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Executive Director: Katherine A. Thomas, MN, RN, FAAN

Business Hours : 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Customer Service – Endorsement/Examination, License Renewal, Continuing Nursing Education:

Email address: webmaster@bon.texas.gov

P: (512) 305-7400
F: (512) 305-7401

Email: webmaster@bon.texas.gov
Toll-free Complaint Line:
Workshop / BON CNE Offerings
Email address: workshops@bon.texas.gov
P: (512) 305-6844
F: (512) 305-8101

License Renewal:Contact Customer Service

Advanced Practice – APRN Applications and Prescriptive Authority processes:
Email address: aprn@bon.texas.gov
P: (512) 305-6843
F: (512) 305-8101
Nursing Education: Program Information
P: (512) 305-6816
F: (512) 305-8101
Nursing Practice: Nursing Practice Issues, Legislation
P: (512) 305-6802
F: (512) 305-8101
Newsletter Info:
P: (512) 305-6842
F: (512) 305-8101
Publications/List Orders
P: (512) 305-6848
F: (512) 305-7401
Enforcement -Violations of NPA & Rules and Regulations, Complaint and Disciplinary Action Inquiries, Monitoring of Disciplined Nurses:

Monitoring of Disciplined Licenses:
Email address: compliance@bon.texas.gov
P: (512) 305-6838
F: (512) 305-6870

Violation of NPA & Rules and Regulations; Complaints; and Disciplinary Action Inquires:
P: (512) 305-6838
F: (512) 305-6870

Name/Address Change:
Please review the criteria at the following link for a name and/or address change to ensure correct documentation is attached to your email: http://www.bon.texas.gov/faq_licensure.asp

Open Records Request-

Please click here to learn how to submit an Open Records Request to the Board.

Physical Address:

Texas Board of Nursing
George H. W. Bush State Office Building
1801 Congress Avenue, Suite 10-200
Austin, TX 78701

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