The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Adams, John Austin RN 692132 & LVN 166149Warning with Stipulations10/21/2021
Adams, Michelle McDonald AP110815, RX 3862 & RN 649286Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Adedoyin, Victor RN 968437Warning with Stipulations, Deferred8/10/2021
Aimiuwu, John Ehiosu LVN 1046149Voluntary Surrender9/16/2021
Akanbi, Christiana A. LVN 326454Probated Suspension10/21/2021
Ako-Ashu, Angela RN 656076Revoked6/3/2021
Alexander, Courtney LVN 1031746Enforced Suspension9/27/2021
Allen, Laura RN 632395Voluntary Surrender10/1/2021
Alquero, Terestia RN 440624Revoked9/14/2021
Amaya, Stephanie Nichole RN 969792 & LVN 326039Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Anders-Slovak, Katherine E. RN 521476Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Attia, Crystal Sayea LVN 335172Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Avila, Regina RN 772613Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Avila, Sandra LVN 202339Revoked10/21/2021
Barkers, Delvackia Rayna LVN 199105Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/14/2021
Barksdale, Deadria Renee RN 844320Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/10/2021
Barnes, Lisa Faye RN 944536Voluntary Surrender8/23/2021
Barrera, Neomi Sara RN 806350Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Beard, Rodney Dale RN 774085Enforced Suspension9/14/2021
Belcher, Daniel Lamont LVN 321656Enforced Suspension9/20/2021
Bell, Allen Wallace LVN 225339Revoked9/14/2021
Bell, Keisha Lenay RN 927928Remedial Education with Fine10/18/2021
Benavides, Cathy Waldon AP114037 & RN 545924Remedial Education8/23/2021
Berich, Rebecca RN 933599Warning with Stipulations10/21/2021
Bernard, Jill Ann RN 781661Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/14/2021
Bilbo, David Ralph RN 593633 & LVN 134447Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Brackens, Cheryl AP111584, RX 4572 & RN 637929Revoked8/10/2021
Brookshire, Brandon R. LVN 320440Revoked8/10/2021
Brose, Richard Louis RN 561932Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Brown, Audrey RN 887253Probated Suspension8/10/2021
Brown, Mary Ellen LVN 322901Warning with Stipulations10/21/2021
Burns, Amy LVN 306716Revoked10/21/2021
Butler, Shareta RN 871435Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine8/10/2021
Cain, Ruthie M. RN 628682Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Camizzi, Christie Lynn RN 572300Remedial Education with Fine10/22/2021
Campoy, Meredith Elaine LVN 334579Warning with Stipulations10/21/2021
Carter, Rachael D. RN 819482Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Chavez, Roxanne Young AP115421 & RN 541248Voluntary Surrender9/14/2021
Clark, Billie Dawn RN 714445 & LVN 176984Voluntary Surrender8/10/2021
Claybourn, Tera Nicole RN 696826Enforced Suspension9/14/2021
Clayton, Bernadette A. RN 751150 & LVN 193991Probated Suspension9/14/2021
Cole, Lynne M. RN 537653Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Collins, Beatrice RN 633272Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Cook, Gina Louise LVN 132619Revoked8/10/2021
Corbin, Catherine RN 653847Voluntary Surrender10/20/2021
Crawford, Susan R. RN 780773Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Cross-Brooks, Patricia Sue RN 706023Probated Suspension10/21/2021
Cureton, Amber Lee LVN 326589Revoked10/21/2021
Davis, Bailey Brooke RN 798816Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Davis, Hayly RN 900865Warning with Stipulations10/21/2021
Davis, Janet Mochama LVN 226715Remedial Education9/17/2021
Dillon, Rachel Miller RN 830816Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Domondon, Joseph Jesse RN 899766Revoked8/10/2021
