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Discipline & Complaints - Disciplinary Action 01/2014

Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 1/01/2014

Disciplinary Board orders are public information and the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) requires that the Board inform the public about the disciplinary actions it takes. The Board is a public entity, and as such is subject to open record laws. Cases in which formal charges have been filed also become public information at the time of the filing and continue to be public information throughout the remainder of the disciplinary process. See Section 301.158 and 301463 (c.).

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurse's license number or by sending a request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Acosta, Corina Gutierrez LVN 115150 Remedial Education9-Oct-13
Agnew, Deloris H. LVN 59393 Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Akins, Dana T. LVN 132036 Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Alba, Terri Louise LVN 196703 Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Alexander, Leona YagerRN 576943Voluntary Surrender16-Oct-13
Alexander, Sharon ElaineLVN 229154Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Alexander-Smith, Tonya MarieRN 636439Suspend/Probate6-Aug-13
Allen, JenniferRN 731031 & NNPWarning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Allen, MarilynRN 646431Revoked10-Sep-13
Alruwaili, Carol L.RN 692635 & LVN 99652Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Alvarez, Mary JoanLVN 149228Voluntary Surrender16-Aug-13
Amador, AidaLVN 203280Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Amin, Chiaretto BelemLVN 232879Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Amos, Jennifer LynnRN 658308Revoked6-Aug-13
Andrews, Jeanne EllenLVN 139760Revoked10-Sep-13
Anzules, Luis AlbertoLVN 124952Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Aremu-Cole, James SundayRN 791781Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Arnold, Kimberly AnnLVN 187017Remedial Education with Fine21-Aug-13
Ashley, Jason WayneRN 790317Revoked18-Oct-13
Austin, Sheila RebekahRN 710270Voluntary Surrender22-Aug-13
Auzenne, Carla DeannRN 677261Revoked6-Aug-13
Ayres, Tara Charlene LVN 189516Revoked10-Sep-13
Aza, GriseldaLVN 215454Voluntary Surrender7-Aug-13
Babanumi, Modupe AnikeLVN 188403Revoked10-Sep-13
Bailey, Connie Sue ThelmaLVN 179103Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
Baker, Kevin WayneLVN 230212Voluntary Surrender21-Oct-13
Baker, LoriLeeLVN 189039Revoked6-Aug-13
Ball, Angela MichelleRN 703378 & LVN 178025Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Barnett, Betty LynneLVN 192745Revoked6-Aug-13
Barnett, Guy W.LVN 165729Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Barnhart, Michelle ReneeRN 704866Revoked6-Aug-13
Barrett, Heather LynnLVN 159156Remedial Education with Fine20-Sep-13
Barry, BrookeRN 740952Remedial Education30-Sep-13
Barton, Stephanie L.LVN 169987Remedial Education with Fine14-Aug-13
Baugh, Augustina FayeLVN 176042Remedial Education23-Oct-13
Bean, Sarah LynnLVN 164965Voluntary Surrender20-Aug-13
Belmar, DarleneRN 777450Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Benenati, Candace DashayLVN 233676Revoked10-Sep-13
Benjamin, Kyla Amecia LVN 210011Remedial Education with Fine18-Oct-13
Berger, Jr., Raymond J.RN 253516Voluntary Surrender11-Sep-13
Bergeron, Jennifer HopeLVN 161252Revoked18-Oct-13
Best, AdanaLVN 217029Remedial Education22-Aug-13
Bishop, Bryan Walter LVN 160113Revoked10-Sep-13
Blackmon, William DavidRN 760935Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Blades, Judith VelmaRN 712231Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Bonner, Michelle L.LVN 215788Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
Boone, Carol NaomiRN 241483 Remedial Education with Fine6-Sep-13
Boyter, Kathrine IreneRN 554305Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Bradburn, Joe CharlesRN 588563Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Bradley, Phyllis AnitaRN 680869Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Brehm, Shyla DeneeRN 721738Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Brown, Connie MarieRN 591449Voluntary Surrender15-Aug-13
