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Licensing Services

Nursing Students

The BON licenses nurses as new graduates through examination and endorsement from other states. All nurses are required to renew their licenses on a biennial basis with evidence of required continuing nursing education. The BON approves qualified registered nurses to enter practice as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), including nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and nurse midwives. The processing time required for licensing services is 15 working days from receipt of all required documents, but is often accomplished more quickly. Licensure issues such as past criminal behavior may lengthen these time lines substantially because they must be referred to the Enforcement Department for investigation.

Licensure services include:

  • Approval of an applicant to sit for the national licensure examination
  • Issuance of a license following successful examination
  • Issuance of a temporary license by endorsement pending complete verification in all states of licensure
  • Issuance of a permanent license upon completion of all application requirements
  • Renewal of a nursing license
  • Approval of full APRN licensure following completion of all application requirements
  • Renewal of APRN license
  • Establishing a registry of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists who practice in outpatient settings, which are not otherwise regulated, will be completed with the renewal process on a biennial basis (effective 09/01/2000)