The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses through a Board order containing public information about the nurse’s disciplinary action. You can obtain information about these disciplinary actions from the Board’s website,, using the verification look-up under Licensure or under the disciplinary action section of Discipline & Complaints. Under Licensure, select Verification then click on the applicable type of license type; Discipline & Complaints, select Disciplinary Action then select individual newsletter date.  Additionally, you can send your written request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460, Austin, Texas 78701-3944.


License Number(s)
Date of Action
Acosta, April Vanessa LVN 228038Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Adames, Christina Michelle LVN 300258Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Addington, Vicki Lyn RN 631737 & LVN 153899Revoked 09/13/2016
Aguilera, Roland RN 751763 & LVN 174737Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Aguwa, Patricia J. LVN 320126Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Akhter, Omar LVN 304418Remedial Education with Fine 10/04/2016
Alonzo, Graciela LVN 196751Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
Amador, Aida LVN 203280Enforced Suspension 09/13/2016
Antoine, Jenet Janel LVN 323268Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Arcenas, Vanessa D. RN 864352Revoked 08/09/2016
Ashley, Alyssabeth Antoinette LVN 306282Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Atkinson, Sandra Gayle RN 797984Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Baca, Rosalia Ranjel LVN 169062Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Balderson, Lynne Kathryn RN 581405Voluntary Surrender 08/02/2016
Bangura, Florence Balay RN 629169Revoked 08/09/2016
Bannister, Shawn Kaulana AP118839, RN 698614 & LVN 152192Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Bar, Nicole April RN 755412Remedial Education 09/02/2016
Barbour, Howard AP111687 & RN 629303Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Barbour, Howard RX 4898Limited: No Controlled Substances 08/09/2016
Barnard, Justin Thomas RN 819870Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Barraza, Leticia Adriana RN 821194Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Baum, Nathan D. LVN 203773Revoked 08/09/2016
Bayliss, Jana Maria RN 791575 & LVN 196139Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Beckett, Marian Ruth RN 553778 & LVN 82902Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Beckford-Flemming, Hazel AP115255 & RN 620303Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
Beckford-Flemming, Hazel RX 7415Limited: No Controlled Substances 09/13/2016
Belcher, Benjamin Alva RN 670126Voluntary Surrender 09/13/2016
Bennett, Nicole Frances RN 703471 & LVN 172734Voluntary Surrender 10/01/2016
Berberich, Mary T. RN 818454Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Berry, Lathena Lynna RN 744444Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Bittorf, Jo Frances RN 593644Revoked 09/13/2016
Bizzell, Shonna Nicole LVN 188118Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Black, Marlinda (Franco) LVN 304900Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Bourn, Kathryn Elizabeth RN 746624Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Bradberry, Stephanie Pat LVN 150122Remedial Education with Fine 09/19/2016
Brady, Nichole Anne LVN 324985Voluntary Surrender 10/27/2016
Brazee, Cheri Elaine LVN 212745Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Brooks, Prianglam AP119040, RX 10237 & RN 784525Revoked 10/28/2016
Brooks-Stewart, Aleisha A. PTP TN RN 177944Revoked 09/13/2016
Brown, Fatima Nicole RN 772938Limited License 10/27/2016
Brown, Jillian Blythe RN 797190Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Brown, Lynne Marie RN 556759Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Brown, Sarah Marie RN 808816Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Broyles, Steven Blane RN 236028Voluntary Surrender 09/21/2016
Bundy, Jennifer Lynn RN 643214Revoked 08/09/2016
Burkett, Kelly Wooderson LVN 165941Revoked 08/09/2016
Burns, Jennifer Jae LVN 173771Revoked 09/13/2016
Burse, Kristi Marie LVN 316265Remedial Education, Deferred 10/27/2016
Burtram, Cassi Louise RN 774215Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Cain, Dollie M. RN 577151Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Campbell, Colleen Frances LVN 177383Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Canales, John Gabriel RN 736982Revoked 09/13/2016
Capers, Tanita Michelle LVN 315528Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Carrell, Medie Kathrine RN 562053 & LVN 126393Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Carver, Ginger Gaile AP117992 & RN 687881Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Castillo, Daniel Lee LVN 314077Enforced Suspension 09/14/2016
Castillo, Linda Liliana LVN 203228Reprimand with Fine 09/13/2016
Cavazos, Alberto RN 788507Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Cedillos, Denise RN 783714 & LVN 218678Voluntary Surrender 09/15/2016
Chancelor, Amanda Paige LVN 206090Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Chantarasaka, Candy RN 799294Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Chege, Maryanne Wangari RN 887201 & LVN 326822Remedial Education 10/13/2016
Chester, Gayla Jeanette RN 701944 & LVN 164678Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Cho, Sang Soo AP114246 & RN 619494Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Cirilo, Carol Gay LVN 158847Voluntary Surrender 08/01/2016
Clark, Arch Ray RN 685080Revoked 08/09/2016
Clark, Beverly Ann RN 581873 & LVN 132024Voluntary Surrender 07/25/2016
Clark, Brooke N. RN 731650Voluntary Surrender 08/16/2016
Clark, Jessica Jasmine RN 755725 & LVN 204476Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Clark, Monica Starr LVN 325094Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Clayton, Cynthia Gail RN 562128Revoked 08/09/2016
Collins, Kristie Lynn LVN 183555Revoked 09/13/2016
Colomo, Maria Elida LVN 90282Voluntary Surrender 08/05/2016
Conkling, Barbara RN 250038Limited License 09/13/2016
Cooke, Heather Nichole RN 831249 & LVN 217674Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Correa, Zabdy RN 823959Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Cotton, Tiffany Lynn LVN 192438Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Courtney, Dianna Lynne RN 889515Revoked 08/09/2016
Covarrubio, Lydia M. LVN 82687Remedial Education 09/13/2016
Cowley, Megan RN 882065Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Coyle, Kellie Anne LVN 326566Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Crisp, Valerie Hamilton RN 705650 & LVN 132045Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Critchley, Elvira Torres LVN 211566Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Crites, Jr., John Lee RN 683657Revoked 09/13/2016
Cruce, Justin Leonard RN 803813Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Cunningham, Rhonda Sue LVN 214902Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Daigger, Daniel Keith RN 688975Revoked 08/09/2016
Daniels, Jeremy Wayne LVN 307497Voluntary Surrender 10/10/2016
Davidson, Jonathan Clayton LVN 208195Voluntary Surrender 08/26/2016
Davidson, Mandy Jo LVN 195553Revoked 08/09/2016
Davis, Debra Jane RN 547185Voluntary Surrender 10/31/2016
Davis, Vicki Sue LVN 163176Voluntary Surrender 08/05/2016
Deshield, Precious N. RN 740793Voluntary Surrender 09/12/2016
Didier, Tammy Renee LVN 186222Limited License 09/13/2016
Dillard, Samantha Jean LVN 203045Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Divers, Josephine Ann RN 624286Remedial Education with Fine 09/16/2016
Diviche, Jennifer M. (Natividad) RN 885585Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Donnell, Jr., Theodore Balderas RN 865480Revoked 09/13/2016
Dority, Lotoya Monique LVN 304137Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Dorsey, Janet Leigh LVN 182398Revoked 09/13/2016
Droogleever, Elpa Lagora RN 523362Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Duarte, Christine Helen LVN 233860Remedial Education 10/11/2016
Duncan, Catherine Vivian LVN 211662Revoked 09/13/2016
Egwim, Mukosolu J. LVN 320773Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Eke-Huber, Esther Akunna AP118542 & RN 702756Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Eke-Huber, Esther Akunna RX 9867Limited: No Controlled Substances 10/27/2016
Eleda, Charity I. RN 598071Voluntary Surrender 10/19/2016
Elliott, Janice Rena RN 541098Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Elliott, Linda Ann RN 821278Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Ellis, Albert Jay RN 755757Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Englehart, Jeanne Lynette LVN 181779Revoked 09/13/2016
English, Martha Jean RN 251797Revoked 09/13/2016
Ennis, Kelly Lyn LVN 182191Revoked 08/09/2016
Ensminger, Melissa Karol RN 788377Remedial Education with Fine 09/02/2016
Enyong, Alice Manyong PTP SC LVN 42470Voluntary Surrender 09/02/2016
Eruvwetaghware, Isedua Georgina LVN 231282Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Estopinan, Sara Alia LVN 329363Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Everman, Dianna Paige LVN 318999Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Eweka, Josephine Imuwahen LVN 303393Revoked 08/09/2016
