollahon, Lora JoLVN 194040Voluntary Surrender29-Jan-16
Gomez, Kelli AnnLVN 316033Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Gonzales, Desireah RN 827913 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Gonzalez, Erika RN 730638 Enforced Suspension14-Jan-16
Gonzalez, Jesus LVN 180334Remedial Education with Fine1-Dec-15
Gonzalez, Nathan JoeLVN 300338Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Gonzalez, Norma K.LVN 111730Revoked21-Jan-16
Gore, Danny RayLVN 190424Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Grabs, Mark WayneRN 681305 & LVN 168499Revoked8-Dec-15
Graff, Jacob RN 814903 Revoked10-Nov-15
Granado, Rosemarie RN 606097 & LVN 97285Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Graves, Glenda J. H.RN 231649 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Green, Patricia AnnLVN 115855Warning10-Nov-15
Gregory, Linda SueRN 244272 Remedial Education with Fine5-Jan-16
Griffin, Amanda JoLVN 224308Remedial Education with Fine9-Nov-15
Griffin, Leigh KellyRN 701471 Revoked8-Dec-15
Griffin, Shelley CopelandRN 705983 Voluntary Surrender16-Jan-16
Gutierrez, Juan RamonLVN 138521Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Gutierrez, Karina RN 822095 Suspend/Probate10-Nov-15
Hagan, Georgina RN 707467 Revoked10-Nov-15
Hardman, Jessica JayneLVN 220738Remedial Education with Fine1-Dec-15
Harmon, Shelly LatriceLVN 172581Enforced Suspension8-Dec-15
Harris, Marie-Therese S.RN 855456 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Harris, Terica LVN 310673Revoked10-Nov-15
Harrison, Claire P.RN 622262 Suspend/Probate10-Nov-15
Harrow, Laura JeanLVN 164957Revoked8-Dec-15
Hawkins, Latonya NicoleRN 770158 & LVN 149665Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Hawthorne, Roslyn DeniseLVN 146405Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Hayes, Sally ChapmanRN 251543 Revoked8-Dec-15
Helms, Liza LVN 165431Remedial Education26-Jan-16
Henderson, Rhunda FayeLVN 176048Revoked10-Nov-15
Hernandez, Angelica LVN 204351Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Herrera, Angelita AP117719 & RN 642529 Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Hester, Kathy RenaeRN 672539 Revoked8-Dec-15
Higgins, Karen D.RN 607581 Suspend/Probate8-Dec-15
Hill, Rosalind LVN 85879Voluntary Surrender5-Jan-16
Hines, Carrie Mae HoltLVN 33453Voluntary Surrender2-Nov-15
Hinnant, Keith AllenLVN 180710Revoked10-Nov-15
Hodge, Viana RN 756195 Enforced Suspension8-Dec-15
Hodgins, Cynthia EileenAP112439 & RN 602731 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Holmes, Karen SueLVN 103962Voluntary Surrender12-Nov-15
Holt, Marguerite L.RN 504971 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Hopper, Jennifer CharleneLVN 232244Revoked10-Nov-15
Housh, Carla RebeccaRN 758622 & LVN 176214Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Houston, Sammy AliRN 812230 & LVN 205150Voluntary Surrender16-Nov-15
Howe, Adam WayneAP115128 & RN 669227 Remedial Education12-Jan-16
Hughes, Molly M.RN 619668 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Humphers, Ashley RochelleLVN 215778Revoked10-Nov-15
Jackson, Carol AnnLVN 102605Remedial Education with Fine10-Dec-15
Jalloh, Umu LVN 213431Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Jimenez, Maricela LVN 189375Voluntary Surrender14-Jan-16
John, Lynell PatriciaRN 668191 Reprimand with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Johnson, Angela MarieRN 768603 & LVN 197576Remedial Education with Fine17-Nov-15
Johnson, Cathy LVN 180138Revoked10-Nov-15
Johnson, Rosie LeeAP112117, RN 243922 & LVN 52935Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Johnson, Stacey ElizabethRN 753394 Enforced Suspension21-Jan-16
