The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Agbro, Monica Ufuoma AP127543, RX 17417 & RN 801075Remedial Education with Fine9/27/2019
Aguila, Cristina Olano RN 666431 & LVN 137644Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Akobundu, Dorothy Onyi Nwachi RN 679048Revoked8/26/2019
Aldaba, Loudethzel Jhae RN 745808Probated Suspension9/10/2019
Alejandro, Maria RN 883804Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Allen, Stephanie L. RN 620556Voluntary Surrender8/26/2019
Alpha, Meagan Leana AP125809, RX 15926 & RN 737954Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Amaechiokonji-Alford, Sherry Lee RN 553670Voluntary Surrender7/24/2019
Anthony, Patricia Sibley RN 714398Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Anwash, Amanda Beth LVN 321283Enforced Suspension9/4/2019
Asonye, Nneoma Stacey RN 908824Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Atherton, Stephen L. RN 684562Probated Suspension9/10/2019
Avery, Mark Andrew RN 838534Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Bagadion, Maria Martina Cruz RN 713523Remedial Education, Deferred8/19/2019
Bahr, Linda Suzanne RN 927749Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Baptiste, Helena Alzita RN 713219Remedial Education10/4/2019
Barrera, Cara Candelaria RN 784854Voluntary Surrender10/9/2019
Baxter, Daniel Ray RN 719506 & LVN 196184Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Berotte, Iran Clayton RN 654875Reprimand with Stipulations10/24/2019
Bert, Annae Kelley RN 666062Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Bertrand, Shaquetta Latrice RN 847966Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Biddle, Amy Lousie RN 537717Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Birmingham, Delia Christine LVN 211552Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Bonner, Michelle L. LVN 215788Voluntary Surrender8/1/2019
Brady, Deanna Paige RN 910320Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Brandt, Stephanie Ann RN 667118Enforced Suspension10/24/2019
Brennan, Julieann Maria RN 801576Voluntary Surrender8/12/2019
Brockway, Candle RN 801877 & LVN 212190Probated Suspension8/13/2019
Brooks, Michelle Renee LVN 139847Revoked9/10/2019
Brooks, Sarah Elizabeth RN 943943Voluntary Surrender8/27/2019
Brown, Gloria Jean LVN 92263Voluntary Surrender8/26/2019
Brown, India Sade PTP MD RN R203712Revoked9/10/2019
Brown, Karen Denise LVN 212191Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Brown, Kenneth Wayne LVN 63643Revoked9/10/2019
Burnett, Nakita Lario LVN 229763Voluntary Surrender10/7/2019
Burrows, Courtney B. LVN 334578Remedial Education10/1/2019
Bycura, Kathryn Whitney AP120373, RX 11341 & RN 755432Remedial Education with Fine, Deferred8/6/2019
Cadena, Amy Marie LVN 314936Voluntary Surrender10/1/2019
Calhoun, Richard Bradly RN 686551Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Campbell-Perry, Lauren RN 672752Remedial Education9/4/2019
Cantu, Jennifer Marie LVN 210232Reprimand with Stipulations10/24/2019
Cardenas, Raquel RN 827649Remedial Education with Fine8/19/2019
Carter, Victoria Catherine RN 903399Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Cavazos, Rebecca LVN 134797Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Cernosek, Jr., Edward John RN 937247Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/24/2019
Chamberlin-Johnston, Dianna Lynn PTP IA RN 095880Revoked8/13/2019
Chambers, Meagan Nicole RN 914151Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Chavez, Stephanie RN 894749 & LVN 305211Warning with Stipulations, Deferred8/13/2019
Christine, Stacy Caron LVN 313302Enforced Suspension10/22/2019
Cink, Darleen Joyce RN 767875Remedial Education10/28/2019
Clack, Jenifer Suzanne RN 853059Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Clanton, Joan A. LVN 198036Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Cohn, Betty Opal RN 782728Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine8/13/2019
Coker, Trudy Aberewah RN 459697Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Cooper, Ashley Nicole LVN 319484Revoked10/24/2019
Couperthwaite, Linda I. LVN 305816Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Coutts, Patricia Rae RN 747889Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Crady, Deborah Suelyn LVN 208007Remedial Education8/8/2019
Crawford, Emily Lianne LVN 217784Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Crump, III, James Alvin LVN 162835Probated Suspension9/10/2019
Cruse, Deborah Lee RN 824386Revoked8/13/2019
Cunningham, Maurie Michelle RN 599840Reprimand8/13/2019
Cuyugan, Raquel Jurado RN 890690Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Daily, Melanie Nicole LVN 300414Probated Suspension9/10/2019
Daniel, Alana Marie RN 879050Voluntary Surrender10/25/2019
Dashner, Rachelle R. LVN 170748Revoked2/1/2018
Davis, Georgia RN 581721Voluntary Surrender9/10/2019
Deck, Barbara Suzanne RN 803824 & LVN 179255Limited License9/10/2019
Delancy, Patience Yolanda AP133212, RX 22442 & RN 910545Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Deleon, Catherine Elizabeth RN 507625Reprimand with Stipulations8/13/2019
Doster, Sheri Lee AP104566 & RN 586160Enforced Suspension10/17/2019
Dugenio, Wolfreza Velez RN 720739Reprimand with Stipulations10/24/2019
Durbin, Elva H. LVN 90349Voluntary Surrender9/18/2019
Durham, Jennifer Lepeka RN 724682Limited License10/24/2019
Dutton, Megan Leigh RN 886457Revoked8/13/2019
Ebarb, Brandi Lynn LVN 168209Revoked4/24/2018
Edwards, Shani Sue RN 867085 & LVN 225324Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Engelken, Stephanie Beth RN 610020Remedial Education9/12/2019
English, Marlo R. RN 857865Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Fajimolu, Olufunmi Omotunde RN 800269Revoked10/24/2019
Fayomi-Holmes, Funmilayo Olawanle RN 733737Probated Suspension8/13/2019
Fernandez, Nancy Castillo AP122723 & RN 671222Warning with Stipulations, Deferred9/10/2019
Fields, Clistell B. RN 842647Reprimand with Stipulations10/24/2019
Finley, Karen Lynn RN 756535 & LVN 174062Voluntary Surrender10/25/2019
Finley, Khristian Roshell RN 893203 & LVN 209261Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Fischer, Clinton Adam RN 719329Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Flores, Cynthia Ann RN 785324 & LVN 127865Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Flores, Susan RN 554386 & LVN 101957Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Gallegos, Miranda Shae RN 770625Enforced Suspension9/27/2019
Gamez, Gerald RN 844976 & LVN 132115Enforced Suspension9/10/2019
Gardea, Robin Hilliary LVN 191045Revoked10/24/2019
Garza, Felisha Kate LVN 343055Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Gbessay, Ben Henry LVN 315065Probated Suspension8/13/2019
Gerding, Charymar RN 852127Enforced Suspension9/5/2019
Gilbert, Tina Deneen RN 967455Voluntary Surrender8/23/2019
Gonzalez, Caitlin Noel LVN 324184Revoked8/13/2019
Gonzalez, Lenzie RN 874239Limited License8/13/2019
Graham, Rhonda Diane LVN 130035Voluntary Surrender10/9/2019
Gravell, Dawn Diane LVN 196849Revoked9/10/2019
Gray Hayes, Shecariah Andreas LVN 318340Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Griffith, Amber Nicole RN 850101Remedial Education with Fine8/2/2019
Grimes, Laura Gail LVN 82467Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Guillory, Amber Simone LVN 339276Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Gutierrez, Irene RN 846879Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Guzaitis, Merri Lou RN 914209Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/24/2019
Hamilton, Cynthia Joy AP121767Revoked9/10/2019
