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Discipline & Complaints - Disciplinary Action 01/2013

Notice of Disciplinary Action also published in the Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin - 01/2013

Disciplinary Board orders are public information and the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) requires that the Board inform the public about the disciplinary actions it takes. The Board is a public entity, and as such is subject to open record laws. Cases in which formal charges have been filed also become public information at the time of the filing and continue to be public information throughout the remainder of the disciplinary process. See Section 301.158 and 301.463 (c).

The following nurses had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. Board orders can be viewed by clicking the link on the Nurse's license number or by sending a request to the Texas Board of Nursing, Enforcement Division, 333 Guadalupe 3-460, Austin, TX 78701-3944.

License Number(s)
Date of Action
Adams, Alaura L. C. WHNP &
RN 580379
Remedial Education with Fine 8-Aug-12
Adams, Jason Corey LVN 181447 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Adeoye, Theophilus LVN 166982 Remedial Education with Fine 16-Aug-12
Adkison, Teizo Devotnae LVN 208319 Remedial Education with Fine 13-Aug-12
Ahmadi, Ryan Mohommad RN 664441 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Akin, Mary D. RN 532524 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Alexander, Patti Sue Bridges LVN 198742 Voluntary Surrender 31-Aug-12
Allen, Christopher James RN 791402 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Allen, Laura Larsen RN 525937 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Alston, Michelle Patrice LVN 157413 Remedial Education with Fine 14-Sep-12
Amerman, Karen Sue (Dyke) RN 540134 &
LVN 104932
Warning with Stipulations 19-Oct-12
Anderson, Bobby Marvin LVN 165908 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Anderson, Patricia Ann LVN 204454 Voluntary Surrender 10-Sep-12
Andress, Deborah Gale RN 605298 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Aug-12
Andrews, Shirley R. RN 253103 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Anker, Debra Olivia RN 674072 Voluntary Surrender 25-Sep-12
Arce, Mayra Isabel LVN 218686 Remedial Education 24-Sep-12
Archambeault, Nina Siegel LVN 168128 Voluntary Surrender 31-Oct-12
Archer, Tracey Christine LVN 223919 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Arjona, Alicia RN 252200 Voluntary Surrender 11-Oct-12
Armitage, Kathryn Alicia RN 735197 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Armstrong, Joan Elizabeth RN 581334 &
LVN 66336
Revoked 11-Sep-12
Aston, Melissa Marie RN 697596 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Balagia, Cynthia Marie RN 712556 Remedial Education 2-Aug-12
Balderas, Yolanda RN 553725 Remedial Education with Fine 2-Oct-12
Baldwin, Sara Ann RN 760562 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Oct-12
Balentine, James A. LVN 66605 Remedial Education with Fine 25-Oct-12
Bales, Todd RN 655964 Remedial Education with Fine 15-Oct-12
Bankston, Virginia L. LVN 164636 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Barnett, Peggy Nell LVN 102462 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Barrera, Blanca Estela RN 682080 Remedial Education 20-Aug-12
Barrow, Belinda Ruth RN 757826 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Barstow, Sharon Marie RN 681331 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Bartholomew, Laura Rena RN 653212 Limited License 18-Oct-12
Bartlett, Line Colette RN 735592 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Baxter, Cheri Ann LVN 153084 Remedial Education with Fine 6-Aug-12
Baxter, Robert Louis LVN 173552 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Beal, John Edward RN 571026 &
LVN 129278
Revoked 11-Sep-12
Beckett, Michelle Legate RN 597926 Remedial Education with Fine 20-Sep-12
Bell, Cassandra Yvette LVN 168900 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Bellows, Marilyn Yvonne LVN 63683 Voluntary Surrender 2-Aug-12
Belzung, Barbara Hayden LVN 38650 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Benes, Rheana Leigh RN 718838 &
LVN 176308
Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Bennett, Leesa Diann LVN 175271 Remedial Education with Fine 25-Sep-12
Bertrand, Betty Harleen RN 553811 &
LVN 113473
Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Bevier, Sonia A. LVN 199902 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Bigham, Mary Josephine RN 758064 &
LVN 210148
Voluntary Surrender 31-Oct-12
Bishop, Karen Sue LVN 173741 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Bizzell, Clayton Oscar RN 783232 Voluntary Surrender 24-Sep-12
Black, Barbara Lynne LVN 132489 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Black, Dolores RN 439620 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Black, Tameka Darlene LVN 164952 Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Black, Tameka Darlene LVN 164952 Voluntary Surrender 14-Sep-12
Blackburn, Barbara L. S. RN 418960 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Aug-12
Blackman, Roger Kenneth RN 606012 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Blaylock, Kenda Leigh LVN 206418 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Blosser, Patricia Jean LVN 141102 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Bogue, Michelle R. LVN 150850 Revoked 18-Oct-12
