Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 01/16/2015

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. If you would like to receive additional information regarding the disciplinary action which has been imposed, please send your request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurses license number.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Abbate, Sara Diane RN 697800 Voluntary Surrender 27-Oct-14
Abila, Sonia Anacin RN 591422 Reprimand with Stipulations 23-Oct-14
Adames, Christina Michelle LVN 300258 Suspend/Probate 9-Sep-14
Adams, Kimberly S. RN 709978 & LVN 124929 Voluntary Surrender 31-Oct-14
Adams, Susan Camille RN 787847 Remedial Education 25-Aug-14
Adams, Tonya Lenese LVN 309485 Remedial Education 1-Aug-14
Adebayo, Adenike AdeyemiLVN 300471Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Aldama, Jonathan KeithRN 688352Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Alejandro, Gledelyn BilledoRN 709162Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Alexander, Carol JaneRN 828103Enforced Suspension2-Oct-14
Alvarado, Mirthala LVN 152177Remedial Education with Fine29-Oct-14
Alvarenga, Cecilia MargaritaLVN 306224Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Amaechi, Augusta EzinneLVN 190988Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Anderson, Alicia A.RN 501543 & LVN 82865Limited License19-Aug-14
Anderson, Torchera RamellLVN 302123Remedial Education26-Aug-14
Andrade, Mildred M.RN 581316 & LVN 70114Revoked9-Sep-14
Arkorful, Vivienne EsllaLVN 315587Remedial Education with Fine16-Oct-14
Asbury, Sherry KatrinaLVN 158964Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Aust, Kenda MichaelLVN 198651Voluntary Surrender21-Oct-14
Austin, Terraceda JoneseLVN 156370Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Avants, Susan AP113192, RN 653558 & LVN 162819Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Aykes, Sarhonda RN 787146 & LVN 178453Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Baren, Carin S.RN 556336Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Barnett, Clayton JosephRN 774737Limited License19-Aug-14
Barnett, John BenjaminRN 581439Remedial Education with Fine5-Sep-14
Barnett, Twyla DanielleLVN 221513Enforced Suspension1-Oct-14
Barrett, Tanja LavonLVN 191537Remedial Education with Fine19-Aug-14
Bartko, Julie AnneLVN 154680Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Barton, Terria LeighRN 590840 & LVN 60702Revoked9-Sep-14
Baser, Kimberly MarieRN 703131Limited License23-Oct-14
Batchelor, Leslie D.LVN 103549Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Beddingfield, Amy EliseRN 825241Revoked19-Aug-14
Bennett, Lauren MichelleRN 822416Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Bernhardt, Holly JeanLVN 186384Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Billington, Arlinda N.RN 227731Remedial Education with Fine26-Aug-14
Bishop, Angie WinslowRN 509345Voluntary Surrender25-Aug-14
Black, John CarlRN 658313Enforced Suspension15-Oct-14
Blankenship, Louisa AnitaLVN 160884Remedial Education with Fine3-Sep-14
Blanton, Eulinda JeanLVN 136548Revoked19-Aug-14
Bliss, Nita AnnRN 760281Enforced Suspension25-Aug-14
Blokkum, Connie RobbinsAP119263 & RN 256351Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Boogaerts, Kimberly GarciaRN 749207Revoked19-Aug-14
Boothe, Lisa AnnRN 665831Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Borlongan, Jaime CastilloRN 749410Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Bornman, William HowardRN 691785Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Bounds, Cammie LeeLVN 192444Remedial Education22-Sep-14
Boyd-Pierre, Ranell LVN 203305Voluntary Surrender22-Sep-14
Bradley, Lashyra CarmeseRN 719307Revoked9-Sep-14
Bradshaw, Brandi JoRN 718404Voluntary Surrender25-Aug-14
Braggs, Barbara A.LVN 172837Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Brandt, Sue DelRN 804341Revoked19-Aug-14
Brannan, Erin MicheleRN 736622 & LVN 191230Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Braun, Patrick AnthonyLVN 231264Revoked19-Aug-14
Breckenridge, Deena AnnLVN 210770Voluntary Surrender6-Aug-14
Briffa, Timo RN 642366Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Briley, Kassi AmberLVN 200039Voluntary Surrender4-Aug-14
Brinkley, Laura AnneRN 828411Revoked9-Sep-14
Briscoe, Raymond RN 748195 & LVN 179828Suspend/Probate24-Oct-14
Broome, Lisa AP115304, RN 640579 & LVN 148895Remedial Education with Fine6-Aug-14
Broussard, Sarah DaneLVN 305992Remedial Education6-Aug-14
Brown, Jana MarieLVN 302717Remedial Education21-Aug-14
Brown, Rose MarieRN 588593 & LVN 112577Voluntary Surrender6-Oct-14
Bryan, Candi MichelleLVN 154439Revoked19-Aug-14
Bryant, Karen WoodingLVN 189018Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Bryant, Leah AnnRN 795206Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Bunker, Kathleen AnnRN 556754Remedial Education5-Aug-14
Bustamante, Irene PadronLVN 191918Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Byrd, Dorothy KittLVN 61719Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Cabangan, Claire P.RN 578220 & LVN 122292Remedial Education with Fine5-Sep-14
Callaway, Bethany ClareRN 785947Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Campbell, Margie LeeLVN 188472Remedial Education with Fine19-Aug-14
