The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abdullah, Helena June LVN 102631Voluntary Surrender8/24/2020
Abu, Moyosore  RN 710694Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Adam, Heather Gwen RN 919694Warning with Stipulations, Deferred9/8/2020
Aguilar, Princess Lanelle LVN 209791Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Allen, Laura  RN 632395Enforced Suspension9/10/2020
Almaguer, Omar Jesus RN 697124 & LVN 164390Reprimand with Stipulations9/8/2020
Amador, Alejandra Marie RN 892484Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Anthony, Haleigh Ruth RN 902996Reprimand with Stipulations9/8/2020
Arick, Kaylee Nikole RN 921634Remedial Education, Deferred8/28/2020
Asare, Charlotte Darkoa RN 957030Remedial Education with Fine8/31/2020
Baker, Beth Anne AP106605 & RN 517022Voluntary Surrender8/11/2020
Baker, Brenda Lee RN 607984 & LVN 102507Revoked8/18/2020
Ballenger, Arlene Marie RN 756866Voluntary Surrender9/8/2020
Barnes, Michael John RN 866534Reprimand with Stipulations9/8/2020
Beason, Lorella J. LVN 108555Revoked8/18/2020
Bell, Donnie Franklin LVN 338289Voluntary Surrender8/28/2020
Bello, Christianah Omolara RN 938895Enforced Suspension10/22/2020
Belz, Gregory Lee RN 791576Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/8/2020
Bengel, Cory Alan LVN 352218Enforced Suspension9/16/2020
Benton, Charlene Denise RN 521349Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Berkshire, Yvonne Marie LVN 345312Limited License8/18/2020
Berry, Amanda Lynn RN 712451Remedial Education with Fine8/25/2020
Bertholf, Darlene Jada RN 792664Warning with Stipulations, Deferred8/18/2020
Bollinger, Melissa McDade LVN 227360Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Border, Kristyn Denise LVN 324168Enforced Suspension9/1/2020
Bowers, Peggy Sue LVN 304549Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Bowman, Darrell Webster RN 960717 & LVN 217310Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Broussard, Shawn  RN 648181 & LVN 156378Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/8/2020
Brown, James Marcus LVN 152565Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Bryant, Atavia Sharde LVN 349828Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Burkhalter, Charles Leroy LVN 144904Voluntary Surrender8/7/2020
Burt, Amy  LVN 310401Revoked8/18/2020
Butler, Brenda Jean RN 604550Probated Suspension10/22/2020
Carothers, Georgia Ann LVN 130042Revoked8/18/2020
Carper, Lexi Jill RN 645665Remedial Education with Fine8/5/2020
Cisneros, Gerardo  AP129941 & RN 802769Reprimand with Stipulations9/8/2020
Claiborne, Kevin Scott RN 980664 & LVN 339117Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Clemencich, Margaret Shay RN 861241Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Coburn-Jackson, Kenya  RN 835696Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/18/2020
Cole, Michael Adewunmi LVN 233597Probated Suspension8/18/2020
Cooper, Melanie Williams RN 870488Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Copeland, Danielle Elizabeth RN 929020Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Cox, Janie Deelynn RN 765632Probated Suspension9/8/2020
Cruz, Ernest Jared  RN 860355Probated Suspension10/22/2020
Curtis, Lori Janette LVN 177409Revoked7/14/2020
Davis, Latricia Marie LVN 302458Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Dawkins, Marshall Thomas AP130874, RX 20368 & RN 763355Remedial Education, Deferred8/11/2020
Day, Stephanie Deanne RN 797133 & LVN 217027Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Deiparine, Rowena Rivera RN 870822Voluntary Surrender8/10/2020
Delagarza, Izamar  RN 849195Remedial Education with Fine9/4/2020
Delosrios, Cesar Augusto RN 662510Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Demonbrun, Andrea Galaviz AP129668, RX 19340 & RN 800982Remedial Education with Fine9/3/2020
Deneui, Terri Jenai AP115265, RX 7162 & RN 637677Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Deuel, Brenda Kae RN 708569 & LVN 189215Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Devaney, Debora Ann RN 622098Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Diagne, Glenda Reed RN 754224Revoked8/18/2020
Dicken, Jaimi Delane LVN 205138Remedial Education10/14/2020
Dickey, Ricki Ann RN 729172Remedial Education, Deferred9/15/2020
Dowell, Mark Glenn LVN 163545Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Duncan, Leeann  LVN 310691Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Ekperi, Brenda Nkechinyere RN 852924Remedial Education10/12/2020
Elsafi, Mayra Raquel LVN 207405Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Emmert, Kevin Cade RN 926122Remedial Education with Fine8/25/2020
Endris, Fathi  RN 942716Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/22/2020
Faison, Linda Faye LVN 116268Probated Suspension9/8/2020
Farek, Jennifer Sue RN 769702Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Fawcett, Jason Alan RN 909119Remedial Education with Fine10/9/2020
