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Governor Abbott temporarily suspends the initial national certification examination requirement in rule 221.4(a)(3) for new APRN graduates to allow them to work under direct supervision without prescriptive authority.

Effective April 21, 2020, the Office of the Governor suspends 22 Tex. Admin. Code 221.4(a)(3) to the extent necessary to relax the testing requirement for initial certification and enable APRN practice under direct physician supervision, without prescriptive authorization. 


This suspension is in effect until terminated by the Office of the Governor or until the March 13, 2020 disaster declaration is lifted or expires.


UPDATE (9/14/20):  Due to the decreased demand for graduate approvals and resumption of certification testing, graduate approvals are no longer being issued.  For updates on certification testing, please visit:   https://www.ncsbn.org/APRN-Certification-Covid19.pdf.  For more specific information and a summary of the required items to qualify for this graduate APRN licensing approval, please visit the APRN licensing section of this COVID-19 website.