Canales, Liza AnnLVN 207999Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Cantrell-Ward, Helen R.RN 567405 & LVN 61619Voluntary Surrender12-Sep-14
Cantu, Julie Lynn JohnRN 595328Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Cantu, Marisa LilianneRN 815372Remedial Education with Fine9-Sep-14
Cardenas, Monica RaeLVN 208832Revoked19-Aug-14
Cardwell, Norma JeanRN 623331Revoked9-Sep-14
Caronongan, Anna Gay ValbuenaRN 784795Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Carroll, Debra LynnLVN 136595Remedial Education with Fine17-Sep-14
Carroll, Patricia EllenRN 463406Voluntary Surrender14-Aug-14
Carroll, Traci LynnLVN 187020Limited License9-Sep-14
Carter, Sabrina GayleLVN 189452Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Cary, Edward LionelLVN 193989Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Castellanos, Marla YvetteRN 666496Revoked19-Aug-14
Castillo, Edith AP115053 & RN 622781Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Cates, Kristilee MarieLVN 196123Remedial Education with Fine1-Aug-14
Cave, Shelly LVN 207493Revoked19-Aug-14
Cerrato, Maria CristinaRN 740021Remedial Education with Fine7-Aug-14
Chapa, Abigail O.RN 739223Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Chatman, Alvin MelvadoreRN 702728Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Cheatham, Donna W.RN 518524Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Chen, Yuanyuan RN 743832Revoked19-Aug-14
Chisholm, Charlotte LVN 127099Remedial Education2-Sep-14
Chung, Hojung RN 794387Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Church, Teresa SueLVN 158368Remedial Education with Fine4-Sep-14
Cirilo, Carol GayLVN 158847Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Clark, Brooke N. (Blanchard)RN 731650Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Clary, Stephanie ReneeRN 701848Voluntary Surrender24-Oct-14
Clemandot, James T.RN 618953Voluntary Surrender26-Aug-14
Cobia, Cindy L.RN 255938Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Coble, Jenna Lee (Zaher)RN 758694Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Cochran, Melinda CherrieRN 771116 & LVN 192286Revoked19-Aug-14
Coleman, Brenda KayLVN 108188Revoked19-Aug-14
Coleman, Ernest EarlRN 617325Revoked19-Aug-14
Coleman, Summer AnnLVN 197832Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Collier, Suellen RN 672157Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Collier, Vonda LashoneLVN 317932Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Combs, Michele LynnLVN 213123Voluntary Surrender13-Aug-14
Comer, Karen ElaineRN 694072 & LVN 154313Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Conkelton, Debra AnnRN 712755Revoked19-Aug-14
Connot, Brandi MichelleRN 840193 & LVN 307683Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Copeland, Sonya MichelleLVN 301992Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Copley, Tiffany LashellRN 662131Revoked19-Aug-14
Corbett, Shana ReneLVN 165001Revoked19-Aug-14
Cortinas, Cordero RN 781672Voluntary Surrender2-Sep-14
Cox, Amy LarueLVN 143182Revoked9-Sep-14
Craddock-Sugg, Sherry LynnRN 595910Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Craig, Cheryl AnnLVN 186411Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Craig, Heather LashawnRN 689709Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Cristan, Aaron RonnieRN 682222 & LVN 170746Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Crockett, Wendi YvonneLVN 189424Revoked19-Aug-14
Cryer, Heather ChristineLVN 229256Enforced Suspension12-Aug-14
Cunningham, Marsha AnnLVN 194578Revoked19-Aug-14
Daigle, Jennifer R.RN 690593Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Damron, Lori S.RN 625173Voluntary Surrender17-Sep-14
Darby, Nancy EllenLVN 127811Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Darling, Trisha RN 596915 & LVN 38804Revoked19-Aug-14
Darnell, Nancy JoLVN 170115Revoked19-Aug-14
Davis, Barry HunterRN 640627Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Davis, Carolyn LavellLVN 120324Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Davis, Debra JaneRN 547185Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Davis, Penny BickleyRN 619274 & LVN 147887Remedial Education with Fine11-Sep-14
Davis, Susan GayleRN 683998Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Deal, Darrien RN 643592Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Decker, Beverly FayeLVN 205553Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Decoud, Merlin JosephLVN 208898Revoked19-Aug-14
Demouchette, Mary DeanaRN 736278Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Dennis, Colandra LynnRN 769683Revoked19-Aug-14
Devereux, Robert DesmondLVN 227588Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Diaz, Maria ElenaLVN 217438Remedial Education with Fine27-Aug-14
Dickson, Heather LynnLVN 210794Remedial Education20-Oct-14
Diggs, Kimberly RochelleRN 581105Revoked19-Aug-14
Disney, Maria AnnetteRN 713826Revoked9-Sep-14
Dixon, Jori JustineRN 809408Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Dodd, Natasha MeadowsLVN 301283Enforced Suspension20-Oct-14
Domino, Ceri AlleneLVN 194174Revoked9-Sep-14
Dorety, Lindsey AnnRN 731087Remedial Education with Fine13-Aug-14
Dosher, Cebrina JoLVN 213045Voluntary Surrender8-Oct-14
Doyal, Jennifer PaigeAP121826 & RN 817540Revoked23-Oct-14
Dunn, Kory DawnRN 685402 & LVN 167617Remedial Education with Fine3-Oct-14
Duran, Michelle MarieLVN 175774Enforced Suspension23-Oct-14
Edgerton, Alice RN 653162Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Edison, Jonathan MichaelRN 701331Voluntary Surrender17-Sep-14
Edwards, Marina ElizabethLVN 231997Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Eghobor, Ebolose F.RN 741159Revoked9-Sep-14
Eitel, Jeffrey R.AP114109 & RN 616018Enforced Suspension9-Sep-14
Elliott, Janice RenaRN 541098Remedial Education with Fine7-Aug-14
Ennis, Kelly LynLVN 182191Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Erickson, Kenneth WayneRN 529199Revoked9-Sep-14
Esparza, Daphne ElaineRN 577397Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Eubanks, Alicia Gail (Ellis)RN 668316Remedial Education with Fine12-Aug-14
Evatt, Susann MichelleRN 746811Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Eweka, Josephine ImuwahenLVN 303393Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Faison, Linda FayeLVN 116268Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Farris, Jayme LynRN 800152Revoked9-Sep-14
Farthing, Robbie LeannLVN 157197Revoked19-Aug-14
Faulkner, Terri LynnRN 681133Voluntary Surrender27-Aug-14
Faulks, Amanda KayeRN 801948Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Ferrullo, Shannon MarieRN 643692 & LVN 159796Suspend/Probate9-Sep-14
Fields, Brandy DanetteLVN 190846Revoked9-Sep-14
Fierro, Christopher GeorgeRN 809349Remedial Education13-Oct-14
Fletcher, Michael WallaceRN 784702 & LVN 165463Revoked9-Sep-14
Flores, Crystal ElenaLVN 208019Revoked19-Aug-14
Flores, German DomingoLVN 167012Remedial Education with Fine22-Sep-14
Flores, Olga C.LVN 93462Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Fon, Martin AmbebisiLVN 205034Remedial Education4-Aug-14
Fontenot, Iva DeanRN 582381Enforced Suspension19-Aug-14
Forbes, Jebby JoeRN 810668Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Fortner, Jame LynnRN 804715Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Frank, Brenda J.RN 534004Revoked19-Aug-14
Frazier, Diana ElaineLVN 163413Revoked19-Aug-14
Freeman, Diana RN 629459Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
French, Patricia AnnRN 708713 & LVN 170603Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Fulks, Tamra KayRN 648608Remedial Education20-Aug-14
Fuller, Kaysha Lashawn (Garcia)RN 850771Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Fuller, Rhonda DeshunLVN 210532Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Fyffe, Angela ChristineLVN 167164Revoked9-Sep-14
Gabler, Jennifer TheresaLVN 158168Remedial Education9-Sep-14
Garcia, Hector RN 645336Enforced Suspension23-Oct-14
Garza, Celia LVN 107650Enforced Suspension29-Aug-14
Gilistro, Seth BurkeLVN 308414Remedial Education with Fine19-Aug-14
Gilmore, Carrie AnneLVN 302362Remedial Education6-Aug-14
Gloria, Dazael LVN 301974Remedial Education with Fine5-Sep-14
Gloria, Sherrie Ann (Lopez)LVN 188599Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Golden, Lauren GraceRN 733101Remedial Education3-Oct-14
Gonzales, Javier LVN 303200Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Gonzales, Joseph RobertLVN 209706Remedial Education8-Aug-14
Gonzalez, Iris CristalRN 843712Suspend/Probate23-Sep-14
Gonzalez, Jaime RN 692906Voluntary Surrender4-Aug-14
Gordon, Barry ValeLVN 92730Voluntary Surrender27-Aug-14
Gothard, Patsy JoanLVN 220688Revoked19-Aug-14
Gotthardt, Katie MarieLVN 224416Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Grant, Aimee Rene NicoleLVN 213380Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Grant, Carol RN 652319 & LVN 164733Revoked19-Aug-14
Green, Donna Jean (Williams)RN 691252 & LVN 103466Remedial Education with Fine25-Aug-14
Green, Frances DawnRN 814671Suspend/Probate9-Sep-14
Green, Preston ZacharyRN 748183Revoked19-Aug-14
Griffith, Lorie ReneeRN 793420Voluntary Surrender3-Oct-14
Hagan, Georgina (Wiszberger)RN 707467Remedial Education, Deferred7-Oct-14
Haley, Jeffrey AlanLVN 229133Revoked19-Aug-14
Hall, Amanda DianeLVN 302025Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Halsell, Shirley E.RN 512074Enforced Suspension11-Aug-14
Hammond, Chayda LVN 229406Remedial Education7-Aug-14
Hamner, Brenda S.RN 254824 & LVN 73611Voluntary Surrender22-Oct-14
Hanke, Jacquelynn KayLVN 172254Enforced Suspension10-Sep-14
Hardesty, Christy RN 538409Revoked19-Aug-14
Harp, Charlotte AnnRN 754921 & LVN 211766Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Harp, Kim WalkerLVN 130568Voluntary Surrender6-Oct-14
Harpole, Susan ChapmanLVN 101870Voluntary Surrender29-Sep-14
Harrell, Gerald RichardLVN 190437Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Harty, Steven EugeneLVN 143755Remedial Education with Fine16-Oct-14
Harvey, Angelia Denise AnntynneLVN 183456Revoked19-Aug-14
Harvin, Barbara AlineLVN 126608Revoked23-Oct-14
Harwell, Dena AnnLVN 135376Remedial Education with Fine12-Sep-14
Hatch, Mary AnnetteRN 554621 & LVN 92825Remedial Education with Fine29-Aug-14
Hatch, Suzanne MarieLVN 140114Remedial Education with Fine6-Oct-14
Havard, Pamela AnnLVN 124402Remedial Education with Fine10-Sep-14
Hawkins, Mandie MillsRN 577994Voluntary Surrender19-Sep-14
Hayes, Linda ThomasLVN 303209Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Haynes, Candice MarieRN 752284Revoked23-Oct-14
Hazley, Satavia DanielleRN 702782Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Hefko, Catherine MaryRN 252110Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Helm, Amanda ChristineLVN 305898Revoked9-Sep-14
Henderson, Gregory AndreRN 694120Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Hendrickson, Rachelle DianeRN 677904Revoked19-Aug-14
Hendrix, Audrey L.RN 698224Remedial Education with Fine27-Oct-14
Hennessy, Beatrice AnnRN 700450 & LVN 147489Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Herbert, Patricia AnnLVN 107047Revoked19-Aug-14
Hernandez, Elsa VeronicaRN 763448Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Hernandez, Larry RN 554667Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Heysham, Shawn RheaLVN 308149Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Hicks, Heather LeanneRN 563088Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Highland, Teresa J.LVN 122762Voluntary Surrender20-Aug-14
Hill, Amanda RN 779068Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Hill, Dianne MarieLVN 132690Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Hillyer, Elizabaeth KayLVN 134647Revoked19-Aug-14
Hinojosa, Jessica IsabelRN 825596Enforced Suspension11-Aug-14
Hogan, Katherine GreenRN 601009Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Hollier, Latorshia LVN 175887Remedial Education20-Aug-14
Hollins, Ryan XavierLVN 193492Revoked23-Oct-14
Hopkins, Gregory MarkRN 638216Revoked19-Aug-14
Hopkins, Pauline JoannRN 604635Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Hopper, Jennifer CharleneLVN 232244Enforced Suspension19-Aug-14
Horbacz, Letha L.RN 544426Remedial Education with Fine20-Oct-14
Howell, Lillian LuciaLVN 117440Remedial Education5-Aug-14
Hudson, Amy NicoleLVN 220968Revoked19-Aug-14
Hudson, Julie KayLVN 165056Voluntary Surrender6-Oct-14
Huey, Jamie AnnRN 775130Revoked19-Aug-14
Humphrey, Cecelia AnnLVN 93463Remedial Education21-Oct-14
Hunt, Paula LynnLVN 141889Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Hunter, Roseann LVN 155827Revoked19-Aug-14
Hutto, Patricia AnnLVN 114818Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Hutton, Brian PaulRN 763368Enforced Suspension30-Sep-14
Hyde, Ruth Mendez SmithLVN 39180Revoked19-Aug-14
Ingram, Sharon DeniseRN 589179 & LVN 135436Revoked19-Aug-14
Jackson, Clifford RossRN 601253Enforced Suspension19-Aug-14
Jackson, Jackie SueLVN 146265Revoked19-Aug-14
Jackson-Tezino, Cecile BenitaLVN 176135Remedial Education with Fine26-Aug-14
Jacobi, Ashley NicoleRN 786496Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Jaiteh, Cassey OdenRN 768320 & LVN 209030Warning with Stipulations, Deferred19-Aug-14
James, Paulette LVN 67578Voluntary Surrender9-Sep-14
Jarabek, Jacob JoeRN 660289 & LVN 158930Remedial Education with Fine13-Aug-14
Jenkins, Shauna DanielleLVN 180340Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Jett, Ronald DuaneRN 828517Enforced Suspension19-Aug-14
Johnson, Brandi RN 670885Revoked9-Sep-14
Johnson, Emma ElizabethRN 851448Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Johnson, Lillian RebeccaRN 683496Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Johnson, Sheradee LuanneRN 596440Remedial Education with Fine20-Aug-14
Johnson, Tina MarieLVN 117671Revoked19-Aug-14
Jones, James CarrollLVN 162149Revoked19-Aug-14
Jones, Kathy MarieLVN 117462Voluntary Surrender6-Oct-14
Jones, Lynn Mckinney (Henson)RN 582817Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Joseph, Rosamma RN 773976Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Juarez, Priscilla LVN 305725Limited License23-Oct-14
Kamau, Jamwell MwangiLVN 227599Revoked9-Sep-14
Kau, William IkaikaRN 728615Voluntary Surrender19-Sep-14
Keaton, Tasha SevellaLVN 314982Voluntary Surrender19-Aug-14
Keller, Amanda LeeRN 825253Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Kelley, Christine HelenLVN 229027Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Kelley, Nanette O.RN 825994Revoked9-Sep-14
Kellum, Gina ReybelLVN 190031Remedial Education with Fine5-Aug-14
Kelly, Stephen MichaelRN 733254Revoked19-Aug-14
Kight, John JosephRN 700507Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Kingori, Martin RN 758948 & LVN 213390Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Kirk, Brianee DeatonLVN 226242Revoked19-Aug-14
Kirkendoll, Ashley KimtashiRN 812591Enforced Suspension7-Oct-14
Kite, Kathy HolleyLVN 148195Enforced Suspension9-Sep-14
Knight, Stephanie AnnLVN 176978Remedial Education with Fine15-Aug-14
Koen, Jamie HyepockRN 779255Enforced Suspension22-Sep-14
Koepsel, Peggy Jo S.AP105046, RN 232350 & LVN 40937Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Kollman, Sallie Lea MichelRN 574229 & LVN 123157Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Kovar, Eugene CharlesRN 606606 & LVN 84231Voluntary Surrender6-Aug-14
Kovar, Patricia HollowayLVN 130384Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Krupp, Abigail Richter RuthRN 601378Enforced Suspension19-Aug-14