Fisher, Robert Theodore LVN 215428Remedial Education8/10/2020
Fontenot, Seth Paul LVN 308175Revoked8/18/2020
Fortier, Melissa Charmaine RN 819161Enforced Suspension8/4/2020
Gallini, Dawn  RN 830144Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Garcia, Belinda Martinez LVN 211846Probated Suspension8/18/2020
Garcia, Mercedes Leighann LVN 345152Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Gary, John Alexander RN 898496Limited License10/22/2020
Gonzales, Dianna  RN 819999Revoked8/18/2020
Gossett, Yolanda Sojo RN 671319Revoked10/22/2020
Green, Timothy David RN 703857Probated Suspension10/22/2020
Guzman, Dandra  RN 961651Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/22/2020
Haefner, Stacy Diane RN 655204 & LVN 165415Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Hailey, Kristin Leigh RN 733199 & LVN 185572Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Hall, Daniel Blaine RN 883513Voluntary Surrender8/10/2020
Hall, Gary Canard LVN 341846Remedial Education9/16/2020
Hanna, Kayla Renee LVN 311318Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Harraid, Jonathan Ross RN 678146Revoked10/22/2020
Harris, Kimber Leigh LVN 337599Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Harris, Leslie Gail RN 726513Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Hastings, Bruce Daniel RN 812886Remedial Education9/15/2020
Heard, Bridget Jeanne AP128649, RX 18401 & RN 875909Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/8/2020
Hebert, Brett M. RN 982568Remedial Education9/28/2020
Hemphill, Gillian Elisabeth RN 812892Revoked10/22/2020
Henderson, Julie E. RN 614305Reprimand with Stipulations9/8/2020
Hendrix, Monique Lavon LVN 210943Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Henley, Prisca Kalu LVN 168738Revoked12/21/2018
Hernandez, Dinorah Jael RN 878907Probated Suspension8/18/2020
Herrell, Emily Jannain RN 739654Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Herrera, Irma  RN 803407 & LVN 209129Remedial Education with Fine10/1/2020
Herriage, Teressa  RN 850116Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Higgins, Patricia Ann AP108733, RX 2392, RN 595120 & LVN 140143Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Hoffman, Rosetti Juanita LVN 336529Remedial Education10/19/2020
Hollingshead, Florence Zella RN 845278Enforced Suspension10/22/2020
Hollis, Stephanie Nicole RN 860463Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/22/2020
Hughes, Jada Michelle LVN 326916Remedial Education with Fine10/5/2020
Ihekwoaba, Jessica Ijeoma RN 856154Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Inmon, Janine S. RN 770869Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Jarboe, Darcie Carol RN 815232Reprimand with Stipulations9/8/2020
Jennings, Jessica  RN 647183 & LVN 159480Probated Suspension10/22/2020
Jesness, Mary Lou F. LVN 104263Remedial Education10/12/2020
Johnson, Erma Lorraine RN 519369Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Johnson, Gabrielle  LVN 350516Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/22/2020
Johnson, Jessica Lynn LVN 311776Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Johnson, Maria Monee RN 726517Remedial Education, Deferred8/11/2020
Johnson, Stephanie Denise RN 852656Revoked9/8/2020
Johnston, Loretta Mae LVN 114451Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Joseph, Binoy  RN 885110Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Katto, Ruth Kaitesi RN 674462Remedial Education, Deferred10/19/2020
Kelton, Kristi Lynn RN 826763Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Kenneth, Daoud B. RN 758194 & LVN 200651Probated Suspension9/8/2020
Keys, Cowando Lavette RN 799510 & LVN 215600Probated Suspension8/18/2020
Kiplinger, Jon D. LVN 132228Probated Suspension10/22/2020
Kisucky, Paul Joseph AP107806 & RN 583176Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Krawza, Allison Gail RN 943170Voluntary Surrender9/24/2020
Lancharic, Lynda R. RN 533863Remedial Education8/12/2020
Lane, Kimberly Michelle LVN 215352Reprimand with Stipulations9/8/2020
Lange, Ashley Nicole RN 742579Remedial Education, Deferred8/18/2020
Lao, Clint Abraham RN 846410Remedial Education with Fine9/23/2020
Law, Colby Camille RN 895468Voluntary Surrender8/17/2020
Layman, Dashia Leniece RN 931984 & LVN 327871Probated Suspension8/18/2020
Leal, Kenia  LVN 328769Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/18/2020
Lerma, Soraida  RN 649581Remedial Education9/3/2020
Lesell, Danielle Joanna RN 821025Remedial Education10/2/2020
Li, Hsiaohsuan  RN 804462Voluntary Surrender9/14/2020
Lovera, Shelby Diane AP145130 & RN 864418Remedial Education with Fine9/4/2020
Lyons, Christopher John PTP CO RN 1620404Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Madrid, Karen Elaine RN 722784 & LVN 126799Voluntary Surrender9/1/2020
Manning, Jenneta Cranston RN 539102Remedial Education9/28/2020
Mar, Stephanie Marie RN 905775 & LVN 224680Probated Suspension8/18/2020
Mares, Marina Ellen RN 926223Remedial Education with Fine9/9/2020