Bourelle, Brandy Jewell LVN 232653 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Brackens, Cheryl RN 637929 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Bradley, Lashunda Lashae RN 685962 Remedial Education with Fine 29-Oct-12
Brandt, Katherine Ann RN 571171 &
LVN 101818
Remedial Education with Fine 11-Oct-12
Brasher, Carol Lynn LVN 113355 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Bratten, Shaunna Maureen RN 701894 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Bridges, Misty Renee LVN 156680 Remedial Education with Fine 31-Oct-12
Brown, Janie Otts LVN 167608 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Brown, Jerrell Russ LVN 135078 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Brown, Kameron Rene RN 773845 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Browning, Adrianne Dawn RN 601447 &
LVN 132738
Remedial Education 29-Oct-12
Brownlee, Lynette Marie RN 742882 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Brueckheimer, Joan D. RN 630532 Voluntary Surrender 17-Sep-12
Bujanos, Ruben RN 697159 &
LVN 174302
Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Burton, Sandra Lynel (Freschscott) RN 669797 &
LVN 149569
Revoked 18-Oct-12
Bushong, Tracy Lynn LVN 122705 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Sep-12
Butters, John Burford RN 667312 Voluntary Surrender 15-Aug-12
Caffey, Michael Lynn RN 562005 Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Campbell, Donna Faye RN 718717 Remedial Education 13-Aug-12
Canche, Eva Trevino RN 703042 &
LVN 149245
Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Cannon, Linda G. LVN 74886 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Carr, Deborah RN 646348 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Carr, Stephanie RN 650720 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Aug-12
Carreon, Juana Avila LVN 203328 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Carrier, Valenda Denise RN 693975 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Carroll, Patricia Ellen RN 463406 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Carter, Linda Kay RN 567435 &
LVN 38399
Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Carter, Sally Andis RN 227254 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Casey, Keri Kristin RN 714631 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Castaneda, Eloy FNP &
RN 629948
Remedial Education with Fine 13-Aug-12
Castaneda, Norma LVN 210972 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Catron, Lise Catherine RN 708910 Enforced Suspension 18-Oct-12
Caudle, Bobby Earle RN 593996 &
LVN 129342
Revoked 14-Aug-12
Cavell, Ashley Fiona RN 786834 Remedial Education 10-Oct-12
Cayetano, Lilibeth Oruga RN 578126 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Charles, Laniece Elaine RN 594021 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Chavis, Joe Dean RN 688425 &
LVN 119288
Enforced Suspension 11-Sep-12
Chavis, Yolanda Evette LVN 193076 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Cheruto, Emily LVN 300642 Remedial Education with Fine 20-Sep-12
Chevalier, Sarah Pauline LVN 219253 Remedial Education 9-Aug-12
Childs, Sonia Marie LVN 184450 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Oct-12
Chukwuocha, Canice RN 616604 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Claborn, Jo C. Cooper RN 222340 Remedial Education with Fine 5-Oct-12
Clark, Tracy Louise LVN 219443 Enforced Suspension 11-Sep-12
Clayton, Richard PTP VA RN 1128803 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Cloer, Nolan Leroy LVN 127783 Remedial Education with Fine 31-Oct-12
Coleman, Billie Lorraine LVN 135556 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Aug-12
Coleman, Judith Griffin RN 581914 Revoked 19-Oct-12
Coleman, Lonnie Richard FNP &
RN 685397
Remedial Education with Fine 26-Oct-12
Coleman, Sharon Ann RN 581918 &
LVN 134500
Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Collins, Kristin RN 702513 &
LVN 154467
Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Collums, Christina Michelle LVN 194602 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Colton, Charisa Anne LVN 183859 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Aug-12
Combs, Tiffany Renee RN 702945 Remedial Education 8-Aug-12
Conant, Cynthia Ann LVN 211906 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Conkelton, Debra Ann RN 712755 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Conyers, Amy Leshay LVN 228588 Voluntary Surrender 14-Sep-12
Cook, Shannon Rae LVN 209836 Voluntary Surrender 19-Sep-12
Cornelius, Robert Arthur LVN 51234 Revoked 18-Oct-12
Coronado, Stacia Lanette PTP IA LPN P54378 &
LVN 173366
Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Cotton, Chalonda RN 637947 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Coulter, Robin Noelle RN 603000 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Courville, Lisa Marie RN 686966 Remedial Education with Fine 27-Sep-12
Couture, Lynn Marie RN 586879 Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Covert, Maximillian Luke LVN 229707 Remedial Education 17-Sep-12
Craig, Christina Renee (Sandefer) LVN 194603 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Crawford, Kimberly Ann RN 254553 &
LVN 82699
Voluntary Surrender 26-Oct-12
Cross, Roberta W. LVN 79646 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Cruz, Armando FNP &
RN 641748
Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Cubine, Karla RN 641749 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Cummings, Marilyn Renee LVN 183663 Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Dannheim, Patricia Sue RN 557931 Remedial Education, Deferred 4-Oct-12
Dareing, Michael Jerrod LVN 200250 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Darling, Trisha RN 596915 &
LVN 38804
Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Davidson, Teresa Kay LVN 198538 Voluntary Surrender 14-Aug-12
Davis, Angela Katherine RN 598763 Voluntary Surrender 5-Oct-12
Davis, Beverly Ann RN 459357 Voluntary Surrender 13-Aug-12
Davis, Linda K. LVN 112518 Remedial Education, Deferred 9-Aug-12
Davis, Valencia Renita LVN 164698 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Dearmon, Cheronda Denise LVN 222553 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Dearon, Michael Lonell LVN 165669 Voluntary Surrender 13-Aug-12
Deavila, Samuel RN 571577 &
LVN 129403
Limited License 14-Aug-12
Decker, Kevin Lee RN 703393 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Dehoyos, Roger RN 600755 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Aug-12
Dejongh, Kimberly RN 632012 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Dejongh, Rachel Diane RN 562298 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Delapena, Shurite Nora LVN 172812 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Din, Rosa Maria RN 502973 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Dodd, Philip David RN 668952 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Dominguez, Luis D. RN 618076 &
LVN 133694
Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Doria, Ramon RN 577346 Remedial Education 2-Oct-12
Downing, Melissa K. RN 652007 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Draginis, Randy Lee RN 677503 Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Duffey, Sherry L. RN 739952 Voluntary Surrender 10-Sep-12
Duncan, Mark Howard RN 594422 &
LVN 138401
Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Dunham, Jamie Leigh LVN 196658 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Eckert, Roberta Julie RN 606250 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Eguia, Jaime De La Torre LVN 193589 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Ekwenugo, Ebelechukwu Lilian RN 778621 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Elizondo, Jose De Jesus LVN 303946 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Ellenberger, Anita Kaye LVN 74925 Voluntary Surrender 10-Aug-12
Elvington, Tami Denise LVN 192559 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Emanuele, Thomas E. RN 256059 &
LVN 64463
Remedial Education with Fine 7-Aug-12
Escamilla, Kimberly Ann LVN 188368 Revoked 18-Oct-12
Esparza, Denise Joan LVN 137553 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Estrada, Floranito Tambot RN 648790 Remedial Education 31-Oct-12
Evans, Cheryl M. RN 635450 &
LVN 133725
Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Evans, Laurie E. RN 624416 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Ewah, Usani Onun RN 659214 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Farmer, Bennie C. LVN 73870 Voluntary Surrender 12-Oct-12
Farrar, Gregory Ladd CRNA &
RN 229186
Remedial Education with Fine 10-Sep-12
Farris, Jayme Lyn RN 800152 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Faulkner, Terri Lynn RN 681133 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Fawcett, Allison RN 747942 Voluntary Surrender 17-Sep-12
Fenske, Lorraine Dorthia LVN 164325 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
File, Kristy Michelle LVN 197992 Remedial Education with Fine 9-Oct-12
Flores, Edna A. LVN 203577 Remedial Education with Fine 21-Aug-12
Flores, Graciela RN 233999 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Flores, Reinaldo LVN 208817 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Aug-12
Fowler, Elizabeth Louise (Warden) LVN 219592 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Franks, Jenny Lynn LVN 196679 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Fregoso-Rodriguez, Monica Gean LVN 198854 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
French, Karen Maria LVN 158518 Voluntary Surrender 5-Oct-12
Frey, Phillip David RN 756520 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Fulenwider, Shauna Alexis RN 680369 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Fuller, Colleen Mary PTP ME RN 48850 Voluntary Surrender 16-Aug-12
Gabbard, Linda Elaine RN 565690 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Galvan, Cherryl Marie LVN 181300 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Garcia, Diana Patricia RN 730620 Remedial Education 20-Aug-12
Garcia, Maria Idalia LVN 175056 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Garcia, Pedro RN 768591 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Garcia, Steven LVN 156848 Voluntary Surrender 4-Sep-12
Garza, Oscar RN 780196 Enforced Suspension 14-Aug-12
Gass, James Byron RN 779217 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Gass, James Byron RN 779217 Voluntary Surrender 26-Sep-12
Gboboh, Ovigue Martin RN 777150 Remedial Education 10-Oct-12
Gee, Kimberly RN 625283 Enforced Suspension 18-Oct-12
Gibbs, Tina Melissa RN 594759 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Gibson, George Farrell RN 796846 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Glaze, Wendy L. RN 693272 Voluntary Surrender 28-Sep-12