Jones, Angela MariaRN 593542 Revoked10-Nov-15
Jones, Caroline BickhamLVN 204959Revoked10-Nov-15
Jones, Robyn Y.LVN 148093Remedial Education with Fine19-Nov-15
Jordan, Lachandra NicoleLVN 218697Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Juachon, Brenda ViluanRN 709277 Suspend/Probate8-Dec-15
Juarez, Priscilla LVN 305725Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Keahey, Janis B.LVN 43971Voluntary Surrender23-Nov-15
Kearns, Gregory JamesLVN 89424Revoked21-Jan-16
Kelly, Paula M.RN 664373 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
King, Jane MarieAP120537 & RX 11480Voluntary Surrender1-Dec-15
King, Jane MarieRN 836782 Voluntary Surrender6-Jan-16
Kiptarus, Wilfred KiplimoRN 685559 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Knesek, Dianne M.RN 634508 & LVN 115907Revoked21-Jan-16
Korn, Armanda V.LVN 167218Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Kuehn, Rhonda LoukLVN 130223Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Kunkel, Kelly DawnRN 568030 Enforced Suspension22-Jan-16
Kyzar, Beverly MichelleRN 709301 & LVN 170623Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Larey, Randi ReneLVN 211137Remedial Education with Fine6-Jan-16
Law, Jo EllenLVN 182991Voluntary Surrender1-Dec-15
Lawrence, Perla B.LVN 181566Revoked10-Nov-15
Lawton, Le MarlaneLVN 233573Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Lechler, Bernard GeorgeLVN 169234Revoked21-Jan-16
Lee, Chan Mi RN 875674 Voluntary Surrender15-Jan-16
Lemke, Elizabeth DawnLVN 211513Remedial Education with Fine25-Jan-16
Lemoine, Dyna JoleenLVN 186888Remedial Education5-Jan-16
Lemons, Khila M.RN 630777 Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Lemons, Susan M.RN 512914 Enforced Suspension21-Jan-16
Leone, Marian RossRN 508628 Voluntary Surrender28-Jan-16
Lindsey, Rhonda DelaineRN 568807 Enforced Suspension8-Dec-15
Linhart, Brittney LeighRN 838297 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Longbine, Donna GayleneRN 718947 & LVN 108557Revoked8-Dec-15
Lynn, Paula WedelRN 800457 Revoked21-Jan-16
Maldonado, Kimberly RN 767934 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Mann, Lynda AnnRN 589421 & LVN 122867Voluntary Surrender9-Dec-15
Markowitz, Dawn M.RN 631517 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Marshall, Cheryl PatriceRN 842757 Reprimand with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Martinez, Gretchen MariaRN 768710 & LVN 176888Enforced Suspension17-Dec-15
Masonheimer-Crouch, Leslie N.RN 534029 Remedial Education with Fine17-Dec-15
Mathias, Monte RuthRN 579828 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Mathis, Cynthia A.RN 628830 Revoked8-Dec-15
Mayo, Jennifer ErinRN 817089 Revoked10-Nov-15
McCabe, Nancy E.RN 242276 Remedial Education with Fine6-Jan-16
McCallister, Carla AnnLVN 221315Revoked21-Jan-16
McCoig, Stacy LynnRN 718625 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
McCoy, Rebecca LynnLVN 107904Revoked10-Nov-15
McDonough, Kathrine LeeRN 715064 & LVN 128076Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
McElfresh, Ginger MarieRN 713084 & LVN 146357Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
McKenzie, Dena LynnRN 771852 Enforced Suspension21-Jan-16
McKnight, Brenda WienerRN 713962 Remedial Education with Fine17-Nov-15
McManus, Belinda K.LVN 213062Voluntary Surrender9-Nov-15
McNamara, Jennifer LeeRN 645759 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Medina, Claudia ElenaLVN 307508Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Meeks, Sarah EllynLVN 166370Revoked8-Dec-15