Ewers, Vanda Quishae RN 798939 & LVN 221941Revoked 08/09/2016
Faigal, Ferdinand Abergas LVN 300247Revoked 09/13/2016
Farhat, Derrick Ali LVN 222720Revoked 09/13/2016
Field, Charles Eugene RN 867406Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Fields, Gail LVN 119368Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
Finley, Dustin Cole LVN 303787Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Fischbach, Lee Ann RN 706577Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Fisher, Joanne RN 784118Revoked 09/13/2016
Flores, Cynthia Ann LVN 157349Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Flores, Sandra Rea LVN 203251Revoked 10/27/2016
Flowal, Tateshia Jatan RN 845570Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Fongue, Samuel Florian RN 877377Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Ford, Courtney Quinn RN 785990Voluntary Surrender 08/17/2016
Foster, Olga Marie RN 608092Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Fox, Syndi RN 745724 & LVN 207445Enforced Suspension 09/30/2016
Fraire, Maria Cristina LVN 311621Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
France, Judith Ann LVN 79415Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Freeman, Jo Ann Marie RN 519054Voluntary Surrender 08/01/2016
French, Jr., William Luther RN 787271 & LVN 224818Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Frye, Susan Elaine RN 843711 & LVN 232709Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Gabrielli, Melissa Renee AP121784 & RN 799255Warning with Fine 09/13/2016
Garcia, Jesus Reinaldo LVN 136713Enforced Suspension 09/13/2016
Garcia, Mary Rocio LVN 191358Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Garner, Jacqueline Denise LVN 151205Remedial Education 08/18/2016
Garner, Penny Armenda AP125736, RN 607073 & LVN 139652Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Garza, Allison Margaret RN 829065 & LVN 225926Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
Garza, Christine Marie RN 621403Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Garza, Kristy Salaz RN 681583Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Gilistro, Seth Burke LVN 308414Enforced Suspension 09/02/2016
Gilliam, Cheryl Ann RN 708415Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Glover, Leslie Allene LVN 301975Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Goines, Jarena Lee LVN 222200Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Gonzales, Lydia LVN 163595Revoked 09/13/2016
Gonzalez, Caitlin Noel LVN 324184Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Gonzalez, Elias RN 753365Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
Gonzalez, Jennifer Deanne RN 680288Enforced Suspension 10/27/2016
Gooding, Jennifer Ann RN 764734Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Graham, Crystal Leigh LVN 177196Enforced Suspension 09/21/2016
Green, Stella Osei Gyamfi AP111577, RX 4436 & RN 676614Voluntary Surrender 09/09/2016
Grigsby, Jr., John William RN 691390 & LVN 176180Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Grounds, April Oswald LVN 183718Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Guerra, Courtney Lea RN 682763 & LVN 176088Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Guillory, Carolyn Boyd RN 864408Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Haag, Yzette Yvonne RN 787194 & LVN 189350Revoked 09/13/2016
Handley-Riley, Joan Corley RN 418329Enforced Suspension 08/09/2016
Harrington, Kristina Renee LVN 224050Reprimand with Fine 10/27/2016
Harris, Callene LVN 121275Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
Harris, Jason Ray RN 674688Enforced Suspension 10/03/2016
Harrison, Jamie (Mitchell) RN 794957 & LVN 218528Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Harrison, Jennifer Ann RN 769038Voluntary Surrender 08/26/2016
Harrison, Lauri Ann LVN 121577Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Hartfield, Chatara Renee RN 874031Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Hartless, Tanalyn Mechelle LVN 197572Revoked 09/13/2016
Hehr, Jason Kenneth RN 735237Reprimand with Fine 09/13/2016
Henry, Kori Dawn LVN 230286Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Henson, Lauren Michelle LVN 218113Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Hernandez, Ammye Leone LVN 312038Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Hernandez, Jon E. AP112196 & RN 533546Remedial Education 09/12/2016
Herod, Brenda Anne RN 762805Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Hill, Evette Eva LVN 180381Revoked 09/13/2016
