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Available Webinars and Frequently Asked Questions for Vista College Students

Webinars are available for those Vista College students affected by the abrupt closure of the Vocational Nursing Programs in Texas and Vocational Nursing programs willing to help Vista students complete their education. The webinars have been pre-recorded, but there will be a live session for Q&A.

Monday, November 1, 2021 1:00 pm: Vista College Webinar, 1:00 pm, November 1 (https://teams.microsoft.com/dl/launcher/launcher.html...)

Monday, November 1, 2021 1:00 pm: Vista College Webinar, 1:00 pm, November 1 (https://teams.microsoft.com/dl/launcher/launcher.html...)

Frequently Asked Questions: Vista College


Vocational Nursing (VN) Education Programs in Texas must meet the standards set forth in Texas Board of Nursing (Board) Rule 214 Vocational Nursing Education. Each Board approved VN Program is required to include instruction in the five basic areas of nursing care: (1) children; (2) mothers and newborns; (3) elderly; (4) adults; and (5) individuals with mental health problems. Although the essential elements for all programs are standard, the curricular design and schedules vary greatly among Texas VN Programs. Types of curriculum include: block, integrated, and concept-based. Programs may be 9 - 18 months in length, with most VN Programs lasting 12 months. The curriculum may be arranged in three, four, or five levels.

Programs are comprised of didactic or classroom hours and clinical hours. Clinical includes the sum of computer lab, skills lab, simulation lab, and patient care clinical hours. The didactic contact hours include face-to-face or online delivery of classroom instruction. The mean (average) number of didactic hours in 2020 for all Board approved VN Programs in Texas was 575.9 hours. The median (middle number in a list) number of hours in 2020 for all Board approved VN Programs was 560. The mean and median total clinical contact hours of VN Programs in 2020 were 852.2 and 850 hours, respectively.

1. Why is it so difficult to transfer Vista College Vocational Nursing Program credits?

Each VN Program in Texas has its own set of admission criteria, according to individual school/college policy. It is the determination of each VN Program to decide to accept or not accept transfer students as well as part or all of their previously achieved academic credits. The Board cannot mandate that VN Programs accept former Vista College VN students or their academic credits. It is not within the statutory authority of the Board.

As described, VN Programs differ in many ways. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation of an applicant’s Vista College VN Program education, as evidenced by academic transcripts, must be conducted prior to their being accepted in another Texas Board approved VN Program. A critical comparison of Vista College’s degree plan to the receiving school/college’s degree plan must be performed by the school/college to which the applicant is requesting admission.

Further, not all school calendars are identical in that some programs enroll newly admitted first-term students in January while other programs enroll newly-admitted students in May, August, September, etc. Term start dates differ according to individual VN Program calendars. Applicants may need to wait until the term to which they are applying is scheduled to begin. Therefore, a lapse in enrollment time may occur.

2. Do I have to start all over in a new VN Program, re-taking courses I have already successfully completed?

It is the decision of the school to which an individual is applying to evaluate and analyze the applicant’s academic transcripts. The receiving school will need to examine the applicant’s course syllabi, didactic and clinical learning objectives/outcomes, nursing skills lab evaluations, specific course content, descriptions of clinical experiences, etc. to consider accepting transfer credit or designing a test-out process. The receiving school may conduct a targeted assessment to ensure the applicant has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to enter the program at an intermediate or advanced level. The VN Program would then decide whether to accept or not accept an applicant’s academic credits. Public junior colleges or community colleges are obligated to follow applicable state laws as well as adhere to their college policies when admitting students. All programs are required to comply with their specific rules, regulations, and policies.

3. What is the pathway for former Vista College Level 3 students?

Level 3 students will need to have their academic records independently evaluated by the school to which they are applying, as described in Question #2. This process may vary among VN Programs throughout the State of Texas.

4. Where can I find information about my federal student loan?

Please review detailed information available at the following links: