Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 01/04/2016

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. If you would like to receive additional information regarding the disciplinary action which has been imposed, please send your request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurses license number.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Acuna, Jesse LVN 175670Voluntary Surrender29-Sep-15
Adams, Cherie YvetteRN 536967 Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Adeniji, Janet AbidemiRN 756848Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Aguilera, Roland RN 751763 & LVN 174737Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Akande, Modupe LVN 307024Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Alam, Fatima RoohiRN 608764Voluntary Surrender21-Sep-15
Allala-Ettireddy, Anitha K.AP122487 & RN 815505Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Allen, Doris J.LVN 50153Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Allen, Maxzine A.LVN 48414Voluntary Surrender10-Sep-15
Allen, Staci LynnLVN 226748Voluntary Surrender11-Aug-15
Alvarez, Diana ChavezLVN 55491Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Alvarez, Kristina NicoleLVN 322218Enforced Suspension16-Sep-15
Ames, Johnny WayneRN 735692Voluntary Surrender23-Sep-15
Amogu, Henry KaluLVN 311389Revoked8-Sep-15
Anderson, Joy DianeLVN 147717Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Andress, Deborah GaleRN 605298Voluntary Surrender1-Sep-15
Andrus, Kendell AdelardRN 796265Voluntary Surrender28-Sep-15
Anil, Soosan RN 726665Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Archer, Thomas AlanRN 764691Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Armendariz, Jennifer NicoleLVN 198989Revoked11-Aug-15
Asevedo, Javier RN 704891Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Atchison, Joshua ThomasRN 652226Revoked11-Aug-15
Avants, Jane MichelleLVN 192264Warning22-Oct-15
Avery, Robert BrianPTP NC RN 257287Remedial Education16-Sep-15
Babb, Cynthia AnnLVN 116112Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Banda, Amy JeannetteRN 772621Suspend/Probate23-Oct-15
Bannister, Kristan LeaRN 721174Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Barthol, Patricia RoseRN 729090 & LVN 141327Remedial Education with Fine13-Oct-15
Bautista, Christine CeciliaRN 703805Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Beard, Jason RN 650927 & LVN 164641Revoked11-Aug-15
Beardsley, Louise M.RN 507862 & LVN 44670Remedial Education28-Aug-15
Beaty, Joann LVN 179525Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Becker, Elizabeth AnnLVN 121449Revoked11-Aug-15
Bell, Tracy A.RN 615390Voluntary Surrender27-Jul-15
Belmar, Darlene RN 777450Revoked11-Aug-15
Belzung, Barbara HaydenLVN 38650Revoked8-Sep-15
Berglund, Gary A.RN 252752Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Bern, Tami LeeLVN 226589Revoked8-Sep-15
Berry, Anita LouiseLVN 172232Voluntary Surrender16-Sep-15
Bethke, Brian LVN 300929Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Bichiy, Jeremiah KipkemeiLVN 232038Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Bird, Alicia M.LVN 225479Revoked11-Aug-15
Blair, Kayla RachelleLVN 229179Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Bonnett, David JosephRN 795034Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-15
Bostick, Kiva LindseyRN 785935Revoked22-Oct-15
Boynton, Jeffery ClarkRN 717616Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Boyter, Kathrine IreneRN 554305Enforced Suspension25-Aug-15
Bradley, Vonda ColleenLVN 177846Revoked11-Aug-15
Branton, Valerie AdamsLVN 147536Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Brooks, Anthony MichaelLVN 147039Revoked22-Oct-15
Brown, Alyson PaigeRN 806505Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Brown, Evelyn LouiseLVN 315081Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Brown, Gaylyn LVN 149480Voluntary Surrender1-Sep-15
Brown, Gilmica AdettLVN 192311Enforced Suspension24-Aug-15
Brown, Latrondria DeniseRX 7617Limited - No Controlled Substances22-Oct-15
Brown, Latrondria DeniseAP115788 & RN 708487Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Bullard, Amanda RuthRN 773951Revoked8-Sep-15
Burch, Lisa LarueRN 743190Suspend/Probate14-Oct-15
Burge, Cheryl CecilRN 605333 & LVN 77880Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Burt, Matthew CharlesRN 818437Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Byrd, Patty LynnLVN 186101Revoked22-Oct-15
Caldwell, April SusannahRN 717997Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Callahan, Ruth AnnPTP MO LPN 2007006818 & LVN 172334 Revoked 11-Aug-15
Campbell, Lisa AnnRN 782852Voluntary Surrender23-Sep-15
Canady, Stacey DawnLVN 229679Voluntary Surrender23-Jul-15
Cantu, Marina ReneeRN 678484Remedial Education23-Sep-15
Carrigan, Debra J.RN 715844Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Cas, Shirley JeanLVN 92329Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Cashaw, Rhonda DarnellLVN 109832Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Castillo, Linda LilianaLVN 203228Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Castillo, Rene QuearyRN 705646Revoked11-Aug-15
Castleberry, Terri AnnLVN 128283Enforced Suspension11-Aug-15
Cates, Marc LeeRN 838164Suspend/Probate11-Aug-15
Cervera, Ernesto LVN 188473Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Chambliss, Jessica ElaineLVN 193034Revoked11-Aug-15
Chapa, Tyson DanielLVN 315705Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Chavez, Leonarda LVN 226973Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Chavez, Roxanne YoungAP115421, RX 7319 & RN 541248Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Chorney-Wilson, Jessica L.RN 618007 & LVN 147379Limited License22-Oct-15
Clugston, Deeanna LynnRN 740884Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Cockrill, Karen SueRN 517150Voluntary Surrender25-Aug-15
Cofer, Katrecia D.RN 713838Revoked22-Oct-15
Collins, Rebecca JaneRN 800809Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Cooney, Jane AnnRN 767672Voluntary Surrender11-Sep-15
Corbett, Sandra GruverRN 797157Revoked22-Oct-15
Corrigan, Mary AnneRN 749310Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Coslett, April MishaneLVN 200068Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Crawford, Sherry HallLVN 210937Revoked11-Aug-15
Cross, Alexandra MichelleRN 822005Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Crow, Kelly DianeLVN 148295Revoked8-Sep-15
Cruz, Sabrina LatricaRN 780341 & LVN 211924Remedial Education23-Sep-15
Cryer, Heather ChristineLVN 229256Enforced Suspension27-Oct-15
Culleton, Tina J.RN 730572Remedial Education24-Sep-15
Daigger, Daniel KeithRN 688975Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Daily, Laurel AnnRN 582047 & LVN 134518Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Daniels, Darcy AngeliqueLVN 191468Revoked22-Oct-15
Davault, Tonya LoraineLVN 194742Remedial Education with Fine6-Aug-15
Davis, Alison LVN 138681Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Davis, Dan StephenRN 822016Suspend/Probate23-Oct-15
Davis, Kristi MarieLVN 200301Revoked8-Sep-15
Davis, Linda K.LVN 112518Revoked8-Sep-15
Davis, Tammy JeanRN 809079Remedial Education28-Oct-15
Deary, Uselyn TheresaAP114827 & RN 535867Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Deary, Uselyn ThersaRX 6759Voluntary Surrender8-Sep-15
Defontaine, Cheryl AnnRX 3902Limited - No Controlled Substances8-Sep-15
Defontaine, Cheryl AnnAP110876 & RN 675682Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Delarosa, Armando RN 804694Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Deleon, Victoria MolinaLVN 205554Remedial Education with Fine14-Aug-15
Dieguez, Monica RN 738144Suspend/Probate6-Oct-15
Dikeman, Mary SanfordRN 704675 & LVN 170923Revoked11-Aug-15
Doros, Linda DianeRN 715540Remedial Education with Fine27-Aug-15
Douglass, Margaret AnnLVN 93921Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Downing, Brenda BallLVN 61495Voluntary Surrender26-Oct-15
Dubuque, Peggy LouiseRN 700187 & LVN 171801Revoked8-Sep-15
Dufner, James DeanLVN 186419Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Dugat, Thomas DanielLVN 229772Voluntary Surrender17-Oct-15
Dunham, Dusty LouiseLVN 215200Revoked11-Aug-15
Dunn, Billie JeanLVN 192287Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Dunning, Christopher RN 826040Voluntary Surrender17-Oct-15
Duran, Marcos RN 863521Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Durham, Lorayne SusanRN 847782Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Dyson, Ronda GeneLVN 196895Remedial Education with Fine19-Aug-15
Edwards, Kelly AnnRN 693475Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Edwards-Griffin, Michelle R.RN 256606 & LVN 67312Remedial Education with Fine26-Aug-15
Elemento, Norma AquitaniaRN 618467Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Elliott, Anita F.LVN 104669Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Ellis, Deborah DeniseRN 551242Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Ellis, Joshua BrittonRN 812818Remedial Education with Fine23-Sep-15
Ellis, Leslie A.RN 830694Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Emegoakor, Obidigbo SilvernusRN 810079 & LVN 208350Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Emerson, Lance ElginRN 687523Voluntary Surrender23-Sep-15
Encinares, Nixon RN 805722Voluntary Surrender24-Aug-15
English, Susan BethLVN 301791Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Enyinna-Okeigbo, Charles UdoRN 716453Enforced Suspension8-Sep-15
Esquivel, Claudia OchoaLVN 224044Voluntary Surrender28-Aug-15
Estrada, Priscilla MartinezRN 710003 & LVN 191965Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Evans, Rebecca LeighRN 787259Limited License8-Sep-15
Ezukanma, Lawretta NjidekaRN 719537Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Famuyide, Olufunmilayo LVN 311667Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Farrell, Julie LynnRN 606625Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Ferguson, Debra KayAP109228, RX 2821 & RN 601205Voluntary Surrender30-Oct-15
Finley, Robin L.RN 625625Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Fleck, Joan RitaRN 847368Revoked8-Sep-15
Fleeton, Selena SewellRN 793472Voluntary Surrender28-Aug-15
Floyd, Molli AnneRN 619993Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Fogleman, Brandi PaijLVN 210245Revoked8-Sep-15
Forbes, Robby LynnRN 756958Revoked11-Aug-15
Ford, Erika RochellRN 679954Suspend/Probate11-Aug-15
Ford, Misti RN 771972Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Ford, Roberta AnnRN 620266Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Fore, Amanda JoyRN 865315Revoked8-Sep-15
Fowlkes, Mary DianneLVN 310071Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Franco, Christina LVN 225073Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Franklin, Laurie JanLVN 83362Voluntary Surrender22-Oct-15
Franks, Jenny LynnLVN 196679Revoked8-Sep-15
Freeman, Jo Ann MarieRN 519054Enforced Suspension30-Sep-15
Fulghum, Kimberly KayRN 812064Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Futrell, Donetta MichelleRN 790562Revoked11-Aug-15
Gabon, Isatu LVN 311824Revoked8-Sep-15
Gaedke, Israel SamuelRN 746103Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Gamble, Linda DeniseRN 762349Revoked11-Aug-15
Garcia, Bernarda Ana GarciaLVN 115320Voluntary Surrender24-Sep-15
Garcia, Erica MarieLVN 186694Revoked8-Sep-15
Garcia, Gustavo LVN 69478Revoked11-Aug-15
Gardner, Ava LynnLVN 187669Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Gardner, Kimberly SueLVN 193285Revoked8-Sep-15
Gibson, Frank E.LVN 161872Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Gilliland, Cynthia. ALVN 195102Suspend/Probate11-Aug-15
Gleason, Michelle LorraineLVN 203341Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Glenn, Jessica KaeLVN 318169Revoked11-Aug-15
Gomez, Vickie GarleneLVN 132039Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Gonzales, Monica SanchezLVN 121916Revoked11-Aug-15
Gonzalez, Cynthia D.RN 670526Revoked11-Aug-15
Gonzalez, Karina RN 756981Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Gonzalez, Rene DavidLVN 183959Remedial Education30-Sep-15
Gonzalez, Sharon JessicamarieRN 849214Voluntary Surrender25-Aug-15
Goodman, Annette LVN 317753Revoked8-Sep-15
Graham, Suzella E.PTP MO RN 126636Voluntary Surrender25-Sep-15
Graitge, Tracy RehneaRN 734661Revoked11-Aug-15
Gray, Michelle LeighRN 767068Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Green, Melissa DeanneRN 825553 & LVN 119399Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Green, Valerie AnnRN 592601Revoked22-Oct-15
Grimmett, Cheryl ColleenLVN 164736Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Guerra, FredLVN 84320Voluntary Surrender27-Oct-15
Gullage, Dusti LynneLVN 201900Revoked8-Sep-15
Guzman, Tiffany KnightRN 819179Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Hafley, Beverly GailRN 589032 & LVN 59658Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Haith, Birdie RossLVN 122330Revoked8-Sep-15
Hale, Deborah M.RN 239053Revoked11-Aug-15
Hall, Rosemary RN 567816Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-15
Hall, Stacey SmythRN 779769Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Hamrick, Karla RajeanLVN 228770Revoked8-Sep-15
Hare, Delma DeweaseRN 619059Enforced Suspension14-Sep-15
Hare, Erica LeighRN 671343Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Hargrove, Melissa SueLVN 229955Revoked22-Oct-15
Harris, Kelli MichelleLVN 300492Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Harris-Kallon, Willie RuthRN 624603Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Hart, Carl RichardAP113039 & RN 669825Remedial Education22-Oct-15