Dozier, Jill S. RN 624800Enforced Suspension8/9/2021
Drackley, Terra Michele LVN 214473Revoked8/10/2021
Duroux, Amy Jo LVN 181497Revoked8/10/2021
Enriquez, Jennaleigh Renee RN 902063Revoked8/10/2021
Eseny, Rory Frost LVN 342309Reprimand with Stipulations8/10/2021
Espin, Rose Marie RN 611811Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Faison, Linda Faye LVN 116268Voluntary Surrender10/29/2021
Fakunle, Henry Ade LVN 220593Probated Suspension9/14/2021
Fetzer, Rebecca Lynn RN 857872Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Folefack, Aline Zanguim RN 1050847 & NY RN 655138Remedial Education with Fine8/10/2021
Fry, Farrah Elizabeth RN 845624Probated Suspension9/14/2021
Galvan, Jose Ignacio RN 898406 & LVN 321799Revoked8/10/2021
Garcia, Joel Andres RN 748182Remedial Education with Fine9/30/2021
Garcia, Kevin LVN 351411Probated Suspension10/21/2021
Garcia, Patricia Puente RN 631303 & LVN 129780Probated Suspension9/14/2021
Gerhart, Jessica Lynne AP127998, RX 17837 & RN 825592Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Go, Kenneth Albert Maraon RN 749460Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Goble, William RN 642486 & LVN 158103Revoked8/20/2021
Gomez, Lauren Denise LVN 335489Reprimand with Stipulations8/10/2021
Gonzales, Angela Lea RN 689629Enforced Suspension9/7/2021
Gonzales, Rachel A. LVN 176865Voluntary Surrender9/2/2020
Gonzalez, Jenessa Lauren LVN 230858Probated Suspension9/14/2021
Goodman, Lacresha Dawn LVN 208741Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/14/2021
Grant, Theresa RN 505820Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Graves, Vinshanda Hills LVN 228623Remedial Education, Deferred8/4/2021
Grissom, Tabitha Lynn LVN 193842Voluntary Surrender9/13/2021
Groner, Jr., James Richard LVN 231054Reprimand with Stipulations8/10/2021
Gutierrez, Gloria Hortensia LVN 121567Probated Suspension8/10/2021
Hart, Glenda Marie LVN 220814Reprimand with Stipulations10/21/2021
Hernandez, Mary Ann LVN 349780Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Hernandez, Nina Edith RN 892701Enforced Suspension9/14/2021
Hill, Holly Walden RN 829234Enforced Suspension10/21/2021
Hinds, Krystal RN 959546Voluntary Surrender10/22/2021
Horn, Shuntivis RN 919100Reprimand with Stipulations8/10/2021
Iloka, Emmanuel Ifeanyi RN 921169Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine9/14/2021
Inzurriaga, Karen AP132909, RX 22233 & RN 638589Warning with Stipulations10/21/2021
Isbell, Sherry Lenora RN 761528Revoked9/14/2021
Ivie, Ronda Machele LVN 311681Revoked9/14/2021
Izuka, Ogechi Patience RN 880632Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine9/14/2021
Jama, Abdulkadir M. LVN 351004Remedial Education10/7/2021
Johnson, Cedrina Lachelle RN 965746Enforced Suspension9/23/2021
Johnson, Frances Ann LVN 302376Revoked9/14/2021
Johnson, Leketshia Lynette RN 867974Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Kelly, Kimberly Diane LVN 191594Remedial Education10/20/2021
Keown, Emily Rachel RN 815420Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Kirby, Beth Alison LVN 185186Revoked3/21/2018
Lepere, Lisa RN 920189Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/14/2021
Lira, Brandi Allison LVN 222206Revoked9/14/2021
Locke, II, Lou Randall AP128352 & RN 803997Revoked8/10/2021
Lombardo, Whitney RN 770194Revoked9/14/2021
Longoria, Lisa R. RN 611216Remedial Education8/12/2021
Lowe, Daniel J. AP113275, RX 5557 & RN 255200Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Lualaba, Vivi Enkoto RN 842377Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/21/2021
Martinez, Teresa Marie LVN 188383Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Masedman, Helen Martin RN 700839Revoked10/21/2021