Brown, Fatima NicoleRN 772938Enforced Suspension6-Aug-13
Brown, Kristy LynnRN 762897Revoked6-Aug-13
Brown, Jr., Jesse EllisonRN 600544Voluntary Surrender3-Sep-13
Bryant, Catherine GraceRN 251204Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Bubb, Elizabeth DawnLVN 148156Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Buendtner, Herman NicholasRN 714194Suspend/Probate6-Aug-13
Bueno, AndresRN 745955 & LVN 162930Revoked18-Oct-13
Burd, Jason KennethLVN 161110Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Cabasag, Rafael SalasRN 714865Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Cahak, John ThomasRN 593893Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Calantas, Thelma TulinganRN 578551Voluntary Surrender30-Sep-13
Carbone, Steve AlanRN 580034Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Carr, CarolLenRN 571306Revoked10-Sep-13
Carr, Heather MarieRN 712492 & LVN 170252Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Carr, Lezlie AnneRN 553990Remedial Education with Fine14-Aug-13
Carraher, Camilla AnnRN 441065Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Carrillo, Jose MichaelRN 668057 & LVN 174848Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Carroll, Tammy J.LVN 142983Revoked18-Oct-13
Casaretto, Michael R.RN 544141Voluntary Surrender20-Aug-13
Castillo, Judith AnnRN 653123Voluntary Surrender16-Oct-13
Castillo, Julie AnnLVN 152570Voluntary Surrender2-Aug-13
Castillo, Jr., JuanRN 695912 & LVN 149496Enforced Suspension10-Sep-13
Cate, Cacy DanielleRN 649106Remedial Education with Fine2-Aug-13
Cavanaugh, Ginnie DawnLVN 195527Voluntary Surrender16-Aug-13
Cavanaugh, RocioRN 749485Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Cavazos, AlbertoRN 788507Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Chapa, RaquelRN 558464Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Chatman, Jenny LeeLVN 173595Remedial Education with Fine23-Sep-13
Chatman, Latasha MoniqueRN 796333Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Chavis, Tammy LeaRN 578480Revoked10-Sep-13
Christian, Bethany GeneRN 761993Voluntary Surrender15-Aug-13
Ciccio, RobertRN 635488Revoked10-Sep-13
Clark, Donna MichelleRN 610714Remedial Education with Fine22-Oct-13
Clause, TheresaRN 571399Remedial Education with Fine10-Sep-13
Cloutier, Lesley AnneRN 627829Revoked6-Aug-13
Cochran, Nancy LauriRN 725704Voluntary Surrender30-Sep-13
Cody, Lisa LynnRN 639265Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Coleman, Lloyd MichaelLVN 156981Revoked6-Aug-13
Coleman, Meredith BrookeRN 718538Revoked18-Oct-13
Comer, Karen ElaineRN 694072 & LVN 154313Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Condado, DavidRN 684866Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Cooley, Julie LeeLVN 112647Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Coonrod, Lucy R.RN 722730Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
Copeland, Lisa KimLVN 144968Remedial Education with Fine12-Sep-13
Corser, Teresa MariaRN 539984Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Cortez-Soto, KarinaRN 713435 & LVN 178307Remedial Education13-Sep-13
Cox, Jeremy ToddRN 757332Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Cranford, Joneshia LashoneLVN 178051Voluntary Surrender26-Sep-13
Crawford, Carrie LeighLVN 150240Remedial Education with Fine23-Aug-13
Crawford, Christopher AdamLVN 146247Remedial Education with Fine10-Oct-13
Crawford, Shelley AnnetteLVN 147299Voluntary Surrender28-Aug-13
Crelia, Dusty LeeLVN 303383Revoked6-Aug-13
Culligan, Gloria JudithRN 779707Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Cummings, Janice LynnLVN 154329Revoked6-Aug-13
Curtis, Eric WynneLVN 229189Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Dabney, Kimberly DianeLVN 148716Remedial Education with Fine11-Sep-13
Dale, Martha JaneLVN 157686Revoked10-Sep-13
Daniels, Cale RussellLVN 222348Voluntary Surrender25-Oct-13