Glowka, Janice Kay RN 236684 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Godejohann, Denise D. RN 632891 &
LVN 124691
Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Golla, Amanda Suzanne LVN 208363 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Gonzales, Maria Aurora RN 254398 &
LVN 35602
Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Gonzalez, Christina Lynn LVN 200382 Revoked 18-Oct-12
Gonzalez, Donna Patrice RN 567757 &
LVN 85615
Remedial Education with Fine 25-Oct-12
Gonzalez, Lilia RN 657333 &
LVN 162950
Remedial Education 30-Oct-12
Gonzalez, Mario Sainz LVN 178551 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Gonzalez, Marisol LVN 304088 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Gossett, Holly Marie LVN 225082 Voluntary Surrender 25-Oct-12
Graham, Jennifer Rebecca LVN 222333 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Graitge, Tracy Rehnea RN 734661 Remedial Education 1-Aug-12
Granada, Emille Olivarez LVN 231595 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Granger, Ricky Charles RN 685356 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Graves, Sue Ann LVN 65388 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Gray, Meredith Neal RN 786229 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Green, Preston Zachary RN 748183 Remedial Education with Fine 21-Aug-12
Gregg, Erin Christopher LVN 190244 Enforced Suspension 18-Oct-12
Griffin, Ersalynne Chloe LVN 168733 Remedial Education 29-Aug-12
Griffin, Kelli Kristine LVN 219656 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Guajardo, Marianela RN 521838 &
LVN 44659
Remedial Education with Fine 15-Aug-12
Gudelosao, Catherine Tan RN 601032 Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Guice, Mellissa Elaine RN 741191 Voluntary Surrender 3-Aug-12
Gurganus, Kerrie Ann LVN 179581 Limited License 14-Aug-12
Hagan, Tiffany Deshon LVN 159264 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Hagar, Thad Gregory LVN 165876 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Hager, Melissa Gail LVN 198552 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Hall, Rebecca Sue RN 715434 &
LVN 155282
Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Hand, Lori Dean LVN 111183 Voluntary Surrender 10-Sep-12
Haralson, Tory RN 640856 Voluntary Surrender 27-Sep-12
Harmon, Patricia Ruth RN 539411 Suspend/Probate 19-Oct-12
Harmon, Shelly Latrice LVN 172581 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Harmoning, Christine Bernadette LVN 170417 Voluntary Surrender 10-Aug-12
Harms, Debra Joanne LVN 223316 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Hartsfield, Jimmy C. RN 540454 &
LVN 115867
Remedial Education with Fine 10-Sep-12
Hasan, Nitacha Etelle LVN 172907 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Sep-12
Hathcoat, Chelsea Rae RN 768432 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Hawkins, Dianna Cill LVN 177909 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Hawthorne, Linda Nicole LVN 187348 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Heapofbirds-Peacock, Cleo RN 737170 Remedial Education 4-Sep-12
Henderson, Creaster J. LVN 117487 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Henke, Sandra C. ANP, CNS &
RN 453877
Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Henry, Christina Leilani LVN 159784 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Hernandez, Ina RN 695402 Remedial Education with Fine 4-Sep-12
Hernandez, Josephine J. LVN 49399 Remedial Education 15-Aug-12
Hernandez, Margaret Diane LVN 158920 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Hernandez, Marysol LVN 218691 Voluntary Surrender 15-Aug-12
Hester, Laurie Jo (Balcom) RN 532611 Revoked 18-Oct-12
Hightower, Christopher McKinley LVN 185765 Voluntary Surrender 30-Aug-12
Hodges, Susan Christine RN 580248 Voluntary Surrender 8-Oct-12
Hodnett, John Dale LVN 154436 Voluntary Surrender 11-Sep-12
Holder, Denise Lynn LVN 156318 Voluntary Surrender 25-Oct-12
Holdman, Orlando Dale RN 562954 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Hollins, Janice Sherrell LVN 166834 Remedial Education with Fine 15-Aug-12
Holloway, Lance M. RN 630719 &
LVN 148098
Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Holt, Jennifer Dawn LVN 143385 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Howard, Joanna Lee LVN 123063 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Howell, Quinita Shontae LVN 300348 Remedial Education 16-Aug-12
Hudson, Brenda Kay LVN 114395 Remedial Education with Fine 8-Aug-12
Huggins, Lyndi Sue RN 705774 &
LVN 189877
Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Hughes, Kelly Ann LVN 196854 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Oct-12
Ignacio, Mar Phil L. RN 712017 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Irby, Tammy L. RN 517339 &
LVN 103578
Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Irvine, Eric Scott RN 726746 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Isbell, Marsha Jane RN 595271 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Ivey, Elysia Ray LVN 206323 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Jackson, April Starr RN 701002 Remedial Education with Fine 14-Aug-12
Jackson, Charlene Kathy LVN 182079 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Jackson, Glenn Latrace LVN 151545 Voluntary Surrender 23-Oct-12
Jackson, Wymona Shanet LVN 203232 Enforced Suspension 11-Sep-12