Hill, Philip Harlan LVN 123968Voluntary Surrender 09/01/2016
Hoagland, Ruthann Noah RN 660975Revoked 09/13/2016
Hodde, Randall Ethan RN 866451Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Hodges, Wanda Ruth RN 733201Voluntary Surrender 08/02/2016
Holcomb, Virginia Ann LVN 161009Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Holden, Debra Kay RN 592216Revoked 09/13/2016
Holton, John David LVN 222509Voluntary Surrender 09/30/2016
Hopkins, Janice RN 659697 & LVN 119939Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Hornick, Phylis A. Cowan RN 238942Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Hornsby, Jeri Lynn RN 640183Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Howell, Mary Louise RN 595210 & LVN 102719Limited License 09/13/2016
Jackson, Ashley Ronee RN 789372 & LVN 200475Revoked 08/09/2016
Jackson, Coshawnasy RN 759052Voluntary Surrender 10/31/2016
Jackson, Elisa Gail RN 582993Revoked 09/13/2016
Jackson, Kirsten RN 848104Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Jackson, Stephanie Yvone LVN 219734Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Jacobo, Omar Apolo RN 710763Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Jennings, Michael Bartholomew RN 772443Revoked 09/13/2016
Jimenez, Yaneli RN 834462Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
John, Michael Paul RN 821360Enforced Suspension 09/13/2016
Johnson, Guerda RN 737924Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Johnson, Lekisha Kimyadda LVN 309074Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Jones, Cynthia Arnold PTP VA RN 0001130952Revoked 08/09/2016
Jones, Julie C. RN 725411Enforced Suspension 08/09/2016
Jorgensen, Kristy Diane (Meaux) RN 589500Warning with Fine 09/13/2016
Joubert, Effie Jeanine RN 788835Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Jyrkila, Jerry Lee RN 729295Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Kamunge, Felix M. LVN 301234Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Kaur, Satwant LVN 303336Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Kavukatema, Shainai LVN 311245Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Kennimer, Steven Wayne RN 690253Enforced Suspension 08/05/2016
Kerr, Elizabeth RN 806082Revoked 09/13/2016
Kersh, Beverly Ann RN 617193Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Kinsey, Karen Lee LVN 148361Revoked 09/13/2016
Kirkpatrick, Tammy Jo LVN 182474Revoked 09/13/2016
Kosik, Cynthia Bayless RN 607505 & LVN 124737Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Kramer, Joellen Marie PTP NE RN 62780Remedial Education with Fine 10/19/2016
Krause, Laura Elaine LVN 179839Remedial Education with Fine 10/26/2016
Kucmierz, Rita A. AP114162 & RN 505877Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Landis, Gena Lynn RN 855990 & LVN 312486Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Landry, Katie Jo LVN 209895Revoked 09/13/2016
Large, Madalyne RN 894289Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Lasater, Andrew Samuel RN 806903Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Lawless, Tracy Marie LVN 301104Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Leal, Santiaga Rose LVN 171398Revoked 09/13/2016
Leathers, Melanie LVN 173624Limited License 09/13/2016
LeBlanc, Teresa Nelson AP121200, RX 12068 & RN 808329Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Lechner, Misty Dawn LVN 176468Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Lee, Linda Joyce RN 846105Voluntary Surrender 08/09/2016
Leon, Barbara Vernon RN 657680Revoked 08/09/2016
Lerma, Angie Duran LVN 231826Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Lewis, April Monique RN 775109Enforced Suspension 09/13/2016
Little, Jane E. RN 233851Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Lopez, John Roland RN 802057Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Love, Loretta LVN 196042Voluntary Surrender 08/01/2016
Lozano, Nancy RN 662024Enforced Suspension 09/13/2016
Maddox, Melissa Drake LVN 172768Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Magistro, Brandi Ranae LVN 320121Remedial Education with Fine 08/16/2016
Majors, Jill Marciel RN 652702Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Mann, Elizabeth Udo RN 570120 & LVN 117864Remedial Education 10/26/2016
Mansel, Alexis Donnette RN 738397Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Marah, Chinwe LVN 318007Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 08/09/2016
Mardis, Melissa RN 653656Revoked 09/13/2016
Marlett, Jeanette RN 686557Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Marsh, Jonathan Allen RN 816262Enforced Suspension 09/20/2016
Martin, Marisol L. RN 789299Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