Harris, Marquita Angelethia RN 908860 & LVN 214915Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Hauck, Stephanie Anne RN 752283 & LVN 202235Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Hawthorne, Kari Leigh RN 888099Enforced Suspension9/18/2019
Helm, Cindy Gail LVN 123952Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Hernandez, Amanda Lynn RN 877058Probated Suspension8/13/2019
Hernandez, Donna Jewel LVN 161877Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Hernandez, Karen Mercado RN 926904Reprimand with Stipulations8/13/2019
Herriage, Teressa RN 850116Reprimand with Stipulations10/24/2019
Highbaugh, Rory Luvern LVN 160887Voluntary Surrender8/22/2019
Hildreth, Tracy Michelle RN 597835Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Hiles, Cynthia Renea LVN 217138Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Hizak, Jessica Joan RN 725101Revoked10/24/2019
Holloway, Mikey Lynn LVN 178166Warning with Fine10/24/2019
Huckaby, Shellia RN 814292Remedial Education9/6/2019
Huddleston, Cynthia Betty LVN 347255Revoked8/13/2019
Hudson, Nichawndra Danette LVN 174867Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Ibidapo, Elizabeth Oluyemisi LVN 179634Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Ikediobi, Pat Chika RX 4945Limited: No Controlled Substance Prescribing8/13/2019
Ikediobi, Pat Chika AP112118 & RN 582975Probated Suspension8/13/2019
Ivie, Ronda Machele LVN 311681Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Jackson, Alisia N. RN 896118Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Jackson, Danny Charles RN 641564Revoked10/24/2019
Jackson, Felicia Farr LVN 92926Voluntary Surrender8/2/2019
Jeffrey, Donna LVN 220163Remedial Education10/16/2019
Johnson, Emma Nichole LVN 186200Enforced Suspension10/31/2019
Johnson, Lana Kay RN 501897 & LVN 78310Voluntary Surrender7/30/2019
Jones, Vanessa Renee RN 701661 & LVN 116084Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Jordan, Lachandra Nicole LVN 218697Voluntary Surrender8/19/2019
Kalafatis, Virginia Le RN 618062Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Kamau, Isaac Njoroge LVN 233878Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/13/2019
Kenneth, Daoud B. RN 758194 & LVN 200651Reprimand with Stipulations10/24/2019
Kettle, Elizabeth Jean RN 779444Voluntary Surrender8/10/2019
Kilander, Debra Jean RN 563164 & LVN 62099Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Kuba, Christina Angelica RN 886676Revoked8/13/2019
Labarge, Amy Suzanne RN 574995Revoked8/13/2019
Lafoy, Theresa Yvonne RN 670955Warning with Stipulations and Fine8/13/2019
Lambert, Theresa Ricks RN 618302Reprimand with Stipulations10/24/2019
Larry, Dericka Sharmay LVN 329660Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Lawton, Peter Robert LVN 230947Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Lee, Chia-Jean RN 902955Revoked8/13/2019
Lynn, Barbara Virginia RN 732161Revoked9/10/2019
Magee, Gina Rene RN 711337Remedial Education with Fine10/22/2019
Mahonwu, Henry Kelvin LVN 215547Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Marcel, Samuel Lee LVN 128792Limited License8/13/2019
Martin, Concetta D. PTP MD RN R224355Revoked8/13/2019
Martin, Holly Horn AP120672, RX 11586 & RN 733205Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Martinez, Tamara Lanelle LVN 171631Remedial Education with Fine9/18/2019
Martinez, Yvonne Reyes LVN 189391Remedial Education with Fine10/4/2019
Martynyuk, Nadezhda Stepahovna RN 895698Revoked8/13/2019
Masson, Sharon RN 788061Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
McClung, Lane Patrick RN 819677Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
McHenry, Tracey O. RN 821046Reprimand with Stipulations8/13/2019
McIntyre, Cassaundra Robin RN 874725Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
McKeon, Jacqueline Rae LVN 211817Probated Suspension10/24/2019
McMahon, Angela Griffin RN 932174Enforced Suspension10/7/2019
McNeil, Shelly Dawn LVN 210135Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