Jenkins-Wright, Deanna Gayle LVN 228539 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Johnson, Andrea L. LVN 124988 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Johnson, Brandi RN 670885 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Johnson, Lisa Elaine RN 685421 &
LVN 160688
Revoked 18-Oct-12
Johnson, Magdalena Garcia RN 544322 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Sep-12
Johnson, Robin Lynn RN 548707 Remedial Education with Fine 11-Sep-12
Joines, Frances Kathleen RN 566179 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Jones, Laura Danielle RN 718932 Enforced Suspension 18-Oct-12
Jones, Tamikah Shavonne LVN 188195 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Jones, Jr., Dwayne Richard RN 726500 &
LVN 174065
Revoked 11-Sep-12
Jordan, Felicia Lashawn RN 730201 &
LVN 175827
Voluntary Surrender 4-Sep-12
Joseph, Sherine RN 709717 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Juarez-Moreno, Laura Astrid RN 789576 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Kadi, Melissa Nadine RN 611438 Voluntary Surrender 20-Sep-12
Kahsai, Vanessa Asmara RN 785681 Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 11-Sep-12
Karnes, Sally Michelle RN 589529 Enforced Suspension 14-Aug-12
Keen, Sherry Kim RN 639512 Enforced Suspension 11-Sep-12
Kemp, Brenda Joyce RN 513782 &
LVN 54993
Remedial Education with Fine 18-Sep-12
Kennedy, Cynthia L. RN 631623 &
LVN 157222
Revoked 11-Sep-12
Kerr, Diedra Fran RN 253082 Voluntary Surrender 20-Sep-12
Kimbrell, Cynthia Ann LVN 168547 Voluntary Surrender 24-Oct-12
Kimbrow, Sally A. Wertz RN 422109 Remedial Education with Fine 1-Oct-12
King, Heather Renee RN 805713 Remedial Education 24-Sep-12
Knott, William Jacob RN 669866 &
LVN 153275
Remedial Education, Deferred 25-Sep-12
Koch, Amy Janeen RN 749160 Voluntary Surrender 31-Oct-12
Kovar, Patricia Holloway LVN 130384 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Krohn, Klaus Peter RN 583201 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Lafleur, Paula Ann LVN 208980 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Lambert, James Neil LVN 160045 Remedial Education with Fine 30-Aug-12
Lanfranco, Olivia RN 748952 Voluntary Surrender 24-Aug-12
Leaton, Michelle Dawn (Stanford) RN 692541 &
LVN 173296
Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Leblanc, Karen Joanne NNP &
RN 506821
Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Lee, Melody Starr LVN 119031 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Lerma, Diane Armenda LVN 110379 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Aug-12
Lescelius, Celeste RN 638609 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Lewis, Lana Ann LVN 83941 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
L’Heureux, Ryan Elizabeth LVN 231880 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Lillie, Linda Elizabeth RN 596524 Voluntary Surrender 26-Oct-12
Lind, Mary L. RN 521585 Reprimand 14-Aug-12
Little, Jonathan RN 652361 &
LVN 163461
Remedial Education with Fine 20-Sep-12
Little, Karen Sue LVN 154927 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Litz, Jacie Kaye RN 756297 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Lockhart, Alva Lyndale LVN 225912 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Lopez, Cheryl Lynn LVN 199455 Remedial Education with Fine 5-Oct-12
Lopez, Sheila Turpen RN 696869 Remedial Education 1-Aug-12
Lopez, Socorro Adriana RN 741396 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Lopez, Sonia LVN 166525 Voluntary Surrender 28-Sep-12
Love, Justin M. RN 699178 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Lowe, Julia Yvonne RN 687589 &
LVN 112639
Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Lucas, Jamie Sue RN 724149 Voluntary Surrender 10-Aug-12
Lucas, Tracee RN 668263 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Lund, Paige Suzanne RN 726442 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Luttrell, Christine Lynn RN 636077 Limited License 11-Sep-12
Lutz, Kevin Scott RN 638962 Voluntary Surrender 5-Sep-12
Majewski, Donald Patrick RN 770893 &
LVN 216144
Revoked 19-Oct-12
Marrufo, Yanira Monique RN 706389 Remedial Education 2-Oct-12
Martin, Aimee Lynne LVN 211619 Remedial Education with Fine 24-Oct-12
Martinez, Amanda Louise RN 719570 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Martinez, Edward Hernandez RN 703894 &
LVN 185785
Enforced Suspension 11-Sep-12
Martinez, Tammy Torres LVN 178400 Remedial Education with Fine 6-Aug-12
Martinez-Perez, Sandra RN 648947 Remedial Education with Fine 15-Aug-12
Mason, Linda Maynette RN 557238 &
LVN 68972
Limited License 18-Oct-12
Matamoros, Maribel LVN 166051 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Matson, Theresa Lynn RN 551102 Remedial Education with Fine 16-Aug-12
Mayberry, Fredda Anette LVN 120524 Voluntary Surrender 29-Oct-12
McAlister, Anthony Jason LVN 193052 Stipulations 14-Aug-12
McClamroch, Dede Desantis RN 454495 Remedial Education 12-Sep-12
McCoppin, Paul RN 639762 &
LVN 141707
Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
McCort, Margery Ellen P. LVN 68026 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
McDaniel, Jeanine Elaine RN 257416 Revoked 14-Aug-12
McDonald, Catherine Mae RN 601168 Revoked 11-Sep-12
McElroy, Robert W. RN 615131 Revoked 14-Aug-12
McEntire, Haley Jayne RN 711242 Voluntary Surrender 2-Oct-12
McFarlin, Alwina Fay RN 638880 Voluntary Surrender 31-Aug-12
McKenna, John Michael RN 628404 Enforced Suspension 18-Oct-12
McNicholas, Patrick Michael LVN 145834 Remedial Education with Fine 4-Sep-12