Davis, Carlos RhashaunLVN 308776Remedial Education with Fine13-Sep-13
Deitrick, Sandra ElizabethRN 571583 & LVN 129404Remedial Education24-Sep-13
Dejesus, Reinier JimLVN 195313Voluntary Surrender7-Oct-13
Deklyn, Nancy LathamRN 507785Revoked6-Aug-13
Delapena, Erlinda C.RN 459761Voluntary Surrender16-Sep-13
Deleon, RichardRN 724318Revoked10-Sep-13
Depalma, Jonathan ThomasRN 675528Remedial Education with Fine9-Oct-13
Diener, Deborah YargerRN 582406 & LVN 74329Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Dirickson, Freda DaneneRN 540081Voluntary Surrender28-Aug-13
Dominguez, Dahlia A.RN 618075Enforced Suspension6-Aug-13
Douglas, Jennifer JoRN 806138Voluntary Surrender23-Aug-13
Douglass, Keith MichaelRN 586700Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Dufner, James DeanLVN 186419Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Dunn, TeresaRN 767026Revoked10-Sep-13
Eaton, Stephanie L.RN 638276Remedial Education1-Oct-13
Edmond, Dawn E. EberleRN 555971 & LVN 56369Remedial Education9-Aug-13
Edwards, Wendy DonellLVN 194281Suspend/Probate6-Aug-13
Emanuel, Carolynne A.PTP KY RN 1083807Remedial Education27-Aug-13
Engelke, Julie AnnLVN 230166Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Eppes, Tricia WhitmireLVN 221418Enforced Suspension6-Aug-13
Escalante, Gregory MarkLVN 198489Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Estephan, Debra L.RN 625189Voluntary Surrender6-Aug-13
Estrada, Nora GabrielaRN 773859Enforced Suspension11-Oct-13
Eubank, Cynthia KayRN 530010Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
Evans, Delondria FeliceRN 698693Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Evans, Marci ElizabethRN 768164Voluntary Surrender27-Aug-13
Farias, Maria SantosLVN 78184Revoked10-Sep-13
Fedric, Heather LillianLVN 214669Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Ferguson, Hilton JayRN 782225 & LVN 165920Voluntary Surrender1-Oct-13
Finch, CourtneyRN 655750 & LVN 158829Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
Ford, Courtney QuinnRN 785990Voluntary Surrender30-Sep-13
Foster, Patrick LucianRN 639186Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Fouts, Kerry LeighRN 629407 & LVN 154330Voluntary Surrender10-Sep-13
Frazier, William OtisLVN 178071Remedial Education with Fine8-Aug-13
Freeman-Smith, Danielle LouiseLVN 182017Remedial Education with Fine24-Oct-13
Fuentes, EstefanaLVN 47526Reprimand10-Sep-13
Gallegos, Carla SueLVN 199826Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Gallier, Kathy GrayRN 540383Stipulations1-Oct-13
Gallo, Joe RN 636470 & WHNPSuspend/Probate9-Sep-13
Gamer, Patricia LouiseRN 630650 LVN 140054Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Gandy, Nancy RuthRN 572436Remedial Education with Fine20-Sep-13
Garcia-Rivera, Maria FernandaRN 746907 & LVN 176251Remedial Education with Fine18-Sep-13
Garza, Jennifer LeeRN 658455Voluntary Surrender10-Sep-13
Garza, MarioRN 516780Remedial Education with Fine28-Oct-13
Gaspar, Amy ShareeLVN 188081Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Gates, Tina ReneaLVN 178223Remedial Education with Fine9-Oct-13
Gazhan, Meseret AleneLVN 145095Revoked10-Sep-13
Gibbs, Sherry SheannaLVN 196741Remedial Education3-Sep-13
Gibson, Russell PaulRN 816913Suspend/Probate6-Aug-13
Gill, Ralph EarlRN 465470Remedial Education with Fine16-Oct-13
Gilmore, Vincent EwanLVN 201488Remedial Education with Fine2-Aug-13
Gipson, Julie AnnLVN 159497Remedial Education with Fine28-Oct-13
Girard, CarolynRN 562654Remedial Education with Fine11-Sep-13
Goedrich, David AugustLVN 148755Remedial Education with Fine16-Oct-13
Gomez, FranciscaLVN 53789Remedial Education with Fine22-Oct-13
Gonzalez, JaimeRN 692906Remedial Education with Fine7-Aug-13
Gonzalez, RaulRN 571981Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Gordon, Barry ValeLVN 92730Remedial Education with Fine6-Sep-13
Gossett, KeithRN 628754Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Grady, Diane MarieLVN 78343Voluntary Surrender9-Sep-13
Graham, Connie MarilynLVN 169900Revoked6-Aug-13