Hartle, Shawna JaeRN 828960Revoked8-Sep-15
Hartley, Lorie JeanRN 865251Revoked22-Oct-15
Harvey, Lana GayleLVN 164463Voluntary Surrender15-Sep-15
Harwell, Charlotte AnneRN 638785 & LVN 140366Voluntary Surrender7-Aug-15
Hathorn, Cheryl AnnLVN 174934Remedial Education3-Aug-15
Hawkins, Theresa LynnLVN 171840Revoked22-Oct-15
Hawthorne, Lewis ErwinLVN 179585Revoked8-Sep-15
Haynes, Franchon DarlisaLVN 318400Limited License8-Sep-15
Henderson, Jennifer SueLVN 207425Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Henley, Anastasia KatharenRN 695774Revoked8-Sep-15
Hernandez, Courtney NicholeLVN 186654Remedial Education17-Sep-15
Hernandez, Julian LVN 43959Revoked22-Oct-15
Hickman, Shelia GailRN 755483Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Hill, Alicia RN 781518Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Hill, Kimothy EdwardLVN 225087Revoked8-Sep-15
Hill, Latricia ReneeRN 688502Revoked22-Oct-15
Hill, Marilyn AnnLVN 220741Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Hill, Rebekah CarmenRN 822112 & LVN 218692Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Hines, Brandy LorraineLVN 322271Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Hodges, Wanda RuthRN 733201Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Holbrook, Herman OscarLVN 197634Revoked11-Aug-15
Holderfield, Phillis M.RN 530200 & LVN 68872Revoked11-Aug-15
Holley, Sharon LoreneLVN 112316Voluntary Surrender10-Sep-15
Holliday, Melvin LeeRN 676186 & LVN 168354Enforced Suspension23-Oct-15
Hood, Lisa KayRN 252382Remedial Education9-Sep-15
Hudgins, Misty MichelleRN 833517Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Huete, Catherine L.RN 450028Voluntary Surrender24-Sep-15
Hughes, Theresa A.LVN 77354Voluntary Surrender20-Aug-15
Hunnicutt, Wade RandellRN 662375Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Hunsaker, Valerie A.LVN 98089Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Hunt, Diana RuthRN 229255Voluntary Surrender23-Oct-15
Hutchison, Amy KyleLVN 132700Revoked8-Sep-15
Huttner, Laura DianeRN 867827Voluntary Surrender13-Oct-15
Ibrahim, Kisha NicoleLVN 306143Revoked11-Aug-15
Igharoro, Elizabeth FunmiPTP NM RN 77291Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Imhoff, Melani J.RN 619673Remedial Education18-Sep-15
Inman, William GabrielRN 682233Voluntary Surrender28-Sep-15
Isbell, Judy BethLVN 122798Voluntary Surrender26-Oct-15
Ivey, Elysia RayLVN 206323Revoked11-Aug-15
Jackson, Elisa GailRN 582993Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Jarczak, Robert LVN 317757Revoked8-Sep-15
Jennings, Daniel RayRN 847411 & LVN 306641Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Johnson, Lekisha KimyaddaLVN 309074Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Johnson, Paulette HopeAP117099 & RN 577724Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Johnson, Rhonda KayLVN 183362Revoked22-Oct-15
Jones, Benajeane LVN 97531Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Jones, Edwina KayLVN 116675Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Jones, Jan LVN 121636Remedial Education25-Aug-15
Jones, Kristi AnnLVN 187815Revoked11-Aug-15
Jones, Linette M.PTP TN RN 161827Revoked11-Aug-15
Jones, Tacara S.LVN 203904Remedial Education with Fine10-Sep-15
Jordan, Rachael LeeannLVN 201804Enforced Suspension11-Aug-15
Justice, Jo AnnLVN 136700Voluntary Surrender9-Sep-15
Kaenel, Jacklyn LeeRN 825531Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Kariuki, Betty WanjikuLVN 214583Remedial Education5-Aug-15
Keele, Jeannette ReneeRN 676178Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Keller, Mattie LouiseRN 662005 & LVN 118485Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Kelley, Christine HelenLVN 229027Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Kilcrease, Julie NellAP119456 & RN 716840Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Kilpatrick, Lori RN 630755Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Kingori, Martin RN 758948 & LVN 213390Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Kingsley, Allyson DianeRN 613255 & LVN 148207Remedial Education21-Oct-15
Klingler, Kristin DeeannAP124047 & RN 728936Revoked22-Oct-15
Knott, William JacobRN 669866 & LVN 153275Enforced Suspension29-Sep-15
Koumonduros, Judy M.LVN 86327Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Kronz, Lisa UrsallaRN 616469Revoked22-Oct-15
Kupkufske, Teresa AnnLVN 177254Revoked11-Aug-15
Lambert, Lisa KayeLVN 171839Revoked8-Sep-15
Lansford, Allison MarieLVN 188874Revoked11-Aug-15
Lattaro, Starla DeliseLVN 137166Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Leeder, Heath DanielRN 815798Revoked8-Sep-15
Lemuel, Amy MarieRN 786411Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Leslie, Justin LVN 221449Revoked8-Sep-15
Lewis, Brittany NicoleRX 11584Limited - No Controlled Substances8-Sep-15
Lewis, Brittany NicoleAP120669 & RN 741425Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Lewis, Keila RN 727298Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Lewis, Lorie RN 551873Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Lewis Austin, Denise LynnRN 814096Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Linchy, Lorie J.RN 733253Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Lindsey, Eric R.LVN 200409Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Lista, Linda FayeLVN 139481Revoked22-Oct-15
Lister, Tisha TreneeLVN 210855Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Little, Kay AnnRN 658503Revoked11-Aug-15
Little, William RonaldLVN 229212Voluntary Surrender16-Oct-15
London, Latisha LVN 201677Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Loomis, Melissa D.RN 616903Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Lopez, Maria MelissaLVN 213349Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Lopez, Marlen GarciaLVN 216778Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Lopez, Marlisa RN 816959Remedial Education13-Oct-15
Love, Leslie AngelicaLVN 314771Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Lowe, Troy PrestonLVN 139507Revoked11-Aug-15
Lucas, Jeffrey FrankRN 663667Remedial Education14-Oct-15
Lucas, Tammy MarieRN 764085Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Maas, Pamela SueRN 566823Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Madu, Chukwuemeka MichaelRN 767418Revoked22-Oct-15
Mall, Joy RN 522190 & LVN 101576Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Marin, Luis AlbertoLVN 221901Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Marino, Simone LeahLVN 307328Voluntary Surrender13-Aug-15
Marr, Richard C.RN 634511 & LVN 141693Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Martin, Kimberly RN 735584Enforced Suspension1-Sep-15
Martinez, Erika LVN 320528Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Martinez, Jr., Hector LVN 223753Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Maxted, Donna EarleneRN 730375 & LVN 39268Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Mbah, Rebecca UloakuRN 791227Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Mbianda, Joseph FangsiLVN 304148Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
McCarrell, Donald WayneRN 547944 & LVN 114733Voluntary Surrender19-Oct-15
McCook, Tammy JoRN 641801 & LVN 145158Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
McDaris, Kelly JeanLVN 183669Remedial Education with Fine3-Aug-15
McDonald, Sara J.PTP SC RN 39416Revoked11-Aug-15
McKinney, Danny HowardAP104300, RN 555111 & LVN 116877Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
McKinney, Hershie GailRN 693593 & LVN 167173Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
McNamara, Laura JaneRN 604631Enforced Suspension15-Sep-15
McNatt, Paula KayRN 597424Revoked22-Oct-15
McWright, Makeba DanielleLVN 311366Revoked8-Sep-15
Means, Sandra LeeRN 563524Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Meatte, Brittany LanellRN 787397Voluntary Surrender19-Oct-15
Medina, Christopher SethLVN 219698Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Meyer, II, Larry ThayneRN 252376Voluntary Surrender6-Oct-15
Miles, Echo SuzetteRN 630842Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Milla, Antonio DacayananRN 681176Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Miller, Ann PattersonRN 226557Voluntary Surrender19-Oct-15
Miller, Brett RN 856525Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Miller, Dee BrownRN 683723 & LVN 152379Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Mills, Tricia MichelleRN 665882Limited License22-Oct-15
Mitchell, Helen ElizabethLVN 111473Voluntary Surrender26-Oct-15
Moczygemba, Rolanda KayLVN 312586Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Molina, III, Antonio G.LVN 204423Revoked11-Aug-15
Molina, Elsa FelanRN 614003Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Monk, Rita AnneLVN 158566Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Montemayor, Alejos LVN 183809Remedial Education21-Oct-15
Montoya, Matthew RN 794570 & LVN 193053Revoked11-Aug-15