Meaderis, Antoinette RN 695375 Voluntary Surrender 10-Sep-12
Medlock, Phaedra G. RN 623864 &
LVN 131100
Remedial Education 18-Oct-12
Mendez, Leonel RN 563543 &
LVN 128088
Remedial Education with Fine 20-Sep-12
Miley, Kari Lee FNP &
RN 502570
Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Miller, Betty Rose LVN 151885 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Miller, Monique Joan RN 606755 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Sep-12
Miller, Randell Dean RN 785728 &
LVN 145922
Voluntary Surrender 31-Aug-12
Miller, Teresa Lee LVN 224122 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Mincks, Michelle Dione RN 715065 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Mireles, Melody Ann LVN 174572 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Mitchell, Bennie Ruth LVN 175483 Enforced Suspension 14-Aug-12
Mitchell, Helen Elizabeth LVN 111473 Remedial Education with Fine 23-Aug-12
Moore, Ashley Ruth LVN 205502 Enforced Suspension 18-Oct-12
Moore, Doris Faye LVN 156060 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Moore, Kandice Kay LVN 131549 Voluntary Surrender 19-Sep-12
Morel, Mireille A. (Lofton) RN 595689 &
LVN 63599
Voluntary Surrender 10-Sep-12
Moreno, Hector RN 555205 &
LVN 68225
Remedial Education with Fine 6-Aug-12
Morgan, Carla Ann RN 729355 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Morgan, Charlene Yvonne LVN 150968 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Morris, Robert CRNA &
RN 654395
Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Morris, Sarah LVN 171314 Voluntary Surrender 3-Aug-12
Morrison, Detra Latrice RN 706659 &
LVN 169275
Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Morrison, Kashanda Shevette LVN 223474 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Morrison, Lesli Nicole LVN 216329 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Morton, Rebecca L. RN 639234 &
LVN 158380
Remedial Education with Fine 30-Aug-12
Moses, Vince M. LVN 209513 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Mungia, Michelle Marie LVN 202759 Remedial Education with Fine 21-Sep-12
Munguia, Oralia R. RN 548097 &
LVN 107238
Voluntary Surrender 22-Aug-12
Murray, Suzanne RN 251727 Remedial Education with Fine 15-Oct-12
Myers, Kimberly Richelle LVN 214702 Stipulations 16-Oct-12
Nateghi, David Mir RN 698331 Voluntary Surrender 30-Aug-12
Nelson, Lora L. RN 596144 Revoked 18-Oct-12
Newman, Marisa V. RN 616965 Voluntary Surrender 27-Aug-12
Nichols, Patti Anne LVN 138697 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Nix, Alice M. ACANP &
RN 232011
Voluntary Surrender 23-Aug-12
Ochoa, Adelaide V. LVN 149249 Suspend/Probate 19-Oct-12
Odhiambo, Roselyne Apiyo RN 758018 Remedial Education 13-Aug-12
Ogbeide, Maryann Dirden RN 698679 &
LVN 166971
Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Ogbuehi, Christopher C. LVN 193434 Voluntary Surrender 20-Sep-12
Ogembo, Samuel O. LVN 165880 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Oglesby, August May RN 647092 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Olivas, Edmundo RN 805114 Voluntary Surrender 25-Sep-12
O’Neill, Sabrina Raun (Abshire) CRNA &
RN 464175
Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Ong, See Pin RN 635406 Voluntary Surrender 9-Aug-12
Ongera, George Ongeri PTP WI RN 188818 & RN 782521 Remedial Education 19-Sep-12
Ortega, Raul L. LVN 47481 Remedial Education with Fine 23-Aug-12
Owens, Phyllis Jean LVN 219459 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Paara, William RN 637126 &
LVN 158471
Remedial Education with Fine 9-Oct-12
Pace, Kenneth Paul RN 751252 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Palma, Robert Joseph LVN 126862 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Palomo, Ginger Diane LVN 159853 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Panaccione, Alicia Faith RN 604206 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Pandithurai, Lincy T. FNP &
RN 549468
Voluntary Surrender 21-Sep-12
Parker, Cynthia Gail LVN 136996 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Pastrano, Andres L. LVN 166179 Remedial Education with Fine 9-Oct-12
Paz, Emmelyn Palileo RN 740562 Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Pena, Gabriel Omar RN 692958 Enforced Suspension 11-Sep-12
Perales, Belinda LVN 161147 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Perez, Victor Hugo RN 685670 Enforced Suspension 18-Oct-12
Perkins, Cathaleen LVN 134120 Voluntary Surrender 15-Oct-12
Phelan, Vicki J. LVN 98633 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Phillips, Dawn RN 629661 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Phillips, Kenneth Dale PTP AZ RN 166032 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Phu, Jimmy Thi RN 664284 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Pierce, Bonnie Jean LVN 154569 Remedial Education 10-Sep-12
Pierce, Jacquelyn Colene LVN 160643 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Pinto, Dora L. RN 641420 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Pittman, Sheryl Lynn LVN 199162 Remedial Education 19-Oct-12
Placeres, Niver E. RN 782877 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Plaza, Randell Anthony LVN 232498 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Poindexter, Sarah W. LVN 171304 Remedial Education with Fine 20-Aug-12
Pollard, Yulonda Danielle LVN 196936 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Poovey, Cori L. Thomas WHNP &