Graham, Crystal LeighLVN 177196Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Graham, Jana E.RN 500554 & LVN 72304Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Grami, Petra DorisRN 582589 & LVN 85922Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Gramm, Shaunna MaureenRN 701894Voluntary Surrender8-Aug-13
Gray, Robin ElaineRN 768469Revoked10-Sep-13
Green, Kathleen TeresaRN 246574Remedial Education13-Sep-13
Green, Patricia AnnLVN 115855Remedial Education with Fine13-Sep-13
Griffin, Najmeh NouriRN 572028Voluntary Surrender13-Aug-13
Griggs, Wendy DentonRN 653153 & LVN 165272Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Groff, Larinda KathleenLVN 145482Voluntary Surrender7-Aug-13
Guajardo, Justin FranciscoLVN 300917Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Guerra, Michael HarveyRN 730645Enforced Suspension10-Sep-13
Gutierrez, HiramRN 572061 & LVN 96079Remedial Education15-Oct-13
Gutierrez, Kary DeniseRN 582656Voluntary Surrender9-Aug-13
Hakanson, Janet SueRN 816771Enforced Suspension2-Oct-13
Hall, Kathryn LynnRN 641046Voluntary Surrender19-Aug-13
Hall, PaulineRN 736357Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Hall, Phillip CraigRN 747864Voluntary Surrender19-Sep-13
Halverson, Kimberly JoyRN 684648Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Hammett, MichaelRN 657580 & LVN 156172Remedial Education with Fine24-Oct-13
Hancock, Tina JeanLVN 195773Revoked10-Sep-13
Haney, AmberNicoleRN 742527Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Hanks, LataraRN 678841 & LVN 172318Remedial Education with Fine11-Sep-13
Hantman, Westley ScottRN 810339 & LVN 190053Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Harnar, Clayton RossLVN 196254Voluntary Surrender4-Oct-13
Harris, Cheri LynnLVN 191318Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Harris, Latasha ReneeLVN 219435Remedial Education26-Sep-13
Harville, Carolyn RochelleRN 577606Revoked6-Aug-13
Hawkins, Jason EdwardRN 698745Revoked6-Aug-13
Hayes, Misty DianeLVN 116332Reprimand10-Sep-13
Hays, Ousia AnnLVN 190150Revoked6-Aug-13
Henckel, Shawna LynnLVN 171841Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Henderson-Musil, Rebecca KayRN 234356Voluntary Surrender15-Aug-13
Henley, Anastasia KatharenRN 695774Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Henson, Amanda GailRN 696813Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Hensz, Janna LynnRN 508186Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Hernandez, JulianLVN 43959Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Hernandez, Margaret DianeLVN 158920Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Hiatt, Shawn DeniseRN 764281Voluntary Surrender16-Sep-13
Hicks, Carolyn JoyceLVN 112263Suspend/Probate6-Aug-13
Higgins, Janie WynetteLVN 197836Remedial Education with Fine16-Aug-13
Hobbs, Maureen M. RN 254563Voluntary Surrender5-Aug-13
Hodson, Jerry ScottRN 677790Revoked6-Aug-13
Hoffman, Yaro NykeeLVN 203677Voluntary Surrender19-Sep-13
Hollembeak, Dawn B.RN 710430 & FNPRemedial Education with Fine30-Sep-13
Holmes, Starla DawnLVN 88249Reprimand10-Sep-13
Houston ,Titus MarcellLVN 156113Revoked10-Sep-13
Hudnall, Kimberly AnnRN 787324Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Hughes, Lisa O.LVN 133084Revoked6-Aug-13
Hutcheson, Brenda KayLVN 67986Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Hyatt, Julie DanielleRN 698763Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Iseley, Aaron StevenLVN 193600Remedial Education with Fine8-Oct-13
Ismael, Abdirizack AbdillahiRN 646765Revoked10-Sep-13
Jackson, Christopher KirkLVN 306098Enforced Suspension6-Aug-13
Jackson, Jessica AnnRN 731342 & LVN 181081Revoked10-Sep-13
Janloo, Sonya RegelRN 750021Revoked18-Oct-13
Jenkins, Zachary AaronRN 795782Reprimand with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Jeterbarnes, Yvonne E.RN 745044Remedial Education with Fine12-Aug-13
Johannsen, Darla JuneLVN 148350Remedial Education with Fine5-Sep-13
Johnson, Crystal TamekiaLVN 228005Revoked18-Oct-13
Johnston, Debra AnnRN 606653Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Johnston, Jill RenaeLVN 193847Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
Jones, Audra ElizabethRN 796653Voluntary Surrender27-Aug-13
Jones, Cynthia ArnoldPTP RN VA 0001130952Remedial Education with Fine16-Sep-13
Jones, Dianna GaleLVN 149307Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Jones, Michele LeeLVN 180279Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Jones, Rita A.RN 516022Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Jones, Jr., Willard IrvinRN 668984Voluntary Surrender1-Aug-13
Jordan, Vickey MarieRN 612796 & LVN 107102Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Joy, Tessa W.RN 618268 & LVN 142918Remedial Education with Fine23-Aug-13
Kaligis, Stella MargarethaRN 689887Remedial Education with Fine13-Aug-13
Kavanaugh Jones, Deborah ReneeLVN 183575Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Keen, Kevan L.RN 624317Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Kelp, Debbie S.RN 240728Remedial Education with Fine3-Sep-13
Kendrick, Lakacia MarieLVN 198954Remedial Education with Fine2-Aug-13
Kenjarski, Teresa AlemanRN 654913Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Kester, Jimmy EdwardLVN 194862Revoked6-Aug-13
King, Kenneth R.RN 509038 & LVN 97899Voluntary Surrender3-Oct-13
King, Mindy ReneLVN 182916Remedial Education with Fine28-Aug-13
Kingery, Melissa LynLVN 151148Voluntary Surrender23-Oct-13
Kinney, Robert LynnRN 223801 & CRNAVoluntary Surrender11-Sep-13
Koumonduros, Judy M.LVN 86327Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Kurn, Amy LeeRN 631969 Revoked6-Aug-13
Kyle, Jack BrittonRN 583215 & CRNAVoluntary Surrender16-Aug-13
Lackey, Alison LeeRN 789584Revoked6-Aug-13
Lakey, Jessica LindsayLVN 226468Revoked18-Oct-13
Lambert, Jennifer LynetteRN 716137Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Landin, SantiagoLVN 151219Remedial Education with Fine22-Oct-13
Lebaron, Stacy JanetteRN 631780Revoked6-Aug-13
Lewis, Deira PatteeRN 740238Remedial Education20-Aug-13
Lewis, Jennifer MichelleRN 715789Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Llanos, Erika MarieLVN 221611Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Lomas, Melissa MariaLVN 225936Voluntary Surrender10-Oct-13
Lones, Shari BreeRN 717211Voluntary Surrender15-Aug-13
Long-Rodriguez, Krista KayLVN 191973Revoked10-Sep-13
Lopez, Lyna RN 657132Revoked6-Aug-13
Lopez, MyrnaLVN 203238Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Lopez, VirginiaRN 619708 & LVN 94211Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Lowe, Cathey MichelleLVN 136912Voluntary Surrender30-Aug-13
Lowe, II, Ellis CountyRN 615484 & LVN 148033Revoked10-Sep-13
Lozano, Fernando NoelRN 807931 & LVN 203708Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
Lynch, Tina MarieRN 587828Revoked6-Aug-13
MacDonald, Jennifer LynnRN 691516 & LVN 139206Voluntary Surrender11-Oct-13
Mack, Michelle GabrielleLVN 222477Remedial Education with Fine14-Aug-13
Madrid, Esmeralda RN 780504Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Maes, Ramona DelorisLVN 189489Remedial Education with Fine22-Oct-13
Magee, Bobby JoLVN 222324Revoked10-Sep-13
Mahanay, Tatina SelfRN 605606 & LVN 142975Voluntary Surrender21-Aug-13
Maldonado, Kathleen AnnLVN 159991Revoked6-Aug-13
Mallet, Janelle KayeRN 703418 Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Malone, Xena LevinaRN 720510Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Mancera, Victor HugoRN 671412Remedial Education with Fine20-Sep-13
Marek, Tina GailLVN 191292Enforced Suspension21-Oct-13
Marsh, Shirley JeanneRN 782120 & LVN 218523Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Marshall, Shawn DevetteLVN 122220Remedial Education with Fine16-Aug-13
Martens, FrancoisRN 766504Voluntary Surrender6-Sep-13
Martin, Elizabeth C.RN 673176Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Martin, JasonRN 651715Voluntary Surrender10-Sep-13
Martin, Kristine AnneLVN 143924Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
Martinez, Amanda LouiseRN 719570Revoked10-Sep-13
Martinez, Cybil YvonneLVN 198128Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Martinez, DavidRN 653660Remedial Education with Fine1-Aug-13