Moore, Beth A.RN 517635Voluntary Surrender3-Aug-15
Moore, Rebecca RechelleRN 705249Revoked11-Aug-15
Morales, Christina R.RN 615811Remedial Education17-Sep-15
Morales, Edwin AnchetaRN 628061Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Morgan, Linda Mc ClendonRN 575937Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Morgan, Vickey YvonneLVN 131119Revoked8-Sep-15
Morphew, Misty DawnRN 730513Revoked8-Sep-15
Mosigisi, Kennedy OnkangiLVN 206807Remedial Education with Fine3-Sep-15
Mullins, Julie AnnLVN 157151Enforced Suspension3-Aug-15
Murorunkwere, Bernadette RN 774804Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Nagel, Tiffany JoelleRN 590506Revoked8-Sep-15
Ndaloma, Paulina AnastasiaRN 744889Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Ndubisi, Chijindu H.LVN 207214Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Nduku, Sylver OgeneRN 815246Remedial Education15-Sep-15
Nelson, Darolyn SueLVN 119621Voluntary Surrender20-Oct-15
Nelson, Julie LVN 179784Revoked11-Aug-15
Nelson, Tina LouiseLVN 202470Revoked11-Aug-15
Nerren, Leonard DoyleRN 679501 & LVN 178412Enforced Suspension6-Oct-15
New, Tana LynnLVN 183712Revoked8-Sep-15
Newkirk, Trixie DianeAP106448 & RN 542807 Remedial Education with Fine25-Aug-15
Njoh, Alain GeorgesLVN 223764Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Nkwocha, Hyacienth RN 720808Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Noack, Jennifer AnneRN 706925Enforced Suspension30-Sep-15
Novak, Ashley NycoleRN 712258Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Nsilu, Pierre WasoluaRN 864519Revoked8-Sep-15
Nwokey, Chinenye PhilomenaRN 568282 & LVN 120194Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Oden, Theresa RN 642036 & LVN 159122Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Ogunde, Olubunmi AnnaRN 825517 & LVN 225614Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Okeefe, Brenda SmithRN 613759Voluntary Surrender4-Aug-15
Olivares, Adrian ReneLVN 206502Remedial Education with Fine21-Oct-15
Oneal, Jeanette LVN 116797Revoked8-Sep-15
Onubogu, Theodora NeneLVN 184049Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
O'Quinn, Joyce NikkiLVN 307697Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Orellana, Gloria J.LVN 206053Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Ortiz, Jose IvanRN 802519Enforced Suspension1-Sep-15
Parker, Cynthia GailLVN 136996Revoked8-Sep-15
Pasley, Tisha KayLVN 180595Revoked11-Aug-15
Pastusek, Elena MarieRN 846713Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Pate, Cody BrentonLVN 220827Enforced Suspension20-Oct-15
Payne, Tina LanellLVN 142342Revoked11-Aug-15
Pedraza, Bernardino LVN 155171Suspend/Probate5-Oct-15
Peebles, Kyle WayneRN 775771Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Perez, Nadine LorraineLVN 304455Revoked8-Sep-15
Perkins, Christiane RN 806660Revoked8-Sep-15
Peters, Diane KayRN 695758Revoked11-Aug-15
Phillips, Linda SueLVN 157019Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Phillips, Lynda FayeLVN 201736Suspend/Probate11-Aug-15
Pickens, Dora LavernLVN 197281Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Pickett, Garrison WayneRN 752708Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Pierre, Debra RN 836547Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Pittman, Brittani MicoleLVN 218631Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Plagens, Deanna JaneLVN 145469Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Plants, David W.RN 613900Voluntary Surrender1-Oct-15
Prakash, Alyeen AshnaLVN 316728Remedial Education28-Aug-15
Prewitt, Michelle LVN 323619Suspend/Probate10-Sep-15
Qualls, Kenneth EugeneLVN 173478Enforced Suspension25-Aug-15
Quintanilla, Robert AnthonyLVN 313242Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Ragsdale, Dara ShalynnLVN 221856Revoked11-Aug-15
Ramirez, Cindy T.LVN 214894Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Ramirez, Kathryn LucindaLVN 159211Limited License11-Aug-15
Ramos, Brittany LynnLVN 311278Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Read, Casey BernardRN 792626Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Redman, Anabelle G.RN 508976Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Redmon, Dante R.LVN 305689Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Reeder, Crawford RN 654659Voluntary Surrender14-Aug-15
Reesing, Vicki RN 637141 & LVN 158268Remedial Education with Fine26-Aug-15