RN 611168
Remedial Education with Fine 4-Oct-12
Porter, Sheesha Michele RN 767188 Remedial Education 25-Sep-12
Portuondo, Miguel Jose PTP MD RN 520675 &
RN R179716
Revoked 11-Sep-12
Poyson, Jeanne Lee LVN 210891 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Prather, Jason Alan RN 739445 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Price, Kimberly Renea LVN 193565 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Price, Lori Kathleen LVN 174780 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Priddy, Jenny Donice LVN 153466 Voluntary Surrender 13-Aug-12
Puckett, Julia Elizabeth RN 453430 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Purifoy-Mackingtee, Linda K. RN 553358 &
LVN 61975
Remedial Education 17-Sep-12
Quintana, April Nicole RN 692045 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Ramos, Sonia Isabel LVN 183056 Remedial Education with Fine 13-Sep-12
Rapp, Claire Elizabeth LVN 131660 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Rector, Bethany Joyce LVN 201933 Voluntary Surrender 9-Aug-12
Reddick, Harold Richards RN 564025 &
LVN 103814
Remedial Education with Fine 26-Sep-12
Reed, Tara Cheri LVN 197214 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Reeder, Cristi Lynn LVN 190564 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Rexrode, Justine RN 799784 &
LVN 212718
Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Rhodes, Crystal Annette RN 697810 Remedial Education 28-Sep-12
Rice, Jason Granville LVN 150872 Remedial Education with Fine 13-Sep-12
Rider, Elisa Kay Wilson RN 628976 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Ridge, Deborah Suzanne LVN 181592 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Riojas, Jessica LVN 226897 Remedial Education 27-Sep-12
Risher, Billie Lee RN 431453 Remedial Education with Fine 11-Sep-12
Risper, Shirley Ann LVN 92863 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Roark, Racheal Gayle RN 759014 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Roberson, Jr., Ernest Alford RN 681266 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Rocha, Esther LVN 225173 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Rodriguez, Blanca E. RN 584261 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Rodriguez, Elisabeth Smith RN 573657 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Rodriguez, Elizabeth LVN 223567 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Rodriguez, Eralda N. (Fuentes) LVN 45787 Remedial Education 18-Oct-12
Rogers, Cassandra Renee LVN 193516 Voluntary Surrender 29-Oct-12
Romero, Veronica Martina LVN 215635 Remedial Education 10-Oct-12
Ross, Lindsey Susanne RN 702275 &
LVN 180954
Warning with Stipulations, Deferred 11-Sep-12
Rowan, Joy Bernice LVN 212574 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Rowinsky, Shalyn Gail LVN 226900 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Rowton, Jay Neal RN 661547 Voluntary Surrender 14-Aug-12
Rudd, Tina Ann RN 729430 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Rutherford, Garyl D. RN 250567 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Saenz, Pamela RN 562031 Remedial Education with Fine 6-Aug-12
Sample, Shanda Michelle LVN 217584 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Sanchez, Noemi LVN 182067 Remedial Education with Fine 18-Oct-12
Sanders, Tajuanna Megale LVN 230160 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Sanford, Lisa Lorraine PTP CO RN 187733 & LVN 182125 Enforced Suspension 14-Aug-12
Saunders, Cynthia B. RN 578357 &
LVN 70482
Remedial Education with Fine 22-Aug-12
Savage, Martha Lea RN 611029 &
LVN 120433
Revoked 14-Aug-12
Savoy, Terry RN 640962 &
LVN 141880
Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Schemmel, Christie Abbigail RN 573538 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Schulz, Skye Whitney LVN 225471 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Selke, Gregory Todd RN 694210 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Sellers, Valerie Jean LVN 172241 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Serbantez, Kayla Marie LVN 225517 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Sexton, Kimberly Dawn RN 671408 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Seymour, Gary Mitchell ACANP &
RN 548476
Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Shaw, Desiree A. (Richardson) LVN 88699 Voluntary Surrender 11-Oct-12
Shepard, Nicole LVN 173148 Remedial Education with Fine 21-Aug-12
Shirley, Nona Rachel RN 677985 Remedial Education 9-Aug-12
Shores, Claire RN 502195 &
LVN 84374
Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Sieber, Nelda RN 655291 &
LVN 161367
Revoked 11-Sep-12
Silvas, Robin Teresa LVN 111003 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Simmons, Jonnie RN 638815 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Slayden, Jacqueline Rovilla LVN 191149 Remedial Education with Fine 17-Sep-12
Smith, Angelina Jeanette PTP MO LPN 2009030587 Remedial Education 14-Aug-12
Smith, Barbara RN 738288 Voluntary Surrender 14-Aug-12
Smith, Jr., Donnie Wayne LVN 221547 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Smith, Q. (Alecia Dawn) Cornwell RN 255279 Suspend/Probate 11-Sep-12
Smith, Sara RN 634759 &
LVN 132458
Voluntary Surrender 18-Oct-12
Smith, Stephanie Jaunita LVN 186957 Remedial Education with Fine 23-Aug-12
Smith, Vicki Lorraine LVN 196328 Voluntary Surrender 24-Oct-12
Snow, Sarah Jane RN 549943 Voluntary Surrender 13-Aug-12