Martinez, Denise MichelleLVN 116301Enforced Suspension10-Sep-13
Martinez, FreddieLVN 199357Revoked18-Oct-13
Martinez, Juan Ignacio LVN 310237Enforced Suspension22-Oct-13
Martinez, Wendi YvetteRN 741375Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Mata, Vicky LeeLVN 225999Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Mathews, Darren NilesLVN 145334Suspend/Probate6-Aug-13
Mayberry, Judy MaeLVN 146451Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
McCauley, Deette M.RN 517504Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
McCauley, JeanneRN 505916 & LVN 29458Reprimand with Stipulations6-Aug-13
McComb, Debra MicheleLVN 194756Revoked10-Sep-13
McDaniel, Dorothy JoLVN 100292Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
McDonald, Deborah G. RN 540565Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
McKee, Patricia JeanLVN 74555Revoked10-Sep-13
McKellar, Shirley JonettaRN 589482 & LVN 45090Remedial Education with Fine17-Oct-13
McKoy, Ruth AnnLVN 190060Revoked18-Oct-13
McLeod, Calvin Jerome LVN 131426Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
McLeod, Thomas OllieRN 446223 & CRNAVoluntary Surrender13-Aug-13
McQueen, Stacy KayLVN 98575Voluntary Surrender23-Sep-13
Meade, Kristen MarieLVN 201129Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Medina, EdithRN 683588 & LVN 172338Remedial Education7-Aug-13
Medlin, John StephenRN 718628 Revoked6-Aug-13
Mendiola, Braulio AngelLVN 195895Remedial Education with Fine7-Oct-13
Mendoza, Charlotte ReneeLVN 142709Revoked10-Sep-13
Messa, Lisa RN 778567Remedial Education24-Sep-13
Meyer, Lisa KayeRN 793934Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Michals, Kathleen MarieRN 504017Revoked10-Sep-13
Middleton, CarmenRN 233343Limited License10-Sep-13
Miller, Amanda KatherineRN 689432 & LVN 180396Remedial Education with Fine21-Oct-13
Miller, Paula ShawnLVN 89027Revoked6-Aug-13
Miller, Sharonda ShoneseLVN 303882Revoked6-Aug-13
Mills, KristenLVN 159827Voluntary Surrender23-Oct-13
Mingo, Toni LynetteRN 626909Remedial Education22-Oct-13
Minor, Tina LouiseLVN 226302Revoked10-Sep-13
Minot, Stephen R.RN 238987Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Mitchell, Dorothy LuellaLVN 120426Voluntary Surrender17-Oct-13
Mitchell, Melva L.RN 746310 & LVN 166841Remedial Education27-Sep-13
Moler-Avery, Jay ToddRN 583665Revoked6-Aug-13
Monier, Lisa AnnRN 740558 & LVN 177502Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Moon, Kesha NicoleRN 663461Limited License19-Aug-13
Moore, Beth A.RN 517635Remedial Education with Fine31-Oct-13
Moore, Mildreshia DanielleLVN 220821Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Moore Pierre-Louis, Janette MarieLVN 229689Revoked6-Aug-13
Mora, LuisLVN 175149Revoked10-Sep-13
Morales, PatriciaRN 674145 & LVN 110114Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Moreno, AliciaLVN 197803Revoked10-Sep-13
Moreno, RicardoLVN 121722Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Morris, Doris JeanLVN 13634Voluntary Surrender17-Oct-13
Morrison, Detra LatriceRN 706659 & LVN 169275Revoked10-Sep-13
Moye-Roach, Sabrina LynnRN 710256 Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Muhindura, AliceLVN 309015Revoked6-Aug-13
Mulvany, Monique DeniseRN 670959Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Mungyeh, Percilia AzehLVN 200491Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
New, David EugeneLVN 208582Warning with Stipulations, Deferred17-Oct-13
Nichols, Mark RN 654409 & LVN 142317Remedial Education with Fine30-Oct-13
Nichols, Matt AlanRN 783855Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Nieman, Rebecca AnnRN 538230Limited License6-Aug-13
Nnadi, Obinwa HenryRN 757111 & LVN 195350Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Nusz, Herman HenryRN 603070Voluntary Surrender16-Sep-13
Obioma, Chinyere AdaezeRN 823563Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Ochoa, Lauren MichelleLVN 310004Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Ofosu Kwarteng, EvelynLVN 300275Enforced Suspension6-Aug-13