Kumi, Janet K.LVN 196068Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Kumi, Patricia EsiLVN 210980Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Lalonde, Ronald MarvinRN 749069Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Lapole, Carolyn YvonneRN 670725 & LVN 174504Revoked9-Sep-14
Lara, Jamie KayRN 522760Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Larochelle, Marilyn RN 559447Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Lavender, Beverly FayRN 839627 & LVN 160491Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Lewis-Robinson, Charlotte RN 637389 & LVN 132253Reprimand with Fine19-Aug-14
Little, Jane E.RN 233851Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Lloyd, Amy LVN 125334Revoked19-Aug-14
London, Latisha LVN 201677Revoked19-Aug-14
Lopez, Cheryl LynnLVN 199455Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Lopez, Helen CeaRN 761550Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Love, Justin M.RN 699178Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Love, Kushonna DeniseLVN 232325Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Love, Loretta LVN 196042Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Love-Moulton, Jessica BrookeRN 730233Revoked23-Oct-14
Loving, Deonna DeeAP101149 & RN 451377Warning19-Aug-14
Lowrey, Joshua EricRN 802966Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Luedeman, Holly MargreteLVN 301247Revoked19-Aug-14
Lunt, Rhonda LynnLVN 74177Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Lyles, Allyson NealeLVN 165326Remedial Education with Fine7-Aug-14
Lynch, Teri JoRN 790315Revoked9-Sep-14
Lynd, Marcelite KayRN 606710 & LVN 141584Remedial Education20-Aug-14
Mackey, Cindy VaughnLVN 132978Remedial Education15-Aug-14
Madrid, Josephine LVN 138716Remedial Education with Fine14-Oct-14
Maguire, Dario AngelLVN 125343Revoked19-Aug-14
Mahaffey, Amy LynnRN 704010Limited License19-Aug-14
Maina, Ruth LiteckyRN 715878Revoked19-Aug-14
Malone-Thomas, Sheryl RX 4316Voluntary Surrender23-Oct-14
Malone-Thomas, Sheryl AP110786 & RN 555032Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Mammen, Asha JosyRN 789376Remedial Education7-Oct-14
Marchant, Marc R.RN 618342Revoked23-Oct-14
Marsh, Kelly LeeRN 572733Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Martin, Elizabeth C.RN 673176Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Martin, Kimberly LynnRN 650920Remedial Education13-Oct-14
Martinez, Jose LVN 164507Remedial Education with Fine29-Aug-14
Martinez, Phyllis LynneRN 653716Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Martinez, Thomas GlenLVN 197149Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Martolano, Therese RhodesRN 672010Remedial Education1-Aug-14
Matko, David JohnLVN 217830Voluntary Surrender26-Aug-14
Matlock, Kimberly DaleLVN 158974Voluntary Surrender15-Sep-14
Matlock, Victoria A.RN 571970Voluntary Surrender21-Aug-14
Matthews, Kimberly IreneRN 231592Voluntary Surrender12-Aug-14
Mayes, Nikita MarieLVN 218955Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Mayfield, Ariel LVN 230493Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Mayse, Tyranney TranaLVN 204516Remedial Education with Fine5-Aug-14
McCroskey, Robert C.LVN 102815Remedial Education31-Oct-14
McFarland, Megan LinnRN 775902Enforced Suspension19-Aug-14
McKinney, Carrie SueRN 754275 & LVN 196061Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
McLellan, Daniel JosephRN 580819Revoked19-Aug-14
McNally, Clint M.RN 614796Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
McNamara, Jennifer LeeRN 645759Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
McNeil, Loretta LoreneLVN 171846Remedial Education14-Aug-14
McQueen, Michelle ReneeRN 794362Voluntary Surrender29-Oct-14
McSpadden, Hope AngelaLVN 174006Revoked9-Sep-14
Meadows, Molly Dawn (Tremaine)LVN 229475Suspend/Probate9-Sep-14
Meier, Linda JeanRN 535800Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Metcalfe, Laverne RoseRN 583618Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Metelits, Teresa AnnRN 708252 & LVN 180009Remedial Education17-Oct-14
Miller, Carol AnneRN 512954Limited License23-Oct-14
Miller, Jodi AnneLVN 150446Remedial Education with Fine2-Sep-14
Mireles, Melody AnnLVN 174572Voluntary Surrender25-Aug-14
Mitchell, Shirley AnnRN 577140Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Mobley, Linda JonesLVN 224693Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Moffett, Kendra LynnRN 730773Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Money, Kim MariaRN 760140 & LVN 158917Enforced Suspension14-Oct-14
Montano, Crystal SalasRN 765417Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Moore, Dulcie DawnLVN 319779Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Moore, Herbert MasonRN 581025Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Moore, Jennifer RenaeRN 774883 & LVN 210187Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Moore, Marian ViolaRN 669001 & LVN 60965Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Moore, Nacole WyvetteLVN 230009Revoked19-Aug-14
Morah, Diana RN 826780Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Morales, Eduardo EddieLVN 165798Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Morales, Juan JoseLVN 308084Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Morris, Steven ArthurLVN 182318Revoked19-Aug-14