Mendelson, Gina LynnRN 581957 & LVN 135166Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Mieher, Sherry L StroudRN 224812 Revoked8-Dec-15
Miller, Ashley DawnAP122182 & RN 759664 Remedial Education7-Dec-15
Milton, Angela D.LVN 148853Revoked8-Dec-15
Minor, Elaine E.LVN 100313Suspend/Probate21-Jan-16
Mitchell, Lakeisha DeniseLVN 193131Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Mitchell, Stephanie RN 625657 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Mitchum, Shannon MarieRN 745230 Revoked8-Dec-15
Mitton, Kimberly J.LVN 100300Voluntary Surrender16-Nov-15
Montgomery, Julie AnnRN 660648 & LVN 160421Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Montgomery, Tiffany JoLVN 173226Revoked10-Nov-15
Montoya, Cristina AnelLVN 210764Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Moore, Janis AleneRN 690561 Voluntary Surrender24-Nov-15
Moore, Mary ElaineLVN 303661Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Morrel, Janice JeanRN 642017 & LVN 140402Limited License8-Dec-15
Morris, Brooke LeaLVN 216971Revoked8-Dec-15
Mounts, Kristy LeeLVN 208861Revoked10-Nov-15
Mouratidis, Jesus SteveLVN 315266Enforced Suspension21-Jan-16
Mowrey, Patrick JamesRN 683724 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Muema, Mary M.RN 790373 & LVN 220182Reprimand with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Mullins, Julie AnnLVN 157151Voluntary Surrender26-Jan-16
Mulloy, Sandra DeeLVN 88496Suspend/Probate10-Nov-15
Murphy, Cheryl AnneRN 682085 Voluntary Surrender18-Nov-15
Murphy, Kimberly AnnLVN 300432Revoked8-Dec-15
Muya, Maria Muthoni RN 766736 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Neal, Susan ReneeRN 708438 Remedial Education with Fine27-Jan-16
Nerios, Ashley LVN 304152Enforced Suspension2-Nov-15
Nguyen, Phuong ThiRN 877009 Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Njie, Nwaeju O.RN 602985 Revoked10-Nov-15
Njoroge, Martin NgugiRN 808860 Revoked21-Jan-16
Nnabuike, Fanny EgbeRN 797519 & LVN 191304Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Novosad, Brenda LeahLVN 207941Revoked8-Dec-15
Obermeyer, Lisa MarieRN 775583 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Okereke, Obinna ChrisRN 800088 & LVN 214606Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Olsen, Darcy ElizabethRN 760101 Reprimand with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Omon, Ekaete SundayRN 762099 Revoked8-Dec-15
Ottenbacher, Margaret ElizabethAP112288 & RN 615900 Remedial Education with Fine16-Dec-15
Owens, Katrina MichelleLVN 320187Enforced Suspension17-Nov-15
Palmer, Henrietta LVN 105386Enforced Suspension10-Nov-15
Parks, Christiana LVN 317723Remedial Education9-Nov-15
Pate, Kimberli KristenLVN 194768Revoked21-Jan-16
Patrick, Jr., Stephen AllenRN 701977 & LVN 151340Revoked10-Nov-15
Peavy, Tiffany RoseRN 821079 & LVN 207004Remedial Education with Fine21-Jan-16
Perez, Alben RN 878639 Enforced Suspension15-Dec-15
Peterson, Gregory AlvinLVN 148896Voluntary Surrender2-Nov-15
Peterson, Lauren GayleRN 789959 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Phillips, Amy SueRN 731622 & LVN 149795Revoked10-Nov-15
Pinion, Adam TrevorRN 747466 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Pliner, Elaine LouiseRN 521121 Voluntary Surrender10-Dec-15
Ponce, Maria Del-PilarRN 661540 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Powers, Susan BernadineRN 833416 Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Pratt, Tira LynnLVN 314202Revoked8-Dec-15
Prentice, Jennifer SueLVN 224945Reprimand21-Jan-16
Purnell, Bell JanetLVN 126901Revoked8-Dec-15
Pyle, Theda MarieRN 662236 Revoked10-Nov-15