McWhirter, Casey Denise LVN 326551Revoked9/10/2019
Medrano, Kimberly Roshto RN 708885 & LVN 176089Enforced Suspension9/10/2019
Miller, Kendall Christensen AP111279 & RN 682157Voluntary Surrender8/1/2019
Mimier, II, John J. RN 703189Voluntary Surrender10/14/2019
Minett, Kasandra Michele RN 813552 & LVN 159268Limited License8/13/2019
Mitchell, Michael Thomas RN 856284Enforced Suspension8/8/2019
Mobley, Gabriela RN 847420Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Mokwuah-Nworah, Evelyn U. RN 735635 & LVN 173954Revoked4/4/2019
Moreno, Maribel Rodriguez RN 713771Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Morris, Lyn Annette RN 514446Warning with Stipulations, Deferred8/13/2019
Muncy, Natalie Nicole RN 738714 & LVN 194800Voluntary Surrender10/31/2019
Murray, Amanda Maurine LVN 326524Reprimand with Stipulations10/24/2019
Mwangi, Alice Njambi LVN 202848Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Ndubi, Edward Maranga RN 905604Reprimand with Stipulations8/13/2019
Nelson, Melissa Lee RN 740237Remedial Education9/24/2019
Nelson, Stephanie LVN 209458Voluntary Surrender8/23/2019
Nerren, Leonard Doyle RN 679501 & LVN 178412Enforced Suspension10/28/2019
Newman, Tanya Lee RN 879640Remedial Education with Fine10/14/2019
Ngunyi, Irene Wanjiro RN 725611Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Nichols, April Lynn RN 678219 & LVN 159020Revoked9/10/2019
Nolan, Charlene Mae RN 573048 & LVN 37220Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Northrup, Darla RN 439974Voluntary Surrender8/22/2019
Nwanguma, Kingsley Uwaga LVN 210454Revoked10/15/2018
Okoroji, Patience I. LVN 146470Revoked10/15/2018
Okpechi, Amara Nwoko LVN 301504Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Onwudebe, Richard Ndubueze RN 676411 & LVN 170350Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Ortega, Hilary Elaine AP135053, RX 24123 & RN 814747Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Ortiz, Suzette Frances RN 764998Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Otobo, Oudney Chukunalu LVN 207682Warning with Stipulations, Deferred9/10/2019
Palmer, Karen Suzanne RN 785201Voluntary Surrender8/23/2019
Parker, Alexandria Lauren RN 950375Remedial Education, Deferred10/2/2019
Parks, Rosa Isela LVN 208312Probated Suspension8/13/2019
Patel, Falguni Ketan LVN 203930Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Patterson, Sandra Brennet LVN 122777Voluntary Surrender8/23/2019
Perkins, Austin Thomas RN 938006Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Perkins, Janine Villanueva RN 864683Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Pinon, Angelica Elizabeth RN 708666 & LVN 175351Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Purgahn, Christina Leigh LVN 188187Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Quintanilla, Ryan Mathew LVN 313817Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Ramirez, Alfred G. AP110187, RX 5971 & RN 530639Revoked8/13/2019
Ramos, Alejandro Alex LVN 144086Revoked10/24/2019
Rape, Randi Lachelle LVN 208104Revoked9/10/2019
Rash, Rose M. RN 255258Remedial Education10/21/2019
Reagan, Kari Ellen LVN 343366Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Reed, Renaye Kristen LVN 232926Reprimand with Stipulations10/24/2019
Reese, Lashenda Renata RN 571944 & LVN 114252Remedial Education8/15/2019
Reyes-Harper, Perla RN 658563Warning with Stipulations8/13/2019
Riddick, Alfonzo LVN 184051Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Roa, Wilbur Verzosa RN 845165Remedial Education8/19/2019
Roach, Russell RN 878279 & LVN 146674Voluntary Surrender10/29/2019
Roberts, Patricia Ann LVN 213220Probated Suspension8/13/2019
Robertson, Joshua Daniel LVN 216162Probated Suspension9/10/2019
Rogers, Paula G. RN 618537Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Roth, Charles Joel RN 742031 & LVN 134205Remedial Education8/27/2019