Martinez, Melissa Sueann LVN 182184Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Martinez, Monica  LVN 320276Reprimand with Fine8/18/2020
Martinez, Patricia Michelle LVN 316795Warning with Stipulations, Deferred9/8/2020
McCardle, Sheila Marie RN 815555Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/18/2020
McDavid, Connie Faye LVN 122892Probated Suspension8/18/2020
McElroy, Stephanie Ann RN 729631Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
McMullen, Celia Garcia RN 774803Revoked9/8/2020
McNeill, Bridgett Latrese RN 709306Probated Suspension10/22/2020
McTigrit, Carlton Labrian RN 957342Enforced Suspension9/11/2020
Mendoza, Leah Rhodora Garcia RN 583609Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Mickens, Angela Diana LVN 187803Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Miller, Paula Sue RN 538607Voluntary Surrender7/20/2020
Misaki, Misha  LVN 219441Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Mohammed, Siraj Hamid RN 921069Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Monroe, Moniqua Ariana LVN 337876Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Montes, Luis Ballocanag RN 736212Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/18/2020
Moon, Trista Ann RN 924343Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Moreno, Blanca Estela LVN 197268Revoked8/18/2020
Morgan, Amber Nicole RN 881701Warning with Stipulations, Deferred8/18/2020
Mugosi, Nancy Vugutsa RN 900380Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Nall, John  RN 969697Enforced Suspension8/3/2020
Neeley, Michael Brian RN 716876Enforced Suspension8/11/2020
Noorany, Ali Salim LVN 319339Revoked9/8/2020
Nuncio, Tamara Rebeccah LVN 323001Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Nyonglemuga, Vera  RN 795095Reprimand with Stipulations9/8/2020
Obison, Obinna Stanley LVN 345890Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Ogden, Genisa E. RN 665382Remedial Education with Fine9/4/2020
Okororie, Augustine Ifechukwudere LVN 339314Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/8/2020
Okoye, Patrick Eche RN 842439Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Owens, Brandy Crystal RN 802110Warning with Stipulations, Deferred8/18/2020
Pacheco, Stephen  RN 751882Remedial Education, Deferred8/28/2020
Pangilinan, Maria Emma RN 955925Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Park, Laura  AP113262 & RN 653370Enforced Suspension10/22/2020
Parker, Jeffrey Ryan RN 661538 & LVN 160192Enforced Suspension8/25/2020
Pennell, Robert Craig RN 555376Revoked10/22/2020
Perez, Belinda Ramos LVN 320369Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Perkins, Austin Thomas RN 938006Enforced Suspension9/30/2020
Peterson, Nolan Robert PTP NE RN 81689 Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Pierce, Jacob Ryan RN 778660Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Placer, Erin D. RN 634385Enforced Suspension8/13/2020
Quila, Winfred Solomon RN 766278Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Quiroz, Rachel Danielle RN 815822Reprimand with Stipulations9/8/2020
Rahman, Katarina Street RN 806271Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Raji, Priscilla Olanrewaju LVN 341796Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Raley, Glory K. RN 741484Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/22/2020
Ramirez, Consuelo Manuela RN 659026Remedial Education, Deferred10/7/2020
Rasmussen, Mary Kimberly RN 868885Voluntary Surrender8/3/2020
Reeser, Sherrel Leaanne RN 1018229 & PTP NM RN 72789Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/22/2020
Reyes, Vanessa  LVN 177058Warning with Fine10/22/2020
Richardson, Amanda Ann RN 923468Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Robbins, Angela Danell LVN 222596Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Roberson, Bryant Baxter RN 762143Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Robert, E. Renee RN 517994Voluntary Surrender7/16/2020
Rodriguez, Elsa Catalina LVN 184913Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Rodriguez, Fernando Fransisco RN 868129 & LVN 313548Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Rogers, Judith Renea LVN 307366Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Roney, Chandra Lorraine LVN 177544Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/8/2020
Rosario, Francisco Alberto LVN 313370Revoked8/18/2020
Salazar, Teresa  RN 778418 & LVN 203254Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Sanchez, Venus  LVN 345543Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Santacruz, Rene A. RN 932884Probated Suspension9/8/2020
Santiago, Rosa  LVN 342802Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Santos, Carlos Anthony RN 640263Remedial Education with Fine10/2/2020
Scott, Heidi Elizabeth LVN 133788Revoked10/22/2020
Scruggs, Kyol  RN 841489Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/18/2020
Sexton, Kaci Renee LVN 311119Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/22/2020
