The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abu, Sherifatu Abiola LVN 172388Voluntary Surrender10/22/2018
Adams, Melissa Michelle RN 697816Enforced Suspension09/11/2018
Adodo, Clara LVN 173724Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Adragna, Angela Patricia LVN 188644Revoked10/25/2018
Agu, Patience Nwakaego LVN 196311Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Akindele, Folashade M. LVN 341278Suspend/Probate09/11/2018
Alicante, Roger Gabrillo RN 754611Suspend/Probate09/11/2018
Allbritton, Sheri Diane LVN 153324Enforced Suspension10/25/2018
Allen, Sybil Scott A. LVN 100461Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Alsanousi, Manasik Adam RN 881902Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Amsler, Christine Marie RN 910412 & LVN 321773Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Anaya, Matthew James RN 904450 & LVN 313034Remedial Education09/17/2018
Armistead, Cindy Michelle LVN 163818Revoked10/25/2018
Arrant, Amy Renae RN 778248Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Ayroso, Maria Paula Afable RN 694041Reprimand with Stipulations09/11/2018
Baker, Anna Marie RN 679065Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Baker, Stephanie R Garcia LVN 172898Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Balliu, Racheal Renee RN 753532Reprimand with Fine09/11/2018
Bascom, Tammy LVN 183018Suspend/Probate08/08/2018
Bassett, Lauren Evann RN 747175Revoked09/11/2018
Bayless, Michelle Dawn RN 691327Remedial Education with Fine08/22/2018
Baylock, Cheryl RN 847205Revoked10/25/2018
Beason, Lorella J. LVN 108555Reprimand with Stipulations08/21/2018
Beaver, Gail AP114117 & RN 630742Remedial Education with Fine08/23/2018
Bird, Cathy Lanell LVN 165252Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Black, Abby RN 903016Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Blair, Linda Jean RN 604102 & LVN 102030Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Blevins, Melanie Jill LVN 197901Limited License10/25/2018
Bocca, George C. RN 617267Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Bolten, Bonnie Irene LVN 221673Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Bowers, Debra A. LVN 218739Remedial Education with Fine10/30/2018
Brandt, Thomas Anthony RN 935510Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Britton, Lageusila Danyl LVN 328551Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Brooks, Charlene LVN 69082Revoked09/11/2018
Brown, Rachel Baugh RN 787589Revoked10/25/2018
Burch, Lisa Larue RN 743190Suspend/Probate09/11/2018
Burks, Edith Y. Thomas RN 234800Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Burris, Joyce Elizabeth LVN 221706Remedial Education08/21/2018
Bushnell, Richard Alan RN 824627Reprimand with Stipulations09/11/2018
Cadena, Amy Marie LVN 314936Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Capers, Thomas Derek RN 666490Enforced Suspension08/21/2018
Carothers, Georgia Ann LVN 130042Remedial Education with Fine10/31/2018
Carr, Heather Marie RN 712492 & LVN 170252Revoked09/11/2018
Carrillo, Kelley Jo LVN 311416Revoked08/21/2018
Casey, Donna Lynn RN 862452 & LVN 194156Enforced Suspension08/21/2018
Cason, Julie (Anne Clemens) LVN 341512Suspend/Probate08/24/2018
Castillo, Fellicia Renee LVN 313347Voluntary Surrender08/27/2018
Choi, Sangcheol RN 832156Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Christiansen, Lacy Rose LVN 195083Revoked08/21/2018
Cimini, Kristina Lea RN 788582Revoked08/21/2018
Clark, Amanda Mann AP127708 & RN 772983Reprimand with Stipulations09/11/2018
Clark, Misty Rose LVN 181475Revoked09/11/2018
Cloud, Brandon Lee LVN 206093Revoked10/25/2018
Coleman, Dannie Denise RN 574043Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Colle, Esther Lela LVN 107414Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Collins, Darcy Kay RN 583145Enforced Suspension08/21/2018
Condarco, Mytee RN 645097Enforced Suspension10/25/2018
Cotter, Donna E. RN 516425Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Cross, Stacey Kay RN 928985Limited License08/21/2018
Darling, Aaron Matthew RN 830676Remedial Education with Fine, Deferred09/19/2018
Davila, Marcela Benavidez RN 256984Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Davis, Angela Leann LVN 148166Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Davis-Bullock, Carol Rose LVN 76208Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Dedmon, Jr., Albert Lee RN 719758Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Delarosa, Cecilia Nichole LVN 328944Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Delfs, William Robert RN 838529Warning with Fine10/25/2018