Martinez, Emmaly LVN 205072Voluntary Surrender 08/22/2016
Martinez, Jr., Rodrigo RN 763373Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Maxwell, Melissa Anne PTP NC RN 149742Revoked 09/13/2016
McAfee, Alexis Dominique RN 832941Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
McAlister, Dusty George LVN 198716Voluntary Surrender 10/24/2016
McDaniel-Bounds, Kimberly Rochelle RN 858999 & LVN 228729Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
McDonald, Katherine Ann RN 565527Revoked 08/09/2016
McDonald, Kelly Jean RN 818901Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
McDowell, Christine Marie RN 604301Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
McEachrane, Marsha Petra RN 862334Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
McGraw, Jamie Nel LVN 216899Voluntary Surrender 08/25/2016
McKissick, Kat White RN 792374Voluntary Surrender 10/07/2016
McNellye-Mattox, Kendra L. AP124124, RX 14799 & RN 628625Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
McPherson, Mark Kevin RN 520277Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Mendoza, Brittni Shea RN 888619Enforced Suspension 09/28/2016
Mendoza, Pedro Alberto AP120223 & RN 705297Warning with Fine 10/27/2016
Mendy, Annemarie RN 826216 & LVN 223547Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Menendez, Renee Antonette RN 804031 & LVN 224882Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Mfula, Lindy P. LVN 218421Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Miday, Susan Denise LVN 234176Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Mills, Tricia Michelle RN 665882Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Ming, Pasliso Lajune LVN 175905Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Molinar, Jesus Gilberto LVN 179629Voluntary Surrender 08/01/2016
Moncayo, Luis Manuel RN 732798 & LVN 185577Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Moner, Cazaria Jovita RN 836078Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Montgomery, Chinyere Edith LVN 306304Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Montgomery, Erin Elizabeth RN 692698Enforced Suspension 09/01/2016
Moore, Dulcie Dawn LVN 319779Revoked 08/09/2016
Moreno, Sondra Ann LVN 180497Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Morton, Lydia F. RN 251052 & LVN 58272Voluntary Surrender 09/21/2016
Mowrey, Patrick James RN 683724Voluntary Surrender 10/07/2016
Mudd-Ambrogio, Cheryl Amelia LVN 322762Revoked 09/13/2016
Nakazny, Adelita RN 771282Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Nanjovu, Sarah RN 736781Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Nash, Karliesha Nicholia LVN 317893Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Nelson, Cheryl Dawn RN 850205Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Nelson, Thomas Irvin RN 607732Revoked 08/09/2016
Nelson, Tracy M. LVN 150867Warning with Fine 10/27/2016
Nepote, Rachel RN 881193Limited License 10/27/2016
Nevels, Wendie Renea RN 770589Limited License 10/27/2016
Newsome, Deborah Lynn RN 548123Revoked 09/13/2016
Nichols, Tangalon Rena LVN 234027Voluntary Surrender 10/25/2016
Nickel, Georgia Ann LVN 149166Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Njoroge, Martin Ngugi RN 808860Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Nobles, Denise Elaine LVN 97333Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Nyangau, Martha LVN 313786Reprimand with Stipulations 10/28/2016
Oates, Debra Karen RN 564749Revoked 08/09/2016
Obinna, Angela O. AP113852, RX 6149, RN 570251 & LVN 127601Voluntary Surrender 09/13/2016
O’Brien, Jennifer RN 606375Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Odima, Anne Akinyi RN 568295Revoked 08/09/2016
Offor, Nkemjika Obi RN 699503Enforced Suspension 10/27/2016
Ogbonna, Chidi G. RN 808833 & LVN 181160Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Ohonbamu, Ejiro Odeka RN 835340Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Okroj, Cynthia Ann Fry RN 515319Voluntary Surrender 08/25/2016
Olalekanaina, Folasade Mary LVN 307012Remedial Education 10/20/2016
Oliver-Boutte, Sharon LVN 144638Enforced Suspension 09/13/2016
Ooi, Mee T. RN 827346 & LVN 231410Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
O’Toole, Sandra Marie LVN 168304Remedial Education with Fine 08/03/2016
Owens, Gloria Flores RN 508367 & LVN 58310Revoked 08/09/2016
Park, Thomas Wade RN 678227Revoked 08/09/2016
Parker, Kelly Marlo RN 675917Enforced Suspension 10/04/2016
Parker, Kyrieann Lindsay RN 823927Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Parker, Reshell Leighann RN 835555Enforced Suspension 10/04/2016