Oguntokun, Esther OmowunmiLVN 218347Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Olatunde, Oluyinka JamesLVN 233207Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Onubogu, TheodoraNeneLVN 184049Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Oppermann, Lisa DawnLVN 168566Revoked6-Aug-13
Orozco, Robert RefugioLVN 175764Revoked10-Sep-13
Ortiz, Jr., Felipe DejesusLVN 213273Revoked18-Oct-13
Otitigbe, Isaac ErhigaLVN 220528Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Oyefusi, Albert AfolabiRN 637735 & LVN 140448Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Pace, Carmen RuthLVN 167412Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Paliy, Lisa RobinsonRN 794612 & CRNARevoked18-Oct-13
Paquian, MichaelRN 720037Remedial Education7-Oct-13
Parsons, Nathaniel CadeLVN 226823Voluntary Surrender4-Sep-13
Pate, Renda G.RN 555355 & LVN 102847Revoked10-Sep-13
Paul, Alaina LynnRN 583933 & LVN 135673Voluntary Surrender2-Aug-13
Payne, Barbara J.RN 614579Voluntary Surrender6-Sep-13
Pearson, Linda LeeLVN 191471Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Pedigo, Adella G.RN 510135Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Pepper-Reed, Sherri A. RN 668912 & PTP SC RN 24048 Reprimand with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Peralta, Rolando GinesLVN 137451Voluntary Surrender11-Sep-13
Perez, Carmen GalindoRN 252112 & LVN 74753Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Perez, Maria Pilar FiloteoRN 697402Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Perkins, Patricia LeeRN 728706Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Phillips, Teddie E.RN 619763Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Piper, Debbie LynneRN 582464Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Pipkin, Rebecca LeaLVN 150762Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Polk, Courtney L.RN 765510Remedial Education9-Aug-13
Pollock, Wendy AnnLVN 203364Revoked18-Oct-13
Pond, Laurie LafauneLVN 216537Reprimand with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Pool, Carolyn LeeLVN 83644Revoked6-Aug-13
Poole, Mamie VictoriaRN 507022Revoked10-Sep-13
Powell, Treva JanRN 548223Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Pruiett, Deni DionneLVN 212036Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Pruneda, Arnulfo C.RN 245776 & LVN 45869Revoked17-Oct-13
Rachal, Billy WayneRN 803694Voluntary Surrender23-Oct-13
Ramirez, VanessaLVN 218155Revoked6-Aug-13
Randall, Bridget CharellLVN 173045Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Rankin, Shannon Louise (Barnes)LVN 120747Voluntary Surrender15-Oct-13
Ray, Shannon Moore LVN 221623Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Reed, Kanita LachaunLVN 234079Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Reed, Kristine ElizabethRN 614752Voluntary Surrender23-Aug-13
Reeves, Tiffany SheaLVN 177636Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Reyes-Rivas, Luis AlonsoRN 686019Revoked10-Sep-13
Robertson, Kathy JoLVN 54374Remedial Education1-Aug-13
Rodrigues-Perez, ChristinaRN 719224Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13Rodriguez, Elizabeth AnnLVN 175178Reprimand with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Rodriguez, Rita MarieLVN 216978Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Rodriquez, Shannon MichelleLVN 135776Revoked10-Sep-13
Roessner, Tania RN 653428Voluntary Surrender8-Aug-13
Rogers, Lori KristineLVN 174233Remedial Education with Fine21-Oct-13
Rorie, Thomas DarrenLVN 156780Revoked18-Oct-13
Rostollan, Amy R.RN 609403Revoked10-Sep-13
Roth, Cynthia LeaRN 449090Voluntary Surrender12-Aug-13
Rowe, Dee O.RN 619284Remedial Education with Fine16-Aug-13
Rushing, Glynda AnnLVN 119242Voluntary Surrender25-Sep-13
Salvo, Esther Juanites MataRN 641076Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Samuels, Yvette LorraineLVN 177015Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Samuelson, Elizabeth AnnieRN 719003Remedial Education29-Oct-13
Sanders, Robin AnnLVN 135223Revoked6-Aug-13
Sandolph, IrisLVN 194665Revoked6-Aug-13
Sarabia, Mary K.RN 613369Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Schmidt, Rhonda GayRN 680098 Remedial Education13-Aug-13