Morrow, Cynthia RN 642237Voluntary Surrender6-Aug-14
Morrow, Judy ArndtLVN 89139Remedial Education with Fine10-Sep-14
Muffoletto, Rhea CompetenteRN 672210Remedial Education with Fine4-Sep-14
Muhammad, Malonie LVN 183346Remedial Education27-Aug-14
Mulloy, Sandra DeeLVN 88496Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Murphy, Melissa SuzanneLVN 318303Remedial Education5-Aug-14
Neilson, Debbie AllisonLVN 129592Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Nelson, Matthew AllenLVN 306811Voluntary Surrender14-Oct-14
Nichols, Carol RuthRN 696478 & LVN 124162Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Nichols, Lisa KimberleyLVN 126617Remedial Education4-Aug-14
Nichols, Teresa LeeLVN 198352Remedial Education with Fine29-Aug-14
Nintai, Elizabeth RN 842896 & LVN 309208Warning with Stipulations, Deferred9-Sep-14
Noland, Troy PaulRN 589624Voluntary Surrender6-Oct-14
Norris, Patty LaneLVN 88297Voluntary Surrender16-Oct-14
Novak, Kimberly A.RN 453935Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Nuss, Judy LynnRN 658940Revoked23-Oct-14
Oates, Debra KarenRN 564749Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
O�Brien, Debra JoyceLVN 189600Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Ochoa, Orlando OctavionRN 790948Revoked19-Aug-14
Ochoa, Yolanda RN 231474Remedial Education with Fine26-Aug-14
Odima, Anne AkinyiRN 568295Remedial Education24-Oct-14
O�Donnell, Michelle LeeRN 612161Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Oliver, Mary ElizabethRN 526331 & LVN 79306Revoked19-Aug-14
Oliver, Tambra JoyceRN 596230 & LVN 139569Revoked9-Sep-14
Oliver, Verna DeanLVN 218348Voluntary Surrender9-Sep-14
Olsen, Darcy ElizabethRN 760101Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Olsen, Lora AnnLVN 317614Revoked23-Oct-14
Onuorah, Virginia OkwuchukwuRN 627713Voluntary Surrender8-Oct-14
Onuwaje, Osaro EyituoyoRN 817632 & LVN 209778Remedial Education20-Aug-14
Oplie, Nikki MarieRN 770926Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Ortiz, Miriam LVN 188967Remedial Education with Fine22-Sep-14
Oulapour, Ginger GayleRN 842493 & LVN 97844Remedial Education7-Aug-14
Overturf, Kacee LenLVN 153518Revoked23-Oct-14
Padilla, Nallely M.RN 708639Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Paige, Shirley JeneLVN 318359Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Parchman, Cynthia L.RN 252519 & LVN 71764Revoked19-Aug-14
Parkhurst, Barbara JeanneRN 454597Voluntary Surrender24-Oct-14
Parmer, Ashley SheanaLVN 224489Revoked19-Aug-14
Parnell, Stephanie DiannRN 669682Revoked19-Aug-14
Pasek, Debralee AP110359 & RN 682326Remedial Education11-Aug-14
Pasley, Tisha KayLVN 180595Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Patrick, William DavidRN 810608Revoked9-Sep-14
Paul, Esther N. (Njuku)RN 725613Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Pauley, Stephanie KayLVN 193960Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Payne, Diana Kay Rose S.RN 461490Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Pendleton, Kelly LynnLVN 112495Enforced Suspension17-Oct-14
Perez, Ricardo RN 629656 & LVN 132370Enforced Suspension12-Aug-14
Perez, Tamina JoyceLVN 209106Enforced Suspension19-Aug-14
Pettid-Mcconic, Cathie B.RN 616992 & LVN 131164Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Phillips, Bobbie JeanRN 769864Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Pinilla, Courtney LaurenLVN 308787Remedial Education with Fine1-Oct-14
Pogue, Krista LynnLVN 174283Remedial Education with Fine2-Sep-14
Ponce, Edgar LVN 301926Enforced Suspension6-Oct-14
Ponce, Sony CarelyLVN 217153Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Powell, Ri-Chardrianne NasheaLVN 225264Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Powell, Vnya DeniseRN 585192Remedial Education with Fine8-Aug-14
Priest, Deborah LynnRN 624388Revoked19-Aug-14
Quiroga, Alejandro RN 703973Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Ramirez, Joe LuisLVN 169699Remedial Education with Fine22-Oct-14
Ramon-Nunez, Jessica MichelleRN 674470Voluntary Surrender14-Aug-14
Ramos, Alejandro AlexLVN 144086Suspend/Probate9-Sep-14
Rathore, Binda PyariRN 803082 & LVN 218812Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Redder, Jaelyn NicoleLVN 302398Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Reyes, Ana TeresaRN 815400Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Richardson, Andrew BryceUT RN & RN 853281Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Richardson, Brenda NesbittRN 501395Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Richardson, Daphne RN 652706Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Riley, Rhonda KayLVN 224912Enforced Suspension23-Oct-14
Roane, Lauren AshleyRN 772166Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Robinson, Janice A. (Hahn)RN 615167Remedial Education with Fine25-Sep-14
Roche, Barbara SusanRN 721311Enforced Suspension9-Sep-14
Rodriguez, Daisy AnnLVN 203669Voluntary Surrender16-Sep-14
Rodriguez, Jesse JulianLVN 307561Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Rodriguez, Johnny LVN 201158Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Rodriguez, Rosa MariaLVN 102166Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Roeseler, Kristin EveRN 778995Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Roeske, Kerri LynnRN 649871Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Rogers, Faye EloisRN 806086Revoked19-Aug-14