Patterson, Connie A. AP106606, RX 886 & RN 256929Revoked 10/27/2016
Payne, Brandi Nicole LVN 315409Revoked 08/09/2016
Payne, Diana Kay Rose S RN 461490Voluntary Surrender 08/01/2016
Peaks, Pagan Leigh LVN 212170Revoked 08/09/2016
Perez, Andrea Wynette LVN 150394Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Pettid-McConic, Cathie B. RN 616992 & LVN 131164Revoked 08/09/2016
Philbrick, Phyllis Diane LVN 136988Revoked 09/13/2016
Phillips, Martha Stephanie RN 854746Revoked 08/09/2016
Pickens, III, Willie RN 862408Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Pierpoint, Ashley Elizabeth RN 805619Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Pool, Christopher Donald RN 651289Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Poyner, Amanda Gay RN 666296Revoked 10/27/2016
Presley, Randy E. AP119260 & RN 834256Voluntary Surrender 10/24/2016
Pressley, Melissa Renee LVN 217578Voluntary Surrender 08/12/2016
Proctor, Robin Moore RN 871341Revoked 09/13/2016
Rahman, Md Habibur RN 522430Remedial Education with Fine 10/27/2016
Ranft, Jenifer RN 878773Remedial Education with Fine 10/20/2016
Rayford, Tiffany Latisha LVN 313886Remedial Education 10/10/2016
Reed, Leigh Anne RN 794782Remedial Education 10/26/2016
Reeves, Richard Dean RN 778021Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Ribbe, Jason C. RN 625332Voluntary Surrender 09/29/2016
Richardson, Audra Lynn LVN 199242Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Rivera, Angelica Nicole LVN 185790Enforced Suspension 10/27/2016
Roane, Lauren Ashley RN 772166Revoked 09/13/2016
Roberts, Ashleigh Catherine LVN 219424Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Roberts, Tiffany RN 826518 & LVN 207220Revoked 09/13/2016
Rodriguez, Gloria Chavera LVN 323321Warning with Stipulations 10/28/2016
Rodriguez, Jesse Julian LVN 307561Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Rodriguez, Myra RN 750804Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Rodriguez, Reynaldo G. RN 522485 & LVN 101605Voluntary Surrender 09/19/2016
Rogers, David Paul RN 616254Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Rubio, Cynthia D. Baskett LVN 81059Revoked 09/13/2016
Ryals, Johnny L. RN 534612Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Ryan, Dawn Laree RN 745521Revoked 08/09/2016
Salinas, Antonio Humberto RN 589883Voluntary Surrender 08/22/2016
Salinas, Roxanne Subia LVN 205516Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Sample, Shanda Michelle LVN 217584Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Sanchez, Jeanne Waldron RN 578591 & LVN 131348Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Sanders, Marla Kay RN 596518 & LVN 138896Remedial Education 09/08/2016
Sanderson, Marisa Capri LVN 226187Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Sawyers, Marcille Lynn LVN 172043Revoked 08/09/2016
Scott, Hope Wiley RN 239508Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Sedge, Patricia Louise RN 625346Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 10/27/2016
Session, Jennifer Devonne LVN 300672Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Shafer, Stephanie Christine RN 769932Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Shan, Rebecca Wenlin RN 821499Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Shaum, Sharon Kay RN 573590Voluntary Surrender 08/15/2016
Shaw, Chrissy RN 654469Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Shaw, Mark Douglas LVN 181620Revoked 09/13/2016
Shaw, Robin Janielee RN 704930Limited License 10/27/2016
Shelton, Michael Tyshune AP119063 & RN 794786Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Shelton, Misti Harrison RN 630694Revoked 09/13/2016
Sherrard, Crisanta Aguinaldo LVN 160629Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Shirley, Joanna RN 534704 & LVN 85914Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Shu, Euphemia LVN 317300Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Siegel, Katina Lavigne RN 778794Voluntary Surrender 08/03/2016
Singleton, Yolanda Marie LVN 203421Warning with Fine 09/13/2016
Smathers, Dillon Sloane RN 875473Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Smesny, Erika Marie LVN 310550Enforced Suspension 10/25/2016
Smith, Cody Lee RN 764256Enforced Suspension 09/09/2016
Smith, Donna RN 665041 & LVN 164578Voluntary Surrender 08/01/2016
Smith, Jacqueline Delorise RN 655861 & LVN 102376Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Smith, Teresa Still RN 705245Limited License 10/27/2016
Smith, Ticarra Nicole LVN 190594Remedial Education with Fine 10/17/2016