Delisle, Brian Alan RN 688456Enforced Suspension09/11/2018
Dial, Margaret Lee LVN 136326Voluntary Surrender09/12/2018
Diamante, Emyrose RN 700573Reprimand with Stipulations09/11/2018
Diaz, Theresa Marie LVN 306186Revoked09/11/2018
Dixon, Chvia Minyon LVN 321432Remedial Education with Fine08/10/2018
Doak, Rachael Marie RN 779059Enforced Suspension10/30/2018
Dominguez, Jennifer Ann RN 584471Warning with Stipulations, Deferred09/11/2018
Duke, Brooklyn Rae RN 913366Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Dupree, Jennifer A. RN 686137Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Duren, Denise Michele RN 863316Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Ebbesson, Karin RN 810426Voluntary Surrender08/01/2018
Ecke, Kristin Lee RN 647926Enforced Suspension08/21/2018
Edwards, Jimmy RN 818795 & LVN 300840Enforced Suspension10/30/2018
Edwards, Kimberley Gaye RN 562430Revoked08/21/2018
Elizalde, Heather RN 640820Revoked08/21/2018
Emmanuel, Victoria Titi RN 725241 & LVN 186958Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Enow, Becky Fofang LVN 205962Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Ervin, Marilyn Chika LVN 316658Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/25/2018
Evans, Mary J. RN 629445 & LVN 124438Remedial Education with Fine08/06/2018
Evans, Tina Louise RN 843400Reprimand with Stipulations08/21/2018
Fernandez, Regina Deann LVN 309659Remedial Education09/14/2018
Flores, Marina RN 508090Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Foerster, Elizabeth Dianne LVN 200790Suspend/Probate08/28/2018
Ford, Morgan M. LVN 233690Voluntary Surrender08/23/2018
Frenzel, Peggy Lee LVN 121530Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Fuller, Ryan Gene RN 766068Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Fuller, Tina Fredette LVN 300901Revoked08/21/2018
Galeazzi, Rita Ann RN 865267Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Gamez, Samantha Rhea RN 833170Suspend/Probate09/11/2018
Garza, Clarissa Alexandria LVN 322257Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Gibson, Susan Marie RN 711797Reprimand with Stipulations08/21/2018
Graham, Rhonda Diane LVN 130035Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Gregory, Stephanie Scales RN 866234Revoked08/21/2018
Gulledge, Ashlee Nicole RN 936163Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Gunn, Michelle D. LVN 177112Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Haban, Lorraine Marie RN 939613Remedial Education with Fine09/28/2018
Hammond, Lisa Renae RN 799974Revoked08/21/2018
Hancock, Genny Rebecca NCPTP NC RN 130819Remedial Education08/28/2018
Hardin, Lescester Norcel RN 672288Revoked08/21/2018
Harmon, Rebecca Ann RN 509884Voluntary Surrender08/22/2018
Harris, Antonia Michelle RN 665794Voluntary Surrender08/22/2018
Harrison, Danica Alexandria RN 812225Voluntary Surrender09/21/2018
Hart, Christine L. AP114457 & RN 599702Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Hartman, Kathryn Ann RN 567842 & LVN 69628Revoked09/11/2018
Hatch, Ollie Vanetta LVN 342690Voluntary Surrender10/05/2018
Hawley, Joan E. RN 618199 & LVN 80843Revoked08/21/2018
Heard, Rebecca Israel RN 886473Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Hedricks, Martha G. RN 614198Reprimand with Stipulations08/21/2018
Heflin, Clycinda Michele RN 669527 & LVN 156341Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Helm, Kerri Susan RN 530348Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Henriguez, Jacqueline LVN 313986Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Hernandez, Dorothy Ann RN 878547 & LVN 185389Enforced Suspension09/11/2018
Hernandez, Francisco A. LVN 157478Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Hernandez, Maxine LVN 188188Enforced Suspension08/24/2018
Herrera, Ana Karen LVN 315877Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Herrera, Crystal Faith LVN 329912Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Herrera, Tabatha Ann LVN 185979Enforced Suspension10/10/2018
Highbaugh, Rory Luvern LVN 160887Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Hogan, Terri Lynn LVN 227506Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Hoover, Michell Reene RN 558711Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Hornbeck, Cheryl K. RN 620150Enforced Suspension09/25/2018
Hudson, Margaret Jan RN 675335Revoked10/25/2018
Hunsucker, Rhonda A. AP106208 & RN 541671Remedial Education08/27/2018
Huynh, Dustin LVN 323031Suspend/Probate08/21/2018
Ince, Donna Annette LVN 199144Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Ivey, Tina Ann RN 657089Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Jack, Shonta Mareia LVN 311068Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Jefferson, Julianne Venise LVN 140192Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Jiao, Nemelee Liwanag RN 595324Revoked09/05/2018
Johnson, Allison Lyn RN 540922Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Johnson, Rosie Lee AP112117, RN 243922 & LVN 52935Suspend/Probate09/11/2018
Johnson, Stephanie Denise RN 852656Suspend/Probate08/21/2018
Johnson, Tamantha Paulina RN 720608Limited License10/25/2018
Johnson, Vikki Lynn RN 761820 & LVN 194075Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Jonczak, David Germaine RN 907591Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/25/2018
Jones, Kayla Dawne RN 862182 & LVN 194012Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Jones, Lashanda J. LVN 213389Reprimand with Stipulations08/21/2018
Joniec, Norma Jean RN 806733Voluntary Surrender10/17/2018
Joseph, Catrice Alisee LVN 208942Remedial Education09/04/2018
Keen, Kevan L. RN 624317Suspend/Probate09/11/2018
Kennedy, Denaetra RN 868795Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Kephart, Scott Randall RN 873541Enforced Suspension10/11/2018
Kern, Veronica C. RN 719103Suspend/Probate09/11/2018
Khamsi, Mohamed Abdoullah RN 812936Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Kirlin, Eleanor Anne RN 238936Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Knepp, Mary Lee RN 580492Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Knighton, Terry Allen AP111578 & RN 595495Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Knighton, Terry Allen RX 4422Limited: No Controlled Substances10/25/2018
Knox, Carol Ann RN 620709Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Koehler, Melissa Jean RN 850798Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Kubecka, James Alan RN 251045Voluntary Surrender10/11/2018
Landrum, Robin Renee RN 606365Remedial Education with Fine08/13/2018
Langston, Ellen M. LVN 200406Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Lee, Tasha Marie LVN 226882Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Leining, Joey Lynn RN 782505 & LVN 194393Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Logan, Holly RN 901574 & LVN 317575Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Long, Amanda C. NMPTP NM RN R45821 & PTP NM LPN L17082Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Lopez, Melissa RN 845297 & LVN 224871Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Love, Shiwanna Lavoy LVN 312180Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Ludlow, Nessie Forto RN 569714Reprimand with Stipulations08/21/2018
Lyda, Jodi Carol LVN 116607Remedial Education with Fine10/05/2018
Lytle, Sonya RN 801296Limited License08/21/2018
MacLamb, Karlo R. SCPTP SC RN 92845Revoked08/21/2018
Marks, Lynnea Beth RN 871274Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Marshall, Erin Nicole RN 702521Reprimand with Fine10/25/2018
Martin, Betty J. Calcote RN 227818Voluntary Surrender10/03/2018
Martin, Justino Bucad LVN 316881Enforced Suspension08/21/2018
Martin, Niketa Tawana LVN 311030Enforced Suspension09/28/2018
Martin, Jr., Roger Allen RN 751229Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Martinez, Melissa Alvarez RN 758787 & LVN 195251Suspend/Probate09/11/2018
Martinez, Oscar Armando LVN 301695Remedial Education09/21/2018
May, Amanda Jo RN 935448Revoked08/21/2018
May, Misty A. RN 241856Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Maybee, Sandra L. RN 860855Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Mayson, Mercy Alberta RN 675372Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Mbugua, Josephat Njuku LVN 301377Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
McCullough, Cynthia Louise RN 571221 & LVN 110420Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
McGee, Kristin Danielle LVN 339710Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