Solum, Candida May RN 659086 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Sosa, Maria Ernestina LVN 165955 Voluntary Surrender 17-Sep-12
Soto, Jesse Junior RN 741482 &
LVN 164580
Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
South, Shellie Sue RN 671549 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Sparks, Kevin Michael LVN 212284 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Spencer, Frederick D. RN 667010 &
LVN 141930
Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Spicer, Jeri Sue LVN 190771 Voluntary Surrender 30-Aug-12
Stephenson, Kennethia Ronnett LVN 179965 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Stephenson, Sandy Jean RN 800134 &
LVN 216988
Revoked 14-Aug-12
Stevenson, Jack David LVN 218941 Voluntary Surrender 23-Aug-12
St. John, Edward Lynn RN 681407 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Stuart, Pamela Louise LVN 166659 Remedial Education 13-Aug-12
Stuart-Hillman, Alecia RN 251007 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Sullivan, Judy Renee RN 571242 Voluntary Surrender 25-Oct-12
Tamplin, Ronald Dwight RN 526998 Limited License 14-Aug-12
Taylor, Shirley Rose RN 634934 Voluntary Surrender 8-Oct-12
Theriault, Steven Micheal LVN 185462 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Thomas, Elsey K. RN 436345 Voluntary Surrender 8-Oct-12
Thompson, Brittany Christine RN 783254 &
LVN 220065
Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Tidwell, Deidra Allayne RN 791623 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Tobias, Wanda Taylor CRNA &
RN 773799
Remedial Education 14-Sep-12
Townsend, Tonya Joylynn RN 568893 Enforced Suspension 19-Oct-12
Trevino, Elva Gloria LVN 176304 Remedial Education with Fine 16-Oct-12
Tudon, Rosario LVN 172800 Remedial Education with Fine 4-Sep-12
Turay, Abibatu Karimu RN 723587 &
LVN 186975
Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Turner, Donna Eileen RN 730082 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
Turner, Vicki Lynn RN 627615 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Tyler, Charles Brooks LVN 65130 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Upshaw, Lindsey Dee LVN 200965 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Vanwinkle, Dawn RN 647670 Remedial Education 15-Aug-12
Vera, Alberto O. RN 632297 &
LVN 144266
Remedial Education with Fine 14-Aug-12
Vick, Sharon Lynn RN 236317 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Villarreal, Robert LVN 178463 Voluntary Surrender 14-Sep-12
Vincik, Brenda June (Brown) LVN 153471 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Waddell, Jr., John Robert LVN 180924 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Waldvogel, Jason Scott RN 742361 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Walker, Evelyn Marie RN 693690 &
LVN 108957
Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Walker, Jessie RN 714421 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Waller, Michael Shannon RN 668684 &
LVN 161601
Reprimand with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Walls, Lynda Kay LVN 169764 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Ward, Beverly Jean LVN 116652 Revoked 18-Oct-12
Warren, Allison Theresa RN 584707 Remedial Education with Fine 10-Aug-12
Warren, April Navarro RN 701989 &
LVN 175794
Voluntary Surrender 11-Sep-12
Washington, Nakeisha Danielle RN 700622 Suspend/Probate 14-Aug-12
Waters, Jeffery Louis RN 599553 Remedial Education 28-Sep-12
Wendel, Thelma J. RN 545001 &
LVN 84124
Remedial Education with Fine 17-Aug-12
Wendell, Faith Brooke RN 817656 Warning with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Whatley, Deborah Kay LVN 188570 Voluntary Surrender 16-Aug-12
Wheeler, Marcella RN 563686 Warning with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
White, Carol Perry RN 515279 Revoked 14-Aug-12
White, Debra M. LVN 102694 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
White, Denise M. RN 743475 Reprimand with Stipulations 18-Oct-12
White, Mary Elizabeth RN 661578 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
White, Patricia Carol RN 597472 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Whitehorn, Debbie Denese LVN 172993 Revoked 18-Oct-12
Whitnight, Keith Thomas RN 618809 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Whitten, Leota Jane LVN 179460 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Wildes, Richard Neil RN 645995 Voluntary Surrender 20-Sep-12
Wilhite, Michelle Renae RN 646878 Enforced Suspension 18-Oct-12
Wilkins, Vickie Marie LVN 104079 Revoked 11-Sep-12
Williams, John Wesley LVN 171666 Remedial Education with Fine 18-Sep-12
Williams, Robbin Ann RN 673662 &
LVN 126926
Revoked 11-Sep-12
Williams, Sammatha Pauline RN 725152 Suspend/Probate 18-Oct-12
Willis, Jason M. RN 619375 Reprimand with Stipulations 11-Sep-12
Wilson, Joni Ann RN 810736 Remedial Education with Fine 7-Aug-12
Winstead, Janet Lynn RN 660347 Warning with Stipulations 14-Aug-12
Wood, John Robert RN 678736 Enforced Suspension 18-Oct-12
Woodman, Linda Diann RN 237951 Revoked 14-Aug-12
Woody-Shoff, Kelly Jean LVN 218184 Remedial Education with Fine 7-Aug-12
Young, Lisa Diane Gleinser RN 632062 Remedial Education with Fine 28-Sep-12
Yrigoyen, Ramona H. RN 529914 &
LVN 107336
Voluntary Surrender 10-Aug-12
Yzaguirre-Vigil, Jennifer RN 765620 Voluntary Surrender 30-Oct-12
Zambardino, Anna RN 631758 Voluntary Surrender 1-Oct-12
Zimmerman, Patricia Sue LVN 149200 Remedial Education with Fine 14-Sep-12