Scott, Charles MeltonLVN 186545Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Seeley, Melani LynnRN 665909 & LVN 125533Remedial Education with Fine30-Oct-13
Seelke, Marilyn SueRN 596820 & LVN 138991Voluntary Surrender15-Oct-13
Seman, Melany JoyceRN 604738Revoked18-Oct-13
Sensat, Alisha JeneeRN 776559 Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Serna, AliciaLVN 193212Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Shadle, Kyle MillerRN 710328 & CRNARevoked6-Aug-13
Shears, AlbertaLVN 206208Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Shelton, Ashley ReneeLVN 206584Reprimand with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Sherwood, Cassandra ReneLVN 310280Revoked18-Oct-13
Shew, David PaulRN 747769Revoked10-Sep-13
Shores, Claire RN 502195 & LVN 84374Voluntary Surrender4-Sep-13
Simmons, GregoryLVN 170184Enforced Suspension17-Oct-13
Simpson, Tanisha VidetteLVN 223295Enforced Suspension6-Aug-13
Sims, Debbie RuthRN 555103Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Sipan, Ninfa HinojosaRN 680740Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Sloan, Alice ArnerRN 710564 & LVN 181908Limited License10-Sep-13
Smarz, William FritzRN 765467Remedial Education7-Oct-13
Smith, Gordon WallaceLVN 186724Revoked10-Sep-13
Smith-Mcdavid, Nicole LucianaRN 652960Suspend/Probate17-Oct-13
Sosniecki, Katherine AnnRN 581945Revoked10-Sep-13
Spinks, Lori LynnLVN 193310Revoked6-Aug-13
Squyres, Daniel EugeneRN 699746 & FNPWarning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Steen, Leah DawnRN 828492Remedial Education25-Oct-13
Stewart, Jason AllenRN 684462Remedial Education with Fine20-Sep-13
Stoneking, Daniel KimRN 728765Revoked6-Aug-13
Story, Jennifer MarieRN 647931Enforced Suspension6-Aug-13
Strayhan, Joan C. Potts RN 445843Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Streetman, Patricia JeanLVN 91180Voluntary Surrender5-Sep-13
Stump, Valerie DianeRN 648061Revoked18-Oct-13
Suddarth, Pamela RoseLVN 187873Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Sulla, Jr., Anuncio LuarezRN 676544Suspend/Probate10-Sep-13
Sumner, Mark DavidRN 773588 & LVN 202476Suspend/Probate6-Aug-13
Swanson, ShanileighRN 718132Enforced Suspension6-Aug-13
Sweet, Cheryl AnnRN 250053Revoked6-Aug-13
Talmadge, Jackie ReneeRN 713362 & LVN 185981Voluntary Surrender8-Aug-13
Talmadge, Michael ThomasRN 607889Voluntary Surrender15-Aug-13
Tate, Donna LeonaLVN 140681Revoked10-Sep-13
Taylor, Heather ReneeRN 678065Suspend/Probate6-Aug-13
Taylor, Thomas N.RN 541690 & LVN 54397Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Teafatiller, Leslie AnnLVN 229668Voluntary Surrender13-Aug-13
Thomas, Daniel JoeRN 828521Voluntary Surrender12-Aug-13
Thomas, Jana LeeLVN 90881Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Tolleson, Amanda LeighLVN 181417Remedial Education with Fine14-Aug-13
Toomey, Robbie DawLVN 101135Revoked6-Aug-13
Trevino, Maria Isabel TorresRN 607148 & LVN 40476Voluntary Surrender21-Oct-13
Tupper, Stephen JamesLVN 156238Suspend/Probate6-Aug-13
Turnage, Sandra SueLVN 142543Voluntary Surrender19-Aug-13
Twedt, Adonica WaymireRN 544992Revoked6-Aug-13
Tyler, Tiffany ShayLVN 157031Revoked10-Sep-13
Ucheoma, Juliana C.RN 534956Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13
Unsell, Angela BurnsRN 678081 & LVN 177189Revoked10-Sep-13
Upton, Lindsey RaeRN 702018Warning with Stipulations6-Aug-13
Valdez, Sally AnnLVN 194793Remedial Education with Fine16-Oct-13
Vanwinkle, Dawn RN 647670Voluntary Surrender20-Aug-13
Vanzandt, ChristinaRN 753324Revoked18-Oct-13
Velasquez, ArturoLVN 134343Limited License17-Oct-13
Vu, Frances HaywardRN 635240Remedial Education23-Sep-13
Walker, Karen JulietLVN 300469Warning with Stipulations17-Oct-13
Warren, Regina YolandaLVN 179176Revoked10-Sep-13
Washington, KermitRN 644532Suspend/Probate7-Oct-13
Washington, Ladonna SherriLVN 189297Remedial Education with Fine15-Aug-13
Washington, Turkesa LavondasLVN 212961Remedial Education10-Sep-13
Watkins, Julia LaurenRN 802217 & LVN 192018Warning with Stipulations10-Sep-13