McKinney, Stacy R. RN 608809Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
McMillan, Lorrie Ann LVN 301418Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
McNutt, Candace Rene RN 718308Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
McRae-Perry, Debbie A. RN 650054 & LVN 148147Remedial Education with Fine08/13/2018
Medrano, Kimberly Roshto RN 708885 & LVN 176089Enforced Suspension08/23/2018
Merritt, Marissa Leigh RN 813002Enforced Suspension10/25/2018
Milecky, Britney Rose LVN 329279Remedial Education with Fine08/09/2018
Miller, Dennis Ray RN 666080Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Mitchell, Courtney Ann LVN 207937Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Montgomery, David Fields RN 609883 & LVN 84477Voluntary Surrender08/20/2018
Morales, Lorri Carol RN 734594Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Moreno, Daisy RN 850196Enforced Suspension10/18/2018
Moser, Richard RN 657640Enforced Suspension08/21/2018
Mosier, Lynda Darnell LVN 130447Revoked08/21/2018
Muhlenkort, Brooke Macale RN 909067Suspend/Probate08/21/2018
Munai, William Kipkorir RN 666956Remedial Education09/13/2018
Murphy, Russell Wayne RN 807376Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Myers, Sheridan Audra RN 773195Suspend/Probate09/19/2018
Ndongmo, Antoine Akung LVN 336765Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Ngwa, Claire RN 861019Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Njangpon, Yangwoun Alexander RN 878968 & LVN 213953Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Nnabugwu, Adadike NCPTP NC RN 274244Revoked08/21/2018
Northrup, Kelley Denice RN 572849Warning with Stipulations, Deferred10/25/2018
Nowlin, Christopher Wayne RN 857101Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Nuuttila, Vanessa Lillian LVN 301825Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Ogwuegbu, Joy Ngum RN 808312Revoked10/15/2018
Ohman, Susan P. RN 544692Suspend/Probate08/21/2018
Olvera, Erick Steven LVN 331807Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Ortiz-Silva, Alicia M. RN 761755 & LVN 204648Enforced Suspension08/07/2018
Osallo, Paul Juma RN 829954 & LVN 223952Revoked10/25/2018
Osborne, David Martin RN 605557Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Palmer, Chelsea Nicole RN 630252Voluntary Surrender08/02/2018
Patterson, Colleen RN 918074Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Paul, Adeline Mirline RN 790884Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Peacock, Mira RN 806948 & LVN 207970Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Peddy, George Luther RN 708276Remedial Education with Fine08/31/2018
Perry, Jan Kristin RN 908399Revoked09/11/2018
Peterson, Sonya Renee RN 713320 & LVN 180521Voluntary Surrender09/27/2018
Phillips, Ebone Monique ARPTP AR LPN L049009Remedial Education with Fine09/12/2018
Phillips, Lisa RN 913173Warning with Stipulations, Deferred09/11/2018
Pickens, Staci Blair LVN 308969Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Pistole, Lisa Ann LVN 148349Enforced Suspension10/05/2018
Pittman, Angela Yancey LVN 195007Voluntary Surrender08/06/2018
Porter, Kody Christine LVN 333908Reprimand with Stipulations09/11/2018
Portier, Deven Michelle LVN 308368Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Pruett, Kathy Jean RN 598699Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Purcell, Caitlyn Rose RN 868621Enforced Suspension10/25/2018
Racich, Erika Renee LVN 337771Enforced Suspension08/27/2018
Rackley, Heather Rene LVN 232610Revoked09/11/2018
Raeburn, Teressa Ann RN 733855Voluntary Surrender08/29/2018
Ramos, Joanne Louise AP120506 & RN 804288Suspend/Probate08/21/2018
Ramos, Joanne Louise RX 11432Limited: No Controlled Substances08/21/2018
Reid, Sonia Moses LVN 172200Remedial Education with Fine09/21/2018
Rendon, Iris Denise LVN 314141Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Renteria, Patricia Ann LVN 301124Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Reyher, Matthew Jay RN 903238Enforced Suspension10/04/2018
Richardson, Eugenia Mae RN 682245Remedial Education08/20/2018
Rivera, Patricia Ann RN 928320Suspend/Probate08/21/2018
Robbins, Christopher Robert LVN 221117Voluntary Surrender09/29/2018
Rothamel, Duella Ann RN 700481Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Ryan, Marlene Ann LVN 115530Remedial Education09/25/2018