Qian, Junqiu RN 796538 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Quintero, Mario LVN 185669Suspend/Probate8-Dec-15
Quiroz, Shauna LaraineLVN 209098Remedial Education with Fine2-Nov-15
Radley, Jessica AnneAP117496 & RN 677695 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Ragin, Lauren RN 789620 Revoked10-Nov-15
Ratcliff, Terry LeonLVN 122996Voluntary Surrender13-Jan-16
Ray, Marcus N.RN 735913 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Redus, Carol LynnRN 685672 Revoked10-Nov-15
Reeder, Cristi LynnLVN 190564Revoked10-Nov-15
Reyes, Darlene Maydee Quimco RN 823525 Remedial Education16-Nov-15
Reynolds, Christy MichelleRN 814357 Enforced Suspension22-Jan-16
Rich, Joyce MishelleRN 644049 Revoked21-Jan-16
Rickli, Sarita MarieLVN 304126Revoked8-Dec-15
Rieger, Susan KayLVN 153524Voluntary Surrender30-Dec-15
Risner, Elizabeth AnnRN 822602 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Roberts, Sarah LucilleLVN 223773Remedial Education with Fine24-Nov-15
Robinson, Sarah LouiseRN 832665 & LVN 300754Enforced Suspension13-Jan-16
Rodgers, Wendy ReneRN 749696 Revoked8-Dec-15
Rogers, Eddith MarieLVN 125529Remedial Education19-Nov-15
Rojas, Angie MarieRN 802563 Enforced Suspension4-Jan-16
Rossi, Daphne ElizabethRN 814363 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Rowland, Melissa RN 845794 & LVN 233082Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Ruiz, Carla LugoLVN 312313Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Saenz, Sylvia RN 845976 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Salas, Sherri AnneRN 782031 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Salazar, David RussellRN 715943 Warning10-Nov-15
Salinas, Laurie LVN 110442Voluntary Surrender18-Nov-15
Salinas, Renee RN 629781 Suspend/Probate10-Nov-15
Salois, Monica OggLVN 181593Suspend/Probate10-Nov-15
Sammons, Kathy L.LVN 49424Revoked10-Nov-15
Sanchez, Michael RayRN 724889 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
San Miguel, Tony RN 846983 & LVN 307932Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Saucedo, Regina ReneeLVN 119702Revoked21-Jan-16
Saul, Tia ElainePTP NC RN 260153Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Sayani, Asif T.LVN 315017Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Scarfo, Jayme MarieRN 641471 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Schmidt, Stacey ShareeRN 695875 Voluntary Surrender19-Nov-15
Schroll, Misti LongAP114637 & RN 660028 Remedial Education17-Dec-15
Scott, Angela Sue (Buselli)RN 641181 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Shaeffer, Christina MichellLVN 322051Revoked10-Nov-15
Shaw, Kelly L.RN 664845 Remedial Education with Fine24-Nov-15
Shaw, Linda De LucaLVN 53571Remedial Education with Fine6-Jan-16
Shipley, Maryanne LVN 188518Revoked10-Nov-15
Shull, Christopher LeeRN 770960 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Simmons, Jennifer ReneLVN 213473Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Singleton, Latonya H.AP115095 & RN 677215 Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Smith, Carolyn AnnLVN 83876Voluntary Surrender7-Dec-15
Smith, Jaymi Luanne (Gahagan)RN 728307 & LVN 201395Revoked10-Nov-15
Smith, Lindsay Renee (Lamm)LVN 222431Suspend/Probate8-Dec-15
Smith, Matthew WilliamRN 875965 Enforced Suspension14-Dec-15
Smith, Michael JonathanRN 732922 Revoked10-Nov-15
Solano, David LVN 166755Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Spear, Donald WayneRN 796788 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Spencer, Amber ReneeLVN 207218Revoked8-Dec-15
Spencer, Marie BlakelyLVN 215363Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Spradling, Meredith JaneLVN 312115Revoked8-Dec-15