Rehr, Tobias JohnLVN 171763Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Ressler, Steven LaneRN 659306Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Rice, Charlene LareeRN 714509 & LVN 179357Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Richardson, Margaret RitaRN 564052 & LVN 58756Warning with Stipulations, Deferred8-Sep-15
Ricks, Tamara SimoneRN 756337 & LVN 191482Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Ringenberg, Charles A.RN 544781Suspend/Probate8-Sep-15
Rivera, Stephanie LVN 320143Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Rodriguez, Douglas AlcesAP107184, RX 1700 & RN 625819 Voluntary Surrender16-Oct-15
Rodriguez, Georgia LeeRN 605591Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Rodriguez, Irene R.LVN 110308Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Rodriguez, MaricelaRN 614066Voluntary Surrender30-Oct-15
Rodriguez, Ricardo LVN 305182Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Rogers, Ola MontgomeryLVN 70415Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Romo-Garcia, Rosalva SeferinaRN 530066 & LVN 74901Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Rosa, Rachel MichelleRN 835931Suspend/Probate8-Oct-15
Ross, Tonya LynnLVN 168834Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Rowan, Joy BerniceLVN 212574Revoked8-Sep-15
Roy, Eddie LeeLVN 117160Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Rudd, Candice RN 843019Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Ruiz, Maria MargaritaLVN 221543Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Ruppert, Wendy KayeRN 749710Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Saldana, Anabel RN 799505Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Sanches, Corinna AnnLVN 202404Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Sanchez, Nedra LVN 308980Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Sanders, Jenifer GailRN 848366Revoked11-Aug-15
Sanders, Jessica ReneeRN 716301 & LVN 193669Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Sanders, Kevisha ShawnyeLVN 325271Enforced Suspension8-Sep-15
Sanders, Tajuanna MegaleLVN 230160Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Sanford, Terry LynnLVN 110707Remedial Education with Fine21-Oct-15
Sangster, Tracy DarlinRN 733045Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Santos, Vanesa RN 794468Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Schattle, Shannon MarieRN 747311Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Schroers, Cary SusanRN 434047Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Scott, Christofer JamesLVN 234231Revoked11-Aug-15
Scott, Latisha MicheleLVN 192480Revoked8-Sep-15
Scott, Nancy DiniusRN 817522Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Scoville, David R.LVN 166123Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Serna, Alicia LVN 193212Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Shears, Alberta LVN 206208Voluntary Surrender10-Aug-15
Sheppard, Jennifer LynnLVN 192359Revoked8-Sep-15
Shirley, Careta PerdishaLVN 128577Revoked8-Sep-15
Silverio, Gregorio GalangRN 766141Voluntary Surrender28-Aug-15
Simmons, Catherine AnnRN 670267Suspend/Probate25-Aug-15
Sims, Carolyn AnnRN 589947 & LVN 132644Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Slaydon, Cara JacquelineLVN 208118Revoked8-Sep-15
Smith, Deborah L.LVN 134315Revoked11-Aug-15
Smith, Dwight EugeneRN 739850 & LVN 154633Revoked22-Oct-15
Smith, Haley RaeLVN 316709Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Smith, Kathryn AnnRN 512295Revoked11-Aug-15
Smith, Kelsey MichaelaRN 840375Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Smith, Paula RobinLVN 195591Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Smith, Rubby LVN 210896Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Smith, Shanna ElyseLVN 223009Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Smith, William DavidLVN 183369Revoked11-Aug-15
Snoke, Dale A.RN 716134Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Snyder, Julie AnnRN 449552Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Soto, Severa LVN 109687Limited License11-Aug-15
South, Shellie SueRN 671549Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Sparks, Shelley M.RN 532977 & LVN 94935Revoked8-Sep-15
Spence, Pheobe JuneLVN 216863Suspend/Probate11-Aug-15
Spencer, Carin MarieLVN 175238Revoked22-Oct-15
Spencer, Cokese NicoleLVN 229601Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
St. Louis, Callie ShayLVN 210120Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Stephens, Lavell JamainLVN 313549Voluntary Surrender31-Aug-15