Shannon, Lisa Marie LVN 205308Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Shipp, June Larail RN 578664Limited License8/18/2020
Shumake, Ryan Matthew RN 899113Enforced Suspension10/8/2020
Singletary, Michelle Renee LVN 209241Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Skinner, Joyce Ann RN 596905Probated Suspension10/22/2020
Smith, Harlan Eugene RN 632764Revoked8/18/2020
Smith, Josie G. RN 668114 & LVN 118233Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Smith, Lindsay Renee LVN 222431Probated Suspension10/22/2020
Smith, Portia Kay RN 680343 & LVN 144683Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/22/2020
Smith, Ricky Dewayne RN 917542Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Solis, Tonya Mayeux RN 888956Remedial Education10/16/2020
Sosa, Ali Louise LVN 116267Voluntary Surrender10/8/2020
South, Tawanna Kay RN 639789Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/22/2020
Southern, Treva Carol LVN 149376Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Stapleton, Jacqueline Marie RN 907656Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine9/8/2020
Stewart, Jimmy Dale LVN 307175Remedial Education10/12/2020
Stuermer, Shawna Amber RN 919937Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Stunson, Ashley Aretta LVN 324276Voluntary Surrender8/31/2020
Swynenberg, Victoria Burges AP121892, RX 12580 & RN 749660Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Taylor, Jackie Lyn LVN 229746Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine9/8/2020
Taylor, Julia Rose LVN 321022Revoked8/18/2020
Taylor, Robin Raquel LVN 123079Remedial Education9/21/2020
Templeton, Dale Clyde RN 573863Remedial Education10/12/2020
Thompson, Michael Glenn RN 912327Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Thompson, Nicole Danielle LVN 335282Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Thompson, William David RN 762151Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Thornton, Damonia Joy LVN 324575Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Torres, Ricardo Javier RN 807217 & LVN 215495Remedial Education, Deferred8/6/2020
Towster, Khristina Rochelle RN 799193Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Turner, Crystal Lynn RN 830185Revoked8/18/2020
Ulland, Connie  RN 979429Revoked8/18/2020
Utley, Michael William LVN 214625Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/18/2020
Uzomba, Jude Ngozi RN 843055Remedial Education with Fine8/6/2020
Valchar, Julie Ann RN 571218Revoked9/8/2020
Valdez, Rebecca Elena RN 954885Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
Vang, Aquillia Oneatha RN 934616Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Varghese, Santhosh  RN 897820Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Varghese Alias, Amith  RN 933071Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Vidal, Joe Jeffrey RN 697497Probated Suspension9/8/2020
Villegas, Victoria  RN 793178Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Waddle, Janette Laverne LVN 158580Remedial Education10/13/2020
Wade, Christina Ann AP120310, RX 11288 & RN 685064Limited License8/18/2020
Walker, Heather Monique RN 748844Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Wambo, Fred  RN 782419 & LVN 198143Warning with Stipulations9/8/2020
Weatheread, Jennifer Lynn RN 697008 & LVN 185236Revoked8/18/2020
White, Megan Leigh RN 856272Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Wieners, Susan Marie RN 634569Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Wilga, Samantha Michele RN 901757Reprimand with Stipulations8/18/2020
Wilhelm, Tina M. RN 626273 & LVN 145037Probated Suspension10/22/2020
Wilkerson, Dawn Liller RN 848998Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Willars, Liliana  RN 647185 & LVN 160790Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Williams, Reanee L. LVN 198398Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020
Willis, Leon  LVN 158166Warning with Stipulations8/18/2020
Winters, Leah Chante LVN 307898Revoked8/18/2020
Womack, Amber  RN 873997Reprimand with Stipulations10/22/2020
York, Jelisha Cherish LVN 224011Probated Suspension9/8/2020
Zepeda Esquivel, Ricardo  RN 903753Remedial Education with Fine10/12/2020
Zoller, Melissa Leann RN 914410Warning with Stipulations10/22/2020

Abbreviations in the Notice of Disciplinary Action Section

PTP Privilege to Practice in Texas, also known as Nurse Licensure Compact Privilege, associated with the indicated state and license. States are abbreviated using the official two letter state abbreviations of the United States Postal System.

RX -- Prescription Authorization

Statistical Information --

The 261 disciplinary actions reported in this bulletin represent only 0.058% of all nurses who are currently licensed to practice in the State of Texas. As of September 2020, 99.69% of currently licensed Registered Nurses and 99.62% of currently licensed Vocational Nurses were without discipline according to Board records.