St George, Jennifer MargaretRN 820791 Enforced Suspension23-Nov-15
Standley, Katrina ChevonLVN 223477Voluntary Surrender9-Nov-15
Starkey, Sheri RN 571479 & LVN 130740Reprimand10-Nov-15
Starr, Stacy LynnRN 768421 Voluntary Surrender12-Jan-16
Stephen, Rodrick DwayneRN 727306 Voluntary Surrender16-Nov-15
Stewart, Barbara GuinLVN 57563Voluntary Surrender11-Jan-16
Stewart, Tamatha DeloresLVN 192801Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Stough, Kristine M.RN 730890 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Stovall, Jamie Anne DarlingRN 857209 Remedial Education29-Dec-15
Sullivan, Theresa AnnLVN 172293Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Sweet, Jessie Marie SmithLVN 61002Revoked8-Dec-15
Symekah, Rodah BochereRN 851521 Reprimand with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Taaffe, Gloria SusanRN 741089 Enforced Suspension8-Dec-15
Taylor, Kathy JeanRN 573258 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Taylor, Kevin MarkRN 749356 & LVN 197652Remedial Education with Fine22-Dec-15
Taylor, Sylvia YolandaLVN 223463Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Tellez, Ann MarieLVN 207589Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Tellez, Luis RubenRN 823730 & LVN 225400Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Terrones, Iran ReymundoLVN 216545Revoked10-Nov-15
Thomas, Judi KayeLVN 180673Revoked10-Nov-15
Thomas, Mariamma RN 573882 & LVN 113568Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Thompson, Wendy J.LVN 226997Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Thompson-Rigney, Lucy LVN 105395Revoked8-Dec-15
Timalsina, Aastha RN 841297 Suspend/Probate21-Jan-16
Tomastik, Michele ClarkRN 728357 Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Torres, Concepcion RamirezLVN 138600Voluntary Surrender22-Dec-15
Uriegas, Roszanne V.LVN 210351Revoked21-Jan-16
Utter, Linda S. RN 433758 Remedial Education6-Jan-16
Velasquez, Juan JoseRN 746042 Remedial Education with Fine7-Jan-16
Vincent, Kelly JudeRN 672532 Revoked10-Nov-15
Waldrep, Nicole M.LVN 146695Revoked10-Nov-15
Walker, Sarah BethLVN 301901Remedial Education9-Nov-15
Walters, Marie MichelleRN 620168 Suspend/Probate21-Jan-16
Webb, Christopher LeeLVN 167294Revoked10-Nov-15
Weber, April ElizabethRN 734747 Enforced Suspension21-Jan-16
Weese, Nancy KayLVN 124356Reprimand with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Wertheim, Carol FosterRN 702395 & LVN 158881Revoked10-Nov-15
Whaley, Clemercy E.LVN 79583Warning with Stipulations8-Dec-15
Whipple, Jennifer LindseyRN 723964 Revoked8-Dec-15
White, Betty NellRN 242210 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Wickware, Tasheina R.LVN 215405Enforced Suspension21-Jan-16
Wiebelhaus, Pauline AliciaLVN 203608Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Wilhelm, Stacy LynnLVN 205697Remedial Education16-Nov-15
Williams, Constance NelsonRN 649850 Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Williams, Laura E.RN 619862 Revoked10-Nov-15
Williams, Myrna MargaritaLVN 197614Remedial Education30-Dec-15
Williams, Reanee L.LVN 198398Warning with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Wilson, Darlene Claire LouiseRN 797614 Voluntary Surrender20-Jan-16
Wolf, Aryn LVN 307407Remedial Education with Fine17-Nov-15
Woods, Monica AntionetteLVN 201792Revoked10-Nov-15
Yamebane, Praphaporn RN 778076 Remedial Education3-Nov-15
Young, Carleen NicholeRN 699915 Reprimand with Stipulations21-Jan-16
Zabel, Kelly LaneLVN 225266Voluntary Surrender9-Dec-15
Zuniga, Maria RN 642843 Warning with Stipulations10-Nov-15
Zuniga, Ramon LVN 230416Revoked21-Jan-16