Stewart, Sara SuzanneLVN 85966Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Stone, Stephanie MicheleLVN 219069Voluntary Surrender8-Sep-15
Stuckart, Kerry SongPTP SC RN 109656Revoked8-Sep-15
Sturman, Elizabeth ClaireRN 757496Enforced Suspension10-Aug-15
Swain, Julia NelsonLVN 36355Voluntary Surrender25-Aug-15
Swanson, John BurtonRN 694970Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Tamez, Eduardo LVN 310990Remedial Education with Fine25-Aug-15
Tapia, Ann LVN 139056Revoked8-Sep-15
Tapp, Stephen MichaelRN 672218Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Taylor, Betty LouiseRN 762850 & LVN 122592Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Teal, Martha HelenLVN 161456Revoked11-Aug-15
Templeton, Nicole LynRN 726730Enforced Suspension23-Oct-15
Terrell, John ZenshoLVN 228312Voluntary Surrender27-Jul-15
Thomas, Alana A.RN 613908Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Thomas, Rebecca L.LVN 228627Revoked8-Sep-15
Tolleson, Amanda LeighLVN 181417Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Tolleson, Debera LynnLVN 140187Revoked11-Aug-15
Toppins, Stephanie KayRN 716032 & LVN 181956Voluntary Surrender8-Oct-15
Torres, Rebecca SusanLVN 196314Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Toscano, Roxanna ElizabethLVN 139077Voluntary Surrender9-Sep-15
Tourne, Jr., Joseph DavidRN 722308Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Towns, Courtney BrianneLVN 210929Revoked22-Oct-15
Trevino, Leslie AnnemarieRN 798702Revoked11-Aug-15
Trevino, Xochil ElviaLVN 233651Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Trietsch, Dana GraceRN 644704Voluntary Surrender25-Aug-15
Trinh, Dung BaRN 760330Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Turner, Angelia M.RN 643827Enforced Suspension17-Sep-15
Turner, Vicki ReneeLVN 197502Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Tweedel, Nicolas JamesRN 755364 & LVN 206907Suspend/Probate22-Oct-15
Uselton, Rebecca LynnRN 743713Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Vallia, Raymond RN 644996Revoked8-Sep-15
Van Winkle, Connie LindaRN 578706Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Varghese, RajeenaRN 711701Remedial Education with Fine25-Sep-15
Vega, Yolanda LVN 217348Enforced Suspension22-Oct-15
Vela, Araceli VanessaRN 732057Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Villadsen, Jamie NoelRN 661313Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Villanueva, Carlos RicardoLVN 234059Warning with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Vinson, Julie RN 783871Voluntary Surrender16-Oct-15
Vogelsang, Melissa RanayRN 675808Revoked11-Aug-15
Waldon, Ethel JeanLVN 148975Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Walker, Lisa MarieRN 640625Enforced Suspension13-Jul-15
Walters, Christopher MichaelLVN 231368Revoked8-Sep-15
Warfield, Tarana KasidnaRX 10746Limited - No Controlled Substances11-Aug-15
Warfield, Tarana KasidnaAP119613 & RN 716395Suspend/Probate11-Aug-15
Warner, Jeffrey EdwardRN 597402 & LVN 139128Voluntary Surrender20-Oct-15
Washington, Kermit RN 644532Enforced Suspension8-Sep-15
Watkins, Cheri RN 640616Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Weaks, Maria GuadalupeLVN 227946Reprimand with Stipulations11-Aug-15
Webb, Mary MarciaLVN 163705Revoked11-Aug-15
Weertman, Allison Kinder (Smith)RN 792516 & LVN 221546Reprimand with Stipulations8-Sep-15
Weiler, Catherine JoanLVN 216443Revoked22-Oct-15
Wells, Jennifer EllenLVN 233671Revoked11-Aug-15
Wesson, Jeffrey L.RN 636195 & LVN 121945Warning with Stipulations11-Aug-15
White, Danya LavannLVN 316639Enforced Suspension30-Oct-15
Whiteley, Eldonna J. BrownRN 219818Revoked11-Aug-15
Wildcat, Sonya MelissaRN 769501Revoked8-Sep-15
Williams, Halise ReneeLVN 208149Revoked11-Aug-15
Williams, Phyllis DelettaLVN 318223Warning with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Willits, Leann ReneeLVN 219290Remedial Education25-Aug-15
Wine, Jamie RuthRN 759265Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Winters, Donna D.LVN 75383Remedial Education with Fine15-Oct-15
Wiswall, James DavidRN 607962Voluntary Surrender5-Oct-15
Woods, Ernest RN 783029 & LVN 155879Reprimand with Stipulations22-Oct-15
Wylie, Catherine MicheleRN 574271Remedial Education with Fine28-Oct-15
You, Jeongsil ChristineRN 778241Revoked8-Sep-15
Youman, Traneka YvetteLVN 189578Revoked8-Sep-15
Young, Jessica JoyceLVN 217893Enforced Suspension23-Oct-15
Zamora, Diana RN 530967 & LVN 68031Voluntary Surrender26-Oct-15
Zappa, Vonnie GayRN 773838 & LVN 117090Remedial Education6-Oct-15
Zunk, Marilyn SueRN 688264 & LVN 136020Revoked22-Oct-15