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Information for Employers

In the aftermath of Operation Nightingale, many employers have asked about their responsibility in ensuring that only legitimately licensed nurses practice in their facilities in Texas. The Board shares the following information to assist employers in such an assessment.

The schools below have been identified as participants in the scheme to issue fraudulent nursing diplomas and supporting documents through the federal investigation known as Operation Nightingale. The federal agents involved in Operation Nightingale advise nursing regulatory bodies to carefully review any license applications associated with graduates of these programs.

Florida-based school list:

•     Carleen Health Institute

•     Carleen Home Health School II

•     Ideal Professional Institute, Inc.

•     Jay College of Health LLC

•     Med-Life Institute - West Palm Beach

•     Med-Life Institute of South Florida

•     Med-Life Institute School of Nursing

•     Palm Beach School of Nursing

•     Quisqueya Health Care Academy

•     Quisqueya School of Nursing

•     Sacred Heart International Institute Inc.

•     Siena College of Health

•     Siena College of Health II LLC

•     Siena Education Center LLC

•     Sigma College

•     Sigma Institute of Health Careers

•     Sunshine Academy

•     Techni-Pro Institute

•     The Enfimye Institute