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Obtaining a DEA Number

Advanced practice registered nurses with full Licensure and prescriptive authority must comply with the following requirements prior to ordering or prescribing controlled substances:

The advanced practice registered nurse must have a prescriptive authority number that has been issued by the Texas Board of Nursing before submitting the controlled substance registration form. DEA applications may be obtained via the DEA's web site. You may also call your local DEA office. Phone numbers can be found on this page.

PLEASE NOTE:  Registration with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is no longer required.

The BON can provide interested advanced practice registered nurses with applications and information regarding prescriptive authority only. The applications for DEA registration must be obtained from the appropriate resource as indicated above.

See also:

  • Rule §222.7 Authority to Order and Prescribe Non-prescription Drugs, Dangerous Drugs, and Devices and
  • Rule §222.8 Authority to Order and Prescribe Controlled Substances.