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BON No Longer Issuing End of Month Reports - Deans and Directors notification

This past year, the Texas Board of Nursing was audited by the Texas Department of Public Safety for the purposes of evaluating our agency’s compliance with state and federal statutes, regulations, policies and procedures for the access, use, dissemination, storage, security and destruction of criminal history record information.

In the area of “dissemination of criminal history record information”, the Texas BON was found to be out of compliance for allowing schools of nursing to receive updates once a month of the status of their roster of students previously submitted to the Board. Schools of nursing are not entitled to any criminal history record information directly or indirectly or even know the student has completed a background check.

Thus, the Texas Board of Nursing will no longer be able to send roster results at the end of a month. Once your roster is submitted, we will still let you know we have entered the student information into the Texas BON system which will allow them to proceed to set up an appointment for a criminal background check. But, after that, it will be up to the school to communicate with the student for the results.

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