Mason, Scott Lee RN 881675Probated Suspension9/14/2021
Mathiews, Laura Ross LVN 215123Reprimand with Stipulations8/10/2021
Matthews, Rasha Fhame RN 877183Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
McAden, Karen Beth RN 583519Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
McCormick, Ann Marie LVN 144595Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
McCown, Desiree Tara LVN 304760Reprimand with Stipulations8/10/2021
McDade, Latisha Nicole RN 884154Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
McGaughey, Laura Amber RN 720489Revoked8/10/2021
McGuire, Amanda Harper RN 779772Reprimand with Stipulations10/21/2021
McIntyre, Brandi Nichole RN 925764Remedial Education with Fine9/9/2021
Mehne, Haley Christine RN 940209Reprimand with Stipulations10/21/2021
Mena, Andrew Christian RN 895774Revoked8/10/2021
Miles, Eric Adam RN 729968Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/14/2021
Miller, Rebekkah Pauline RN 858920Revoked8/10/2021
Mills, Denise A. RN 621831Voluntary Surrender9/16/2021
Mitchell, Christie Ann LVN 184775Voluntary Surrender8/23/2021
Molina Arreola, Saul LVN 185520Remedial Education with Fine10/12/2021
Moore, Christopher AP122293 & RN 667561Revoked7/1/2021
Morgan, Amber Nicole RN 881701Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine9/14/2021
Mortimer, Cheryl Diane RN 535073 & LVN 111952Revoked8/10/2021
Mrozinski, Gregory Norman AP120455, RX 11395 & RN 776714Reprimand with Stipulations10/21/2021
Nelson, Lynnett Manyell RN 733209Voluntary Surrender10/26/2021
Nichols, Cassie RN 945282 & LVN 198195Revoked8/10/2021
Ordones, Casey Danielle LVN 164233Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Parker, Keneisha Sulette RN 843523 & LVN 303265Remedial Education with Fine8/24/2021
Pellot, Joel AP130821 & RN 897122Revoked9/14/2021
Piatt, Jolyn RN 941003Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine8/10/2021
Pickett, Jennifer Joyce AP117198, RX 8788 & RN 679725Enforced Suspension9/8/2021
Powers, Shaste Dawn RN 834008Probated Suspension9/14/2021
Prignano, Selene Roxanne PTP NM RN R62107Voluntary Surrender10/22/2021
Ramirez, Eduardo LVN 157668Revoked8/10/2021
Ramirez, Teresa De Jesus AP131268 & RX 20716Voluntary Surrender10/20/2021
Ramirez, Teresa De Jesus RN 643825Remedial Education10/20/2021
Reddy, Trivikram AP121198Revoked6/10/2021
Rees, Ashleigh Rene RN 1015016Remedial Education10/11/2021
Rhodes, Kristina Gail LVN 192383Enforced Suspension10/21/2021
Rice, Tawhanna RN 628901 & LVN 150870Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Robinson, Angelina Nwannedimkpa LVN 233430Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/10/2021
Robinson, Elsa Maritza RN 875371Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/21/2021
Robinson, Tammy Lynn LVN 115999Probated Suspension10/21/2021
Rodriguez, Felicia Irene LVN 338616Revoked8/10/2021
Rogers, Michael J. LVN 305795Voluntary Surrender9/24/2021
Rudolph, Kasie C. RN 665020Revoked9/14/2021
Ruiz, Francisco Javier RN 895502Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Saenz, Victor AP116954 & RN 638811Remedial Education10/18/2021
Safar, Kaylynn Marie LVN 232751Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Salinas, Michael Anthony LVN 154981Warning with Stipulations10/21/2021
Samuel, Leelamma S. RN 576225Remedial Education with Fine10/20/2021
Sanchez, Kimberly Marga LVN 153869Remedial Education8/16/2021
Sanders, Shelly AP145840, RX 34121 & RN 832673Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Santos, Carlito Santiago RN 912048Revoked6/23/2021
Santos, Ricardo Bautista RN 899942Voluntary Surrender9/1/2021