Rogers, Rosa AlleneLVN 195145Revoked19-Aug-14
Rojas, Donna DellLVN 118709Remedial Education with Fine25-Aug-14
Rosende, Esmeralda RN 793649Remedial Education16-Sep-14
Rosiu, Alicia IleneLVN 305044Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Rotz, Cecil RayeRN 604372 & LVN 131222Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Rowell, Carl RussellLVN 217582Remedial Education17-Sep-14
Rubio, Cynthia D BaskettLVN 81059Remedial Education with Fine16-Sep-14
Rudd, Georgeta LVN 159945Revoked19-Aug-14
Ruiz Sr, Edgar PeayLVN 227904Voluntary Surrender30-Sep-14
Ruiz, Jamie GeorgetteLVN 318019Voluntary Surrender4-Sep-14
Ruiz, Richard PaulLVN 194358Warning23-Oct-14
Rush, Lesa GailRN 589869Revoked19-Aug-14
Russell, Tiffany RayLVN 185815Remedial Education with Fine1-Oct-14
Saalberg, Julie E.RN 631634 & LVN 98964Voluntary Surrender19-Aug-14
Saathoff, Tammy MarieLVN 186292Remedial Education25-Aug-14
Saenz, Rosalinda MoralesLVN 50361Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Sahawatana, Nakarine D.RN 698887Remedial Education11-Aug-14
Salinas, Elena BlancoRN 645490Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Salinas, Mario LVN 159432Voluntary Surrender4-Sep-14
Sanchez, Dawn MarieRN 669624Voluntary Surrender27-Oct-14
Sanders, Justin RandalRN 684735Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Santos, Mary VistaLVN 157421Remedial Education with Fine16-Oct-14
Sargent, Debra DeniseLVN 141318Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Savignano, Heather MarieLVN 233886Remedial Education13-Aug-14
Scales, Tremona LatreesLVN 162984Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Scanlon, Karen KatyriaLVN 233437Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Scarey, Linda PatriciaRN 570034Revoked23-Oct-14
Schneider, Thomas RalphRN 764617Reprimand with Stipulations24-Oct-14
Schriver, Lisa LouiseRN 566017Enforced Suspension8-Oct-14
Schultz, William ClayRN 617709Remedial Education with Fine8-Aug-14
Schwarz, Patricia JeanRN 454206Remedial Education with Fine5-Sep-14
Segich, Darryl WadysRN 673747Revoked19-Aug-14
Shahan, Melonie Gaye (Mills)LVN 208498Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Shawn, Jr., Larry TrumanRN 596862Suspend/Probate18-Sep-14
Shipley, Michael ToddLVN 184464Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Shockley, Rhonda J.RN 254941Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Shoffner, Erin KathleenRN 774667 &
PTP SC RN 105452Enforced Suspension1-Oct-14
Sholar, Beau DanielRN 855465Revoked9-Sep-14
Shuler, Kala LynnLVN 301836Revoked9-Sep-14
Sibley, Evelyn F.RN 619296Revoked9-Sep-14
Sierra, Jean L.RN 715558Revoked19-Aug-14
Simmons, Julie DawnRN 665193Revoked23-Oct-14
Simmons, Michael P.RN 619801Remedial Education with Fine10-Sep-14
Simon, Jessica LynnLVN 225174Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Sirildo, Carolyn IreneLVN 177654Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Sisk, Thomas RichardLVN 206212Voluntary Surrender8-Aug-14
Smith, Bailey RaeLVN 216671Revoked19-Aug-14
Smith, Elise RenneLVN 144345Remedial Education with Fine30-Sep-14
Smith, Kristin StewartRN 651329Remedial Education with Fine19-Aug-14
Smith, Martha RuthLVN 35464Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Smith, Rhonda GaleRN 689521 & LVN 129861Remedial Education with Fine30-Sep-14
Smith, Rita RenaRN 609414Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Smith, Rochelle DeniseLVN 203935Revoked23-Oct-14
Smith, Shena LasheleRN 751686Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Smith, Tanya RN 849703Revoked9-Sep-14
Solomon, Lorraine LafayLVN 141806Revoked19-Aug-14
Sona, Esoka EdwinRN 843685Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Soto, Araceli RN 626782Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Sparks, Sandra KayLVN 98549Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Squyres Jr, Clarence L.RN 510304Remedial Education14-Oct-14
Stansell, Charles DuaneRN 666119 & LVN 145608Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Starner, Denise LouiseRN 542344Revoked19-Aug-14
Stiewert, Karen E.AP114431 & RN 534820Voluntary Surrender25-Aug-14
Stone, Cecelia DianeLVN 150878Revoked19-Aug-14
Stout, Tammy Louise (Hanson) AP111209, RN 541827 & LVN 97697 Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Strauch, Patrick RaymondRN 643934Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Stroup, Dawn J.RN 613581Voluntary Surrender8-Aug-14
Surley, Tresa BrownRN 588596Remedial Education with Fine7-Aug-14
Symank, Casey JeanRN 768864 & LVN 195378Enforced Suspension23-Oct-14
Tabor-Conley, Jennifer MicheleRN 784788Remedial Education with Fine25-Aug-14
Tanner, Claudia MarieLVN 201453Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Taubert, Donna SueRN 570827Voluntary Surrender24-Oct-14
Taylor, Daniel RN 632275Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Taylor, Deniese AlineLVN 144963Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Taylor, Heather ReneeRN 678065Voluntary Surrender3-Sep-14