Smock, John RN 642752Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Snedegar, James Jason RN 831322Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Soto, Mary Morales RN 512688 & LVN 76097Remedial Education 10/27/2016
Spiteri, Elise Renee RN 824857Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Starin, Paula Jo AP110061 & RN 500724Voluntary Surrender 08/12/2016
Stastny, Misty Dawn RN 712971Reprimand with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Stephens, Christi Brock RN 573763Remedial Education 10/26/2016
Stephenson, Timothy Edward LVN 324649Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Sterling, Barbara Lynn RN 726285 & LVN 169742Revoked 08/09/2016
Stone, Jennifer Nichole LVN 320734Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Stuckart, Kerry Song PTP SC RN 109656Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Suchil, Victor Hugh LVN 231517Revoked 09/13/2016
Sveda, Tanja Sandra LVN 315280Revoked 08/09/2016
Swafford, Angela K. RN 619324Revoked 09/13/2016
Tarver, Sharon McCune LVN 140334Limited License 09/13/2016
Taylor, Kathleen Elizabeth RN 568646 & LVN 102400Voluntary Surrender 09/23/2016
Taylor, Latanya Ester LVN 327767Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Thomas, Heather Kathleen LVN 213827Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Thomas, Teresa Lee RN 605824Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Thompson, Cynthia Ann LVN 201944Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Tolbert, Maria Esther LVN 232294Enforced Suspension 09/13/2016
Tootle, Rachael Aline AP121420, PTP MS RN R863380 & LVN 150596Suspend/Probate 08/09/2016
Tootle, Rachael Aline RX 12210Limited: No Controlled Substances 08/09/2016
Torres Mensman, Frances Marie LVN 144389Limited License 10/27/2016
Trahan, Rebecca Louise LVN 122404Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Trostmann, Janet Kay RN 686630Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Tubman, Winston MacNutt RN 797310Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 09/13/2016
Tucker, Mona Rose RN 748329Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Turner, Forrest Wayne RN 739454Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Tyler, Nancy Harger RN 605172 & LVN 57032Limited License 08/09/2016
Ume-Ezeoke, Obiageli Tonia LVN 215088Remedial Education with Fine 09/20/2016
Uwake, Collins Ike RN 578563Revoked 09/13/2016
Valnes, Julie Michelle RN 623427Limited License 08/09/2016
Vance, Tami K. RN 685658Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
Vargas, Blessin Charlese LVN 210427Suspend/Probate 09/13/2016
Vazquez, Jose Antonio LVN 227861Enforced Suspension 10/27/2016
Veal, Richard Lamar AP104072 & RN 576859Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Velazquez, Manuel Felipe LVN 192981Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Villarreal, Alexis LVN 314592Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Villarreal, Ettie Kristen RN 717559Revoked 10/27/2016
Wade, Beverly Darlene RN 789478Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Walker, Evelyn Marie RN 693690 & LVN 108957Enforced Suspension 10/12/2016
Wall, Brandi Jo RN 760927Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Ward, Francisca LVN 112306Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016
Ward, Jan Kay RN 519338Voluntary Surrender 08/24/2016
Ward, Jolene Marie LVN 324896Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Weise, Anthony Dean RN 848531Suspend/Probate 10/27/2016
Welch, Ginger Lee LVN 146277Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Welch, Rebecca Sue LVN 314807Warning with Stipulations 09/13/2016
White, Melanie Denise RN 873014Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Whitfield, Renee Grant RN 585222Revoked 09/13/2016
Whitlow, Adrienne Rebekah RN 823749Voluntary Surrender 10/19/2016
Williams, Daniel Caleb LVN 314410Warning with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Williams, Newton Vernett RN 659644Reprimand with Stipulations 09/13/2016
Williams, Tracey Marie LVN 317562Revoked 08/09/2016
Williams, Tracy D. Ball RN 561716 & LVN 112523Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Wilson, Natalie Lind RN 903744 & LVN 305130Remedial Education with Fine 10/19/2016
Witherspoon, Shirley Ann RN 234113Warning with Stipulations 09/06/2016
Wojciechowskimahnke, Stephen Charles LVN 307899Voluntary Surrender 09/26/2016
Wood, Candace Joy LVN 153225Reprimand with Stipulations 08/09/2016
Wood, Kelly RN 868975Revoked 09/13/2016
Wooden, Monika Lafaye McCoy LVN 170264Revoked 09/13/2016
Woodhouse, Deborah L. RN 626727 & LVN 132994Remedial Education with Fine 09/19/2016
X, Gazall McKenzie LVN 317836Voluntary Surrender 10/24/2016
Yorka, Alex Giobari RN 869096Warning with Stipulations 10/27/2016