Serna, Celina AP138153, RN 725235 & LVN 199167Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Shevrovich, Sherri Ann RN 858152Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Sikitu, Rehema Mami RN 965729Reprimand with Stipulations8/10/2021
Simpson, Amber Lee RN 732788Enforced Suspension10/11/2021
Singer, Jane Eva AP116471, RX 8234 & RN 748666Probated Suspension9/14/2021
Singleton, Ashley Nicole LVN 221906Revoked8/10/2021
Skinner, Brittani RN 736102Enforced Suspension9/29/2021
Small, Stacey W. LVN 303928Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine10/21/2021
Solis, Pedro Luis RN 867724Reprimand with Stipulations8/10/2021
Sotelo, Darla Sue LVN 335106Remedial Education8/30/2021
Souter, Delilah Jeannine RN 916223Voluntary Surrender8/30/2021
Standridge, Christi Michelle LVN 352206Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/10/2021
Stedman, Dana L. RN 593475Revoked8/10/2021
Stewart, Cynthia RN 630994Voluntary Surrender8/12/2021
Stogner, Sandra Mae LVN 200347Voluntary Surrender8/16/2021
Stokes, Summer Marie RN 775086 & LVN 198806Enforced Suspension8/18/2021
Stout, Angela Danise RN 735916 & LVN 185831Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Stuart, Taryn Elise LVN 224109Revoked7/29/2021
Stuckey, Erica Anne RN 665211Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/21/2021
Summerville, Nakiah Q. RN 941273Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/14/2021
Talamantez, Dalia Becerra RN 508653Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Taylor, Maggie Sue RN 754915 & LVN 213649Remedial Education10/15/2021
Terrell-Tilton, Lynn Jacki RN 657800Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Terry, Kimberle Rochelle LVN 325412Remedial Education with Fine8/16/2021
Thompson, Antoinette Michelle AP130232 & RN 890276Limited License8/10/2021
Timberlake, Shondra Renee LVN 178624Remedial Education8/26/2021
Tobin, Michelle Cherree LVN 218826Probated Suspension10/21/2021
Torres, Jonathon Cruz RN 885700Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Trepanier, Brea Noelle RN 950679Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Uche, Patience Uko RN 688781 & LVN 164597Reprimand with Stipulations8/10/2021
Udensi, Sr., Ifeanyi Obi RN 590120Revoked8/10/2021
Uzoma, Francisca Akuyoma RN 919483Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Valdez, Fernando LVN 225560Revoked10/21/2021
Valdez, Lynsy Anne LVN 221051Revoked8/10/2021
Vandenbroeke, Dawn Michelle LVN 202357Reprimand with Stipulations9/14/2021
Vitrano, John Joseph LVN 352829Enforced Suspension8/10/2021
Walkington, Amber Kay AP121858 & RN 816595Probated Suspension7/22/2021
Wigington, Erica Michelle LVN 223309Remedial Education10/20/2021
Wiland, Tamara D. LVN 93639Reprimand with Stipulations10/21/2021
Wilburn, Wesley Karl LVN 112044Revoked8/10/2021
Wiley, Kerry (Curtis) RN 734585Voluntary Surrender10/29/2021
Wilhite, Bradley Edward RN 745274Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Williams, Kimberly Rose LVN 214306Revoked10/21/2021
Williams, Latasha C. LVN 312525Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine8/10/2021
Willis, Deanna Lee LVN 337254Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Winston, Jacqueline Juanita RN 974822Warning with Stipulations8/10/2021
Yancy, Latandra Ternaesha LVN 208891Warning with Stipulations9/14/2021
Young, Victoria Nicole RN 947708 & LVN 340504Remedial Education9/13/2021
Zapien, Jorge Alberto RN 863584Voluntary Surrender9/21/2021

Abbreviations in the Notice of Disciplinary Action Section

PTP Privilege to Practice in Texas, also known as Nurse Licensure Compact Privilege, associated with the indicated state and license. States are abbreviated using the official two letter state abbreviations of the United States Postal System.

RX -- Prescription Authorization