Taylor, Karen YvonneLVN 117963Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Taylor, Quincy RN 760667Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Taylor, Sarian LVN 217405Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Teague, Cheri RenaeLVN 175384Revoked9-Sep-14
Tellez, Luis RubenRN 823730 & LVN 225400Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Tenison, Sherry GoodenAP107457, RN 558735 & LVN 116585Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Tesney, Jeffrey RN 652468Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Thomas, Tyanna MarieLVN 198499Remedial Education with Fine20-Oct-14
Thompson, Maria ElizabethRN 680359Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Thurman, Gregory AllenLVN 183517Revoked19-Aug-14
Thurman, Sherri ReneeLVN 226806Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Tillman, Albert LouisLVN 125621Enforced Suspension22-Sep-14
Timms, Lloyd ThomasRN 785817Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Trotter, Angela L. (Emenike)RN 651563 & LVN 163220Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Tucker, Delia DeannaRN 796692Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Tuitele, Barbara AnnAP115077 & RN 724524Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Turner, Larry DaleRN 701069Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Turner, Mark AnthonyRN 696997Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Turney, Sandra P. (Barnett)LVN 168840Remedial Education with Fine8-Oct-14
Tyler, Sharon EliseLVN 139688Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Tyner, Stacy AlanLVN 202144Remedial Education22-Oct-14
Tyrell-Henderson, April SimonneRN 776018 & LVN 207792Remedial Education13-Aug-14
Tyson, Elizabeth SkirvinLVN 152007Remedial Education15-Sep-14
Umeh, Marcel ObiorahRN 673750Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Underwood, Ann MarieLVN 218031Revoked9-Sep-14
Urbanczyk, Jodi LeeLVN 220421Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Utah, Kenneth ChimaLVN 215873Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Valderrama, Brandi ColleenRN 697872Reprimand with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Vancamp, Holly ElizabethRN 708067Revoked19-Aug-14
Vardeman, Robert VictorRN 457293Remedial Education with Fine13-Aug-14
Varela, Enedelia (Berger)LVN 176684Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Vargas, Erika TanRN 811601Reprimand with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Vasquez, Dianna LVN 130575Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Vasquez, Estela IsabelLVN 192896Revoked9-Sep-14
Vasquez, Nancy LVN 134341Revoked9-Sep-14
Venegas, Manuel FernandoRN 745835 & LVN 200966Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Vercher, Janice DoyleneLVN 128328Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Vidal, Joe JeffreyRN 697497Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Vigil, Linda LeeRN 691353Remedial Education with Fine1-Aug-14
Vonheuvel, Margaret A.AP114607 & RN 633569Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Voss, Toni G.RN 618661Voluntary Surrender4-Sep-14
Waddell, Kellie LeeLVN 223996Enforced Suspension23-Oct-14
Wade, Juliana LVN 79537Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Walker-Jarmon, Yalonda LVN 161915Revoked9-Sep-14
Wall, Angela Kay (Blount)RN 630839Remedial Education11-Aug-14
Wall, Darla LorraineLVN 150518Remedial Education with Fine15-Aug-14
Wallace, Amanda NicoleRN 822657Remedial Education with Fine21-Oct-14
Walls, Lauren AliciaLVN 312678Remedial Education5-Sep-14
Watson, Camille AnnetteAP109017 & RN 235057Reprimand with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Watson, Dana LambertLVN 161602Voluntary Surrender22-Sep-14
Weaver, Sean AlexanderRN 792683Revoked23-Oct-14
Weesner, Carol JanLVN 173523Suspend/Probate9-Sep-14
Weiss, Kurt DennisLVN 303751Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Whatley, Sheila Elaine (Alderson)LVN 155059Remedial Education with Fine1-Aug-14
Whitaker, Joseph CarterRN 242389Voluntary Surrender24-Oct-14
Williams, Carolyn A.RN 501443 & LVN 95886Revoked9-Sep-14
Williams, Sharolyn RN 628974Remedial Education12-Sep-14
Williams, Tracey MarieLVN 317562Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Winslow, Scott RandallRN 578672Suspend/Probate23-Oct-14
Wise, Amber LeighRN 819950 & LVN 230454Remedial Education20-Oct-14
Wolf, Sherry AnnRN 804906Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Womack, Alan GaleLVN 155768Revoked9-Sep-14
Wood, Chelsea DawnLVN 222465Enforced Suspension27-Oct-14
Woodard, Lucretica AnnLVN 223126Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Woolverton, D�Ann RN 628544Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Wootan, Jennifer AnneRN 693698 & LVN 177025Voluntary Surrender9-Sep-14
Wright, Talmadge JoeRN 574265 & LVN 77055Remedial Education with Fine9-Sep-14
Wylie, Pamela JaneRN 503553Suspend/Probate19-Aug-14
Yang, Qiaoling RN 787081Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Young, Christina A.RN 751715Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Young, Demetria DeniseRN 797592 & LVN 190650Warning with Stipulations23-Oct-14
Young, Kayron J.RN 585195 & LVN 116695Warning with Stipulations9-Sep-14
Young, Sherry BellLVN 213333Warning with Stipulations19-Aug-14
Zimmerman, Emily BrookeRN 697899Enforced Suspension6-Aug-14