Salas, Angela Rendon RN 813109 & LVN 224093Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Sanchez, Dallas Larry RN 864230Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Sanchez, Sophia F. LVN 100897Suspend/Probate08/21/2018
Sanchez, Stephanie Lynn RN 689392Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Sanders, Diane Elaine LVN 170657Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Santos, Christina RN 855594 & LVN 233986Enforced Suspension08/07/2018
Schiller, Deborah Lee RN 664102Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Scott-Shaw, Tammy Deloris LVN 196666Voluntary Surrender08/10/2018
Sharp, Cynthia LVN 188510Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Shaw, Marlena Ashley LVN 320085Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Sherrill, Michelle Rena RN 780603Remedial Education09/14/2018
Skinner, Norma Kay RN 646848Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Smith, Kim S. AZPTP AZ LPN 029385 & PTP AZ RN 093536Voluntary Surrender10/11/2018
Smith, Matthew William RN 875965Revoked10/25/2018
Smith, Sheneta Resha RN 724970Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Sneed, Shana Michelle LVN 187866Revoked08/21/2018
Soares, Roni Catherine RN 674948Voluntary Surrender09/18/2018
Spates, Demeiria Nicole LVN 329321Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Starks, Sharon Elaine RN 890761 & LVN 196009Warning with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Stevens, Patricia Ann LVN 218719Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Sy, Ma Lourdes Cayabyab RN 894083Suspend/Probate08/21/2018
Taylor, Jackie Lyn LVN 229746Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Taylor, Jennifer Rae RN 846923Revoked10/25/2018
Teel, Janet L. RN 784868 & LVN 109292Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Thetford, Glenda Lee LVN 102404Voluntary Surrender09/28/2018
Thistlethwaite, Christina Candeleria LVN 223137Revoked09/13/2018
Thomas, Alice Abraham RN 740355Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Thomas, Teresa Lee RN 605824Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Thompson, Amy Katharine RN 717289 & LVN 194202Enforced Suspension10/15/2018
Thompson, Cynthia Ann LVN 201944Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Tomlinson, Khala Ashlee LVN 301864Voluntary Surrender10/30/2018
Torres, Cheryl June LVN 314733Warning with Stipulations and Fine08/21/2018
Townsend, Chelsea Reneeq LVN 319472Remedial Education with Fine10/04/2018
Tramel, Linsey Renay RN 803604 & LVN 206767Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Umphres, Melissia Sherene RN 597288Enforced Suspension10/25/2018
Valdez, Reynaldo AP104507, RN 518435 & LVN 59355Remedial Education08/13/2018
Vazquez, Jaime C. RN 823073Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Vazquez, Jose Antonio LVN 227861Voluntary Surrender08/03/2018
Vega, Israel AP114929 & RN 669581Remedial Education10/22/2018
Vigil, Leah K. LVN 226923Warning with Stipulations and Fine09/11/2018
Vocal, Mathieu RN 793563Enforced Suspension10/25/2018
Voelcker, Wanda RN 658613Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Voland, Andrew Scott RN 913521Warning with Stipulations08/21/2018
Walker, Stephen Dale RN 662642Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Walker, Victoria Elena RN 933832Remedial Education with Fine09/26/2018
Wantland, Thomas Ken RN 649069Reprimand with Stipulations08/21/2018
Warner, Jami RN 913835Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Watkins, Tracy Marie LVN 152686Revoked09/11/2018
Webster, Debra S. RN 500526Voluntary Surrender08/06/2018
Werner, Wendy Vanessa RN 577652Voluntary Surrender08/15/2018
Wettmarshausen, Sylvia Ann RN 774077Revoked09/11/2018
White, Vametrea Darquett LVN 323781Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Wiley, Susan LVN 340214Voluntary Surrender10/31/2018
Williams, Debra Lynn LVN 156812Suspend/Probate10/25/2018
Williams, Maxine RN 580201 & LVN 141000Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Wilmes, Cassandra Lynn MOPTP MO RN 2010026090Revoked08/21/2018
Wilson, Haviette C. LVN 230557Reprimand with Stipulations10/25/2018
Winters, Leah Chante LVN 307898Warning with Stipulations10/25/2018
Wishard, Christy Lynn LVN 164611Revoked08/21/2018
Woods, Jeffrey Allen RN 633096Warning with Stipulations09/11/2018
Wright, Jan Bradley LVN 75569Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine10/25/2018
Wright, Vicki Kelley RN 717574Remedial Education with Fine08/20/2018