Ruiz, Melanie Fulton RN 793613 & LVN 170378Probated Suspension9/10/2019
Sackett, Gary Dale RX 13553Limited: No Controlled Substance Prescribing10/24/2019
Sackett, Gary Dale AP122956 & RN 720249Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Salas, Maria Beatrice RN 872119Revoked10/24/2019
Sanchez, Carlos Eduardo RN 649333Voluntary Surrender8/23/2019
Sanchez, Chelsea Kell LVN 316254Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Sanchez, Lorraine Marie RN 732042Probated Suspension9/10/2019
Sanchez, Misty Michelle LVN 213774Revoked8/13/2019
Sanders, Kevisha Shawnye LVN 325271Probated Suspension8/13/2019
Seavers, Robin Gail RN 619814Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Siegel, Aaron Albert RN 755556Voluntary Surrender9/26/2019
Smith, Brea Chauntiva LVN 342442Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Sorenson, Amber N. LVN 186556Revoked10/10/2019
Speer, Gena Shayle RN 773984 & LVN 194626Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Spurgin, Chelsea Carol RN 797460Revoked8/13/2019
Srader, Susan Kay LVN 334299Enforced Suspension8/30/2019
Stavena, Kimberly Dianna RN 769930Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Stevens, Patricia Ann LVN 218719Voluntary Surrender10/17/2019
Stine, Holly Denise RN 670674Revoked8/13/2019
Stokes, Keegan Stiles RN 955595Revoked10/24/2019
Stone, Sunita RN 943242Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Styles, Jasmine Ashley LVN 325145Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Taylor, Mark Aaron RN 610028Voluntary Surrender10/24/2019
Teague, Lara Ellen RN 973951 & PTP OK RN R0053545Remedial Education with Fine9/12/2019
Tesch, Julie Ann AP110277, RX 3480 & RN 560046Remedial Education10/16/2019
Tijerina-Milam, Terry Ann RN 547659 & LVN 107443Reprimand with Stipulations8/13/2019
Tripp, Thomas Lee RN 868678Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Truly, Michael Ray RN 935118 & LVN 307178Remedial Education with Fine8/5/2019
Tsiga, Josephine RN 834864Warning with Stipulations and Fine9/10/2019
Tubbs, Terry Wayne RN 584848Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Tucker, Robert Kyle LVN 302181Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Tweedel, Nicolas James RN 755364 & LVN 206907Revoked10/24/2019
Ugoala, Chika AP128030, RX 17867 & RN 779496Probated Suspension10/24/2019
Van-Zyl, Erika Rose RN 887808Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Vazgec, Karen Elisabeth RN 712964Voluntary Surrender8/9/2019
Veitenheimer, Rachel Lynn RN 883589Voluntary Surrender8/30/2019
Villa, Krystal Elizabeth LVN 336818Remedial Education10/4/2019
Vogh, Alina Rose RN 956990Voluntary Surrender9/17/2019
Voyles, Lindsay Michelle RN 820246Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Walsh, Vincent Robert AP122738, RX 13366 & RN 568744Remedial Education8/16/2019
Wang, Cong Ling RN 718399Remedial Education, Deferred10/17/2019
Ward, Scott Wallace LVN 303861Revoked9/10/2019
Weaver, Jill M. RN 544238Reprimand with Stipulations9/10/2019
Wehrheim, Shelly Ann LVN 308865Remedial Education9/26/2019
Wells, Lisa RN 628964Enforced Suspension10/31/2019
Wheatley, Susan Marie RN 785844Probated Suspension9/10/2019
Whiteside, Paulette Renee LVN 179682Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Wideman, Shanell Rena LVN 334036Reprimand with Stipulations8/13/2019
Willhoite, Mitzi Anne AP128618 & RN 707265Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Williams, Diana Luz RN 698407Probated Suspension9/24/2019
Williams, Dovie Lavette RN 725088Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019
Williams, Kevin LVN 217353Voluntary Surrender10/28/2019
Williams, Steven Michael LVN 301723Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/24/2019
Woodruff, Wendy Lyn RN 590272Warning with Stipulations9/10/2019
Worrell, Jeffery Lynn RN 463732Warning with Stipulations10/24/2019